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Brave Women

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And so we pick up our story, Jesus is hanging on the cross, from nine until noon, before the darkness comes.

He is not alone with his tormentors

John 19:25

Some have suggested that these women were not brave for standing by the Lord, because women in that culture where not noticed, therefore there was no real danger to them.

I think there could be nothing farther then the truth. Neither Jewish leaders nor the Roman Government cared a lick what sex you were, if you crossed them they would kill you. These four brave ladies were aware of the risk – and they didn’t care, living or dying they stood with Jesus Christ.

That’s the attitude you and I need to have – brave allegiance

While they practice brave allegiance

The soldiers practiced cowardly selfishness

Vs 23-24 

“What can I get out of this”, was their attitude. Cowards always have that attitude –Brave people stand in harms way, because they believe in a cause that is greater then themselves – the Cowards cause is himself, and whenever he is threatened, he runs with his tail between his legs.

If you are always wondering “what’s in it for me” “what can I get out of this” “how is this going to benefit me” – if “ME” always factors into your decision making process – than you have the stuff of cowardice in your bones.

The women were not like this at all – It was all about Jesus, not themselves. They were weeping over him, grieving with him, worshiping him, there to help him – and if it meant their lives so be it. They lived and died for a cause that was far greater than themselves, the cause of Jesus Christ. They had the stuff of bravery in their bones.   

What are you living for? – live for Christ and you will truly be brave.

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