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A New Thing

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“I Will Do A New Thing”

Is. 43:15-21

I. Looking Behind

 A. Remember ye not the former things

  1.Remembering; 3 stages

   a. Retain in your thoughts

   b. Mention; evidence that it lingers there still; Joseph... “make mention of me”

   c. To celebrate; to put into action - David appointed those to record

    1. To put those before him in remembrance of God’s great acts of power

 B. Arrests your progress

  1. Makes one to veer off course

   a. Lot’s wife - looked back - to look intently on; to regard with pleasure

   b. “Probably hankered after her house and goods (stuff) in the city”

 C. We can get bogged down in our past experience - live in our past

  1. Not endeavouring or hungering for the new things of God...satisfied w/leftovers

II. Look Forward

 A.  Expecting a new thing to transpire

  1. A way in the wilderness 

   a. “I will open a way, not merely in the Red Sea, but in the wilderness of the whole world”

   b. A “way” often stands for true religion

    1. Acts 9:2 - Saul was trying to find any of this way (Christians)

    2. Acts 19:26 - Aquilla and Priscilla explained the way more perfectly to Paul

  2. A river in the desert

   a. Not merely one river shall gush out of the rock, but many

   b. Shall refresh, not the body as formerly, but the souls of the thirsty

    1. Often represents the influences of the Holy Spirit - (Jn. 7:35-39 rivers of living water)

    2. Brings life and vitality to the immediate area

 B. The same power displayed in the rolling back of the waters was to be used again in their

redemption and return from captivity

  1. The same hand that delivered you from sin wants to take you even farther

III. God Will Bring It To Pass

 A. Only God can make it happen

  1. Blessed are the Poor in spirit...

   a. Poor



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