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            For example, I remember the depression of the, 1930’s.  Indeed I well remember those days, and there has been nothing like it since.  Two men had breakfast together one morning.  They were very well-to-do, successful businessmen.  During the day, by the fluctuations of the stock market, they were both wiped out, and at day’s end they had nothing left at all.  This you might indeed term an upsetting situation.  At breakfast they were wealthy; at dinner time they were destitute.

            So what did they do?  One man reacted emotionally.  He went up to the top of a tall office building, opened a window and jumped out, hurling himself down to the street and to his death.  He viewed the situation as hopeless.

            The other man was discouraged and upset also, but he said, “Actually as a person I am no different tonight than I was this morning.  I am the same man; I have the same brain; I have the same spirit; I have the same faith.  The only thing I don’t have is the same amount of money.  But what I did once I can, with the help of God, do again.”  And so he took what humble work he could find and over same years regained business stature.  In an upsetting situation one man destroyed himself; the other man got the upsetness out of his mind and handled himself creatively.

How to React to Upsetting Situations, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

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