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Genesis 2:4-25 // Adam & Eve

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Genesis 2 is an amplification of day 6 in creation week

(Genesis 1:26-29)
· More information
· Deeper understanding
· Indicator to us that this particular part of creation was significant.

A closer look at creation reveals that we were made to have a relationship with God.

Its seen in our likeness. (Genesis 1:26)

· We were made in the image of God.

Its seen in our responsibility. (Genesis 2:5;15)

o By design, creation was made to make room for man’s involvement with God.
§ This hasn’t changed, God’s plan for salvation includes a place for our involvement.
o Work the land
§ We have never been
o Keep the land
§ Have Dominion – this means to rule.
· Godly rule involved protection
§ Genesis 1:28 also uses the word subdue it
· To conquer
· Man was expected to take initiative.
o Naming the animals – Creation was design and carries out with man’s involvement.

Its seen in our dependency

· God build paradise and placed Adam there.
· Even as Adam was to work the land, God still causes the rain, sun, etc.

Its seen in man’s choice to remain in or reject the relationship with God.

God planted paradise and placed two trees that were forbidden.
Why there?
Not the tree of knowledge – but of the knowledge of good and evil.
We are not like a tree who planted and unable to move.
Animals don’t seem to consider the reality of a creator
“Did God create evil?” No, but evil was present in the loving relationship that God created.

Its seen in our family

· It was not good - All through creation was good until it came to man being alone. (God had a larger purpose)
So, what was the purpose of woman? (Genesis 2:21-25)
Answer to Man’s Aloneness
To be a Helper to man. (her husband)
Genesis 1:28 : Shows that God’s plan was for man & women to subdue & have dominion together.
Man cannot do this without woman.
Be fruitful and multiply.
Man’s existence without woman was called Not Good
Union between husband & wife is to hold a special uniqueness like no other relationship in the world.
The two become one flesh.
Man should leave his father and mother & hold fast to his wife.
Some may choose to live in the family of the Church
That’s what Paul did.

That was the relationship in the beginning…but what about now?

God always equips His creation to live out its purpose.
The same is true for the spreading the Gospel & serving the church.
God has equipped us for both with gifts.
God’s original design was to work in harmony with us to sustain paradise.
His design is still work in harmony with us in His restoration.
We were made for a relationship with God. This is still the same today.
If there is any part of your life where God is not included, it is not what you were made for. Get rid of it!
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