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            A few years ago I was in Flint, Michigan speaking at a luncheon for the Flint Board of Realtors.  I’ll never forget the experience.  Before I spoke, I was visiting pleasantly with the gentleman on my left, when I made the most serious mistake of the day.  I asked him about his business expecting to get, an enthusiastic response, but for the next ten minutes he elaborated on how bad business really way.  He informed me General Motors was on strike and when General Motors was on strike, nobody bought anything from anybody.  He assured me things were so bad that the people were not buying shoes, clothes, cars, or even food so they certainly were not buying houses.  “I haven’t sold a house in so long I honestly don’t believe I would know how to fill out the contract,” he said. “If it doesn’t end in a hurry, I’m going to go bankrupt.”  He really labored the point.  His attitude was so contagious and he was so negative he could have brightened up the whole room – by leaving it.  As “this old boy” down home would say, “He is the kind of guy who can be frequently overheard saying nothing.”

            Finally, somebody saved my day by diverting his attention with a question.  I quickly turned to the little lady on my right and asked, “Well, how is everything?”  Now, I think you’ll agree a question like that gave her all kinds of leeway.  She could go in any direction she desired and talk about any subject she wished.  Guess what she said?  “Well, you know, Mr. Ziglar, General Motors is on strike...”  I thought to myself, “Oh no, not again.”  Then she broke out in a big beautiful smile and finished the sentence by saying, “So business is fantastic.  For the first time in months, these people have plenty of time to go shopping for the home of their dreams.”  “Why,” she said, “some of them will spend half a day looking at one house.  They start in the attic and check the insulation.  They measure every square inch and check everything from closets and cabinets to the foundation.  I even had one couple do their own title search on a piece of property.  These people know the strike is going to end and they have faith in the American economy, but the most important thing is this, they know they can buy a home cheaper right now than they will ever be able to buy one again.  So, business is really booming.”  Then she got quite confidential as she said, “Mr. Ziglar, do you know anyone in Washington?  (Now remember, this was before Watergate.)  I said, “I sure do.  I have a nephew in school down there.”  Then she said, “No, No, I mean do you know anyone in Washington who has some political influence?”  I said, “No. I’m afraid not, but why do you ask?”  She replied, “I was thinking.  If you knew someone who could keep this strike going for six more weeks, that’s all I would need – just six more weeks and I could quit for the year.”

See You At The Top, Zig Ziglar, page 207, 208

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