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The Church, World Missions, Revival and You

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I'm told must not be necessary. So the message you can open acts 13 that's really just one or two verses are sort of the center of the message. So it'll come in the center of the message, but it's in Acts 13.

the title of the message is the church World missions Revival both capital and not Capital Revival and you so the church

What up, all that relates to World missions how that relates to Revival how that relates to you personally, and I believe it does.

As most of you know in his Ryan said Devin and Rachel and Garrett and Jaylin and Izzy who couldn't be here this morning, and I just got back late last night from Kentucky, Louisville. We got a conference. We left Wednesday morning. So we are there quite a few days. We slept very little like four or five hours maybe a night are we sat through hours and hours of biblical sermons. We worship for hours and hours. We prayed for a long long time. And I say all that to say there was also there's also one of the best sermons I've ever heard in my life.

We Worship the Lord in spirit and Truth

All that was good, and I've been a conference before where I've gotten that kind of experience. Maybe not in that depth or in that amount but an inexperienced but this was different.

The point of the conference if you just ask what was the point of the conference? It was World missions. So that was the reason for the conference. However Something became very clear to me and I think all of us very quickly and very early in the conference. What missions was not only the point of that conference?

Reaching the ends of the Earth with the gospel was not just something we were there to strategize about or even learn about from God's word. Reaching the nation's is not something for just a few radical Christians to think about or even do.

What mission is the point of the Earth right now?

Which of the nations with the gospel is in many many ways the reason for the church?

Bedford either sending or going we'll talk about what those mean either sending or going to the unreached. what the Gospel of Jesus Christ

is to be a major priority in the life of each and every follower of Jesus Christ.

Is there a part is to be aligned with the heart of our lord well? you should know that the heart of God is very much for World missions The reason Jesus has not returned this morning. Is the continued desperate need for missionaries to reach the unreached with the gospel? That's why Jesus isn't back yet.

When the last missionary to the last people group has sufficiently share the good news. Jesus will return that's a promise. That will happen. The last people group will be reached. Jesus will return both true and connected. Channel that underscores the importance of world missions to our Lord. But it begs the question for us both individually and every biblical Church. What is your heart for? What is your role in? Cuz I believe you have won the ultimate mission of Our Lord. We heard over and over again. This is not a game.

The model of the conference is actually hell is real time is short. Jesus says go.

So it's not a game but Sports in many ways can point to something can show us something. Very real. It's okay. If this life we live as God's people and as the church water sport, is it Warrior game? If you can see the larger spiritual battle that is happening right now. What would be the way to score points?

Reaching unreached people groups with the gospel.

saving Souls Gathering God sheep with the gospel salvation would be on the scoreboard.

Or it's not a game The Eternity of people real people is at stake Heaven or Hell Joy or suffering not momentary, but forever. There's not a game in any way and like I said, I go to conferences. I really like conferences. This was different.

I overheard a conversation on the way back and I'm paraphrasing it of the conversation was basically this this one was different. This experience was not just an experience. This will not fade. This is it was not just an emotional high that will fade away over the next few weeks. This was lasting it was emotional because it was reality. It was motivating. But in a way that changes everything.

Cannot unsee what we have just seen in God's word.

So, you know that the conference was mostly for 18 to 25 year olds. I got to go because I was a youth leader.

If you think about in our culture 18 to 25 year olds are generally thought of his not caring about anything not caring about anything outside of themselves.

Not seeing the bigger picture and definitely not caring about Jesus or the glory of God and there were 7500 Easter. in Louisville, Kentucky, which

In January is the most fun place to be.

7500 Gathering to hear about the heart of God for reaching the unreached with the gospel.

You could feel at times the movement of the spirit and heart you can feel other people's Goosebumps. I think Devon Rachel might have said that.

And I predict that God will get much Glory over the years to come from that because it was different.

I'm going to try to give you some big picture points primarily though as they apply toss the church because we were there for days. We probably heard 15-20 maybe more hours worth of preaching from God's word. So I can't even try to distill that this morning, but I want to show you the big picture points because I think there are some that very definitely and and in some ways you here later personally apply to us as a church. I want to start with what was most encouraging to me to things that just the whole time. I most everything. We went to almost every conversation. We had just kept encouraging me over and over. the first

in some ways most important was the growth the heart of the change in Vision. Reviewing or removing some things from for my eyes all over eyes and allowing us to see things the spiritual growth and obvious obvious. increase love for Jesus and his mission and His glory and those I went. I hope you hear some of that after the message. Second thing the confirmation clear obvious. sometimes felt individual confirmation of what God's been doing in our church didn't expect that when I went I knew from some of the speakers they would talk about the role of the church in World missions and the role of the local church in sending and preparing missionaries what it almost felt like That was the point of a conference in some ways because I think and I hope I can show you at least briefly. It's the plan of God.

And so there was just direct confirmation of things God's been doing here and I'll talk about at least one later. Just it was like God speaking to me. This is different.

We're right where God wants us positive that we're positioned in a way to reach many in this region. And to the ends of the Earth in a way that only makes sense. If God, did it only make sense of God did it? I hope released men of God these pastors many of you have heard of exalting the church holding up the local church. Rightly pointing towards the local church as the center of all things God is doing on the Earth.

I sat there many times thought of you. There were times. I couldn't stand the same at the beginning of song cuz I was thinking of you what God is doing here my excitement for what I was hearing there and how it directly was speaking to me about what God is doing here. my excitement for Revival and like I said earlier both Capital Revival us and Revival that I think God is working and and we're part of that.

What is our mission live for Jesus by the power of the spirit for the glory of God? What are foundations live by the word of God trust the word of God every word of God's work trust the spirit be eager for the spirit to move biblical leadership. Love one another hold up the gospel protect the true gospel be the church live life as the church. The Church of God is God God's instrument and plan for everything and then think of this when you think of the local church why so that through the church if he's in 310 through the church The manifold wisdom of God might be made known to the rulers and authorities in Heavenly places. If you ever feel like we don't have a big part in what God's doing our work week small little church. It's through the church that God's manifold wisdom. Is to be made known not just of the people in, Wisconsin.

It sure the local church at the wisdom of God is being made known to the spiritual rulers and authorities in Heavenly places both the angels as they watched in the the enemies of God. Are seeing God's wisdom through this little local church.

Go to church. He's showing off is what this is saying. So the church God is reaching the lost in Port through the church. His gospel is spreading into places that it is dangerous for his gospel to be spread through the church God's wisdom.

That weed in many ways can even begin to understand is being made known through the church.

Trip Lee

who is a rapper I think between John Piper and David Platt and preach what was one of the best sermons on the necessity of living your life in in for the church that I have ever heard. They had experts on the church up afterwards answer Trip Lee preaching they basically said I don't really no reason for this panel. We have nothing to say nothing at all. But he said something about this verse this way.

At the church is God's touchdown celebration. The church is God showing off his wisdom. It's through the church. God is showing his power and His glory. In ways that no one expected.

So we live for His Glory by boasting in him and loving one another and inviting others into that so they can be in to the Church of the Lord not just here or or wherever we're at but forever.

How do we visit call and every local church? Why Jesus is Worthy because Jesus is savior because Jesus is Lord. Jesus is coming back. Claim victory to gather his church to judge his enemies that is guaranteed that will happen if it is why we were created.

And is submission he gave us before he ascended into heaven. It is what he's using his authority to complish right now at the right hand it is. Why he has all authority and it is why he will return Matthew 18 or 28 18 through 20, the Great Commission. Jesus has the disciples and before he ascends to Heaven. This is the mission. This is the message he gives them. Jesus said to them all three on heaven on Earth has been given to me go therefore and Make Disciples of all Nations baptizing name of Father and Son always be teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you and behold I Am With You Always Until the End of the Age. So it is also when he is most with us.

Garrett actually sitting since actually cuz he says a lot of things very well, but I'm very well. when on the car and you may talk about this was asked what was the things that in most impressive. Most impressed on his heart, and I'm sorry if I get it wrong here, but he said If every follower of Jesus is not living radically committed to Jesus in every part of their life. Something is wrong.

Which leads to the two questions I want to ask of us.

Question number one is Jesus the center of your life.

Turn off totally stealing an analogy that he JD greear gave during the conference.

Can use the copernican revolution to describe what it means to be a Christian. So one point scientists, most of you know, scientists thought everything revolves around the Earth. All the planets in the sun whole universe basically revolves around the earth. It's not surprising as what we humans. Do. We think everything revolves around us, but they thought scientist had all these theories and drawings and pictures as to why everything revolves around the Earth. And then do the findings primarily by Copernicus. It was realize that not only Did the planets revolve around the sun? they had to it was the only way it would work. What do you think would happen if instead of revolving around the Sun and everything revolves around the Earth?

Chaos disorder out of control flying out into the darkness and death. Find an analogy quite a gospel presentation by our God because it's exactly the problem of every human being every problem we have.

The very problem with sin is that guy is in the middle of it?

We make ourselves the center of our universe instead of God being the center instead of the sun being the center son Sun being the center. We could send and disorder and Chaos everything gets out of control. We get confused we get flung into the darkness.

It's our entire lives in a revolving around God and His glory and his ways it will spiral out of control. We may feel like we have control but we have to hold Tighter and Tighter and Tighter because we're losing control because it was never meant to be that way. The question number one is Jesus the center of your life.

Question number to which I obviously forgot to put up there is is his mission your mission because if Jesus is the center of your life than Jesus mission should be your mission.

Do you love what he loves? Do you care about what he cares about? Because if you do you will love the Lost. You have been created and then called by Jesus. Looks like the disciples called by Jesus to make disciples and for some of us that will be far away where the gospels never been preached, but not all of us not even most of us. For most of us right here. Right where God has you? Or the gospel may have been preached but either cannot rightly preached or water down and took that's a very different Mission and you should ask him your heart. Would I rather? Because there's only two options would I rather speak the gospel to those who have never heard it? What I rather it's a gospel to those who have heard it and believe it but don't believe it.

Because everyone is called to do that. Let me show that to you in two places Matthew for 18 to 20 or Walking By the Sea of Galilee. Jesus saw two brothers. So he's calling the first disciples Simon was called Peter and Andrew his brother Jesse and then to the seeds for they were fishermen. He said to follow me and I will make you Fishers of Men.

he said that I follow me and I will make you Fishers of Men immediately. They left their Nets and followed him. There's obviously a lot to talk about there. But what I want to say is are you a follower of Jesus, are you a disciple of Jesus because There's a and there.

Darcy and

what happens when we become a follower? Why has he called us to follow him? Why is he called us out of the world and into his family his body.

following equal station

Followers are fissures. If you are a disciple you will be making disciples. it's what you are if you are followed to Jesus follow me and and then back to the Great Commission.

Authority on Heaven and Earth has been given me go therefore and Make Disciples of all Nations baptizing them the father son. Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you and behold I am with you always the End of the Age.

All authority on Heaven and Earth has been given to Jesus. one of the boldest claims Jesus made


Sogo make disciples go the king is sending you with his message. It makes no sense for anyone to not be speaking his message because it's why he called us why we are here. He could have saved us and brought us to heaven.

Can we do that? Some will turn and then what do we do? We baptize them and then what are we do we call them into our life. We call them into the church because you were alone obviously can't teach them or help them or or read them to observe Everything Jesus commanded. That's why there's a body and preaching and teaching this life of discipleship. It's all works. Answer the question for each and every one of us is not if you've been called to share the gospel. That's not a question.

The question is not are you supposed to be sharing the gospel making disciples? The question is not if the answer to that question is yes.

Follow him fish direct correlation. The question is not if we're sent to make disciples. The question is where and how

only two questions left to answer not if

Once you say the question becomes, how do I capture this message? How do I now make disciples? And where do I do it?

I don't think it's because he needs us to his glory will spread his mission to be accomplished. It is not on you to save people. It's on you to share the message of the king.

Right now I have no idea. How do I get to 14 for the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord in the wall as the waters cover the sea. That's a promise that will happen. The Nations will be reached the entire Earth will be filled with his glory. There's no question marks on that statement that will happen. The question is how will it happen? What is God's plan for making that happen? The answer is us. The answer is the church. It may not have been the plan you would have thought of that the god of the universe is Sovereign over all things and knows all things in his all-powerful would say hey, I'm going to take these imperfect Sinners group them together into a church would give some of them in various ways. And that's how I'm going to save all of my people in the whole world. That is how I'm going to get the most Glory. But that's how God did it. That's how he's doing it and that is how we will do it. How does it happen Romans 1:16 for I'm not ashamed of the gospel for the power of God of Salvation to everyone who believes it. So it's the gospel that we bring it is the gospel that we use to make disciples. It is the gospel that saves. But what about the gospel? How does that work?

When we love Jesus so much that we speak it and tell it and Proclaim it and preach it. We have part conversations with people about their need for the gospel and they see our love for Jesus see the church.

Because faith comes through hearing. Was 1017 faith comes from hearing hearing through the word of Christ sharing it only? I mean

if there's an unsaved person your life, this is probably why that persons in your life. Hear the gospel to tell them the gospel and I debated whether to put this next verse in but on the way back, I think it was Devin who we're talking about versus that or messages are verses that really kind of shape the whole time for us. And this came right early right the beginning and it kind of redirected. Our minds are some of us like, I'm not really sure why I'm here exactly what Scott is going to tell us and then this verse came up and was like, okay. I may not be going to Central Africa or China or wherever Zimbabwe.

But that's got something for me to do. to hear this

Ezekiel 33:8 9 this is God speaking through the prophet saying to God's people if I say to the wicked or Wicked one, you shall surely die. And you do not speak to warn the wicked to turn from his way. Wicked person shall die in his iniquity. What is blood I require at your hand? But if you warn the wicked turn from his way and he does not turn from his way that person she'll still dying is Iniquity, but you would have delivered your soul.

That's serious.

It's not on you if they turn in both scenarios person doesn't turn.

There's no salvation of an unbeliever in the scenario.

weirdest speak

What are telling the glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Why is this so important?

Because if they never hear it they cannot be saved.

Onsen 14 to 50 and how will they call a name of they've never believed in how are they to believe in him of whom they remember her now are there to here without someone preaching and how are they to preach unless they are sent as it is written how beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news? answer to how will they call on him and be saved if they cannot believe how will they believe if they've never heard the answer is they can't and they won't.

So the only question to ask is where are we to do that? And how are we to do that? Cuz if you really believe the Lost need to be saved that there are those who have not surrendered to Jesus as Lord are destined for Eternal suffering and the Bible makes very clear. They need to hear the gospel.

So tell them.

Because if you believe that you'll tell them there's another analogy him kind of stealing, but I changed a little bit. -4 year old boy playing on train tracks 4 year old boy playing on some train tracks trains coming fast. You're just far enough away. That you can't go move him yourself.

He might have a chance. If you tell them the danger him the danger he's in and how to get out of it. What would you do?

Would you pray for God to reveal God's will for you in this situation? Would you wait for the perfect opportunity? Would you be nice and hope someone else comes along to tell him to move?

nature Pastor to do it No. Good health.

Man, try to run while you're yelling. And it would say move. turn change your direction.

We are all proclaim. The gospel is the most God glorifying thing you can do with your life to tell of your love for Jesus and tell others of the treasure you found and tell them they need him and they can turn to him by turning away from their scent. Tell someone the good news. That they're away from God because they're sent but God sent his son. Jesus the one who died and paid the punishment the one who was raised in power so that whoever whoever turns away from their self and send and turns to him in faith repents Anderson handy and not only can be will be saved. So it's not a matter of if we're to tell others but where and how and for most of us. It's locally in our lives and our schools and our families and our jobs everywhere we go, but for some God will put No Love in their heart. various ways a burden or a concern for those who have had no chance to hear it.

Because they have no one to tell them.

For the rest of the message. I'm going to call those people go Wars.

Call to go with the gospel. the new want to love people to be the church to start a church to care for Orphans and widows to care for the suffering to care for the poor but do so or the gospel is not

Primarily to do all those things for a bigger reason so they can tell people the good news of Jesus Christ.

Missionaries are those called to go sent to save souls for Jesus is not yet known or not fully proclaimed.

Summer no worries, if you're not ignore, what are you you're a cinder. if you're not one who goes to the unreached new Ascender of those who do

Where comes the gospel mission's withdrawal to be part of there are two kinds of Christians don't worsen center's summer doors. Most of the rest of us are centers open xrt.

I heard God's moving our church in a mighty way.

the title the message was the church World missions Revival and you so I think part of this is for you.

It wasn't pointing at anyone in particular when I said that.

But if you felt like it, maybe there's a reason. The last time I just ask you questions, what's a sender? What do they do? Who's a go or what do they do? And what does the church have to do with all that? Some very practical local applications. I hope we'll talk to are you

basically asking this question individually and as our church spirit of God, why do you have me in this place right now?

How can I best live my life for the spread of the gospel? Because I'm supposed to do that, but how we're How am I called build up your church for this reason? and Am I here to do that here or am I one of the few that is called to go do that elsewhere. Give me sent by those who are called to do that here. We've been saved by the gospel. We've been sent by God or slaves of Christ. We're Servants of the church. And therefore we all called to give our lives to the one who's actually holding him in the palm of his hands and in doing that to live for the Great Commission. I'm certain almost daily given assurances that this church is what the spirit has constrained need to do. We talked a little bit about on the way back on the way there about if I was called into World missions and I got confirmation from the youth that I'm not and

if I didn't love them so much sometimes in and out very nice way this way. They called me weak.

I believe the hand of God has been on this stand in this and we've been together for many years that the spirit that blows where it wishes is blowing through this place right now and part of the reason is for this message and in some way you are part of that. I'm confident that for me. I'm confident that for you. I see it. I hope you do too. I believe it believe you every one of you is here for a reason.

And it's much bigger than you can imagine.

I believe it's also part of our Revival happening in this area, but that's a different message. I feel very strongly. And a lot of confirmation that were called to be involved directly in God's mission to reach the nation's here's the verses for today that I'm finally getting to and I did put them up. Okay, 13123 Paul's part of the church or he's in his local church Paul and Barnabas.

Saul and Barnabas in them in the text so you don't get confused song Barnabas are here in the local church in Antioch. Here's what it says now that we're in this church at Antioch prophets and teachers Barnabas Simeon who was called Niger Lucius of Cyrene Manny and a lifelong friend of Herod. The tetrarch was interesting and saw. This little church is meeting. There's these men in the church meeting having this prayer time this discussion. And look what it says while they were worshipping the Lord and fasting which is one of the reasons why I want to give us opportunity during worship to speak with the Lord might speak cuz look what happens here. So they're worshiping the Lord and fasting the holy spirit said that's an awesome thing to talk about to what was that? That was my actually admit my initial message. I had written that be for a later time actually been deleted it so hard for me Barnabas and Saul the fasting their prey the worshipping. We don't know if this is what they were talking about or not. We don't know song by what's inside. Hey fast and pray about this thing. We might think we know worshipping fasting. Holy spirit says we don't know who those. Set it to all of them. One of them the holy spirit said Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them. Then after fasting and praying they laid their hands on them and sent them off.

Santa's missionaries

from the local church. There's two kinds of Christians in this scenario. Those were sent the doors in the sender's. Paul and Barnabas to print confirmation in the work of the spirit are called to be sent. And then a church in Antioch becomes the sender's. the local church

So that's all you if you're sitting here right now and say I'm not a go or I'm going to talk in a minute, but why I wouldn't say that so loudly but I'm not a door. You're a sender. You are called into this very same mission of God to reach the ends of the Earth with the gospel. So Jesus will return. That's your roll on. for those who stay will become centers and even trainers of those who go there's some things in common about both doors and senders number one is all pray all stores and sinners pray. So this is from Romans 15:30. I appeal to brother brothers is Paul writing to the church in Rome. He says I appeal to you Brothers end of his letter by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the spirit to strive together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf of the things that I didn't know a lot about that but I learned there was the letter Romans is basically a missionary support letter all didn't know this church that well. He's basically you can see at the beginning and here at the writing for the support on his mission Falls one of these go or is he's a missionary definitely go in many ways. But what is a really want from them? What is part of it really want?

rhyme with me in prayer

strive with me in prayer maybe a practical example of this some of you know this but I think you all should so we have been in ways that art of us that I don't fully have Clarion or understand have been involved or this growing relationship with Jeff and Stephanie B's they are missionaries and Ken. Those connections within it seems clear to me now and and some of us that God's been weaving something together much like this church in ways. We can understand for a few years actually about the time. I was planting this church. Give a vision for the biblical Church in our hearts. Something was happening in Texas. He was planting a vision for missions in the heart of these two brothers is brother and sister. We had no idea this was happening. Obviously. We had no idea who they were. They just moved to a new church in their Town. They've been part of a church for a long time will do a new church and then God's us and them by the way, you're going to Kenna. Can you?

to three years ago

Astros at work, I needed some it help on my computer a dude named Jeremy answer the phone. I said he was not working. We talked about that you fixed it. I had met him before I knew is a Believer. He's actually Christian Author you give me one of those books you have to put our church seemed very interested and concerned about her. That's what he could pray about it and then told me you'd quit his job.

You're stealing God was asking him and his family to move.

I've been considering for some time. He didn't even really know why at the time to move doll Claire. So we thought and some of the side while he's probably working here. I was going to be away the 4th of July we were thinking about who would preach Germans are preaching to messages for us became a Wednesday night a few times look for home here work here at the house at Sacred Heart. I think for 12 13 14 weeks seem like I was sending them here for us.

he was for very short time Some along the way Jeremy mentioned these missionaries in Texas. I still don't totally understand the complexities of how Jeremy is so involved in that but to various conversations and stories. We is a church. And we have the elders have been asked to adopt them. They don't truly have Sanders. And I even necessary for financial support. But all the other things that comes with being a sender prayer and prayer and prayer. Elder support to Jeff marriage prayer for their marriage

If 10 biological kids 7 are there they now have 90 some orphans.

They have some local workers, but it's basically their family. And also for us to consider sending some of us on short middle or long-term mission trips to help them.

Why is this under the prayer part of the message few weeks ago got a message as to pray urgently because they had raised enough money to buy some land next to their land and somewhere along the way between the money getting from America to Kenya. It was lost in the wire Transit the bank in Kenya. So we have no idea where the money as we don't even think it exists. No one knew where the money was. People were denying the money even existed. They are all excited about buying this land to build the school and expand the ministry go to church. So chaud a message to somebody other than wives. I think Dana got a message about it too woke up the next morning. The money was in there Bank.

that a coincidence

call the prey.

Also called to pray for them and reach what you want to know a cool way to do. They even talk to Rachel.

And you'll soon hear will be praying about. Maybe eventually tomorrow or can you send them when I was sending some out for my own shirt?

Call me. Give me God's Mission as many of you know, before we really knew why are there still don't fully grasp out why we're putting aside part of our gathering directly put aside for this Great Commission World missions. And I believe strongly and have from the beginning we should be praying about sending. We should be sending on reach Frontier missionaries out from our church.

And not praying about that in a small way. Because my standards were small church or part of something so much bigger. It doesn't matter how many people are God has big plans in this and I feel strongly about that if that's on your heart, there's opportunity as early as this summer to do a short midterm or support our lawn or even long-term trip to Kenya to see what this looks like.

I think there are good reasons to do that and then God made direct you somewhere else. But I call I feel like we are I know biblically were called to support this and give it to this mission of God in this letter to the Romans. Paul says he's going to Spain. He's writing this letter cuz he's got to get the Spain whiskey says I preach everywhere else the gospels everywhere else. I need to get to Spain.

It doesn't go straight to Spain.

Go to Jerusalem. Do you know why?

They've been collecting money for these poor Christians in Jerusalem. So it goes way out of his way, which is a big deal as you can imagine back then to deliver. This money is collected from other troops to the church in Jerusalem. So even par is a Gore is supporting the mission of God to the nation's or the wealthiest people ever to walk the face of the Earth and I know some of you don't feel that way, but overall we are I seen that the guilt you into anything, but why has God bless this is a question. You should ask. So I'm 67 1 through 3. May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us. Why so that your way may be known on the earth. You're saving power among all nations that the people's Praise You O God, but all the peoples praise you God blesses us as gracious to us. Why so that we can do whatever it takes with those blessing to make God's glory known to make his way now and the gospel known to the Nations.

Three we all go.

Mashitas par-troy talked about the beginning Matthew 28:18 go therefore and make disciples.

That is not a call on some special Christian. Are the calling followers of Jesus Christ. You're called to do that now right where you are and you may be called to do that somewhere else. Maybe on the other side of the earth. Later. before

Where is the church serve the church loved the church?

This is huge and emotional for me and

I can't stress enough how important it says whether you are called to live. In this part of Wisconsin until you're 85 years old. We are called next year to go somewhere else in the world. This is huge. You can and should I would say your father Chris need to do this right now. Call me call any of us animations at any time. They're great missionary stories about missionaries that were sent in their 70s. Hades

That may be a different message about a way for you to rethink retirement. They probably is but if you're not called to go to the nation's and make disciples. For most of us are called to do that here as part of this body.

I loves his local church. God loves the church Jesus died for the church. You should give your life to the thing. God loves and Jesus died for.

All missions are intimately connected with this. And basically the shorter part of that messages your door or a sender. So we trained the doors to know what the church is to know how to speak the gospel. to be part of a church To serve the church so that when they go they know to do those things. What is Speaker said if you if you're planning to be a missionary you don't learn how to speak the gospel on the plane? You don't learn how to serve and be part of the church on your way there. God's church is the way that happens. And if you're not if you're a sender. You be the church you love the Triduum of the people we send from the church when they come back or when they hear back. Here for them. We're strong for them. That's how God prepares goers and Cinders. So pray give serve. love one another

commit yourself 100% De Jesus church When how do you know if you're going or surrender to Jesus abide in Jesus fix your eyes on the glory of Jesus if he puts going leaving America to spread the fame of his name on your heart. It may not be like some of the you said that would need to happen for them to go and angel coming down and telling you that may not have anybody won't. Or the church and your family and the Bible all the tell you it at the same time. Probably not going to happen.

But if that's on your heart a little bit and he's not obviously calling you to stay. You should go. And that probably starts with preparing here and a short-term trip to see it doesn't really what he has for you. follow Jesus trust Jesus Living For His glory and his love all things are for your good. He will save Soul through your obedient stand. and if you're called to stay most of us are

Does a tornado start noticing that versus Paul doesn't say? Okay, we got to go to this other place everybody pack up. We're going. to go everybody else supports We're in this together. Or call the descenders for the glory of God in the mission of Jesus. I'm going to pray.

Can I get some time after I pray in in during that time? If before you sit or hear what they call you? What should I call you? young adults if you're a few young adults love Jesus a lot when I come up during that time to be awesome.

God I just ask in this time that you would align our hearts with yours. That you would help us to get us out of our own way and just surrender to you to feel the weight of the fact that you have called us. You called us out of the world into your loving arms.

Be Fishers. gatherers I'm your sheep with your gospel. And if there are some in this place who you are called to leave. Especially leave go across borders the places where the gospel is much needed.

Give them Clarity but not not in a way that it's obvious. But clearly that they're supposed to pursue you by loving the church. I can learning to speak the gospel. Desperately and fervently praying about this and likely bike going. maybe short-term at first but if you planted at on their heart The enemy is going to attack that Lord. I say you crush that. crushit Do you want to live For Your Glory? We want to be the church you've called us to me. For the glory of your awesome and precious name Jesus.

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