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I Love to Tell the Story

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Stop as I don't normally do this, but I have a couple of times if you have a smartphone and you download the log us Bible app for the faithlife Bible app either one of those and you follow the church, it'll pop up and it will say hey, there's a presentation nearby restoration Christian Church you touch that as each of the Bible verses pop up if you use a smartphone for reading your Bible rather than a paper Bible down in the bottom corner will be a little speech bubble. And that is telling you that there's something on your phone that you can do. There's something call it a a signal and it's ending our presentation system is sending signals to your phone. So if you like to do those kinds of things you're technologically inclined we would love for you to follow along that way because there's a couple of new things that we're going to interact with this year that we've not done in the past that are little doohickey system can do number one is it's called poles during my sermon. I'm not doing Today cuz I didn't figure out what I want dump too much all at once but during my messages. I'm going to ask periodically some questions and I'm going to ask you to interact with that. I know most all of you in here have a smartphone now. I'm not familiar with most any of video think one maybe doesn't but I'm going to ask a question. I asked you to go and answer the question in your smartphone to answer the poll and work. It'll actually display the answer live the results live synonymous. It doesn't actually Mark like oh, well, do you know? Mr. Burns said this it just puts the answers together. And so we want you to interact with those kinds of things if you so desire now, it's going to be a whole lot of not fun. If just Mister Verne is doing it. Okay, like every answer that we put up there just Vern's answer or is just my answer be hard for me to do it.

Logos Bible app if you want to know where to get it, they're both in the app store or there's always in the pre-service. There's always a instructions on how to do that. So Romans chapter one, I used that for you to be getting into your passage is also paper Bibles in the rows in front of you and that are available for you to follow along but Romans chapter 1 verse 16 is where we're going to be now, if you'll notice we have actually been in this passage recently, but we're going to start here as we start a new series and it keeps dying on me apologize. This is the old projector and it does not in service because it has issues like most of us. So you saw on the wall periodically. There was the theme for the year. I love to tell the story. So that is simply the message today is our theme for 2019 is I love to tell the story and we're going to find that today out of Romans chapter 1 verse 16 and it says this is I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes first to the Jew and also to the Greek the Greek in there if you want to stop down for a moment, if you go, wait a minute, why are we talking about Greek people? Okay, what were simply talking about is the the Jewish people that are in the Bible is referred to as God's chosen people and then the Greek which are a representative of everybody else. So we would fall into that the modern word or or that we would use would be Gentiles non-jewish person the context now we understand when we go to the gods of word. We have to understand what's called context if I take a verse and I just randomly play What I Call Bible bingo. I close my eyes. I flip some pages in High Point and I read the passage if I only read that one verse and I go that's what it says. That's it. I'm done and I don't understand the versus around it the people that it's written to the context of the the location the time the. Passage in that verses written to then I don't have an understanding of what that versus really saying what is really trying to get to and so In this passage today, I want to stay at least acknowledge that because of the the verbiage that is used. So both believes first to the Jew and also the Greek first to the Jewish those that are of of the Chosen and also then to everybody else that needs to hear it including you and I and so I want to break this down today today is going to be unlike most of my normal messages today is been going to be a little bit more conversation a little bit more relaxed and little bit more informal as far as what you would come to expect a Sermon three points in a poem is brother Vern and I talked about the other day would point out now. I do have three points and I do have a couple of, stration so the parts are there, but we're going to be a little more relaxed in the way that we present it. That's what I want to do today because we have our theme for the year 2019. I love to tell the stories. I want to break it down with this passage. I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. So what is the story have to do with not being ashamed of the Gospel? What is the gospel? the gospel is obviously what it is the What misses the old Sunday school answer? I'm looking for Stewart. Good news. Amen. Okay, it is the good news 1st Corinthians chapter 15 verse 1 to 4. Put that up guys says there's it says now now this is let me see. Let me stop and give you what this verse is this this particular pathogen in Corinthians is written by Paul. It is considered to be the Crocs are the most concise version or his explanation of the Gospel kind of the definitive. Peace. It says now I want to make clear for you brothers and sisters the gospel I preach to you which you received on which you have taken your stand and by which you're being saved if you hold to the message I preached to you unless you believed in vain for I passed on to you as most important what I also received it is so he's setting it up and then this last part of her story and then verse for that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures that he was buried that he was raised on the third day according to scripture. That is the Crux we present the gospel every time we put somebody into the baptismal. Why because I say dude. I asked him. I asked everybody three questions. Do you believe that Jesus is the son of God that Christ died on the send the currency of these varied and he was raped. Do you believe that he died on the cross? And do you believe that he was raised again on the third day that is in other words. I'm asking. Do you believe in the gospel the story of Jesus Christ? Because that's exactly what the gospel is. It is the Bible the story of Jesus. There was many of us years and years ago that listen to Christian music when it was kind of new and fresh and it was the new think it was a very 90s. If you remember kind of the 90s even in the guy's a little bit of an 80s hair K and For some of us remember here some of us we don't.

But there was a band group called Aaron Jeffery was a father and a son. And they wrote this song called he is and I love it because it gives such a concise picture of what the Bible is. I have shared with us over and over and over again about what the Bible is that it is if you read the Bible is 66 individual books telling different stories from different times and in history, then they are nothing then that is nothing more than a volume of stories. Just like a Mark Twain set just like in Odysseus set. It's nothing more than that. But if you read the Bible as a collection of 66 books that tell a one unifying Story from beginning to end and that is the story of Jesus the gospel. If you can read it that way and not get caught up in all of the other parts and pieces you will have a full understanding of what the gospel is. And they wrote this song and they they lying out who Jesus is in each book of the Bible now there clumps of them together because they're similar, but I want to read it to you and I'm going to try to go through it fairly quickly. I did not put these up on so you'll just have to kind of pay attention says in Genesis. He's the breath of life and I try to think about the stories that were talking about as a reference each one of these what might he be talking might what might they be talking about when they reference who Jesus is in each of the books Overland Leviticus. He's our high priest numbers. He's the fire by Night Deuteronomy. He's Moses is voice in Joshua. He salvation Choice judges. He's the lawgiver Ruthie to the kinsman-redeemer in first and second Samuel. He's our trusted profit Kings and Chronicles you Sovereign azra. He's true the true and faithful stream in the Amaya. He's the Rebuilder of Broken Walls and broken lives and Esther. He's Mordecai's courage and Joe but the Timeless Redeemer Psalm. He's are Morningstar Proverbs. His wisdom's cry. Ecclesiastes, he's a time and season Song of Solomon. He is a Lover's Dream Isaiah. He's Prince of Peace Jeremiah. He's the weeping prophet Lamentations. He's the cry for Israel is Ezekiel. He's a call from sin Daniel. He's the stranger in the fire in Hosea. He is forever faithful Joel. He's the spirits power name as he's the arms that carry is Obadiah. He's the Lord Our Savior Jonah. He's the great missionary Micah the promise of Peace name. He's our strengthen our shield habakkuk and Zephaniah. He's pleading for Revival in haggai. He restores the Lost Heritage Zachariah Hughes our fountain in Malachi. He is the son of righteousness Rising with healing in his wings and Matthew Mark Luke and John the gospels. He is God man, Messiah an axe use fire from heaven in Romans. He is the grace of God in Corinthians The Power of Love in Galatians. He's the freedom from our curse of sin Ephesians our glorious treasure Philippians the servants. Colossians is the godhead Trinity in Thessalonians. He is our coming King and Timothy Titus and Philemon. He is our mediator in our faithful pastor and Hebrews the Everlasting Covenant James the one who heals the sick person 2nd Peter. He's our Shepherd John and in Jude, he's our lover coming for his bride and in Revelation he is king of kings and Lord of lords. That is the story of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation. That is the end all beat all final word of who Jesus is now there's lots of stop places in there. And if you go to each of those books and look for Jesus, sometimes there's a place where it says and the son of man was seen or the sun like the man like the Son of God was seeing you think of Moses in the cleft of The Rock and it says God placed his hand over the cliff put Moses in the clutch and put his hand over and he saw what looked like the Son of God walking by Jesus didn't exist for thousands of years. Later. Yet here. He is showing up all the way back in that in the pentateuch first five books of the Old Testament.

The gospel is the story The Bible the story of Jesus. I am not ashamed of the story of Jesus because it's the power of God unto salvation. The gospel is the story that has to be told Romans chapter 10 verse 14 guys.

How then can they call on him that they have on him? They have not believed in and how can they believe without hearing about him? And how can they hear without a preacher? Don't get caught up in that word preacher. We're not talking about me. We're talking about a proclaimer a person who proclaims the gospel who tells the story. How can somebody believe if they've never heard somebody else? Tell the story?

It's not just my job is a vocational Pastor to tell the story. It is each one of our jobs to tell if we don't go who will. if we don't tell who will

it's like the prophet Isaiah put that next verse up and says this he says then I Heard a Voice of the Lord asking who should I send who will go for us? And he says here I am send me. Most of us most of our responses our dear God please don't send me right. Most of our car answers are please don't send me please don't make me go. I cannot tell you how many times in Bible called men and women who were called the minister who knew they were called the ministry who would ask and beg God. Please don't send me to Africa. Please don't send me the Asia. Please don't send me to the Middle East.

I want to be a senior pastor. I want to be a youth pastor.

He says he reminds send me then say send me here or there. But he said send me. So what is the gospel do for us? This is what is the gospel do? gospel provides power to bring Salvation to affect change in people's lives Acts chapter 1 verse 8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit is come on you and you will be my Witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the Earth, you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you what is the holy spirit is God. It is the story it is the life of Jesus.

Key is the power. G provides that an old school church when I was growing up we would sing. This song There is power power power in the name of Jesus and it had a little bit of a beat to it. You kind of stomp your foot and you get a little bit of a head Bob going but you knew it wasn't just about the fun of him of the rhythm of the song. But I believe there was power if you say holy ghost power. in the name of Jesus There's another nothing else of the story. You say Say the Name of Jesus if there's nothing else because there's power in his name. There's one statistic that says that 95% of all church members. Have never let anybody to Christ.

Then we have a verse like 2nd Timothy 3:16. Go there. Does all scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching for rebuking for correcting and for training in righteousness? All scripture 95% of all church members have never let anybody to Jesus, but they have 66 books worth of material. victon teach and trained in righteousness rest of us. There's a little bit of rebuking and correcting to

the gospel gives you power to share gives you the words to share. It gives you the material that is needed to tell the story of Jesus Christ. Now, how do I know that because here's my part of my story.

I was about 10 years old my grandma my great-grandmother had taken me to my one of my favorite restaurants ever fast food place. I have other restaurants and I like to put but there was this one place in Bakersfield where I grew up. It was just a local. I've literally it was an it was a carryover from the 50s and 60s of the old Drive-In humor happy days and they would pull the car in and there'd be the little box and they told, like what Sonic is now the drive-in with the menu board and things like that and then you would pull in but days of not been kind to the restaurant and all those boxes were gone that the covering was still there which had to go up to the window where the car hops would always go to to do the ordering. And they had put a few little booths outside on the side of the building and this day with my grandmother my grandmother and taking us taking me there and we were going to order it was called the Big Boy burritos. This huge big is cheese burrito thing. That was just amazing and we shot down will come sitting next to us was this older gentleman who is very now as an adult. I understand was very obviously homeless. My grandma was ordering those back in the days when you didn't work too much about your kids sitting up by themselves while you were up ordering. I was sitting over there by myself in this this man was sitting in the next Booth over. I began to talk. I didn't know a stranger is my mom my grandma's biggest fear in life was because I knew no stranger. I would talk to anybody about anything and I would tell them my entire life story in 10 minutes. I start talking to this guy as was my normal routine. But there was a point point in my life where I was at a point. Is that that spot? Robstown people about Jesus on a 10 year old little boy reassuring scriptures was telling him that if he would only turn away from the the alcohol that was very strong on him. That if you would put away the bottle and he would turn to Jesus that Jesus would make his life all the better. In Jesus could save him and renew him and restore him and a 10 year old little boy doesn't have a fountain of memorized scriptures to pull from. So, what was that? I am a living example and I will tell you this till the day I die, but there is power. To be my witness in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria to the other most parts of the Earth. Because that didn't happen because Mike was this really great, you know student and I showed some of you my report card a couple of weeks ago you out that that's not the case.

See the gospel brings that the gospel also brings light if it lights up and brings you understanding and it brings wisdom Psalm chapter 119 verse 130. This is that great big Wong chapter right in the middle of the Bible says the revelation of your words brings light and gives understanding to the inexperienced you flip over if you were to jump to Matthew chapter 7 verse 24 says there for everyone who hears these words of mine and it's on them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock wisdom. Why do we have rather burn share with us every week words of wisdom? That's what we call that little segments that brother burned does why because we seek the gospel. Brother burn shares with us a piece of the Gospel every week. so that we can go out and we can tell others and we can have that wisdom in our own life and then go out and share that with others because ultimately the gospel Solves the problem of sin this is about this is a circle we're coming back around. She sin separates people from God but the gospel unites people with a living God. It's no longer of a dead old history book of full of words, but it's an interaction and a life with a living breathing God who loves them. Ephesians chapter 2 verse 1 to 5 says this says and you were dead in your trespasses and sins and which you previously lived according to the ways of the world according to the ruler of the power of the air in the spirit not working in in the disobedient we to all previously lived among them in our fleshly desires carrying out the inclinations of our flesh and thoughts. And were we were by Nature children under wrath as the others were also but God who richly who is rich in Mercy because of his great love that he had for us. Made us alive with Christ, even though we were dead in trespasses you are saved by grace. That is the gospel. So what is the gospel expect from me? What is the gospel is the story of Jesus? It is the story of salvation. What is it do it provides power it provides wisdom. It provides teaching it provides a drawing in. How do you fit into that are theme for the year projector died again is I love to tell the story. How do we fit into the gospel the story? The gospel expects you us me to tell his story. In my story it expects us to tell his story in your story Matthew 28 19 and 20. Why do I know this because of this verse go therefore and Make Disciples of all Nations baptizing in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to obey everything. I have commanded you and remember I am with you always to the end of the age.

The gospel expects us to go tell to go tell our story. His story and our story.

Every one of us has a story.

every one of us has something

think about the people in the Bible. Give you another little list. spiritual forefathers those those great men of our spiritual heritage

Abraham was old Jacob was a cheater. Joseph was abused Moses had a speech problem. Noah was a drunk and incestuous and David was a murderer.

Sounds like a lot of problems that we're dealing with in our own society today. Let's go to the prophets the priests and the people of prominence. They were just a mess. Elijah was suicidal. Gideon was afraid Samson was a womanizer Jeremiah Was Young Jonah ran from God. Joe went bankrupt Rahab was a prostitute and Naomi was a widow.

Will surely the mighty Disciples of Jesus Is The Answer 12? Were the cream of the crop had all their stuff together?

They were less than spiritual Giants to if truth be told. They fell asleep while praying. Jesus says can't you pray with me for just a few K truth be told I sit on the front row once in awhile. When I'm a prayer meeting and I put my face down in the seat and I genuinely and praying.

And I dose. All all all admit it there have been times that I have been like I'm asleep. I better act like I'm praying. Amen. if I cook you're not the only one that does it. They fell asleep while Jesus was praying. They tried to push away the little children unless they had food then they took their food and brought it to Jesus. James and John argue about who would sit next to Jesus Thomas doubted Peter denied Christ three times Paul who was a Pharisee persecuted and murdered Christians before becoming one himself.

Then finally look at the people that Jesus voluntarily surrounded himself with those people that were out on The Fringe not the inner 12 with those those other people that happened with along the way Martha worried about everything Zacchaeus Was small and it was mine money-hungry. Show me the dollar.

And then there was that whole Samaritan woman. Who is married divorce seeing another guy kind of doing you know those things over there?

the gospel expects and already knows that you're a flawed person. That you're a fraud being that you are at work and or are a sinful man. woman

but Jesus while we were yet sinners died for us. The gospel while we were still living in sin called us any way to tell the story.

Guy by the name of dr. J Wilbur Chapman. He was a famous evangelist. He said that the New Testament records records tell a 40 people each suffering from the same disease who were healed by Jesus of this number 34 were either brought to Jesus by friends, or he was taken to them in only 6 cases out of the 40 digits the suffers find a way to Jesus without assistance of the vast number of people who find their way to Jesus today most of them reach him because the friends of Jesus are concerned about the welfare of their souls.

A vast majority of people who will come into this building if I were to ask you how did you make it into this building? You probably can look at somebody else sitting in this building and say it was because of a connection with that person or that that family or something.

How do we go?

without telling the gospel expects us to tell the story regardless of where we're at in life. You ever felt like you're not worthy enough. That you're not really a value to tell the story of Jesus. I'm too young. I'm too old. I'm too messed up. I'm too broken. Remember that Jesus used a bunch of flawed people. We just read the list. To share hope to applied world.

Says that win him we find renewal and mending. Jesus didn't call. This is an old saying forgive me for quoting it, but I think it's applicable. Jesus didn't call the equipped. He equips the called. No matter what. You've been through in life. Remember that the same power. The conquered the grave lives within you. Same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you.

So here's the question. This is what I'm going to close with. What's your story? We all have one. What's your messed up broken? Twisted knotted unforgiving hurtful story that speaks to somebody right where they are. Because they're in the same place. You were five years ago. They're in the same place you were yesterday before you figured out the answer. They're dealing with the same things that you dealt with. And they need to hear the story that you have to tell all the messiness and all. All of the messed up broken pieces and all because your story is exactly what they need to hear right now. Your story is a beautiful tapestry of hurts and feelings and memories and miracles that God has woven together in his perfect. Will Ephesians chapter 2 verse 10. says this

What should?

Turn in your Bibles.

Ephesians chapter 2 verse 10

says for we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time for us to do choose the answer folks. Fur God prepared ahead of time.

He's already been preparing you. He's already been working in your life. Even though you don't see it. The gospel is Alive and Well in you even though maybe you haven't realized it up into this point.

It is a story that has to be told.

So, how do we tell it? Write it out. What is your story white it out sit down this afternoon when I see you have lunch in your tummy is full and you're just kind of sitting in front of the TV grab a piece of paper. grab a pen or pencil and write out your story. What do I mean by your story talking about those God moments, you might not have a lot, but I'm also talking about those broken pieces.

I struggled with this. I'm dealing with that. God brought me healing hear God answered my prayer there right it out right out your story make it part of your everyday conversation. Make it a normal piece. That is something to be hidden. Not as something to hide behind.

What is something to be told? Why? Because God provides Divine appointments. What's a Divine appointment? It's an interaction between you and another person and God is asking you to speak. Thus the gospel the story into their life assume that every conversation that you have in the world every conversation that you have out in your daily life is a Divine appointment set by God and you are right on time for the next meeting. You are an ambassador for the kingdom of God. It is your job my job our job to tell the story of Heaven of of Jesus.

in our life on this planet

It's not by chance, but my plan. Every moment that we move forward every interaction that we have is the next meeting that my creator that my God that my Lord has sent me on to tell the next person about him and his love. Now you go Pastor. That's a big kind of tall order. But I'm not talking about I'm not talking about going to somebody and trying to win them to Jesus right there in a single conversation. We're not talking about going. Hey Bill. How are you today? Hey, did you know that Jesus loves you. You need to get down on your hands and knees right now and you need to bake Jesus for forgiveness. We're not talking about that. We're simply talking about in our regular conversation. And I don't know what I'm going to do this weekend. I got this and this going on.

Old man. I understand I've got all kinds of stuff going on too. But you're the one thing I do have is that make time in my weekend to get to church o you go to church. Yeah, I think it's important to us. We made a decision as a family that that's just something we're going to do and we make sure we don't miss it. Did you eat? I'm inviting yet. But you made a connection.

It wait a minute. They know they now know that you know about Jesus and that you're somebody that they can talk to because you'll have context and understanding.

So who you going to tell?

I'm not ashamed of the power of The Gospel Four. It's the power of God unto salvation.

Gospel is what saves? It's the story to be told and so for 2019. This church is going to do its best and I'm going to fail and I tell you that now.

It's going to be events and activities and things like that that are that are really like Pastor that doesn't fit what you said at the beginning of the year at all. But we are going to Endeavor to everything we do to tell the story of Jesus and his love. Every event that we do every activity that we have everything that we go to. Is about telling the story of Jesus. So I hope that you will join us me David Leticia Vern Noel. everybody else

and moving that direction this year, but Sprint father. Thank you. Thank you for your story. Thank you for the fact that you gave us your son. You wrote this story before you ever even spoke it into existence. You knew the ABS in the flows the ups and the Downs you began to prepare us before we were ever even a thought in our parents Minds. It's a father. I pray that you would give us. Holy ghost power as we leave this place just to be your Witnesses throughout Rogersville and Webster County and Greene County and Missouri and the United States into the uttermost parts of this Earth.

Father help us. Tell your story to a lost and Dying World give us opportunities to have Divine appointments. And to tell others about Jesus Christ in his love.

We ask these things in your name. Father if there be anything in our own lives that right now is is hindering that story in the name of Jesus.

Father we cast it out.

In Your Name Lord, we drive it out.

So that the story of Jesus is pure.

You think you we praise you and your name? We pray amen?

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