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Symbolism Over Substance

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It feels like I haven't seen you guys since last year.

No one's ever heard that joke before right. Older I get the corner I get. my wife might disagree with that but

What is the new year and we're going to start this year where we left off in the Book of Mark? What are spent several weeks in this book again? And then we're going to do a series that I've been working on called. What if I and we will probably start at Sears in February, but it's going to be a series about kind of the purpose of our church and really what your part is in the church and I am really excited about the series. It's going to really help us moving toward the future and pray with me pray for me as I try to put this together this morning. We're going to continue in This Book of Mark and we're going to be in chapter 7 this morning just to kind of give you some where we're at in the book The Book of Mark is where we're at already is we are coming into the third year of Jesus Ministry in The Book of Mark 7 started.

Dog, and he's revealed himself as God through many miracles and different things he's done. We saw a transition coupling Earth. I guess it's about a month ago. Now where Jesus where he began to give his ministry way to the disciples. And so as we come into this passage, it's a point where Jesus been giving away his ministry to the disciples. There's less people that were falling around now because as he as more people started following around he would call them out and call them to repent and stuff. He was that I don't know if I want this stuff and so I'm there still a lot of people are following Jesus because he still doing a lot of Miracles and things but but it's kind of coming to the end coming to the end of his ministry. Where is going to be put on the cross here and in this year of his ministry if we come this passage, we're coming to a place where What's Happening Here is the Jerusalem Pharisees have decided to accept this Council. Councils of Pharisees and scribes actually, they're coming If we're honest here, they're coming the idea that we're going to choose Jesus. We already know that his ministries wrong. So we want you to go there and find something that you can accuse them of because they're already trying to get them. So if we come to this passage, we're starting with the Sinners evaluating the savior's I've called this message symbolism over substance. We're going to be looking at verse 1 through verse 23 and this is a fascinating Pastor scripture. In fact, it's one of those sometimes you get into a passage of scripture and you just dig and dig and dig in there so much their use keep digging this one of those passages of scripture and I hope that I can convey just all of this passage means Going to start in verse 1 through 5 where the Sinners are evaluating the savior's and some of the scribes came together to him having come from Jerusalem. Now when they saw some of his disciples eat bread. What the filed that is unwashed hands they found fault. Pharisees and all the Jews do not eat unless they wash. Received and hold like the washing of Cups and pictures and copper vessels and couches. In the first season The Scribe asked him why do your disciples not wash according to the traditions of the elders but eat bread with unwashed hands with spray. Today this passages really formed us Lord. We don't understand a lot of what's going on here as we unpack this and try to explain what's going on what's happening with these walls and the Brain images of Jesus with each one of us realized the same thing Lord there so many times where we want to take your word we want to twist and we want to make it say what we want to say God, but the truth of the matter is it is your work God and we need to follow it as such. So what I pray God this morning as weak as we unpack this scripture Lord, and you'll just help us have a better understanding of this and then I pray God that you helped each one of us Lord to look at our last Lord to make sure that we're not on the same thing Thursday to where we just pray that you help us to understand your word. Now. We ask it in Jesus name. Amen sizes Ministries. I want to tell you something there's a place for there's a place for this administrate. There's a place for people to come and evaluate your ministry to make sure that we're doing it according to God's word. We we evaluate our Sunday school class. We evaluate our children churches that fast we want to make sure that everyone is doing it according to God's word. There's a place for this but let me be very clear that these people were coming to evaluate and constructively criticize. These people are coming to tear down his ministry. They were coming accusing and not Ma. I have no interest at all in trying to find out the truth. They just want we're coming to us was doing wrong or that isn't disciples are doing wrong. So what do they do? They go to the traditions of man. They are grasping at straws. Became predetermined of Jesus must be wrong. So let's find something. So where they find it. It's they find the disciples eating bread without washing their hands. Now we need to make sure you understand something. It wasn't just the disciples didn't wash their hands faded wash their hands, but they did not ceremoniously wash their hands like these Pharisees prescribe that they should and we have to understand something here. They find his disciples ate bread without washing their hands. It doesn't even mean that they didn't wash their hands but they didn't ceremoniously or spiritually wash their hands when they divorced at work. Where did they get this from your ask a question words they get this that the disciple should wash their hands ceremoniously before they eat the bread when I got it from everybody. You know the mission is the mishnah is the oral Traditions that they had for thousands of years that the Jews had these oral Traditions that the rabbis would pass down for thousands of years that work scriptures. Some of it was just music said it was foolish. That's a lot of it was just craziness, but it was oral Traditions that they kept so what they decide it is after thousands a year take these old traditions and they would write them down. So they wrote them down in what was called the mishnah. animation of some of the things that they said some of the things some of this is probably where they got this but one of the things that they said in the mission I was when you sleep that this demon would come and he would sit on your hands and therefore make your hands unclean until if you ate with unclean hands after I after you slept and you would have this demon inside of you How stupid is that? They can't find anywhere in scripture where it says that there's nothing that says that in fact the only scripture that refers to help with a priest and levitical Priests that would go into the temple and they would they would sacrifice sacrifice animals. They were going to Tabernacle. They don't have to ceremoniously wash their hands and wash their feet. Why because God lives in the Tabernacle. It was wholly ground it was but even after goddamn living Tabernacle anymore, they still did it and it was sort of like what we do at Communion when we take communion. We are not eating the body of Jesus. We are not drinking the bread but when we take it is to remind us, this is important that Jesus did give his body that he did give his blood would wash their hands and they would wash their feet. It will remind them that wait a second. I am coming before a holy God and I better make sure that I'm right. But that was for the elliptical priests. Guess what the disciples the apostles they weren't levitical priests. You notice they didn't find anything against Jesus but here they find it against the disciples and is trying to accuse the disciples are trying to accuse Jesus find something wrong.

To tell you something there were 30 chapters in the mishnah on washing your pots.

Can you imagine reading a book with 30 chapters of how to do your dishes?

You think that's bad volumes and volumes and volumes about washing your hands? Ceremoniously watch for him. It wasn't just washing your hands. I had to ceremoniously do it's like they had a little fat a little prayer that they would say when they wash their hands blessed be the Lord King of the universe who Sanctified Us by the law and commands us to wash our hands.

Where did they get this from the mishnah from these oral Traditions? That wasn't from the word of God? But they healthy Traditions higher than they did the word of God. In fact, they've decided they would they even wrote in there that that these things took the word of God. Can you imagine the audacity of someone to say that might work trumps the word of God? Always see that another religious today. You can't read the word of God cuz you're not smart enough. It can only be interpreted by with the Jews still do it today. The rabbis are the only ones who can interpret it. We see other religious life like Catholicism that but only the priest can interpret the word of God.

They held these Traditions higher than the hell the law. There's a Jewish rabbi who's considered a hero in their time who was imprisoned by the Romans and while he was in prison by the Romans, he would only get a small amount of water to drink everyday. I almost died because rather than drink the water he would take the water and ceremoniously Clint himself so that he could eat the food that they gave them but he almost died because he And he didn't have enough to drink and he was considered a hero. Because he held God in such high esteem that he was willing to die. You know, what David did when David went in and have the showbread and David was starving David's men were starving and they came in, you know, they did they ate the showbread and these guys would have had a heart attack about that.

The hell these Traditions higher than they held the law and they wanted Jesus and his disciples to perform the ritual to make them spiritually clean, even they even had this special prayer, but the biblical mandate was for the priests to wash their hands and feet before entering the Tabernacle. It wasn't it didn't apply to them.

It took this the levels that completely missed the heart of the law.

I have seen this so many times I've been on some ordination council's to this guy came in there. This guy was he was an older pastor and he came in there like he was all high and mighty. And then he proceeded to rip the guy that was the candidate for the ordination. I mean he ripped this guy up one side and down the other and it wasn't to make the guy with petals to make himself look better or feel better about himself to put himself on a high horse and show how spiritual he was and then you know what he did. He had the audacity he opted out of voting. I'm not going to vote for for against this Force. I'll just I'll just dismiss myself. I was thinking why did you even come you moron? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that but he was

nothing more than man-made righteousness and what these guys were doing it they were it was man-made righteousness. They wanted to make the disciples. They wanted to make Jesus. I want to make Jesus the guy who we already shown what the King of Kings the creator of the universe the guy who wrote the Bible and the fall under their laws.

It's craziness.

Want to tell you how the argument goes? Cuz we can fall into the same trap. I mean doesn't God want us to honor him with everything that we do? Doesn't God want us to home with everything we do. Yeah, I tell you that the priests to wash their hands before serving him. Yeah, he did. Shouldn't every faithful follower of God have the same devotion as a priest and we believe in the priesthood of all believers, right? So we go. Yeah.

Isn't every meal sacred to God ya shouldn't we take every opportunity to make ourselves? Pure before the Lord? Yeah doesn't God say in Psalms 24:3 for a Ascend into the hill of the Lord or who may stand in his holy place he who has clean hands are pure heart. Guess what when you asking all these questions and you put them this way we say yes. Yes. Yes.

Nova said we can fall into the same trap that these people fell into we start rather than obeying what God said. We start putting more of what God Said more than what God Said. Rather than just the priests having to follow along now, all of a sudden all of us have to do we have to have these ceremonial Washings. I mean I got to wash my feet before I eat I got to wash my hands before I eat. I got to say this prayer before I don't want to tell you it just went on and on and on.

When the questions are put this way, we we end up supporting this tradition. But in the end you have a word of man a tradition of man a ritual man, and we have put it as the same weight as workout.

And your spiritual logic doesn't matter how spiritually logic you think it is it would be wrong.

You're taking a heart of a guy that said and made into a man-made sacred cow.

Will come back to the sacred cows and minute because these Pharisees weren't the only ones who have done this. We're going to look at some sacred cows. I'm going to look I'm going to show you some sacred cows that I've had in my life. And I want to tell you I had to slaughter them babies. That's what you do is sacred cows, right?

To Look what Jesus said he gives a qualified rebuke. verse 6 through 13

Doesn't he said to them? Well, did Isaiah prophesy you hypocrites? As it is written these people honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me and then they do worship me teaching as Doctrine the Commandments of men. You leave the Commandments of God and hold to the traditions of men and he said to them you have a fine way of rejecting the Commandments of God in order to establish your traditions.

Formosa said honor your father and mother and who advises father or mother must surely die. But you say if a man tells his father or mother whatever you would have gained from me is Corbin that is given to God and you no longer permit him to do anything for his father or mother that's making void the word of God by your Traditions that you and hand it down.

Because the scribes and the Pharisees Hypocrites wife because they have no idea what the word of God says anymore. They're so caught up in the traditions of man is verbal Traditions that were written down and passed down. They've left the word of God. I forgot what the word of God means

They were so concerned with these trivial matters, like washing their hands to the point that it excluded people from coming to God. If you ever noticed that religion always exclude people from coming to God. Religion is man's way of trying to reach God and religion always puts these limits and then that's what the Jewish people were doing. It was a religion or was the religion of you have to do this. You have to do it like all this stuff and it was just adding on they left the word of God and they were just adding all this stuff that didn't matter and guess what it was peeping people from the word of God is keeping people from coming to God.

We try to add all these things all of a sudden it becomes religion. Not a relationship with Christ.

Because you scribes and Pharisees Hypocrites their teaching the rules of man man's faulty logic as God's word. American so concerned with these trivial matters that they were keeping people from God and Isaiah chapter 1 God tells the prophet that he's tired of their fake religion. Look at this in chapter one it says. What the me is the multitude of your sacrifices says the Lord. What's it matter you offer all these sacrifices?

I have had enough of girlfriends and Rams and the fat of well-fed Beast. I did not Delight in the blood of bulls and Lambs Argos. I want to ask you who prescribe the sacrifice. Stop it. He was so sick of these people make any sacrifices, but they weren't coming with a penitent heart. They weren't coming repair. They weren't coming with the right attitude. They were just coming doing this religious stuff. I'll kill the skeleton. I'll be good. How many people today come to church and we say well I came to church and I gave my time and I did this and I did that so I'm good, but their heart is far from God. My poor darling stay here. That's what that's how do I say? I'm at you know, they did not have a throw him in jail Isaiah's prophecy that's going to wipe us out. Going to take over here. And you people better. So they said I said you're going to jail. Guess what happened? I came in wipe them out. They took them they took into captivity.

Service, when you come to appear before me who is required of you this trampling of my courts, bring no more being offering incense is an Abomination to me new moon Sabbath are calling a conviction. I can't endure and make Woody and solemn assembly your new moons in your appointed feasts my soul hates.

Me to become a burden to me. I am weary of burying them. I'm so sick of you bringing all your religion, but your heart to heart far from me. You can offer all the sacrifice in the world. But if you're not coming with her, what is there to forgive? You're not even coming with a repentant heart? Keep going. He says when you spread out your hands, I will hide my eyes from you. Even though you make many prayers, I will not listen your hands are full of blood. You should wash yourself make yourself clean remove the evil of your Deeds before my eyes cease to do evil. You know what God wants. That's what God wants. Stop living in sin.

God is not concerned about how many times you come to church or how many how much you give an offering or what you look like when you show up he wants to know what your heart like, are you here to serve God or not?

Set alarm to do good seek Justice correct? Oppression bring Justice to the fatherless plead the Widow's cause

This past is that we all know come now. Let us reason together says the Lord though your sins be as Scarlet. They shall be as white as snow though their red light Crimson. They shall become like woo. If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land. It's not what God wants he doesn't hit and he's not concerned with all the stuff that we do he's concerned with your heart. Do you love God? If you love God, then you're going to want to serve him and guess what when you want to serve him. You're going to want to serve him as prescribed as he prescribed not how everybody else does we get so caught up in liturgy we get so caught up in all this stuff that we lose sight of the fact that we are here to worship God the creator of the universe. It's not about the religious outward actions about the repentant heart. It's about loving God no bang out of a right heart not about the outward acts that we do. Mimosa said honor your father and mother and whoever revised his father reveals. His father mother. My Shirley died. He said there's capital punishment in the wall. I get capital punishment for somebody who calls their father and mother but you know what they change that to they change that to I don't have to take care of my father and mother look at he got he goes on but you say if a man tells his father or mother, whatever you whatever you would have gained for me, it's Korbin that is it belongs to God. So here's what they did. They said. You know what? I don't really feel like taking care of my mom dad. I mean it cost a lot of money to take care of my mom and dad will do as well say that it's Korbin for everything I have belongs to God. Not that it really give everything to God, but they said we'll just say it Corbin. I'm everything I have belongs to God so Mom Dad, I can't take care of you. So I'll just reject God's Lauda because I don't need to take care of you, Mom and Dad. What will just disregard got through cuz I don't really have the money to take care of you. Anyway, plus I got a lot of things I want to do my retirement, so I don't want to take care of you.

See what I did. They just took God's law and they said forget guys while we're just going to change this to make it how we want it.

That's why I said honor your father and mother and if you disrespect them, it's punishable by capital punishment, but they made a loophole rather than taking care of Mom and Dad they were when they were me they claim Corbin which meant devoted to God in other words. They said that all of their money was devoted to God so they didn't have to take care of their parents. It wasn't actually giving the guy just promise to God. They didn't actually have to give. Anything's just claimed Corbin and they were covered.

Can we play the same games today? I came I put my 20 in the offering plate. I came I showed up. I I want to want to I did whatever we just play these games with God. Maybe God will say something like this to us today. They came to church but their heart is far from me. the weather Bible But their heart was far from me they pray these beautiful prayers, but their heart is far from me. The dress nice they give they teach. The heart is far from me.

When we going all day, but I want I want to point out three sacred cows that I've had that I've been guilty of in my own life. The first one I'm going to give you as just kind of something that it sounds almost silly when I think about it.

praying at every meal Should we be thankful and pray it every meal. Is there any mandate in the Bible that I prayed every meal? I have been guilty of going to going to lunch with somebody that's that's a Christian and they didn't print the mail and I thought they're not really a good Christian.

Is that man-made or is that is that God's law? We take a nap and maybe have to be some big deal. When it's not really in God's law the Jesus prayer before meals. Yeah, should I pray before I should have a faithful attitude about everything?

You know what when we get into this thing like work, it's basically Rub-a-Dub-Dub. Thanks for the grub. Yay, Lord. I just said a little I just did a little verse to appease my conscience.

I want to go on to of them that I've been that I they were sacred cows mine. I want to tell you something they might stop on your toes. They did mine.

about the Bible I want to tell you something I grew up. I grew up. I was taught that the King James Bible was the only Bible that was God's word. And I want to tell you I too fat for out of thought you for it. I would died on that.

Memphis what I started studying it I start realizing that the King James didn't actually come into existence till 6:16 eleven. I thought well, what are we do before that? That was a that was a English translation. It's a good translation. But you know, what I found out is that the King James was translated much of it was translated from the Latin Vulgate. It wasn't even actually translated from some of the original text. I was like, uh, oh.

Naruto found out when I found out that the rest of the Apocrypha was translated with it you all the Catholic Books and I was like

there was something that I had been it was a tradition that I was taught them all the time. I was a little kid. I thought that the King James was God's where they got supposed to King James Place.

It sounds stupid now, but I'm telling you that's what I thought. That's what I was taught.

61611 we have found all kinds of texts that are better text. They're older text. I believe that with all my heart. Guess what I had to realize it. Wait a second. This is a tradition of man. That is completely wrong.

Remember talking to meet his dad needed. That was a King James only and I remember we had it out cuz I had really started it and I had I brought to him and he's one of my spiritual Heroes.

And he was mad.

But I'll tell you on his for his credit. He went and studied it. We came back to Mimi said Chris. I apologize. He said I can't believe how ignorant I was.

Sometimes our ignorance is is a way where we wrap our minds around something. That is absolutely not true.

Did the Bible was written in English? It was written in Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic.

Not listen, I want to tell you something. I don't like every Bible is out there. I like a Bible that is a literal translation from the actual text. My favorite is The New American Standard is the closest to the actual it is if you studied it is the closest to the actual Texas there is it's hard to read so I don't read that all the time. You guys are known as I use the new American Standard did the English Standard Version is a good translation. It's just easier to read than that, but guess what?

Speedway speak King James English, you know when the Bible was written Jesus had them write the Bible in koine Greek, you know, I koine Greek cuz it was the common language is the language that most people would understand. In case you're wondering I have a page from the 1611 King James version in my office. And I want to tell you they are on about their six version right now, and if you went in and read a page from the 1611 King James, you couldn't even understand it. The words are spelled completely different. You wouldn't even understand it. But you know what it was one of those paper towels that I had that I was willing to die for it was stupid. It was a man is a man's law.

Let me make sure you understand. I have nothing against King James. In fact, most of the bottles that I have memorized is King James. It's easier for me to memorize King James. It is a good translation. They have gone by since they they not they're not translating it from the Latin Vulgate anymore. They've actually gone to some of the newer texting and translated it. That's why they're on their six version.

But here's the big woman. I have there's the big sacred cowl that I think that that scares me to death. Paper towel is that we have this idea in Christendom today that you're saved by saying a prayer. In fact, I saw this on Facebook, but over Christmas that you know people put on their they put on their Facebook status just say this prayer every say this prayer if you say this for a few repeat these words you're going to be saved. Don't help us.

My biggest fear is a pastor's that there are going to be many people today that believe that if they say the sinner's prayer that they can earn their salvation.

It's the Prosperity Gospel just say this prayer and everything will be great and you'll be blessed and you'll get money and you have a good life. Listen to me. The Bible teaches that salvation comes by grace alone unmerited favor through faith alone in Christ alone.

You can't do anything to her that you can't say on your salvation. You know what it is. Great. It is that I get to a point where I recognize that I am. So lost that I am so far away from God that God extended his grace to me. He said his one and only son to die on the cross to pay my penalty for my sin and I don't know how amazing is that you're offering me something that I absolutely didn't deserve it is by grace alone. It is through faith alone. We talked this morning and Sunday school about the Egyptians and went out when it when Israel was free from pharaoh. And the last plague was that the death angel was going to pass over and it was going to he was going to kill the firstborn son and you can believe it all day long. But unless you apply that blood on the door on the left on the doorpost. Guess what your son was going to die. I don't care how much you believe that I don't care how many prayers you said? I don't care if you ate the meal if you didn't apply it then you were going to your oldest son was going to die. I don't want to tell you something that without the shedding of blood without putting your faith in Jesus Christ and applying the blood that he said on the cross applying it to my heart and say God I recognize that I did nothing during my salvation that you died on the cross for me and God. I recognize that I'm a sinner. My sin separates me from you the best way I know how I want to apply that blood to my heart because I want to be declared not only not guilty. But I want to be declared righteous just as righteous as you are so that I can spend eternity in heaven. You see it's by grace alone through faith that faith is that I am applying what Christ did on the cross of my own heart. I want to know if I replied to my heart because my life begins to change because rather than going and doing the things that I wanted to do before all of a sudden there's change of heart doesn't mean that I stop sinning. All the sudden there's a change in my heart and I realized when I got to change I want to follow God's word. I want to do what God says. Doesn't mean that I always do it, but I want to tell you there's something that always draws me back.

By grace alone unmerited favor by faith alone. I'm trusting him for what he did for my salvation and my faith is in one person Jesus Christ. The Bible says there is one mediator between God and man the man Jesus Christ. And it's not Jesus Christ plus my work. It's not Jeep. Listen, there's a lot of people today that just want to take a little bit of Christianity and a little bit of Buddhism a little bit of taoism little bit of all this other stuff. Let me tell you something that way there's one prescribed way you can get to heaven that is through the man Jesus Christ. Why because like we've shown over Christmas he is God. He's the guy that he's the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the father but by him

And I'm afraid there's so many people. You know what my biggest fear is. Going to be people in the church. The one that died are going to stand before God. I'm not going to say I was a member Seven Lakes Baptist Church, and you know what I worked in a while, and I gave money and I did this and I did this and God's going to say depart from me you worker of iniquity. I never knew you. What's up, a prayer?

Rapper didn't save you.

God's grace by faith in Christ alone

If you're trying to get the Guide by any other way, if you think your good deeds outweigh your bad these listen you're wrong.

You think you can say that prayer and you got your ticket out of hell and you can go live. However you want now your room.

That Faith and Hope Is In Christ Alone what Jesus did on the cross? That's what changes me. It makes me see the heat paid the price for my sin and now I want to live for him.

Those are the sacred cows that I have hung onto my life last thing. I want to see. Corruption is in the heart. reverse 14-223 doesn't he called his people to him again? Send them hear me all of you and understand. There is nothing outside of a person that is going in him that can defile him. What the things that come out of a person or what the follow him when it entered into the house. He left the people in his disciples out them about the parable lease at them then are you also without on your family? Do you not see the whatever goes into the person from the outside cannot defile him since it entered into his heart but are not into his heart but it was stomach and it is expelled thus he declared all food. Clean your member. The Jews had all these laws about their Kosher diet and what they could eat what they couldn't eat and when they could eat it and all this stuff.

Jesus just clearing the table and he's setting it up and he said look. It's not the food. Listen, whatever goes in you that's not what the files you don't you understand. You're a sinner all of us are sinners. And that's not the food that goes in at the deposit. It's not what goes in that defiles us. It's what comes out because I'm a sinner you don't comes out of a center.

Doesn't mean that everything I can put everything in my body. I can't just go watch pornography B and and put that in my body that while I put it in there cuz they're sitting in my body and I want to put it in white people put drugs in her body because they want to they want to put something in there by that's what it what he's saying. It's not what goes in your body that defiles you it's what comes out u r a c. Guess what when you try to change God's word just like the Pharisees did just like the scars there when they made this distorted when they made all this this time of the talmud is the time we talked about the mission of the mission was all the written stuff. The talmud was they had volumes and volumes and volumes and volumes to explain the mission up.

And none of it was God's words.

When you try to take us more than just implicit to make it make what you're doing, right?

That's when you get to fly home. How about just take what he said say? Okay your God, and I'm not.

I mean, we're in the world today. That is so confused about everything. We don't even know what a man or woman is anymore.

We might but it's true. Just in three states this week. They decided that can decide they can be a male or they can be a female or they can just defer their gender. What the football game, you know, I flip a coin if I want the ball or I don't want the bar. I can defer to the next. Donald said very clearly. We wanted to find marriage if I want to marry that seat over there. I can go. Marry that seat. Wait a second. Said that a marriage is between one man. One woman.

We just killed 2018. We had the biggest the leading cause of death in the world was abortion. The committed genocide it's okay. A woman can decide on her own. Wait a second. God said before you were in your mother's womb. I knew you and I are dangers of prophets. God said he knew us before we were in our mother's womb and we decide when were when were a human being zip Gallery decided that we decided what a man or woman's going to be. Already decided that in Genesis. He said he created them male and female.

When you start playing with God's word and you start saying well, we don't really know we can just kind of cool just play metal Games medal gymnastics with this until we come up with something. We like how stupid are you you're just as stupid as the Pharisees.

Why because we're Sinners what comes out from us is sinful.

I just believe God and Obey what he said.

The I have a crap heart. Walmart, try to love God how I decide in Jesus is telling us that my way is not the right way. I must follow God's way because he's God and I'm not

so here's a question this morning. Are you judging the savior?

What do you mean are you deciding? What's right? And what's wrong? Are you challenging? God and saying God. I know your God, but you know what? I think this way. Well, then you're challenging God. You're deciding but you're smarter than God. There's a couple people have tried that it didn't work out too. Well for them, Joe tried it.

He started questioning God God. Why did you let this happen to me God? Why did you got something to eat. Where were you when I created the foundations of this world Joe? Where were you when I put the stars in the sky? Where were you when I when I separated the light from Darkness don't where were you don't you don't understand your thoughts are not my thoughts your ways are not my ways. You can't think the same way. I do. You're not God.

Job said yes, sir.

Sometimes we need to just say yes, sir.

Do we don't like something that God has said in scripture. So we try to judge or justify it. Don't do that. You say your defiled by what comes out of you because you're a sinner. We must allow the Savior to be the judge and we must accept his rebuke from his word. And then I just our lives the match up with what he said.

It's maybe you're here and you're like me you had some sacred cows in your life.

some traditions of man Marks of the traditions of men make the word of God of none effect of taking the complete Spirit of God's word out of it when you do that. And I've been guilty of that. Maybe you have to Who's maybe you're here? Maybe you've never trusted Christ your savior. Maybe you thought I said the prayer I'm good. Maybe today for the first time you realized that person out with save me.

Maybe you need to come to Christ.

Take time to evaluate what Jesus is said I would hate for you to die and stand before God and him say depart from me you worker of iniquity. I never knew you.

That's an invitation this morning. Are you judging the Saviour? Have you decided that, you know better than him and you better evaluate and make sure you check yourself.

I don't know. What you need is this morning? I'm going to ask you to stand for prayer. Wouldn't have an invitation. Honestly, I don't even know what to ask you, but maybe you're here and you've never trusted Christ as your savior, or maybe you're judging him. I don't know where you're at. I don't know what got speaking to you about this morning, but I want you to know God is so awesome that he forgives us when we stand in direct opposition from us. He forgives us.

If we confess our sin. Recognize a disc and he's faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I don't know what you need this morning, but why not come let's pray by the we come before you today, and I thank you God for your word. Thank you. God that you show me so many different things in my life Lord so many times where I've tried to justify my own actions. I tried to judge you Lord and decide that I decide for myself and so many times I've had to come in Repentance and recognize Lord that I am a sinner and your God and I need to just let you be God and just trust you because you are gay. But what I've learned is that not only are you God now only are you this judge in God, but you're a good father who loves me. What do you want? I screw up if you want to make big mistakes Lord. You're still there ready to forgive me ready to heal me ready to restore me back to righteousness. I'm so thankful. God that your God and I'm not and I pray Lord that I don't know where you're dealing with people at today Lord, but I pray God that whatever it is. Capital just let you be gone and I'll learn to trust you. Thank you Lord for what you're about to do. We ask in Jesus name.

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