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God Does Not Change
It might be a new year, and a different you, this year we will experience different joys and inevitibly we will also have to deal with different troubles.
But there is one thing that will not be different in 2019 or 2010, or ever.
there is on thing that will absolutly stay exacally the same and that is God.
The reason God does not change?
Its smply because he is perfect.
If you change perfect then its not perfect, God connot impove, because He is perfect.
And God cannot deminish, because He is perfect.
This whole concept ofGod not changing is one of the sources of great chirtain hope and joy and peace.
In fact this whole idea is refered to as God’s Faithfulness.
Because God does not change, God is Faithful.
God is Faithful.
So God is faithful, but God is not indebted to us, so what is the object of God’s faithfulness?
Read Again: God is faithful to: HIMSELF.
God is faithful to himself, his charicter, his nature and his Word.
This is wonderful an its why God’s faithfulness is not dependant on OUR faithfulness because God does not have to be faithful to us, but to himself.
How does this translate into our lives?
Wonderfully and simply: God is totally Faithful, devoten, commited and loyal to His Word.
And He has given His Word, which is faithful to, to us.
God will do what He says in His Word.
x 5
Lets look at some promises of God, that are 100% guaranteed because God said it.
Now what we have here are promises that start with an “IF”.
That means that they are conditional Promises.
There is a promise that is attached to a condition.
The promise is yay and amen in Christ Jesus.
The promise is fully guaranteed by God’s faithfulness, the condition is up to you.
The Promise of Forgiveness.
What is the promise?
“That God will forgive us and totally cleanse us from all unrighteousness”.
Freedom from sins consequences and freedom from all condemnation and guilt.
Total peace with God and Joy unspeakable.
What is the Condition: “If we Confess our sins”.
Lets look at this condition.
“Homo-la-gero” It means “To admit to a punishable sin, repent of that sin and seek mercy”.
So, If we come to a knowledge of our sin, take total responcibility for our sin, repent of that sin and cry out to God for Mercy, putting our faith in Jesus Christ as the one who paid the penality of our Sin - - - -Then God will unaquivically, unstobbible, totally forgive us and grant us peace, life and Joy.
Lets look at another Conditional Promise that is guaranteed by God’s Faithfulness.
What is the promise that is guaranteed by God’s faithfulness?
That He will hear our Prayers, That he will forgive our sins and that he will heal their land.
A 24 Hour, 7 days a week audience with the almighty God who has promised to hear and listen to every single one of our prayers.
Forgivness… like above.
Healing of the Land, This is te word Rafa - it means to heal in the sense of fixing that which is broken.
Think of everything that Satan has broken.
Broken homes, broken marriages and families, broken bodies, broken business...
God has promised to totally restore that which was broken.
But there is a condition:
1: Humble themselves.
You cannot claim humility because to claim it is an act of pride.
Humility is shown not by plain clothes or things like that, its shown by service and submission.
So we just have to look at how obedient you are to God’s service and what he asks of you:
Do you read, study and mediate on the word daily?
Do you faithfully attend church services?
Do you attend bible studies?
Do you tithe?
Do you fast often?
- If the answer is no, then “no, you are not humble.”
Humility os not thing less of yourself, its simply thinking of yourself less, and God more.
2: And Pray...
This does not refer to a single prayer, it speaks of the kind of prayer life Jesus spoke about when he said:
3: Seek My Face.
The word seek means to reach for something.
Here is a good question: Is your concept of God’s kingdom so small that it is easily within reach?
Or do you have to strive, stretch and content in order to attain it?
Im always weary of people who find the christian faith “easy”.
Its free, in the sense that Jesus paid the price by his blood (if you call that free).
But easy?
Is it easy to resist temptation?
It carrying a cross daily easy?
Its called the Vio-dela-rosa - The way of Sorrow and pain.
Jesus said:
4: Turn from your wicked ways.
Last week I spoke about the sins of commission and omission and ill speak on them again.
Wickedness is sinfulness - what is sin?
Sin is disobedience towards the commands of God.
So for example:
Command like: Do not lie, do not fornicate, do not, gossip, do not kill are all wicked.
But disobeying command like: Do Pray, Do fast, do attend church, do tithe, do serve.
They acts of disobedience are just as bad as the others.
they are all sinful.
There are the 4 condition.
And you have a guaranteed promise.
The Promise
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