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Regaining Our Focus

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The Way To Perfect Peace Part 1  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  52:17
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I still got to do what I got to get up and go to work like a boss always done. I still got to do everything that I've always done at least that I don't want to let all the way down and let my guard down because I still have an enemy that's always scouting me. He's always watching and looking trying to see before me to let my guard down this morning at 3. I was still up. In his word deal prank still doing everything I need to do and then still on my post.

Are some of you have your own testimony where you going through you got stuff, you know you praying to you mean the world to me and I hope you all are praying for me and let it back. I meant hope you all we needed we need to work. So we hope you're doing that.

Hey, man, and we all going to make it over to you for this moment in time. How you can thank you for your presence that's in this room while I thank you that you have a wonderful people you have a thank you. Because our faithful unto you you going to be faithful unto them. You said in your word so God, I thank you that you feel good closer and closer and closer. Obama thank you. Is are you ready to break bread today? Call me as your blessings upon the message with you to bless everything that I'm going to say ignore my lips to declare and decree father. We thank you that your word will not go out and come back on but it goes out and produces the results and what you sent it you got we think it at your people will be encouraged and strengthened. Your people will be at if I thanking you people will be instructed. God we thank you that most of all the devil will be horrified in the name of Jesus. So by we all are you I'm calling that my faith in Jesus name before you said I know if you take your seat. We just going to go real briefly and then and then we've got We got Refreshments for our graduates out of know you wouldn't know we got a lot going on. We got some that I hang out somewhere a little under the weather. We got something out of a working. We got something that I acting like you're working but that's okay. God knows all that matters is he don't is that alright? I had Ambitions that I came out from under you when I was at the way I got on he told me he's a regular everything you tell me your excuses in the reasons why you don't do what you do for God cuz I'm the reason I run the way I run now because I was a season where I didn't always do that, LOL and so I can tell you to do it because I did it and I know people do it because I did but you don't have to do what I did you can get to God faster. You can get more done you can get more done sooner than I did. I was 29. When I got serious about him, so I've been doing it a little while, but I'm glad I did it but I wished I had dated. Yes, I was twenty-nine. He drew me at 17, but I was 29 before I really took him seriously and then I spent a whole lot of years looking and replay wishing I had needed sooner, but they told me I got to get out of that. I got to move forward and you one thing he told me to do he says bakeries to take the rest of your life and make it the rest of your life is going to rain in Sullivan. So but I can't go back and clean up. You know cry over spilled milk, but I can pull me a brand-new glass, LOL and I can drink it and amen hallelujah. So as we prepare to finish the clothes out this last Sunday 2018. I'm looking forward to 2019 and embarking upon a new missing God embarking upon growth and God a bark in the phone grown even here in this house, We got we got it. We have something special we have first of all, I don't brag on me and hurt me and first lady back, but I do one thing I can tell you is that we live what we meant. What I preach is. This is my life. This is what I do. I don't do it just on Sunday morning. It's 24/7. And so you give me proud that you have a leaders that minister to you the word of God that live the word of God and then also alleges that have the power of God on their life leaders that have a servant leaders that have the prophetic lasers that have the authority and power in the name of Jesus to help free and unlock you how they look it up. I win our lives to bring healing and deliverance. It's all Dairy. Hello, and I and I know what the whole lot of houses of worship cannot say that but we have we have it in our lives to help unlock You from the jaws of the enemy and from the jaws of hell. So as you follow us as we follow Christ, we all going to make it in a man we going in I promise you we going in

and so let's get ready to be encouraged is getting ready to go into 2019. We're going to be putting some pieces together some things together concerning evangelism and some different things at some different discipleship classes is going to take sacrifice is going to take us going above and beyond is going to take us some time coming out of our comfortable. So I'm doing a little stretch and stretch it out and doing some things but when you do it and you do it for God God will always pay you paid. Well, he will pay you. Well. Do you hear me God pay? Well, he pay you there's things that you will receive from him that you can't get from Love from even money, and that's peace. Come on, is that alright a piece of mind there's people that have money that don't have a piece of mine. They worried about it. The car don't have your brain if I don't have no rest. Neverwhere by the job going to be off your just a little baby. Everything that I have is a resource of what God already created. He says I'm your Source. Everything else is a resource because everything that was made I had a hand in it. Anyway, I made it. He says I made the the seen and the Unseen.

Everything that was created. It don't matter what it is. You can look around and everything in here. It was made by God.

And so you can tell you if you follow him for me and you live for him with all your heart the way he instructs and then you're going to be Victorious and on your walk. You're going to receive everything you supposed to have in the right season. If you don't receive it, then sometimes you're not ready for it. So you got to wait until the right season to receive it because for some people if there is some of us and I talked to me and keep me and Kim me and her And I'm going to the word this give you an example cuz I don't have a problem being transparent. I have a problem with that. Me and her were blessed. But we had to be saved to be where we are today.

Do you hear me? There's a whole lot of people that fall in that category. Some people can't manage they life. Without they can't do God right without being safe or is he got you can't blessing first? Cuz if he blessing first, do you can't trust you they can you disappear on you? Don't find you you won't break up with you don't you don't spend no time with him and song for that reason. What we become we when he when she talked about it this morning. He left the 99 and came and found us we would have one so I can I gave my heart to crisis 1996 1996 2 weeks after I got saved by got filled baptized with the Holy Ghost. I have been running for God ever since it has been growing gradually growing every season going wrong Iraq consulate doesn't it has never been so swamped always wrong. And why hide in The crow just like we doing everything else we do in our job we had cell because we want promotion and in our education we want we go back to school. We start new career go back to school because we have an interlock in the natural and Atmospheric so


and it's nothing wrong with rope as long as you know, how bad is it as long as you know how to keep God first in it and not get lost a lot of times. What happened? Is he blessed people and then they forget him. I need you to remind me a told us he told the children of Israel before they went over into that land of milk and honey said the Old Testament was all about Acquisitions. It was all about acquiring. It was all about Gathering. It was all about getting up and getting into a land that God wanted them to have till it's gone. It was a lot of battles over people being put out a man that he didn't want to have their he put He put them when I get you to that place when I get you to the place of the land of milk and honey, when I get you to a place where you got sealed houses that you didn't build that you got some You got money you got everything you got food you got everything there is to have peace is when you get there. Don't forget me. Why do people have to make a statement.

Color Splash will forget him. He's the one I take you to the place of blessing cuz I know money will mess you up. If your heart well shouldn't have you over there when you should be that come off. Well, I haven't taken the day off when you ought to be working. So I got to have your heart where it needs to be so that you don't get an Obama skiing cuz he said anyway.

But I want you to help me money to help me get to come and establish in the earth. Is there such a thing as I'm trying to accomplish in people's life? There's things that people need me to do for them. And I don't want to have to run down there. Like I did in this in the wilderness with children of Israel because the wealth is already here. Where was already on there. So I need you to trust me enough to channel through you. But if I can trust you then I can't release it to you because it's going to mess your life up. So you got a lot of people that live life that way me and Kim where would have been one of those type of people? I don't have a problem saying that people say when because we all live in the Flash and when you live in a plant structure that doesn't like a flexible flashing all your cares about is me myself and nobody else leave me alone. You better be glad you're not going to tell you will get you stoned in all the way that it operates. So it doesn't even like flesh don't like preachers bless don't like nothing. Beyonce so you got to be in the spirit so you can understand why we even do all this stuff so Kim can even get through finish her completely.

And it was a it was a minor setback, but it was an opportunity for her and gave her a master's degree lyrics got to go.

Add potatoes everything what you got to say.

Same time with me. I had to in order to get through to where I I'm in the career. I've I've got 20 plus years of successful sales and marketing while I've been in the top 5% of major company. I broke records my last company. I work for Kellogg's I was there 9 years and I still have records of growth in my territory. I had the guy whose who's who was after me. Spell so badly that he lost his job.

Because he couldn't match my numbers. SE Minot was war reason I was able to obtain that top 5 number was because of the Holy Ghost.

And I gave it all to God because he's a better salesman tonight.

Are you better than all those I said so God, where do I go to today? Who do I talk to? Where do I go to the same things that I'm teaching your sister Proverbs 3 says trust in the Lord with all your heart 3 4 5 and 6 s don't lean to your own understanding but he says in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will give you directions a practicing so I get up and I will go out on my territory and I said who do I need to go talk to you about this program? And God said go to the Walmart on Wheatland Road. Can I go to Walmart on Wheatland Road? The managers right there using the managers of ducking and dodging and running? Who sings party set it up Supernatural all because I asked him and got him involved all because I acknowledge you you can you set up a scenario where the manager was sitting right up in the front door when I walked in and I said hello back to school program for you. It's a sure come on back for moms. What you got? Go right back and tell him I'm giving my program if you buy 200 cases you get 25% discount on the reason that I like that he's a Grammy couple of cases of it. I mean a couple of pounds.

And so God will do things like that for us if you can trust us. And so I had to resend them to be able to get all this done in my life and she had to be safe. So and then I threw him the way they do. He might meet you say so he can bless me, but it seem like some people do whatever they want to do.

Sorry, but I said that's what I've been saying. We already running.

I want to skate. You know I'm saying and I'm glad he let me get saying cuz now I can see if I can still worship here. I can still get my mind. I don't care who get mad about you on my mind everywhere everywhere I go I'm talkin. But as long as I'm breathing, I'm going to be telephone to buy.

They know it every time they run into a Niger, you know, sometimes people run from you until trouble come and when they come in trouble, they looking for it. We got from going to text on my phone now from somebody in trouble. But I will go, you can you know what I'm saying? I don't know when it's good. But I got my 2010 for somebody in trouble. my love Well, I'm okay, but I'm just saying, you know. Where do you get when you made that truck?

Let's go to this real quick. We've been talking about regaining our Focus. We're going to start at I'm not going to finish it cuz we was going to get out of here. But let's go. Go ahead and Luke, 10:38 through 42.

Luke 10 3842 talking about reforms regaining our Focus Will Show You In this passage types of focus I want to show you this in 10 3842 and there's any particular pathogen represents. You'll see three character. You'll see three characters, but you going to see you going to see a type of person.

But it says it's a long story that is dealing with. The main things that we need to be focused on. As weak as we know I like for Price Loop 38 says that Jesus and the disciples continued on their way to Jerusalem. They came to a certain village Village worm a woman named Martha, welcome him into her home. So Jesus have been doing the teaching of Jesus was always moving. It is always moving a teaching and doing Miracles and so he ran into it. He will stop by Bethany any of the place and you'll see these characters cuz they shown up there also the same characters that was in John. John 1 through 11 for Jesus

We're friends Martha and Mary were friends and they were all friends. And so Jesus in their area, he would he would stop by he will stop by their house will stop by their home together, and he will be greeted by Martha Mary and Lazarus.

Eufaula he when he was greeted by them and that would make it just much like if y'all can remember the days you don't see it happen as much as it used to be but that was a time where I'm a preacher was running Revival of a Preacher was in the city that you knew that was popping. Then you would invite him or you remember back in the day people used to cook for the purchase and The Fray about the preachers over to the house and they will have break bread together. This is much like what Jesus would do what he would go over to America and sold they were they were preparing things going. I remember back when I was growing up. There was a guy that my grandmother them even used to do that. My grandmother's and will cook on Sundays and the preachers Family Restaurant. it will go to the house of a one of the and so that's what this is. You did it took me out what we did it we did exactly I forgot about that. We did it for our leader and he will come at least it got more and more recently. We will almost doing it every Sunday. One of the reasons why God has shown so much favor in our lives is because of how we served our leaders before and I don't want to put that out there but we did we put money in a hanging indent on Sunday and we don't even know about how we will come through for them. Just at the nick of time sometime. They don't even have the money to eat, but we would have fell he fell out and feed them. So Mary and Martha Jesus stop by and Jesus and the disciples continued on her way to go to the dentist. Our Sister Mary sat at the Lord's feet listening to what he talk go ahead 42 with repair Cricket phone see my man. See what I had chicken to see if you saying you going to eat gospel bird. Anybody nobody better. If you going to eat chicken, but always says, you know, this is something I say and if you don't like chicken

Everclear 190

I love you too chicken on phone, but I like it. I like it fried as favorites right really but chicken my favorite. So Martha was distracted by a big deal. She was preparing she came to Jesus.

Tell her to come and help me anybody anybody else have a phone.

I bought on Wednesday, but the Lord said to hear my dear Martha you are worried and upset of all these. Go to 42 and it will not be taken away.

So you got Jesus missing teen?

Marvin Mary he stopped by the house. I'm and in Jesus probably knew what he was doing. Then when he went by there, you know, she was going to be cooking then. Don't you think this was the first time he has been bothering, you know, I'm saying when he would be in bed by now, but I remember even when we moved.

Anybody anybody still do that? I bet your kids still do that. Don't they know you going to be good and then stop by? You don't cook like you used to.

Well, sometimes she could sometimes you don't but can stop by here. But you got Jesus had to know that she was going to be cooking up some I think that's why he went by then the first one. I just want to throw bedding. But here's the thing. Martha was so busy. Trying to make everything right trying to make everything. I want everything to be making sure the meal was prepared. Things were was on Mary you let me do all this trying to get this meal prepared. I need a hand in the kitchen and you Diner spending time over there with Jesus. Belmont Reminder back to sleep more than would have been task-oriented. So she was focus on just getting things done getting prepared get in the middle on the place where it is good server to this great cuz Jesus said it bartender 45. He said the greatest among men on Surface. I didn't come to be served, but I came to be a servant and you're my life as a ransom to all mankind. So servitude is great. It has to be in the proper context on his proper place. And so you see nothing was really wrong with Martha serving in wanted Mary to be a part of a servitude. I'm sure Mary probably didn't help her until Jesus got there. But when Jesus arrived at the home, then there is a j-turn from the cooking and turn from the preparing in the cleaning to dealing with Jesus. I hope they had it cleaned cuz I remember we were

When we were coming up, we will get hightail so up because we only had one bathroom anybody nobody one bathroom. Now, we can't go without you. I don't know how we made it with one bathroom. Anybody anybody?

Most people are in one bag of the right. So mama always said this is something I'll always hold us. If that's kids movie going up the we have to get up on Saturday and she listen to The Gospel while we clean the house. But here's the thing she did when she told us she said the two areas of your house that you always want to be able to come women are in the front room and your back. Why you think mama said that?

You can smell the bathroom throughout the house. And then also secondly usually a person before they leave some come in the door want to go to the bathroom. So so mama said those two areas should always be presentable because you don't want people talking about me. You don't want to be embarrassed you you to accompany and so the house wasn't it? You have a lot of hard. So I'm sure Barbara was concerned about stuff like that. You don't you just don't show it up. I don't let him in because it got friends, but we got to make sure everything's in order, but he's focusing on in Mary's focusing on a spiritual thing.

Oh Jesus, you got the markers Martha was Georgia and then our best intention to serve God. She didn't have the focus on Jesus. She was frustrated with Mary because Mary had stopped helping her and Mary was focusing on the main thing Martha was focusing on getting things done with cheese. And so it cost a certain amount of frustration. So when we lose focus one of the thing happens to us when we lose focus and we get distracted.

Distraction is one of the main things that will happen when you lose focus. So what is distraction distraction or somebody distracted it is you are unable to concentrate. You want to able to concentrate because your mind is preoccupied on. One thing on his mind was preoccupied on servitude in order in and preparedness and marriage. Focus was on man of God is here the man that God showed up carrying the word of God the man of God. We got Jesus the Healer. We have him in our home. How many known as a blessing to have a man or woman of God in your life to have access to a man and woman of God that you can get their attention and a moment's notice. That's a special. So when you got access to a man or woman of God that you can get at the drag strip disposal if you will that is a special position to be in so you want to take advantage of that opportunity many people don't and my wife and I are accessible. We don't we don't we don't go home and vacation and in and turn off our phones and I know come on over cuz you can't even get that way. We communicate back with you. Hello, that won't even let you pay you even know where they live much less opening up their own and first lady that will not even give you a phone number come on Jesus and the litterer that was coming through Bethany that enter into their home from time to time when he was in the village. And so would it not be important enough to find out if Jesus. What is God saying for me? What's on the mind of God concerning me?

Are being prepared?

Hey, man, thank you woman of God. So you guys. Martha frustrated you got married Saturday at the feet of Jesus. go back to 40

thank you Jesus. She was getting ready. What is this song?

complain a man

Capital senior living room

Get that stuff together. NBA game history amen, Jesus pictures

Come on.


Why does my ride I'm here doing all this stuff trying to make things nice for you, and she's lying and gagging around. Tell her to come help me. So what did you just say?

What the letter said to her anymore music as you go to 1 translation, I believe in the King James and it said Mary Martin doing is he was puking her it was a top of your word and upset about all these details and we know in the word of God what he said was because it's the opposite. Go ahead 242.

The nuts and bolts of things and then you got your sister here. She knows that the King of Kings has arrived. She know that the Prince of Peace has arrived in your missed call told you said there was only one thing worse being concerned about Mary has discovered it. So Mary has the spiritual insight to know that I won The Great I Am I am the Jesus Jesus with healing in my wings has shown up servitude and you're cooking it all of the Flames of the natural alarm Harris those things are going to go away but but Mary has chosen the important things she wants to hear from the man of God.

What will not be taken from her. It's the spiritual things as a spiritual important things in that's what we have a lot that go on a lot that we have challenges in our lives when they today that will keep us off of focus. Sometimes we focus on One thing over here when we need to be trying to find out isn't even the will of God that we're doing the thing that we're doing in the first. Come on, you got some time. We miss opportunities with God because we're all focused in a whole little corner In my own little clit doing our own little things when God says no I want you here. I need you a sign over there. I need you to be talking to the the man and woman of God. I need you to be inquiring with your leader because I put a word in a mile.

What is dominant damn wisdom to release to you and The Rock season? So I don't need you over here focused on the wrong thing because it don't have you missing the thing that will not be taken away from you will be taken away from you is the spirit of God the word of God come on Stone prepare dinner and making everything right in the natural. Jesus was always dealing in the spirit. He was always dealing in the Supernatural. He was always worried about him. He was always worried about releasing the right word to you so that you can receive the maximum from God. So go to

Go back to 41.

You're worried and upset over all these potatoes.

One thing I want to stand it. I want to point out real quick. I'm almost done is Mary. Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and signing at the feet of Jesus was a type of posture that you would see the Jewish Nation on the Jews would do when it came to sitting at their feet of their teachers people who have wisdom people who have more knowledge about things. So so what Mary did was actually the correct posture she replying or she or she sat at the feet of Jesus and whenever she assumed that posture their posture let him know that she was available. Come on cuz everybody available to receive from God So Mary instead of being worried about the chicken or worried about the fish or whatever they were cooking cuz you cuz I'm sure you like fish cuz you always breaking breaking bread and straighten fish fish fish alone. So he may I said hello.

But she worried about fixing the food and milk and Mary was wanting to know she's ready to receive the word. And so you guys Mary sat at his feet which told Jesus and she assume the posture of a disciple and so the cycling was very important back in those days because a disciple is a discipline following its somebody who has Discipline a. They don't live a regular life and live a life woman. Oh God. What are you saying? What are you saying in this season? What do you have for me? Where do I need to be? Who do I need to be connected with who what voices do I need to be listening to you? So on and so forth. So discipleship is very important. So when Mary assumed that position was when Jesus arrived then she was Hubble. She humbled herself humility is the best form of receiving from Christ. He said he give grace to the humble, but he resisted so humility when she sat at his feet she assumed that I'm interested. I want to be discipled come on. I'm humbled. I'm ready to receive from you. Come on. I'm ready to go to another place in the things of God. I want to know what God is saying because Jesus you could have went anywhere, but you happen to come to me and Martha's house. TOEFL you coming to me and Martha's house? We know that that was intentional so we can we know that JoJo steps over here fussing acting the fool about the things that are not really as important as receiving from you. So she was doing the posture of set.

go to

acts 22 and 3

So you got three times, but believe me you got Martha, which was the focused on.

A whole bunch of stuff with you is not completely wrong when I'm completely wrong. It was just that our Focus was distracted in one area. And then you had married who said that the Jesus's feet and was ready to beat the cycle. And ready to be taught. Paul Paul also in the 22 and 3

you'll see where Paul is running and his and his riding the the importance of setting importance of being taught at the feet are so see you then. Paul said I am with you. born in Tarsus and City and Cecilia

And I was brought up and educated here in Jerusalem under your mailing out. Answers to it. I was carefully trained in our Jewish laws and customs. I became very zealous to our God and everything. I did just like all of you became what he was and he sit under the feet. David Mitchell you said under the feet? Otis man of God and was taught the importance and you know what Paul did Paul say all churches were under the Palms to itch so much like Jesus understood because of a Jewish descent. That's that's what they did. They humble themselves and they wanted to be talked. It so we have a struggle with society today is a whole because it's smart and some of us off. And I'm I consider myself educated. I have a college degree have a business degree. I consider myself educated. Come on. I've got I've got Theological training I consider myself an educated but he wasn't my education is still not doesn't put me into a ranked where I'm hauling in arm, And why want to stop my learning process? So I admire people who are educated in learning and they're still able to Humble themselves down and be taught. Those are the people that God can work with so you got some people they go and get the associate's degree and everything baby. You can't tell him nothing. Also you guys and you got people with doctors phds and Masters and they are some of Muhammad themselves down Stilwell. Okay. I enjoy learning how I enjoy being don't want to put myself in a place of learning cuz I want to see what God has for me next y'all have the people that God's going to prosper because he says I give grace to you if you can handle yourself, and so when Mary went down to Jesus speak Jeep seat of China to maintain apostrophe humility saying that I don't know it all. I still got some learning to do so I want to receive it. So I wanted to show us this that even called it is great. And his many books are in the New Testament. He still he goes back and credit his education. He credits the fact that he was able to sit. In Jerusalem to be educated on trying of the Jewish laws and customs.

A man and then you got people that don't do either. They're either too busy with life or too busy with Pursuits or they just too busy. And then I cared about the things of God, but you got married.

showed us in scripture the important posture humbling yourself down and being talked When Jesus enters into the room when he's entering into room everything comes to attention. That's what marriage showing us. When Jesus enters into the room baby, whatever your plans you had you scrap them and you rearrange and adjust to see what he wants us to do see where he's wanting to take us come on, come on and it shows us our Focus. I'm focus should be on the internal think I'll focus should be on the things of Jesus Christ. What is he saying? What is he saying? The December 30th? 2018. And then what is he going to say as I embark upon January 1st, 2019. What where am I going in the things of God God, where am I? Where do I fit in your overall scheme when it comes to the kingdom. What do you want me to do? Who do I need God? What can I be doing? How can I add value to the kingdom How can I Those things you will receive when you sit at the right posture of the year later. Hey, man. so I want to wrap it up because we we don't want to prolong the time. So we don't want to miss the blessing of God looking for the wrong thing. men Jesus was the blessing. got a ride in bed today at Martha & Mary's High and Martha may have thought she had gotten so common with Jesus and sometimes that happens to Commonality will cause you to cause you to be dizzy to dishonor. come on, now much it will cause you to be in Dishonored she has so, when Jesus told the cussing to him swinging by and they have in their things together for him that she didn't stop and think that

Right now, I don't want you. No, I don't need to go there.

I know when Jesus showing up on my house.

You know, I don't even know what I would do. Is there a stand-up sit-down I've been laying process. Come on Fast ferry ride on my face. He still went up in the air vent. And you know, he is the Lord God Jesus is the Living Word to we preaching the word. I'm preaching the word of God. But Jesus was the word of God. So David had the word of God there was entering in their household on how a regular basis that he would show up below. The actual word of God. So that's the reason why Jesus said which is the Man-Thing the most important because this is not going to be taken away from her so pass away, but the word of God with all the way.

So I am the Living Word of God and I showed up and you worried about serving. I don't want you to sit at my feet and receive for me. Come on. I want you to set my feet and be humble and learn of me. I want you to sit at my feet and beat the cycle by me. I want you to sit at my feet and let me teach you the importance of Hallelujah how to serve me a how to serve the kingdom of God prepare yourself for each other.

Restart distracted and I'll come over here. Don't let nothing get you. I'll Focus where you take your eyes off of the main thing. You always want to keep the main thing the main thing I don't care how much money you got how much money do you make for you? I don't care what kind of sign don't let nothing take you off your focus away from Jesus Christ. Don't let nothing make you distracted to where you lose focus on what you need to be doing. Don't be over here in this city when you supposed to be over here come on football and man suppose we will still be missing all the blessings that he had for me and Terrell Terrell. I've been here a little bitty tear down for just a little over a year and then he's blessed my socks off his blessed beyond measure. I can't even measure it but you don't have to be

I don't look back on and now my car in the world cuz I used to say.

But what I can do I can do it in the world to and get paid for it. I've been doing all I've been doing and I don't even go to school for saying I went to school for human resources degrees in human resource management.

It wouldn't let me be shut down before I couldn't do it. I ran into the woman from Italy by month ago whose job. I thought I was going to be taken when I was at the hospital working Personnel never let me work at 4 today. She was a benefits coordinator. That's what I want to do. I want to be in benefits coordinators personnel. And so I went to school so I can get my stuff together to do that. He will let me go and then he sent me down the role of marketing the singer 20 plus your career in marketing.

erratically upside down y'all saying we don't. Future Neva radically upside down inside out then change your whole Paradise.

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