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New Years 2019

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this morning Good morning.

This morning. I I believe that this message is probably the most important message that I spoke on for the entire year. I would say that are we going to be the most important lesson for 2019? We don't take it out a message to go to a continuance go down deep inside of us because I believe that God has been speaking to me last week for myself, but for the church for us at the body, I think that what he's revealed in this is something that is so critical and so important to the we can take it be just like what the word This is my dear. This is my year. So I'm just asking for you just to really be praying as I'm speaking and praying to the father. What is it that you're telling me? What is it? You're wanted me here. What is it in my spirit that I need to know from the word because I believe you've given these words. So when we go into 2019, it will be and look different than it was for 2018 in time to soar with the Eagles. We must not live High by the Stream.

It's time to soar with eagles and we cannot be tied by string to the Past Bible Philippians 3 1214. There was a dollar in India in an old farmer took a box of quail Covey of quail to the farm and then he taught them at the farm. They would be able to in a circle over and over again at the bazaar took and tied a string to each one of the birds and then string to a ring. overflow trap and the birds began to walk in the circle be tied to the string and they did it day after day a week after we until finally a devout religious man came to the bazaar was meant to be free. Until he walked up to the man and he said listen, I want to pay for all of your birds. Okay, it's already paid the price for the bird house the farmer. Okay. Now I want you to cut all the string.

I want the birds to be free. Until he comes the screen got the birds and it was interesting because what happens is the birds have the strings cut. Monotonous existence anymore the pattern that they set for themselves. What do they do around and around this is ridiculous.

But then a little while later they landed all together again and start walking in a circle over and over and over again because they had they had had this is what we do they land.

In 2018. You probably went into her. It's going to be something new. I'm going to send a note to set a resolution or deeper in the world or more time in prayer, or I'm going to build a new relationship or I'm going to try to start a group or I want to do something different.

Anyway, and you realize that you know, what giving me the permission to breed these kind of scream out for me so I can be free. So I'm going to be sore I'm not going to think about the things that I used to think about you worried.

And then sore for just a short. Of time. What happened? Atlanta back on the ground And you start Circle? And you're tied up in the limitations that you had before and they're tied up in the hurts that you have you pour me tied up and maybe you were said about you were the worst situation that you had things didn't change her. What are you doing adequate? Or accomplices were mad at you start over with the music.

Are you are on the ground in the strings cut? What's change?

Good news is good news.

We can soar we can fly we can rise above and be free and do what we were meant to do. It doesn't have to be like that 2nd Corinthians 3:17. It says where the spirit of the Lord is us. it says in the spirit of the Lord is there is what freedom freedom supposed to be freedom from the when someone has hurt you or someone has said you are inadequate or you pick up some bag. You have the Satan take you to come in with this accusation and they're all.

freedom for the body having Freedom From The Wrath of condemnation Oh, you're not good enough. You're never going to be smart enough you you've mailed there. So you're going to feel again. We're supposed to be spraying for that. We're supposed to be story. Freedom from being blocked from the presence of God. We know that Jesus gave us the ability to go into the presence of God from now.

I need to be like somebody else. I wish I was doing that. I wish I was there. I wish I could have by Maite. that Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom freedom to be in a relationship

there was doing exactly this dealing with this is the body of lie. They had the strength cut loose.

They are the strings by Luis, but they were walking in circle comes back into the church and see if that they're watching in the circles of the past the circle book wave past custom believed that he comes in and I will tell me what celebrity says it like it is.

Go Ashe.

You foolish.

He's looking at that they are now trying to do something out of your own self effort. They've been set free, but trying to deal with a herd or deal with the limitations.

What are some weaknesses as I was studying as hell and it hit me like a rock? Satan wants to come and destroy your gifts. Wow. Because if he destroys the gifts that he destroyed the very thing in your life that is designed to bring glory to the father.

Take me to think of at you and you begin to think that it's just good enough or I just want to walk in the same circles just to get to the end of the day. YouTube so I can see my easy chair sign in your wife in for him to get the glory Galatians who has been with you who is told you at work or in your family or in your mind that you're not good? Then you're not able. Benefit cousin that hurt someone's pulled over you that it's always going to be there.

Ohio Jesus Christ, they're going back and they're willing entitled self.

You saying it because this is the only thing I want to find out. How did you receive or buy earrings with big? Are you so cool. How are you?

But you're now trying to be protective of her being perfected by the flesh.

You you you're free, but now you're going back and trying to do it yourself. I'm trying to do something out of what you can do to try to try to make it happen on your own.

Did you suffer in a mini things in banning at the DeVos Bank? Is he who provide him with the spirit of work miracles of bunnies do it by The Works of the law or by hearing rebate you have permission to be free. So be free be free. Jesus said I come to set the captives free. He Channing said you and me free given permission to be free. What's your put your hand in the plow? And then it should be pretty sobering for any of us. He said when you put your hands to the plow and You Begin the word if you look back listen to when Jesus said you're not the kingdom of God.

pretty silver

Our freedom was bought with a high price to set us free so that we can go out into the world and live as I watch different National Geographic things on on birds and mama birds and caring for their young. In fact, there was a high up in the Rocks, right? So the Brewers because all the food was so ticked her.

All the way to the ground and would happen basically survive to be able to be down on the ground now to get some food. Other mama bird will will take him and stand on the edge of the nest with the food in there.

Out of there willing just to want to stay where they're at. They need to stretch. They need to grow a mama bird will start stepping back further and further until the baby birds either or you're not going to get any food or they're going to go to the Greyhound have to learn the hard way. So they they understand that.

Where is Dad at their youngest and the nest are going to die? They're not going to do what they were created to do. 2019 could be a new year, but I can only do we say we're going to take and cut the strings. We're not going to take and go back the old pattern the old way if you want to soar one.

So wake me up at 3. We're going to learn what Paul is going to teach us and Paul is such a shining example of this refusing to the strength of the past. He showed us any verses of how to take to have correct view of 2019. He's going to show us how he's going to show us how to before you go in for he had tremendous tremendous. I'm just going to stay right here. I'm not going to report a lot of regrets. He had a lot of difficulties, but he moved forward 12. Philippians 3:12 not for you all this or have I already arrived at my goal. Not that I have attained all this goal what he was trying to obtain three main thing. The first one is that he wanted to know Christ. He wanted to know price you want to know Christ deeply you want to know Christ intimately if you wanted to understand how he goal was Christ. Until he says I haven't obtained now if you wanted to have the mind of Christ. So when he was dealing with a situation when he was dealing with people when he was dealing with the disciples and he was out in the community. What is he thinking like, how does he have the victory the victory? I haven't obtained this. I know I haven't obtained that Sam I am.

I'm not there yet. What does he say in the next part of the Spurs is this? I press on but I press on the whole about would cry for me. Someone called being honest because guess what I'm going to press. I'm going to press on I'm going to keep going forward. I can keep moving forward. I want to know now.

The goal is to understand that he was not going to be perfect until you reach the presence of God. I just wanted to go deeper into that relationship into the relationship as we know on the word. What would you find all the completeness and he was Desiring looking for Christ. And so he says I'm going to press con. I'm going to press on any of those things every day. He woke up. I believe the fall woke up. He knew the string is cut. He was a member back to who he was or he wasn't going to allow the enemy to come in with condemnation and those things he was going to pick up the baggage of yesterday so you can present gone. So how did he how to do there if he was able to the store and how did he do it? And this is why I say that is so important. We don't take this just really days last week, So how did he do it? the first one is

English spoken Speedy taco

first 13 brothers and sisters. I do not consider myself yet. But the one I do the one thing I do he was singular Focus other distractions of what was going on and we think we have problems here today Paul a problem. You don't let those distractions distract him from what is gold what his purpose was.

If you watch the Olympics and you work at the runners, it's really fascinating to see them prepared for this race. Right and there's a lot of years in the state of the people selling concession. The people in the Midfield are getting ready for their you have the runners right next to getting your block settings set up. What is Olympic runner. What are they looking at?

Focus mentally there looking down the track and I'm sitting there block.

They're not. We're not distracted, right?

And I know that the only thing that matters that day right there at that time is the finish line. All the preparation all their effort is going to be the finish line.

Don't want to distract them. Let's hope all our focus on the Finish Line complete undivided attention.

focus on the things of the world boil inner our Colonel progress

It will. But the more people in this is one of the reasons that you and your family situation in the day-to-day activities of Christ is the only thing that will give us a true north. He's the only thing that will take him pull up towards the finish line. Is the only thing. nothing else will Troon or so when you pull cash on him so you can start to see the finish line and then you can continue your lunch as soon as you have that swirl. I've lost to normal.

and I

2019 we have singular Focus Christ one thing I do. The one thing I do. Next thing is the third key is this.

Being forgetful. This is a big one. This is a big one forgetting. What is behind? Restraining board. What is it at? Forgetting what is behind and straining Sports whether to have there was an older couple. And stop at a restaurant and they had dinner they got in the car. They got back onto the freeway. And as soon as they got onto the freeway, the lady says my glasses back on the table and the older man says great because it was about five miles before the next turn around. So he's complaining about how they're going to now have, you know extended trip and was going to be later in the restaurant opens up the door to get out and you'll not go into gear when you're in there. Can you get my hat?

It's not that kind of forgetfulness, though. I was saying you need to forget what was he getting at here? Think about this.

In Acts 7 we know before he came to know Christ. He is actually Steven from Steven Steven was speaking about Jesus and smooth Stone him to death right there that actually allow Stevens closed belated.

It's pretty serious regrets, right? Call was also the wiener that went into homemade chicken doors to drag Christian. If anybody can say, you know what it was called to the end of you saying.

To go out with mr. Krabs. Look what you did Paul. Can you eat you'll never be able to get it? Who do you think you are you could have had strength, but he said these string of remembering me. I wasn't good enough to my children or I wasn't fine enough to that person or I sent her the door. I got hurt before or whatever it is. He stringing if I don't have these I can stream for the future. I can't store. I have to forget him. I have to forget us and this is where the enemy comes in really. Really you can get up now thing is as far as the East is from the West right now.

They're gone. But if we hold on to them, they will take and causes the land and we will Circle we will not accomplish with father has.

Yeah, I can get them. we have to get

enroll in Peter progress They will rob us of our joy and you will still hurt me. There's two quotable actually three that I love the first one is this what the hell away. I'll send you must forget. Another one the good thing about the past is if you do not turn it with you. It is gone.

And other one, I really like I actually put this on my computer screen saver. It says when your past comes knocking don't answer it has nothing to offer.

In your mind you want to rationalize. Well, I need to think about that cuz I didn't know. Let go but yet. Sakhi number one number two, and number three is being faithful being faithful. I press on towards the goal when the price of wood tribe called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. This word is actually call Yoko Yoko ancient used as a term for when a Hound chases a fox. Is that a Relentless Pursuit? You've all the problems like a fox and a Hound is just fixed on the box. I mean there is no bounds goal its bowl game on and nothing will distract. No distraction with liver impact the Hound.

And we'll go out to the fox and this is what I hear I pressed on. I mean, I am focused on the goal by I'm going to relentlessly pursue. I press on by recognizing to change to fit a bounty in 2018.

Suggest you look at those chance to look at that cause brittle and back on the ground where they changed frustration with a change of complaining the chains of what was prayed about this morning of depression where they change of any condemnation of tiredness. What were some chains that caused you to taken and I need to be free. I want to let those go I'm going to press is not going to tie me up anymore by the time you

I'm going to refuse to be tied up by of others. I'm going to refuse.

Whatever it is or what the entity wants to come in and try to that's not going to happen.

What is the if he would have just Jesus? You would remain blind.

It's a man was on the moon.

Halo saying you needed to take and Channing I am going to press on Brice. I'm going to take completely on him. Robert forget the past and I'm going to be faithful and I'm repressed off.

That's what Paul is saying no turning back. No regrets faithful to the very end.


Mexico City the Olympics an Olympic Stadium filled up with people there there to watch the marathon. And so they're excited at all the runners come in and and they see who are the first second third and all the runners get to the podium and they get their medal placed upon them. And so they all leave in the closing ceremonies happen and they're all there and witness is beautiful amazing and incredible closing ceremony. Give me the closing ceremonies is getting night time now and The Spectators pick up their stuff and many of them leave but after about a gentleman. Please stay in your seats. What's going on? And if they look out in the distance what they see is some light and siren. Is there wondering what is happening in and they see the person that is out there?

And it's John acuario from Tanzania a runner during the course the event had fallen and hit his head and then he damages that was bad enough. You got ran over by a bus.

But it's night time. He's now entering the stadium and he's hobbling. He broke an attorney. Spectators see this man, if he's not heavy enough and pretty soon they all scan and there's a thunderous Applause and start to take place encouraging him on Lauren for him to finish the red. Tennessee cross the finish line and he makes it towards the barrier that they trained for his purpose for being there. collapsing on the ground

and he's taken off. To the hospital where you treated. Injuries in severe dehydration.

Nissan priority order this question why why are sustaining the kinds of miniature injuries you did ever and proceed to the Finish? When there is no way you can possibly win the race.

What is John at? Parece my country did not send me over 11,000 km to start erase one.

2019 we can make Revolutions of goals. We can be limited because of our past and we can just land back down. or we can take a note of we've been given permission to be priests or just sore above our past regret our past failures turn those things that have happened in our families and our jobs and all those things to say when I come here to just start Harry's we're here.

We're here. You can be who we are created to be. crisis called us to finish the race.

So this is one thing I do.

I would challenge you to stay this to yourself during the week during the next month or in the next year this one thing I do. I'm going to forget what you hot. I'm in a strange portal. When the problems? One thing I do. I'm going to forget it. I'm going to let it go. I'm not going to take and land back down on the ground.

Thomas Train ahead or with Christ and calling it to

call Ryan Stacey for

your faithfulness

your faithfulness that you are always there holding her hand.

Your faithfulness that you're always there encouraging just like the spectators in that Stadium to win.

The problem is the red.

Shower rooms race that you give it to somebody else. Some others, I feel that we would have changed Victory if it's a race.

And that you're encouraging that you're calling out for us here. If you're asking us just to keep our eyes fixed upon you and that you will lead us and then we truly can get those things that have happened in our past because you have set us free. You forgot now. And you want us to be free? To love the way that you are to think the way to do things giveaway that you give to like you. Father I pray that you would Find Us Faithful you would Find Us Faithful the we're going to press on. Press On

Press On

just like This Runner that we saw even though it may be even when we come across the Finish Line what it up a little bit. We are still hurts and pains and scars across the finish line.

We know it's because of you.

Father I pray for myself you would just take it and give me that strength. distribuir Paul do these things

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