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Dec 30 am Why Not

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And she's a son of a daughter of a son of a son of a Son of a Preacher. and so she's going to share the word with God has placed on her heart. And so I just believe that if we listen to the younger generation, let them speak into her heart and God's going to speak directly to you. But you have to be willing to apply it it says do not look on on them because they're young. The pay attention. That's my my message version. So all right.

My mom always ask me every time I do come back from speaking. How long did it go Abby. So I kind of like a tie myself also because I don't want to be too short, but I also don't want to be too long you feel me? Okay, so I'm going to start what says that's that's the name of my sermon why not? I've had this place in my heart for the last four maybe five months and I love the idea that and I love why not. It's definitely a simple way of thinking about things. So you're going to start with talking about Panama cuz that was where was after the last 4 months and as my family knows I talked about it a lot probably because that's all I've been doing for the last 4 months. Panama is always on the mind.

Check out the video if it works isn't working.

Obviously jainab.

Okay, let's try. Come on. We downloaded I swear. I mean you think it would work but it still doesn't want to do it. I don't know.

Good deal. Thanks Dad out of the many traits that I didn't want for my dad. I have gathered this one as well. things to jeans

Well, they figure that out. I'm just going to start talking about El Refuge. So basically, I've kind of talk to you guys about it for what we do and you guys got a short video from me on missionary Sunday, which I thought was pretty cool. I mean it wasn't the fanciest thing Craig was like a beat, you know, I could have video that for you and I was like probably would have been nicer but I did on the Fly cuz I would like Wednesday. Hey, you would like to send a video from Mission Sunday and I was like sure when do you need any is like Sunday or like Friday? It was like sure. Okay. Yeah, so we're open Monday Wednesday and Friday when I open every day cuz we kind of need a day in between

I'll just let it play go ahead Doug even let it play and restart it.

Well, if Craig's watching thanks Craig soak a bomb trial. He does all the videos You'll see for El Refuge page. We have an Instagram. So if you ever get the chance and you're on Instagram check it out is pretty cool. It's all in Spanish but Instagram translates you need it. So yeah it is so amazing to work there and I got out like I wanted to give you guys a little picture of where I'm at and what it looks like and as I was saying before we're open Monday Wednesday and Friday from 12 to 5, so they come in at 12. Usually sometimes little bit earlier cuz school does get off like 11:30 sometimes earlier Panama's very weird other schedules. They're not as set so you guys been for our school we go from 7 to 3, the ends always 7 to 3, unless we Have some reason freak storm or something like that always will 823. Sorry. It's been awhile. So you have that happening but in Panama it is very different. They go from around 7 to around 11:30. Sometimes they'll close school for interesting reasons that we don't really understand but we're Americans. So what do you know and they also right now or on summer break, which is interesting to me. So their schedule is totally different from ours while we're on winter break their on summer break. So they go from usually end of November start of December to middle of March is when they get back to school and that's their whole summer break time. And then they I'm sure they have other breaks, but that's what I know about. So it was very it's very interesting working. They're fighting about all these different things that I didn't even know that was different from America. You think we live in America. Everything is the same everywhere else, right? No, it's not. It's crazy. You weren't so many different few things. So. When do we open we usually have lunch time. The kids will bring their lunch and we'll have time just to talk eat some food. Usually go grab something from downstairs sometimes and we occasionally will be selling ramen noodle. They do love ramen noodle. I Love Sushi Panama, which is strange because it is very hot there. It's very cold here right now, and I'm very cold and I kinda want to go back cuz it's warm there right now. So we have lunch and then we have time for them to do their homework, which is really great because these kids they have the same classes like we do in America and they have homework and so they get homework time in the same area with internet and we provide computers that they can work on actually, we recently given a donation to get Max cuz we've been wanting to get Max and that you saw where the game was happening to get back. So the kids can come in and work on a computer which is such a blessing coz many of them don't have computers there. Not as blessed as the kids in our school who have laptops everyone at Which is nice so them to have this Mac and we we have one back in there. And then I have my computer. Sometimes they do use that or they use some of our other workers computers to do homework and we have Wi-Fi. Like I said, which is really nice for working on homework. So we're going to homework and then we have game time which as you all know that I've gotten so much better at playing games cuz I love rummy now who played who played who played Jenga and it's just a good time we get to spend time with the kids and get to know them hear about what's happening in our lives just be a lie in their lives and just really listen to them because you know, sometimes kids don't get Listen to As much is there just to be there to listen to them even though I myself have a hard time understanding them sometimes and then like Yeah, that's awesome. Great. Just nodding and smiling and sometimes they're like we know that you don't understand that me and I'm like That's true so that we have I'm usually a side game that will do how different activities as you saw in the video we have and as that picture up there as you can see we have we bake some time so we can help the kids learn different skills and baking is fun cuz then we can eat food who doesn't love that and then we have devotional time. So that's right there and then his wife not to yell so does devotionals and then we have a couple other workers who have done DeVos and I've gotten my opportunity to do DeVos as well. So we do it when it's just seven to 10 minutes really quick time with the Lord. So not only having a good time doing homework and giving them a safe place to live and not live but spend time. We also give them a little bit of Lord. So the different things and churches now is that they're very kind of legalistic and it is a very Catholic Nation as I have told you before and my pastor Which was a long time ago, so you probably don't remember but it's a very much Catholic. So of course the pope is coming soon and they're super excited about that. They actually have been working on the roads. This is different from animal. They don't do that. So it is very legalistic. So giving the kids the opportunity to see God's love and who he really is is such a gift to show them one of my one of my TiVo said he did that really was something that I was passionate about is that you're never alone and it's such a beautiful thing the thing about that you're never alone and then God's always there and so is showing the kids if they're never alone is such an important thing and different things about God's love in about church and going to church and we we've had the opportunity you set them up in churches and we're not staying at churches on great there and they definitely are who is given the opportunity to see you 2 from part of God, but then to also be put into churches we've had some of the kids go to one of the churches that we have names felicidad and one of our workers goes And she brings him to the youth group and that she works in and which is an amazing opportunity he loves and he was like when we get to go again, you know, and so that's amazing opportunity we have as well as to connect them to Church's cuz we're not a church. We're just like a little medium point to bring them to their cuz church is important. Of course. So it's been a really great opportunity working there. It there's also the girls home, which I have said small things about we haven't gotten much opportunity this year to go as much. So I'm hoping and I've been told that we next semester. I'll be able to go the girls home and I'll tell you more about that when I come back, but the girls home is this place where we have a couple of girls who have gone through terrible things in life. One of them I think was a refugee from Venezuela and as you know that they're having extreme economic problems there and it's just it's going down everything cost more than it showed inflation is over the moon and it is insane there and they are having such a hard time living there. So many are just fleeing the country going to the other countries in Panama is one of those places. So this girl is here with her brother alone, and she was able to come to the girls home and they're able to find a place and the girls home is not a place where they stay forever is just a little medium, please. And then sometimes I'll go back to her family. Sometimes I'll be put in foster care foster care, but it's just a beautiful place and one of the girls. I remember I met and she just kind of like your little press Paster which is so sweet. And she would just wants to reach in the girls last in children that God is there and then God is wanting them and love them cuz some of those girls feel so unwanted and we don't want them to feel that into this girl's home is a place for them to come and feel wanted and you feel safe and to have food and a place to sleep. So it is such a beautiful opportunity. Also, I'll be able to go next semester to LACC school, which if you know our kids are giving in to the one in Honduras, I believe and there is one in Panama that I can get a couple and I'll be able to go there and work maybe one or two days and then possibly get my testimony if It works out. So that is really awesome. Awesome opportunity opening up different doors and hoping I can work in different ways other than the center in Panama, which I'm excited about. So I told you a couple different crazy facts about Panama and I kind of love dropping them in every situation as my family knows so I've told you about traffic which is still crazy. It's and it's very hot there. So you guys are thinking oh it's warm. So it's like 60°. No, it is not just 60° guys. It is 80 or above and it's not just a year because it you'll be fine. No, it's humid. It's very humid. You walk outside. You start sweating. You're constantly sweaty. It doesn't matter it. Like I am lucky to live in air conditioning cuz that most the time I'm in air conditioning but many of the panamanians Do Not So one of the funny thing is I found out is if they shower like 3 times a day. Wish I were one maybe two times a day. They shower three times a day and it's necessary and they're like no we we need to and I was like They're not. Okay. Sure. That's something I've learned about. And they also one thing I didn't I learned about the reasons. I have so many times kids. There's many pregnancies in high school. It's like very common and it's not look down on really because it happened so often and it's because they don't have sex ed. That's crazy. Right like in America that's kind of upset in there, but they don't which is really sad because so many girls have gotten pregnant from that reason cuz they don't know and that's another crazy thing about culture is kind of a Latin thing. They don't really talk about it some of that kind of needs to be talked about but I'm hoping that they might change. But they live definitely a little more in the past dates one of the guys at the center told me because I can cook I can clean pretty well if it's not my house. and I will someday be able to make babies so they would say that I get married off and I was like no. I don't plan to your buddy God's Got A Plan. It's not that right now. So there's just a different things that has been so crazy for me and we're working on my Spanish which you think is going to be easy, but it's not it's not easy learning different language cuz there's so many words you're sitting here talking and English saying wow. It's so easy to talk in English because we've learned our whole lives tries to learn another language and learning all those different words now. It's a very difficult and that's why so many people just don't even try so trying that is very hard. It takes a lot of work a lot of brainpower sometimes and I'm still struggling with it and said this day So I've also other than that I've done the classes I was so blessed to be able to use this program is called Global. It's an online university and God just blessed me with the opportunity just to get in there and learn because I still want to go to college just wasn't a break year this was and I'm going to work on my college classes and I'm going to do about to work year. So working on my classes of Dudley. Show me a love for the Bible. I never thought I would know you know what I mean? Because I do love the Bible, but sometimes as we all know it's hard to get into sometimes it's not super interested in. Yeah, but that's okay because through my classes I had asked John and cross communicating.

I was hated that one cuz it's such a long name is a mouthful and other ones are John and acts so I'm I'm pretty sure if they ask me what is the name of your class that you're taking right now and my test I would have gone that one wrong. They probably would have failed me but I I passed the class. That's all that matters. Right, right. I did learn a lot from my God. So show me greater love for the Bible, which I really have appreciated and it makes me want to get into word more and learn more the background is having background in the word is so awesome to know why things are created and why it was put in that way. So as I said before the start of service I here's one more picture by the way. Another picture. I'm going to go back to the starting right there right there. Sorry. I want to see why not so why not has been on my heart for the last four to five months because I'm just thinking cuz some people say why I believe in God, you know, I mean, why would I believe in God? Why would I want to do that? What are the different reasons to believe in God and I kept on thinking of why not why not take a chance? Why not believe in something that's real and something that maybe some maybe someday we'll figure out oh my gosh, this whole thing was not true and I'm not saying that's true and I'm saying why not take a chance. so different things I've gone I thought of a why to believe in God or I have three points purpose Love and Hope so I want to get into the scripture because I'm sorry that it's got to go all the way back. I should have made a different spot for that. But I didn't sorry. I can't see it. I'll give you time to find in your Bibles. There's also Bibles underneath the chairs. If you don't have one, feel free to find one. I'll give you a couple seconds. The verse we are looking for is Philippians 3:4 through 11. And if you want to say hallelujah when you find a sure can.

There you go. I love that I did on basic. It's always so much fun. Cuz I'm people would get really into be like ooh, yeah.

All right away a couple more seconds Countdown the time.

Pastors, how did it go the pastor's having hard time finding it?

All right. I want to start reading it. Some Europeans 34311 though. I myself have reasons for such confidence. If someone else thinks they have reasons to put confidence in the flesh. I have more circumcised on the eighth day of the people of Israel of The Tribe of Benjamin a Hebrew of Hebrews in regard to the law a Pharisee ask for Zeal persecuting the church as for righteousness based on the lot faultless, but whatever gains whatever we're games to me, I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more I consider everything a loss because a surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage. I love that. I consider the garbage that I may gain Christ and be found in him not having righteousness of my own that comes from the law but having which is through faith in Christ the righteousness that comes from the guy from God on the basis of faith. I want to know Christ. Yes to know the power of his resurrection and the participation in his suffering becoming like him in his death. And so somehow attaining to the resurrection from the death. So this is a thought this is the word. Now you're thinking okay. Well, what is this have to do with hope purpose and love I'll tell you cuz I so I really like this guy's and I can be on so I love the present. Like I said, I love the problems that I consider it all garbage. This is righteousness this idea that were religiously more important on the law that it is on the love. This is where I go to God is love so he is our love. God is love.

Because we love him that makes us want to follow his laws, right? Psalms 119 97 Oh how I love your law. I meditate on all day long. David had it right. He because we love him. We love his law because we love him. We love his word and we love his rules. Now. This is a hard thing for humans in general. Am I right? We spend so much time wanting to do what we want to do because that is our flesh crying I want to do and I want to do I don't really want to go to church too hard. I don't want to spend time in the word in the morning. It's too hard how many times have you made that excuse? It's so hard though. It's so much time. It's so difficult. And yes, it is. Sometimes it is so hard. But because you love him you love his word and you love spending time with him now are so very hard as I said for humans, especially. I've definitely experienced this through my parents as much as I love them and I because I love them. I follow the rules. I didn't want to disappoint them. So I would follow them and dating life and all these different things that they told me they run me up to do through words and through their loving God and just different things and it's definitely been hard sometimes I've Done lyrics belt and I've Had My Moments cuz I'm a teenager still kind of I can I consider my I'm a adult. I'm an adult in some ways, but I'm definitely teenager in a lot of ways to so they're my dating life. My dad definitely had a good grasp on that.

I didn't have much of one as you all have seen and you wonder why.

So you see my father you say? Okay? Well, I know him he's just a teddy bear. But if you're a boy who likes me not many likes me. If you see this in the end, it's him and it's waiting. Thank you had to grab the word intimidating man cuz he is if you look at him and when he dizzily smile sometime so he's like Of course, it's going to the boys and also they had this my mommy this funny joke the other day will not really joke shoes like purposely. This is what we did. So the reason it was 16 that I couldn't date until then because then she's like well, I was hoping that you would realize that the boys are all stupid. And especially the ones in the town you're living in and I thought that was so funny because in some ways it definitely did work intimidating dad in the waiting till 16. It works guys. So future reference to anybody. There you go. So it's such a big problem for me is listening to my parents sometimes especially when it came to dating life or just different things I wanted to do. So one thing I kind of wanted to do was I got my nose pierced, right? And y'all saw that first was like what it what is she doing? Why she like that? That's not what we want and then I told him I wanted to get a septum piercing which is the weird. Bring am sure y'all y'all probably like happy that so ugly and disgusting. Well, that's my parents that too and so lucky for them got also said no so got to love that. So A lot of times with the word and loving our parents our family members in our Authority in life. We end up following the rules. So if you don't have respect for authority, right, you don't really want to follow the rules. The love and God is so very important. As I said in churches in Panama. A lot of times. They don't they are more legalistic and less on Love Now. What's the point that they kind of Miss? Sometimes is that love leads to law. And as loving God is this just amazing thing cuz not only are we loving him but he's loved us this pounding love that you just get rushed over and just waves in the ways of love that you feel and so many people miss out on next year's looking for it and other people and people are fickle and they leave you and they stopped loving you and they do all these different things. But with God, we abounding love And whether it's real or not, it is real because I believe that it is true. And I believe that this love is real because I feel it everyday when I wake up in the morning. He says good morning hubby. so beautiful So not only is God love he's purpose. I love that. He's purpose got his purpose. So Jeremiah 29 11 for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you a hope and a future. Now I know that I've heard this a million times and 1/2 have you guys especially if you go to church on a regular you've heard this one a billion times? It's a graver's but how many times have you let it sink in how many times have you actually thought about this first and what it means let's read it again for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm. You plan to give you a hope and a future.

She wants to give us a hope and a future. And hope is my next point. So you definitely see where I said way. So we live in a world full of people who don't know who they are or what they want to do with their lives. So they end up searching through different things like money and love and all these different things that sometimes they just don't work out and sometimes they make you more empty than you came out. So God gives us his purpose. And yes, I'm not going to lie. Sometimes the purpose is hard. I know this myself God's purpose can be so hard. Being brought into Ministry while watching sometimes the struggles in Ministry can be so hard. I live in one thing that my one of my friends realized told me kind of. Is that I'm on the path alone. Like I am this is not paid me for two or three times God made for just me. And it is hard sometimes sorry. I knew I was going to cry it's so hard because God has brought me to this point. Let me see put more faith into God and makes me want to follow him more and grow closer to him because he's all I have sometimes. Supercuts purpose Springs Foods in the struggle sometimes but through those because we have the good times and the Beautiful times. What are the different examples I have of why I love my purpose is? This one girl. Her name is Andy. I'm going to get drink.

This one girl. Her name was Andy. And she came in the last couple weeks and it was open when we were little bit slower except rumors on break-ins. Of course, you know, you don't want to make the extra trip into town cuz most of them live on the outer side of town. And her mom worked in that one of the other apartments and you could tell she was not they're not willing to do their very poor and she would come in and you just kind of hang out with us and I would help her with English and teacher a couple words here and there and we play games and just have a good time for about an hour. And at one point on the second day that you came in. She looked at me and she said that you're my I feel like you're my sister. She said this in Spanish, of course and I can tell you in Spanish again. When what you said cuz my pronunciations are working and my conjugations are still I'm working on it. So she said this to me that you're like my sister and it was so beautiful like

It just got to me and realizing that I was making a difference into this girl's life whether I could fully speak the language or not. It was so amazing and it was such a gift card. Show me again. And again why I'm here. Why am I in pain away Panama? Why did you choose this for me and knowing purpose and there's a reason is such a gift and Bingham to do God's work is such a gift whether your purpose is to going into a hard school and be a teacher or whether it's tomb Going to work place where they're not exactly nice to go to a different country and work as much as they can be scary and sometimes it's not as hard as you think it is, but to realize I'd God has a purpose for you whether it's in Ministry or not is beautiful because so many people are purposeless and that's why we see so many people died cuz they don't they don't know what they're doing with their life. They don't know what they want puts in front of them and give them a bath and it's such a beautiful thing that I don't want to give up. That's why not. So God is Hope. Hope is such a beautiful thing. I'm going to go back to the same verse and Save. I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you a hope and a future.

We live in a world full of terrible things Christians getting persecuted on a regular dying. We say death we see you before we see terrorists. We see that's for no reason. We should see all these different things for sex trafficking women in other countries who can't walk outside alone without having to worry if they're going to get killed or if they're going to have a storm on the acid thrown on. Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. And then slavery. There's just all these different things that God. We see all this hopelessness, but through all those different things. She is the Hope for better future. He gives us that hope. He brings the light into our lives. He shows us all these different things. And through his word. He's our hope. Cuz wall always terrible things are happening in the end. He's our here. We know that God is coming. And that is a hope. That is a whole that we need in this terrible World a little bit of life. And that is what I believe and that is a hope I believe in. And that is why not. Now we can think about this more and more. Why not. I Gemelli it said this to a couple of my friends who don't really believe in God and they don't really think they should but why not? Yes, there is what I want and what I want to do and how easy it is just to do whatever but why not try something different? Why not be different than everybody else. I'll be a little crazy for God. I'd rather be crazy about God and crazy and any other way. I want to see why not. I want you to think this in your head. I want you to get in this cuz I know we're all Christians here and we may be we not we're struggling with God, but I want you to sit with God and say why not when you're thinking why I think why not because such a good thing to think why not because out of everything in our world.

And I love that and I will continue to save my life and it will be one of the things that I will always say why not. Because that one I think can be brought around to every culture is one thing I learned is that cultures are very different and sometimes you can't speak the same way you do it in this culture in another culture. So won't be communicated. Well. To sing my not why not now? We're not here not in this place. I don't believe I'm going to take a moment and believe in something. Like I said, maybe it's all wrong. Maybe we're crazy. We really are crazy and then we die and nothing happens. Maybe that happens, but when to be better to live a life for something and live a life. Faultless Lane off all this little life for God and live a life for something his living your life for nothing or for yourself or for money is boring an empty and I know that when I've Had My Moments when I've struggled with God and I pushed him away and I've said why haven't I believe in you why don't believe what I want. I felt empty and I don't know if this is true. Everybody else, but I think it is. So why not be fulfilled? Why not believe in God because I think that is the best way to go about life.

To whether you have if you want to get into the altars after this and maybe you want to eat one hashtag with God. Why not? We come to God we think oh he be so perfect and prayer and just know sometimes you're going to yell at God. Sometimes you're angry. But getting out there and hatching a why not. It's so important. So I want you guys to take a moment. Put on your head and think about it cuz there needs to be a reason you're here and I need to be for you and me to be for God to reach out to him and not because you think this is what we're supposed to be doing or this is what my culture says. I'm supposed to know. It's what you should want to do. Cuz God's not something he's not going out force your door open. He's going to sit there and he's going to knock or he's going to send your doorstep and I'll wait. He's going to force anything. You have to meet him halfway. Just like one who said you have to meet him halfway. To open your door and talk to God asked him. Why not? So thank you for listening to me. I'm going to end with a little bit of a prayer and I have to go home and grab the coffee cuz I forgot it, but we will be having coffee downstairs. And if you have any questions for me about Panama that you like all but I want to know more I will definitely talk to you more about Panama cuz I'm there so much. Thank you guys again for having me here, and I'm going to pray. Lord I Thank you for just giving us so many words to say God it was such a blessing to come in your presence and just spend time with you guys didn't really hear your word Lord. I Thank you for using me as a megaphone for being able to for me to show my heart about you God and then it was only for you Lord. I pray that this word would reach out to each and every one of these people got I bet they did reach out to Facebook. Just working each and every one of us remember help us to remember that question of why not Lord working us and help us to see only you and even the hard times you lie in our lives are hoping our love and our purpose. Gracias dios para Todo gracias in your name. Amen

Batman if I had a she would be dating till she's like 35, but Intimidating there was a thought that came in why not and you know the world we have a choice and people say why do you believe in God you get a 50% wrong or 50% right? I rather get it 50% right? Take a chance, you know, we did it. We did it. We have the opportunity to share the gospel with everybody around us and I'd rather get it right. I'd rather No Heaven. I'd rather be in heaven and then inhale so we have the chance of year to make a difference. We have a chance this year to see our church grow. Hey, man you with me. I'm going to pray and Glory house. Just take a large. They're all driving now have he's going to go get the coffee. So, please come downstairs and fellowship and have some Panamanian coffee. You will enjoy it. It's smooth. So let's pray. Lord thank you. Thank you for the word of wine. Thank you for how much Abby has grown as a as a communicator of the Gospel? Thank you for using her and bless her and anointer continually as she even repairs within a month as she gets ready to go back. They providing a friend for her over there in Panama. I pray that you bless the ministry over there and Lord. Thank you and your name? Amen at the end of on the 26th of January where to take a special offering before she goes back that is going to be the last Sunday's she'll be here. So, all right. So coffee will be made come down and fellowship if you but if you need to go have a great day. Where can I will believe with Colossians 1?

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