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Standing Strong

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It's been a year. It has been.

I've been sticking to my own life. This year and what is punished transpired?

Have to stop and think a little bit.

What happened which comes first in my life?

Go to church building. locations for Bowen law offices in a high-rise I became a grandfather.

and if you have to deal with

Beginnings at Longwood by dimension

a wheel

It's been a weird year.

And if you do that contest this morning. Do we bring ourselves to to the message this morning? Good morning messages entitled standing strong. Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10 through 20 with the armor of God talk about context in which gave us that metaphor.

If yours are big it. The future doesn't mean the God has left our sun compared without permission in wickedness.

If you get nothing else out of this message, you do remember that God has not left us.

God has not left us.

2018 is quickly coming to an end.

Who would have thought regardless?

You remember this time last year?

We were meeting almost every night building.

and Hackett And throwing things to wear. How do you remember that last night? We light it up all the trash from the driveway of of the office building almost all the way to the corner. Who was not necessarily?

We gave them fair warning.


Are upper room is his bill was coined and I liked it.

outer upper room when we come face-to-face with God

Who'd have thought that we would have told our building?

our real estate agent Russian hard on love her dearly

And three days after we listen to She said Steve I have three people who want.

in less than a week

I want to hear what our journey is not sleep. Our journey is not completed in the fat protein New Year.

I've seen three of those programs already tonight.

And tomorrow evening.

Talking about what happened.

and why we do that, let's prepare ourselves stand from

Stand firm with what God has given us power provision.

What's 4 / did before this morning by looking at 3?

power our sewer God Our power is God.

Look in the first three horses. Finally be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the full armor of God that you may be able to stand against.

we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all stand

Mara Wilson

you can spend the whole letter. talking about Howard

and how'd that Unity Foods together?

messaged to the Grave Keep Us Together family of God

Church as a whole station more than that

How old is Kobe?

one of the things to call emphasizes

What is the power that God gives?

Be strong should probably be translated be powered. Be empowered. It is not be strong. It's not the it's the same word, but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my Witnesses.

What does that power do?

It's the same word that Paul.

I am not ashamed of the gospel for what?

everyone who leaves to the Jew first and also to the Greek

God hour

stand firm in God standing strong empowered by God

bigamist God's power

and he said Empower yourself through the strength of God through his mind. Power yourself so that you are prepared.

Understand how is shaving beard in?

Beauty in a bow, but it's not against other people.

Advance Auto Parts, Alabama

Alan Howard wickedness

That's where I'm at. everyone else

You thought about that? denigrate

I think back.

early seventies mid-70s

But the more experienced Crews held captive.

And how they sent messages even though they were being forced to to say things against the United States. They were sending messages by blinking Morse code from the movie. They were blinking Morse code so that the truth would know.

and into three or four times before

They were standing.

We're told to stand strong in an hour. What's expected?

expected to draw our strength not for myself That's a difficult thing for those of us who've been raised.

with a heavy dose of individualism rugged individualism


Stanford, but in the strength that comes from him not and I'm sorry.

For this reason I remind you all right to Timothy fan into flame gif.

waiting on God gave us not a spirit of fear, but of

not for myself

The expectation is that we would drop upon that power. Call Target to continue scam.

the word stand stand in Victory


That's the word Paul uses here. stand firm in the neck We fight a defeated enemy.

Defeated enemy. Victory Cross Victory with 1% used to think we're still fighting skirmishes.


u.s. And Britain sign record the end of the war of 1812 since we tampered with sign

British Fleet Holden to New Orleans Does it take you could cut the country? And have access to the movie.

And Jackson is ragtag.

His troops were made up of about 500 regular arm. Call 500. Rushmore made up of farmers Pirates and join with them so you got about a thousand. rent check play me five.

Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson pick up space in a clearing between impassable Forest improbable swamp

Hey Jared. the British, that little that little

British were anxious to get this over number. And so they began to make that track. But they didn't know his the Jackson is to build a wall Jackson wall. And behind it for 12:10. the bridge give me addresses of resources to say welcome rotation without on the other side of the river and take those cannons over in a crossfire.

Less than 6 hours. most of them 5000

even though the battle was over or the war was over this battle was numb.

And here's what we need to do to build our wall. We need to grow spiritually and physically.

No excuses. We have no more excuses all you need to all.

Every one of us is in the day. every single one of us We're not much more right now than very large moth.

Understudy played straightforward with you we can survive.

Begins by growing spiritually but it also means we have to grow physically and everyone needs to be starting right now. We are standing not in our own strength. putting God

you're soaking face together.

We are not alone nor do we enter his down?

Your life free the love of money because you said I will never leave you.

God has given us.

Chucky baby on his power we have provision. The armor of God and having put on the breastplate of righteousness is shoes for the feet for your feet having put on the Readiness given by the gospel. funny talking about

quit being a soldier talks about putting on the readiness.

Your own circumstances take up the shield of Faith with which you can extinguish the Flaming darts of the evil one. Jacob the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit.

God has provided for metaphor for us.

Change my Roman soldier. Guess what the soldier is wearing.

I don't want to play stand up for round for me.

Thanks. I appreciate that already.

Give me a pictures of the soldier here with him. He writes this better for church. He has spent two and a half years.

He writes them these words.

Put on BT's part of the division.

Bible apps to father and he will give you another helper. forever evil spirits of fruit Who cannot receive because it's either you know him.

Put on belt for the belt of the sword.

That's the story that is developed.

breastplate of righteousness

having deck then press play in place to protect the Bible.

Anyone who does not have the spirit of Christ is not the one for him, but if Christ is given you the spirit is bile because of life in the spirit of being raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you even raise the volume to 50.

with the spirit of Truth like

and there's no shoes, Redmond. It's not the Gospel Guitar the shoes.

Reading the Bible to share the gospel. Roman soldier

Understanding getting ready to take the book. Guess what happened?

michigan-based stand firm bring the key personnel Readiness share gospel.

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet.

Brings good news of Happiness. How much is salvation? Who says de Zion door?

And then he changes his.

Verbal nouns having Heaven having and now he says he changes his language.

medical pick up the shield of faith Home Shield protection

they were about


and I'm back wooden train. Big Stretch on that 5

stretch height and then just before the battle.

some of those outer skin Brentwood water why

Arrows that are dipped in pitch and set on fire.

And if your Shield was dry.

You are smelling hot burning.

Paul writes about

You get the picture from your the sizzle? Is those arrows hit the shield of Faith with cannibal?

The Shield versus mine is a man's body and up to 4

more than just a piece of personal protection and shields formed a portable wall for the protection of a pool.

When you and I stand 5 by 5. Are both are fake together?

It was really neat because there were there would yell out wall soldiers in front with set up your your Shields of protection. the commander with Yelp Turtles and almost to the second third and fourth rows with Raiden's their shoes.

Your faith is not just for you. Your face is protection to those around you as well as we stand.

the helmet of salvation

salvation All right, good, since we belong to the day let us be sober having put on the breastplate of faith and love and the helmet.

Assurance of salvation and then the only tentative Weapon-R given the sword of the spirit.

It's interesting.

What Paul says here is not the our Bible verse?

Being rude. That is our weapon the proclamation.

that is the word of God if you don't have something about this everything's about

Hang up the helmet. Brussels Griffon where their helmets until they were running to the battle is damaged. They flipped it off the Golden stuck it on their head your helmet off your belt.

And take out the gospel message. Why?

weapons of our Warfare are not

morning argument

and take every thought captive will babe Christ being ready to punish.

our when your will be

Why is it the word of God is living and active sharper than any two-edged sword piercing? inspirit of joint and Marrow and Discerning thoughts

God has provided for us.

I want expected expected to continue to stand Victorious fully dressed in God's armor. We're expected to not be passive. You're passing soldiers are. dad

We're not dead yet.

We are alive. rehab armor of God I want you to run.

What we're facing?

replacing tub with patch

We're facing the insecurity of not having our own building. What do we do when we want to meet outside and Sunday morning?

We're dealing with you.

Encourage you this morning run to the battle. God has given us. Howard


I'll continue praying at all times in the spirit with all prayer and supplication and also for me that the words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly playing The Mystery of the gospel for which I am an ambassador. Then I may declare it boldly.

prayer at all time new home situation

what kind of flirt?

Call Seth.

forgiveness power power armor

all prayer and supplication with all different kinds of Prayer I'm also with Suffocation as asking I mean.

interceding or other along the way what kind of

alert alert

Don't keep it in your pocket. You be at work.

Don't want you to check your brain at the door. You want you to be awake and aware of your surroundings in the beating and prayer because of your surrounding and it being in prayer for one another.

Funk wav

meet you there at 2 but not Justin. perseverance for all the saints all of us. There's a sense then in which the praying Christian standing guard.

You're on watch. North Prairie provide for the safety Those are cool.

What is expected about?

Therefore my beloved brothers be steadfast unmovable. Always abounding in the work of the Lord knowing that the Lord anointed in the Lord.

If someone says know your invitation, they're not saying knowing you it's not about you. It's about price cuz you shoulders are wide enough for you. You just keep asking.

praying for them

call Seth.

Give the guy which is just me and you to the laying on my hand for God gave us a spirit of fear, but of power love and self-control. Nothing, Chaka. nothing

replacing a need

is 2019. We need to be trained.

print off the DNR list Snapchat fire

give every one of you a copy of that again so we can be praying for those. Is he the one we need those 72 names?

actually start

And we need to be praying constantly. Not just when we're together.

But maybe more importantly. prank When did Teletubbies? No, no, no spray.

How's it going?

Also, we need to visit one another. images of a prayer

Jesus invited me and my words abide in you ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you. But this is My Father's World by that you bear much fruit and soul food.


you pray for rain. You better bring it on.

Let's start doing all this weekend.

God has given us the power armor. monsters to use our new station

if we reflect project you did this time.

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