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The King's Command on Adultery

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I don't know how familiar. You all are with mythology.

Homer's Odyssey

But there's a story in The Odyssey about the main character right of deceased. And he encounters some issues with the Sirens in my familiar with the Sirens. Tom Selleck married one so I'm not going to go there but

Odysseus had a problem cuz he had to pass the island that the sirens were on with the Sirens were disguised as beautiful women and they sing a beautiful song and it lured people in. And when the man the sailors will be drawn to the island. The sirens were actually cannibalistic monsters who would eat the sailors. So congratulations, you've made it fifty years without her eating yusa. anywho

so Searcy who was the goddess gave Odysseus some advice knowing that he would have to pass the island with me. I don't think you let me read what she said to Odysseus next where the sirens will you plow the Seas their song is death and make destruction. Please unblessed The Man Who music when's to stay now accursed Shore and listen to the lake no more that wretch shall view. The joys of life is blooming Offspring or his beauteous wife inverted Meads Spaceport and white around lie human bones that white and all the ground the ground polluted floats with human Gore and human Carnage Paints the Dreadful sure fly Swift the dangerous Coast list every ear be stop against the song his death to hear firm to the mass with chains by self be bound nor trust by virtue to the enchanting sound if Maddie, Transport Freedom, they'll demand be every Fetter strained and added band to band. So what you're saying is make provision so that you don't hear the song or if you do hear the song that you can't get loose and go to the island. So what Odysseus does he had his men feel their ears with beeswax? Okay, man's not like that anyway, but and he had them tie him to the Mast of the ship and he said do not untie me until after we have passed by the island no matter what I say to you. K and I did make it past the album we get back to that later. Think about that could have been at will come back to it. Now. I want to talk to parents and small children right now about what we're going to talk about today. Most of a lot of what we're going to talk about today is going to be about things that hopefully you small children don't understand right now. Okay, hopefully and that's a good thing. Now listen to me young kids, please. Listen to me. There will come a time in your life. When what we're talkin about today will be a very real and very hard struggle for you. But for now, there's something you shouldn't understand. Okay, trust your parents to tell you when it's time to understand these things. Never heard Corrie Ten Boom ever heard of Corrie Ten Boom. She told her story about been harboring Jews during the Holocaust and then being put in concentration camp. She tells this story about an issue. She had when she was young. She had heard about what she called sex sin at school. And she was on a train with her dad and she asked this question. I'll just listen to us like her tell it. So seated next to my father in the train compartment. I suddenly asked father. What is sex sin? This is when she's a little girl. He turned to look at me as he always did when answering a question but to my surprise he said nothing. At last he stood up lifted his traveling case his suitcase off the floor and set it on the floor. Will you carry it off the train for me Cory? He said I stood up and said that it was crammed with watches and spare parts. He had purchased that morning and I said, it's too heavy. Yes, you said and it would be a pretty poor father who would ask his little girl to carry such a load. It's the same way Corey with knowledge. Listen to me kids. This is what he said. Some knowledge is too heavy for children when you are older and stronger. You can bear it for now. You must trust me to carry it for you, but not beautiful. Listen to me younger folks Little Folks. Trust your folks to carry this for you right now. And when the time comes to carry these suitcases these heavy burdens and they're heavy. Trust your parents to teach you how to best carry them my parents. I would encourage you to engage your children in these issues. Do not Christian parents do not let the culture direct your children's thinking on these issues engage the issue when you should and do not run from it. Find the right balance between being casual and being avoidant on this topic and me say that again find the right balance between being casual and being avoided on this topic. Don't Veer to either side and be sure to call Sin Sin. John MacArthur tells this story to make this point clear. He says dr. J Wilbur Chapman told of a distinguished Minister from Australia who preached very strongly one day on the subject of sin. And after the service one of the church officers came to council with him in his study and he's a doctor Howard. We don't want you to talk as openly as you do about man's corruption because of our boys and girls hear you discussing the subject. They'll more easily becomes centers call it a mistake or something if you will, but don't speak. So plainly about Sin the minister took down a small bottle from the cabinet and showed it to the visitor and said you see that label the man said, yes, it's strychnine and underneath that in bold red letters is the word poison. Do you know man what you're asking me to do? He said you're suggesting that I change the label. Suppose I do and paste over at the words essence of peppermint. Do you see what might happen someone would use it not knowing the danger involved in would die and so it is too with the mattress in the milder. You make the label the more dangerous you make the Poise and so we cannot mitigate the danger of sin. We must speak of the issue in the quote the parents engage this issue at the right time and call Sin Sin. Jesus does exactly that in our passage today. And so should we and so we will so let's look at our passage. We got four big versus today, but man Big versus so you would stand to receive. the written And audible words of God. You have heard that it was said You shall not commit adultery, but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust full intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin tear it out and throw it away for it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into hell and if your right hand causes you to sin cut it off and throw it away for it is better that you lose one of your members then that your whole body go into hell. Let's pray.

Who is sufficient for these matters? Jesus was and Jesus is so we turned to him and we ask your Holy Spirit to teach us instruct us convict us and reconstruct us into the image of Jesus as we deal with these weighty issues. Help us God help your people and if there be those here today who do not know you Holy Spirit convict them of their sin and show them their need for a savior and show them Jesus has that side. You're clearly we ask it in Jesus name. Amen. You may be seated.

hard to be discreet when the master is so plain.

I will do my best. Entrust what he can do more than what I can do. So we're going to start with verse 27. Obviously you have heard that it was said You shall not commit adultery now. We need to revisit the passage from two weeks ago since we had our Christmas message last week. The Passage 2 weeks ago where Jesus dealt with murder and anger Okay, so he was saying if you'll remember you've heard it said You shall not murder but I say to you that anybody that's angry with their brother. Is in danger whoever says this whoever says that is in danger of hell and it goes on and on and in what he does. He don't want the sixth commandment of you shall not murder. And we said that Jesus was refuting not the law of God. He said he came to fulfill the law. And that not a jot or tittle will pass away until he fulfilled it what he was refuting where the rabbinic Traditions that made up what the Jews of Jesus they were being taught as the necessary elements for salvation. Holy living he wasn't addressing or contradicting the law of God, but rather he was communicating the very heart of the law instead of the basic letter of the law. While the rabbis would say that if you didn't kill anyone you were alright. Jesus was saying that if you're angry with your brother or accuse them or call them names you were in danger of being judged by God not just the local Magistrate. And he was forceful. Jesus was and saying that your anger was your issue to deal with not murder because anger is the root issue and he said who's got to deal with your anger. You've got to deal with your anger not somebody else. You were to leave your offering at the altar and go make things right with your brother who had something against you you were to come to terms with your accuser on the way to court and Jesus was clear and communicating that the spirit of the law was much broader than just not killing someone. Anger is a heart issue and it's your job to guard your heart from the destructive influence of anger. So now we bring that same mindset into today's passage. Jesus says you have heard that it was said You shall not commit adultery. So no The Familiar beginning again. You have heard that it was said he'll come back on that in the next person say but I say to you. So again, he's exerting his authority and making what he is saying over and above what has been said by the scribes and the Pharisees and the teachers previously. So again, he's not addressing. He's not just addressing the Commandment of God, which would be the seventh commandment. You shall not commit adultery. He's not only addressing that he's addressing that but he's not just addressing the outside issue. He's making sure that everybody understands that what they've heard about this in the past from the rabbi's teachers and tribe was woefully insufficient. He will let them know what the full breadth of this commandment is and guess what? It's much more than just not committing adultery. But let's address adultery while we're here. How would you define adultery Merriam-Webster remember? That's where we go. Merriam-Webster defines adultery as quote voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than that person's current spouse or partner. In the Bible That's inaccurate definition and the Bible would also add worshipping Idols as a form of adultery spiritual adultery many times in the Old Testament. God says that Israel played the horror with idols. But here in our passage today adultery is Jesus's using it refers to intercourse between a married man or woman with someone who is not their legal spouse. And unfortunately, we live in a day and time where we have to define a spouse to biblically. God created one man and one woman and join them together as man and wife the biblical marriage. Ethic is based on a lifetime commitment between one man and one woman. And we'll talk more about that next week when we talk about marriage, but we need to be clear in our time today and make sure that we're on the same page as the Bible. Not the culture. Not the prevailing type of what you're hearing and seeing out there because they're wrong. And they're condoning celebrating sin.

So Jesus says that his hearers have heard that it was said You shall not commit adultery. You shall not have intercourse with someone who is not your spouse. So back to where we were before we started to finding adultery. Jesus is saying you have heard that it was said you shouldn't or you shall not commit adultery and the basic meaning of that is that you should not have sex with someone who is not your spouse. And the rabbis would teach that if you don't have sex with anyone besides your spouse, then you're fine. But are we really Jesus says plainly clearly and emphatically. No, we're not fun first 28 say to you but everyone looks at a woman with lust full intent has already committed adultery with her in his

Again, no the clear Authority being expressed here. There's no reference to a higher authority or any kind of tradition or any other Rabbi Jesus says, but I say to you as the author of the original while we talked about that two weeks ago to He imposes his authority over and above the teachings of the scribes and the Pharisees and makes it clear that what he says is right what he says is what God says. He speaks as God. No wonder they killed him. He challenged the very core of who the scribes and Pharisees were and what they did as teachers of the law challenged. Would I be if the Son of God stood up here and said you've heard Jason say this, but I say to you this. I would either be broken and contrite or I would be really mad at him and they got really mad at they weren't broken and contrite. He flatly said the wrong. They were pursuing the easiest out that they could find for the fathomless depths of God's teachings. They had put the cookies on the lower shelf. So to speak to make it easier for them to get what they wanted in the easiest possible way. They wanted salvation. They wanted righteousness. So they bought it down to the easiest way that they could boil it down. Just don't sleep with another person spouse if you'll be okay. And I felt fine with who they were and what they were doing as long as they didn't sleep with someone who they weren't married to but Jesus says that everyone who looks at a woman with lust full intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

That's something else altogether. Now it actually it's not and that's what Jesus is saying. I listen to what he's saying. He's started by bringing up adultery. After zeroing in on the heart of the murder commandment you wonder what people were thinking when he brought up adultery. So he brings up this murder thing and he says you shall not murder and I like okay, that's good. Cuz I've never killed anybody and then he says basically if you're angry you've committed murder shoot. So now he says you shall not commit adultery and they're probably like what I've never done that but he's probably going to tell me that I have and then he does okay. They probably double clutch them was like, oh, what's he going to say? And he says that if you look at a woman with lust Florentine, you've already committed adultery with her in your heart not let me let me clarify something. Who is Jesus speaking to? He speaking to his disciple. So he's talking to men about lusting after women. Does that mean that it's not pertinent to women? Absolutely not he's talking to man. So he's talking to me on about women. And he's talking to good religious man. So ladies I don't want you to do now. This is just as pertinent for you as it is for the men don't get lost in the verbage of man and woman. This is Justice permit for you as it is for men. Okay. So he says if you look at a woman with lust 1/10, you've already committed adultery with her in your heart. So you see the heart connection again anger was to be kept out of your heart when we looked at murder now lust is to be kept out of your heart when we talk about adultery. And what is the avenue to the heart here? This is so big. looking your eyes are in direct connection with your heart. Notice that he does not mention sexual organs here. But instead Jesus brings up the eyes and a heart in regards to adultery. So Jesus is taking us out of the bedroom. and in the street out of a one-time event and into every waking moment of Our Lives. So what's the deal with your eyes looking is like unto adultery, but not just looking but looking with lustful intent. Looking with lustful intent will have to explain that so they're all clear here. I think we can easily know and agree with what intent is intent is being intentional. It means doing something purposely for specific purpose. If you are intent on something you are resolved and determined to do it. And what is the intent here in this looking its lustful intent unless there's a tricky term we can last for a lot of things power money Pizza. Donuts Always comes back to peace and donuts right we can last for a promotion. We can last for something that we want and I'd on the thing. The last is an intense desire. It's a powerful longing and the clear meaning our passage today though is about sex. It's sexual lust it's an intense sexual desire and longing. And so Jesus says that if you look up on someone who is not your spouse with the intention of Desiring them. Sexually you have already committed adultery with them in your heart. If you intend to longingly look at someone besides your spouse with a sexually bent purpose your heart has been contaminated with adulteress sent. So think about that decision to gaze at that person walking by you.

Think about that decision to click that Mouse on an image or a link that will take you to an image or video. Think of watching that movie with that actor or actress so you can just Feast your eyes on them. That is lustful intent. And if you can't see that we are flooded with opportunities to do this our culture. You are either instantly oblivious praise God for that or you're just plain stupid.

So you haven't been intimate with anyone but your spouse fantastic. That's great. That does really good. But your heart can be full of adulteress idolatry all the while. Jesus is zeroing in on the heart of the matter and the Heart of the matter is the heart. Secret place that no one but you and got now. What if a light was Shone right now into your heart regarding sexual last? What if it was just put up there on the screen? Jason has thought about this and this and Jason is looked at this person engine.

I probably run out that door. And I would be woefully embarrassed.

That secret place that nobody but you and gotten that inside place that no one else can see they can see your outward Acts or your lack of Acts, but they can't see what you're thinking. They can't see what you're feeling. They can't see what your intention is. And that's the very essence of the Commandment to not commit adultery. The act of adultery is the outermost rim of the circle that contains a vast ocean of intent and inner life. God had commanded the Israelites to not commit adultery. That's true. But he also meant for them to keep their hearts right with him. Keep their hearts right with themselves keep their hearts right with their neighbors and even their enemies. And hear Jesus says this is just as true sexually as it was with anger. The commandant was not intended to only directly outer man. Its whole purpose was to Encompass the outer and the Inner Man. And it affects us all in major ways. It affects our interactions with others that affects our most private thoughts are most private moments. And that's what it's supposed to do. The law of God is supposed to affect every area of your life. That's exactly what Jesus is saying and doing here. And it's supposed to cause major differences major changes in our lives. How much do the snakes verse get ready? If your right eye causes you to sin and throw it away for it's better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into hell. Oh shoot, you'll shoot your eye out kid. Yeah, that's if you're wondering if Jesus could be serious about this whole heart adultery thing. He makes it clear that he is serious. He moved from the inner motives and longings to what to do about these inner longings and motives if they're out of line. If your right eye causes you to sin tear it out and throw it away.

How do I say your eye? Throw away after you tear it out. After you tear your I throw it away.

Is he serious? Well, he sure sounds serious. Now. The question is does Jesus mean when he sang like really for real? character doubt throw your eye in the trash can I might flush man. I don't know.

And the answer is yes, he does meme leasing but it's a tricky. Yes. A Couple Of Forevers preliminary things to answer this tricky. Yes. One of the main rules for Bible interpretation is that you have to let the Bible interpret the Bible. So if a statement like this comes up that's odd challenging scary. You have to wonder is it literal and binding and you have to ask is it consistent with what the rest of the Bible says? So let me ask you this. Is there anywhere else in the Bible where there's a command to harm yourself in an effort to keep from sinning? It'd be hard pressed to find one. You might go to interpret a few things maybe.

Because that's what Jesus is statement could implicate and the answer is to that question. Do you see that email subscription answer is no Even the law. It doesn't say harm yourself might say an eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth. But that's in regards to somebody losing an hour to whoever walked out the IR broke the tooth off gets there. I plucked up and they're too broken off.

Conversely Paul makes it clear in Colossians to that first treatment the body just didn't work. Look at this Colossians 2. It was Christ who died the elemental spirits of the world. Why is if you were still alive in the world, do you submit to regulations do not handle do not taste do not touch referring to things that all parishes there used according to human precepts and teachings. What's this these have indeed an appearance of wisdom in promoting self-made religion and asceticism and severity to the body, but they are of no value in stopping the Indulgence of the flesh. So treating your body harshly has no value in stopping the Indulgence of the flesh are like all I see. So this is the scripture that contradict scripture never Never does it happen never will happen try it's not going to happen Okay, so Paul says severity to the body has no value in stopping the Indulgence of The Flash. And then Jesus says pluck your eye out throw it away.

So then what's going on if he's not saying the harm yourself cuz that's what sounds like what is he saying? And why would I say that he does mean what he's saying if he doesn't mean to actually figure out well, he could just be using hyperbole which is overblown thoughts to convey dramatic. Concepts maybe or maybe Jesus is talking about something besides your physical eye. We've already said that your eyes and your heart are connected right her Hodges used to say that we become like what we look at lovingly longingly and lastingly. So if you look at something and you want it, you're going to become like that thing. What have you set your eyes on?

Cuz I think that resonates with what Jesus saying here, what are you desire? What do you want? What dominates your thoughts and what have you set your affections on? I don't want to over spiritualize the passage, but I do think Jesus would have us to evaluate what we look at more than anything else and I think that he would have us to radically deal with what we have set our affections on. He would have us to tear our eye out for that thing or those things that take up so much of our mental emotional and chronological energy if what we're focused on especially if it is lustful intent your sinful. You should pluck your eye out for that thing blind yourself to it and do not give yourself an opportunity to look at it again. Are you with me you tracking with me and throw it away?

A Jesus that say that it's better to lose one of your members and that your whole body be thrown into hell. It would make sense that this is just keeping in line with the metaphor. And I would be remiss to address the fact that I would be remiss to fail to address the fact that if you tore your eye out, you're right. I guess what the hell after. And if you tore it out, guess what you're still going to struggle with lust. There's too many thoughts and memories and pictures and videos and stuff in your head that you want to recollect. So plucking your eyes out is not going to help you. It's only going to hurt you. So again, I don't think that's the advice Jesus would give his disciples and how to deal with lust with all. Martyn Lloyd Jones says that Jesus is ridiculing the Pharisees external view of righteousness here. That makes sense as well. It's like he's saying just make it harder for your body to send sure that'll work. And I'm going to spend more time here, but Jesus it done yet. Let's get our last verse for the day. And if your right hand causes you to sin cut it off throw it away for it's better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body go into hell. There's not a passage where Jesus will actually save send them at your foot. Correct that makes your stomach cut it off 2. Vegeta's moves from a Hearts Desire what we're looking at? And then he goes to addressing the action. What are hand is doing? So if your eye offends you pluck it out throw it away if your hand is sending cut it off throw it away. Your I see something your hand reaches out to take it or use it. And if what you are doing causes you to sin cut your hand off and throw it away. Now, let's remember what we saw in the I section. Sorry. I couldn't help it. I didn't even remember that our heart and our affections or what we're being addressed. So what's going on here with the hand talk. It seems to point to our habits which are based on our affections. What are you doing? Habitually, what actions are your Norm are your repeated actions leading you to send if so do something drastic to make sure those habit those things you're doing or changed so that you don't keep doing what you used to do which led you into sin. Habitually consistently, especially sexual sin. Listen to me Church. Listen to me believer. Listen to me Christian. You have to drastically alter your rabbits You have to drastically alter your actions to make sure you are not in sinful Cycles with your physical body. And it doesn't matter how ingrained or how socially acceptable your habit is if it's leading you to sexually send drastically purposely finally deal with it throw it away.

Trash it, so that it doesn't lead you to hell and listen to me. You will not casually drift toward change. You want to wake up one day and say okay now it takes determined effort. Matt channel would call it Grace driven effort to break your addictions and your desires and your doings and listen to me. I want you to hear me say this clearly if you were affections and your actions are not changed and you consistently want and do things that are sinful. It's a pretty good indicator that you're not righteous either in your standing before God or in your living before men and what I mean by that is if you don't want to change if you don't see anything wrong with it, you're probably not saved.

And while there's a lot more here that we could look into as far as what this passage means we could probably spend another week if we wanted to. I think application is of utmost importance to us here. So we'll spend the rest of our time about half of it looking at how to apply this passage in our everyday lives because it affects every. Especially in our culture today. So I've got 3DS. Your application this morning is in 3D.

You know, we need those red and blue glasses. So everybody would look red and blue. So the 3DS of application are doped. I'll explain that a promise.

and desire dope do not don't don't don't don't don't do that. Don't do and desire are 3D application points for a note. I need to find out I really struggled with this application point in particular. Hence the word duct. Okay, you don't mean it means to be lavish or excessive in one's attention fondness or affection? So if y'all heard somebody say they doted over somebody. Oh, they just don't over that youngest child or all they just don't over their husband or their wife or they just don't know it means that they have lavish or excessive attention on this or affection towards something or someone. They just dote over it. So our first application point is dote. And it refers to our eyes which refers to our desires. Okay, it all starts with a luck then it Look at that.

And I was starting to cycle of thinking kicks an action which triggers our hearts with triggers our affections and all started with a look what your doting over woohoo. Look at that. And all the sudden your attention your affection goes to somewhere. It should not go especially sexually. The Bible makes it clear how important it is that what we take into ourselves through. Our igate is of utmost importance. What are you looking at in your everyday life Christian?

Jesus will say when we get in the 6 chapter of Matthew in verses 22 and 23. The eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eyes healthy your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad your whole body will be full of Darkness if then the light in you is Darkness how great

so your eyes are where either light or Darkness are coming into your purse into your mind into your heart in your whole body. Your I will either allow Darkness or light into your life. So what are you looking at?

David who had some issues with looking. Says this in some 101 3 I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless. I hate the work of those who fall away it shall not cling to me.

David looked at Bathsheba bathing on top of her house. And what did that leave him to do? commit adultery and murder and it all started with what I look. What's going on over there?

Go get her for me. That's not your wife, sir. Go get her for me. I want David was a man after God's Own Heart. David was the man that got it said to anoint King over Israel before Saul was ever gone.

God spoke highly of David. And David greatest falb came because he wasn't looking at the right thing. He was looking at the wrong.

Guys gals, what are you looking at?

It is of utmost importance. How much time do you spend during the daylight?

What's this? Scream in front of your face with your neck cock down are you lying?

I'm afraid to ask.

I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless.

Things that lead me to last are worthless and their destructive.

jokes that this engine 31:1 I have made a covenant with my eyes how then could i gaze of hurt you. Joe made specific intentions in his heart before Temptations came becoming a solemn binding agreement with his eyes. To not look lustfully upon a virgin one who was not his wife. That's a good start here. As far as application goes determines within yourself that you won't look at what you shouldn't look at now. That's not going to fix everything. We still have two other application points. When it's a good start. I don't always want but I should want but I always want to want what I should want. I want my attention to be right and that's what Jesus was dealing with. If you look with lustful intention, you've already committed adultery in your art. So make your intention to not look.

It's a good start. And in an age of internet and the potential that is brought their determined beforehand that you will have someone who has free and open access to your browsing history on your on your tablet your computer, whatever you may have. These are preventative steps. This is beans wax in the ears. This is lash me to the mast. To help deter what you may look at. So then back to what we asked before. What should you be looking at? We know what we shouldn't be looking at. It's pretty easy. What should you be looking when you know what's coming right? You should be looking at the Bible. Like all the time stay with me. Psalm 119 9 through 11 classic passage, how can a young man? Keep his way pure and I would say how could a young woman keep her way. Well by guarding it according to your word with my whole heart I seek you let me not Wonder from your Commandments now watch this heart and then what I have stored up your word in my heart that I might not sin against

God gave us a book. So we could look I didn't God gave us a book so that we can look at it and see him. Kissward should be before our eyes a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path so that we can know from the book from the author. What is good and right and holy and pure and I know we can always have a Bible in front of our faces, even though in our day and time. Wow what access we have. The Scrolls aren't kept in a hidden place in a tabernacle somewhere this device this device. My phone paper Bibles You Name It We have access to the Bible in ways. We never have before.

So we could definitely look at it more than we're looking at it, right? I read an article I posted it on Facebook from Desiring God that quoted on Whitney and he said this if most people all my word if most people would exchange their TV time for scripture reading they finish reading the entire Bible in 4 weeks or less.

And that sounds unworkable consider this he says and no more than 15 minutes a day. You can read through the Bible in less than a Year's End of quote. How much time do you spend looking at a TV?

What if you exchange that time for the Bible?

That's a different issue. We'll talk about that at the end. 4 weeks or less 15 minutes a day.

I don't have time.

You're lying to yourself and you're lying to us. If you don't believe that you got 15 minutes a day to purposely read your Bible you're lying. And I'm lying.

Apple's got stuff on their device. Now that tells you your screen time for the week and gives you a report to tell you how much screen time you spend. Yeah, tell me you don't have time. imma, leave that alarm Look at the Bible turn your eyes purposely from explicit things and be wary of the saturation level that are cultural that our culture has with sexual content. You're not commanded the run and hide your not commanded to become a monk. You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. So go out there and keep your eyes pure in the midst of a culture. Change what you look at. Don't stop there. That was doting. Now we go to do this is about our hands. We went from our house to our hands here is where the rubber meets the road what we look at determines what we actually do. If we are looking lustfully we will act lustfully. So, how do we correct what we're doing? Well, hopefully by changing what we're looking at we change a lot. But we have to make sure we are establishing habits and lifestyle that are free from sexually sinful Acts. How free is free? I'll put it this way and Ephesians 5 verses 3 through 5, but sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you as its proper among the saints let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk more crude joking which are out of place. But instead let there be Thanksgiving for you may be sure of this but everyone who is sexually immoral or impure or who is Covetous that is an idolater has no inheritance in the Kingdom of Christ and God.

There's no wiggle room here. There's no excuses or reasons for your culture being saturated with sex that makes this passage go. Okay. Well, then that doesn't apply to me and this situation. There's no wiggle room. Not even a hint of sexual immorality is to be named among you not even a hint and just so you know and this is this is wildly important. The word for sexual immorality is the Greek word p****** needs to see where we go with that right? But here's the deal. It's a junk drawer term. It means anything listen to me. It means anything outside the bounds of God ordained. God bless sexual activity within a marriage between one man and one woman. Anything and that drawer is full. Now hear me clearly hear me clearly.

demi sexual anime sexual action any sexual implication outside of biblical marriage is a sin.

And Paul inspired by the holy spirit says that not even a hint of it is to even be named among you.

So you're saying well, I'm not married, right? So anything outside the bounds of biblical marriage that has to do with sex is sin for you.

How close can I get don't do that? How far away can I get yes?

You play with it you will get burned. Not even a hint. So how does that change what you do? What movies you watch? What websites you visit what thoughts you think what words you use what jokes you tell and on and on and on I'm telling you guys this affects everything. Everything in your life that affects what she walked down in the store or how you walk down those aisles. It affects who your friends are on social media affects whether you should even have a social media account. this calls for new habits new patterns biblical thinking biblical instruction and a life shaped by those thing tear out that I cut off the hand for your sake for your family's sake for your future spouses sake for the sake of the people of this church. For the sake of the glory of God listen to me something differently.

Do everything differently? on purpose drastically

Okay, so what do I do? There's a lot of things