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Dealing With Family Stress
II Timothy 1:1-12
All of us have situations/people that bring stress into our lives.
More often than not the stress that comes into our lives also brings fear.
All of us have things that we fear.
At one time our society tried to act like there was no fear.
Teenager at a hospital crying over the death of a friend with a “ No Fear T- Shirt.”
I once asked a man if he knew where he would spend eternity when he died.
He said, “I’m not afraid of hell, that’s where all my friends are.”
Now our society acts like everything is to be feared especially the truth of God’s Word!!!
As we finish this series on “The Stress of Christmas” I want you to take note of this truth:
Every family, whether it is a Christian family or not, faces issues of concern.
These issues can cause one to develop stress, health problems, emotional difficulties, etc.
These are very real issues which could cause significant fear to creep into our hearts and rob our joy.
Some families fear separation, unfaithfulness, health issues or loneliness.
· How can a mature Christian family live with little or no fear?
· How do we fight the terror of fear?
The Bible provides principles that every Christian family can use in order to overcome stress and fear.
The practicing of these three principles will lead to a victorious Christian life.
Let’s read what the Apostle Paul wrote to a young man named Timothy.
Timothy was not raised in a “Traditional Family,” but he was a man who had great boldness to lead in the early church.
It is here in this letter to Timothy we find our lesson in dealing with family stress and the fear that it brings.
We Must Grow in Our Faith – verse 5
Note – Timothy had been raised on a strong faith in God and God’s Word.
In fact, in several places the Apostle Paul refers to this faith of Timothy’s as a gift.
If you have a Big God you have little problems.
If you have a little God, you have big problems.
Note – Timothy had a sincere or “unfeigned faith.”
Not feigned; not counterfeit; not hypocritical; real; sincere; as unfeigned piety to God; unfeigned love to man.
Unfeigned has the sense of not pretending, being genuine, legitimate, real in motives, words and deeds.
Oh,that God would help our faith to be unfeigned!!
A. It Was A Faith Based in Scripture
Note- Our children need a foundation of faith.
Ill- Researchers at Johns Hopkins University reported that 30 years ago, the greatest fears of grade school children were: 1) Animals, 2) Being in a dark room, 3) High places, 4) Strangers, 5) Loud noises.
Today, kids are afraid of the following: 1) Divorce, 2) Nuclear war, 3) Cancer, 4) Pollution, 5) Being mugged.
B. It Was a Faith that Removed Fear – verse 7
Fear is a state of bondage, a lack of belonging.
Many people here today struggle with this type of fear.
Note – This fear is like slavery.
1. Godly Faith is Empowering – His Spirit imparts grace and strength to the believer.
5-year old Johnny was in the kitchen as his mother made supper.
She asked him to go into the pantry and get her a can of tomato soup, but he didn't want to go in alone.
"It's dark in there, and I'm scared."
She asked again, and he persisted.
Finally, she said, "It's OK--Jesus will be in there with you."
Johnny walked hesitantly to the door and slowly opened it.
He peeked inside, saw it was dark, and started to leave when all at once an idea came, and he said: "Jesus if you're in there, would you hand me that can of tomato soup?"
2. Godly Faith Produces Love –Love enables us to believe, endure and hope in all things.
3. Godly Faith is A Maturing Faith (Sound Mind)
Note- A sound mind implies much more; it means a clear understanding, a sound judgment, a rectified will, holy passions, heavenly tempers; in a word, the whole soul harmonized in all its powers and faculties; and completely regulated and influenced, so as to think, speak, and act aright in all things.
His faithfulness is great, but how is your faith.
Can someone say, “I see a strong faith in that person” when they speak of you?
We Must Grow in Our Faith
We Must Honor our Family-vs.
Note- mother honored the grandmother’s teaching.
That which one generation does in moderation the next generation will often do in excess!!!
Ill – We have seen a phenomenon in our culture called “Domestic Violence.”
Note – The very place that is supposed to provide security and belonging is attacked the most by Satan in these days.
Many families are not places of encourage or edification.
Note – Husbands and wives must also build one another up.
(Especially during the Holidays)
Turn in your Bibles to:
A. Wives Encourage Your Husband-1 Peter 3:6
There are many stresses, fears, and challenges every man faces, and God has ordained marriage as one of the relationships to build encouragement into a husband.
Recently one professional hockey player tried to describe his job to the press…..
From the book Sports Shorts, Jacques Plante, a former stand-out goalie for the Montreal Canadians, said of his career: "How would you like it in your job if every time you made a small mistake, a red light went on over your desk and fifteen thousand people stood up and yelled at you?" Try to relax; things could be worse at your office.
B. Husbands Honor Your Wives- 1 Peter 3:7
Note – Sometimes we hear of feminists who criticize the Bible’s teaching regarding a woman’s support of her husband.
The Bible teaches clearly that the husband is to honor his wife.
He should build security into his wife.
Note- a wife that is secure is a wife that finds it easy to follow her husband’s leadership!!
New year- get on a budget!!!
Elevate dependability, eliminate doubts.
Note- a couple should never be concerned over the faithfulness of their spouse.
ILL.- IPhone app- “Find Friends” lets Tina know exactly where I am at all the time!!!
We Must Grow in Our Faith
We Must Honor Our Family
We Must Trust in the Providence of God-vs.
The word “Providence” comes from two words.
The word’s “Pro” and “video.”
Together these mean, “To see before.”
A. God Has A Purpose For His Children – verse 9
Note – The Word purpose means He has a “Plan” for our lives.
Note- We are “called” according to a purpose.
We are “saved/called” for His purpose and not our own!!!!
We can trust His purpose and his plan.
B. His Purpose For Us Is Christ - Likeness –vs. 9
Note- His desire is that we might be Christ-Like.
“No Cross, No Crown”
Sometimes the Lord calms the storm.
Sometimes he lets the storm rage and calms his child.
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