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The Fifth Kingdom, Final and Forever

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Just as Daniel had interpreted the King's dream to mean, there will be a total of 5 main kingdoms on the earth. The dream with the statue AND the dream with the beasts, both from the Bible book of Daniel, come together to predict the Earth's destiny, many years before the first kingdom fell. The image of the statue has 4 parts that are representative of 4 world kingdoms that have since come and gone. Check it out in history. There are still remnants of the last kingdom in existence today, but eventually there will be no trace of any of them left as the fifth kingdom is established, and it will be the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The evidence is immense and very convincing! Join us as we look at the predictions in detail - you are sure to have your faith in God's great plan increase!

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Come let us worship together. Let us bow before the Lord our maker.

Opening song Today is we've a story to tell to the Nations notice what this story is about. It comes to us Straight From the Heart of scripture. It's a story of Truth and mercy a story of peace and Light. Because it would turn men's Hearts to the right. It's a story that will conquer evil and shatter the spear and sword the result no more war. It's the message of Elijah who is coming to hurl the coming of Jesus and turn me into love and light and finally. It is it is warning of divine judgment on all who refused to obey him. For the darkness shall turn 2 dawning of the dawning to noon day bright and Christ. Great Kingdom Come on Earth the kingdom of love and light please join in singing number 360 in the green him know we've a story to tell to the Nations.


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Please turn to Isaiah chapter 63. And Isaiah 63 the prophet Isaiah looks far into the future to our day and sees a great day of divine judgement. The Judgment of cytosol is the Judgment that will make a clean sweep of all that is evil and leave the Earth ready for the new and vastly better government Christ comes to set up. The prophecy is written in symbolic language to show us the force it would take to remove the old and bring in the new then God's people will praise him for his goodness and mercy towards them. I read Isaiah 63 verses 1 through 7 from the new King James Version.

Who is this? Who comes from Edom with the dyed garments from Bozrah? This one who is glorious in his apparel traveling in the greatness of his strength. Who's speaking righteousness mighty to save? Where is your apparel red undergarments like one who trades in the winepress? I have trodden the winepress alone. And from the people's no one was with me for I have tried in them in my anger and trample them in my Fury. Their blood is sprinkled upon my garments and I have stained all my robes for the day of vengeance is in my heart other year of my redeemed has come I look but there was no one to help. And I wondered that there was no one to uphold there for my own arm brought salvation for me and my own Fury. This is staying me. I have tried and found the people is in my anger made them drunk in my Fury and brought down their strength to the Earth.

I will mention the loving-kindness of the Lord and the Praises of the Lord according to all that the Lord has bestowed on us and the great goodness for the house of Israel, which he has bestowed on them. According to his mercies according to the multitude of his great loving-kindness is

Please stand for the invocation.

We thank you for the Glorious Everlasting plan outlined in your word. We praise you for evidence provide proving. The Bible is reliable through your Noble spokesman Daniel you outlined centuries in advance the rise and fall of the kingdoms of men and you Crown this long-term forecast for the promise that the kingdoms of man was soon be replaced with your Everlasting Kingdom. In a world of fear hate and crying we long for a life of peace and happiness Without End. Peppa's father-to-be all of the sword with this glorious. Hope we need your help to live everyday triumphantly above the petty interest of our natural echalas sales tomorrow Beach day in expectancy knowing our life is limited sole of each day may show advancement and the Divine Light cleaner have a pure heart Devotion to you that we may be among your chosen ones when we must give account before the judge you have appointed in Christ name. We ask these blessings. Amen.

Please Jordan singing number 211 in the green Hymnal zahn's King will come.

Then we have part 7 in our series on the kingdom of God your kingdom come. We're calling at the fifth Kingdom final and forever. We've had a lot on this subject of the Kingdom today. We're pulling it together to look at the final end of it great combination. We've had a lot of evidence about it, but it's a real Kingdom and that it's really coming. This is the destiny of the earth. God put this planet hair. He created it not in vain. It says he formed it to be inhabited and this is all about inhabitants. That's where we want to be. So we look at this kingdom of God. And today we're looking at a very special angle of it because we're taking it from prophecy in the Book of Daniel. Book of Daniel is very very special. We usually look at this passage and Daniel is this vision and Daniel to see how veritable how definitely true the Bible is today. We're looking at it from another standpoint because it's true and we know it is but we're looking at mostly what this Vision says. We're looking at the fifth Kingdom in this vision of this vision is really all about four kingdoms, but it's four kingdoms plus one and that this kingdom is the goal of a whole thing. This is a dream that Nebuchadnezzar had Nebuchadnezzar was a secular king of Babylon. Back in the 6th Century BC. This was a long time before Christ. 7th Century, BC Babbling was a world power. We think of a world power were not thinking of a power that dominates every part of the world from the from the all the continents were looking at a civilization in Central Europe. Between Europe and Asia. We're looking at the main Hub of civilization at that time a whole area. That was very dominant. Very Progressive lot of white lot going on there. It's think about world history the Center of Hope it was the center of the known world at that time. There were other civilization, but this was the core of civilization at the time. So we call it a world Kingdom. That's a that's a historic term that this fits with it that we can either had this dream and it was a god-given dream. It was not just something that he happened to dream. God was wanting to make his plan visible known. And so this prophecy here in this in this dream. Is about prophecy of Earth's ultimate Destiny four World kingdoms to be replaced by a v one. Now this this Kingdom becomes the fifth Kingdom and then we're calling it the final Kingdom because it is final its Fifth and Final.

Final because it's one worldwide government and it's going to be under Jesus Christ at that point. All human governments will be gone. They'll be no more us or Russia or China or Korea or any other little spot on the earth under any human Dominion. It's going to be all swept away. That's what this this vision is going to show us what sit-in Graphics that we can see a picture we can grasp and remember because it makes it a picture. And then it's going to be a forever Kingdom. That's why we're calling at fifth Final in forever because when it comes it shall stand forever. That's the word of God. That is the Declaration of the creator. We're not talking about something. That's just a little little tiny bit of History here. We're talking about that something that's coming to stay going to take over. This isn't our idea. This isn't something we made up. This is divine certainty backing it. And at the end of this Vision it says this dream is certain and the interpretation thereof is sure. I like that statement. It's certain and sure not a lot of things in this world we can depend on we can have something today and it's gone tomorrow even a government can be here today and gone tomorrow country. Look at the changes. We've seen in 10 years here of you learn your geography when you're in school, you'll soon find geographies a temporary thing. It changes all the time. One comes up and one comes down. There's a change constant change, but this government is going to stand when it comes. It's a forever Kingdom. It's going to come to stay.

This is been the plan of God from the beginning. If we were to go back into scripture. We're going to see it right starting from Genesis all the way to Revelation. This is a plan that's been in place all the way. We've been looking at this plan as the development of the Kingdom because that's that's the core of the message. It's all about God populating this Earth with his new creation, whether it's called The Creation or heavens and earth or whether it's called kingdoms. It's all the same plan just put up in different different symbols different language, but it's telling us the same thing over and over here. We have the Prototype of the nation. And we believe seen that prototype nation of Israel. That's the way God brought it about selecting people for it. And this nation came about because he planned that he directed that he chose the people for it, but I change from a national choosing to individual the big plan was put on hold. This was all according to plan because God is seeking the highest quality individuals for his kingdom. He needed time to find and develop those people and based on what they were what they could become their individual character. It's all about the law of faith and obedience. Same kind of Allah. We still are under today. But this was God's plan for developing people for the kingdom. And under that plan, we have a lot happening. So that's what we're looking at today because this is the plan for the kingdom. God planned it to be in stages. He didn't do one continuous mechanism all the way through one wasn't just one method he put many things together to bring about this plan that he yes, he a different stages of action at different points. We're told this in different parts of the Bible how he worked in different ways, but he always had a plan and he was working according to that plan. Now, let's go to the dream. Let's go to Nebuchadnezzar's dream. We have the chapter in Daniel. Where Nebuchadnezzar has this dream and this prophetic dream is going to tell us a lot about the kingdom is going to tell us the four-wheel kingdoms to come and go before the final kingdom comes in going to tell us when the kingdom of God is coming because it puts it in the sequence of world events. Can't miss it. It shows when it's going to be not exactly but it shows the sequence of time and it shows it's given after Israel fell to Babylon and it's given during babblings Ray. Visions stands all the time. until the 5th final forever kingdom of God comes I was really impressed with this point here because we have a span of time from the beginning when God first makes his his plan known on Earth and time of Adam. We have a long time through there where he's developing people looking for select individuals for the aristocracy for his kingdom and he comes down through all that time. He stepped up Israel's a prototype of show us. This is what the kingdom is going to be a literal place. Well at the time he puts that plan on hold for the Prototype right then that's when this dream comes into the picture because this is when Nebuchadnezzar has his dream. He's in power and babble and he's the one that took his real down. Do. He's the one that took them into captivity brought all of that about right there. The original part of the plan for Israel is put on hold. Now you have four World kingdoms coming into succession that show showing his dream. I got to look at those kingdoms individually and thoughts that time spans all the time between Nebuchadnezzar and the coming of Christ when the fifth kingdom comes into being so we have an initial time and then it comes right down to the time of Nebuchadnezzar. It couldn't be time more perfectly. This dream came at just the right time. Of course because God gave it and Daniel was in babbling to interpret it. Just like God planned it to be and then we get the interpretation of the floor World kingdoms coming about the Gumby babbling medo-persia Greece and Rome here. We are down at the tail end of the time when Rome Rome is long gone, but there's still remnants of it. We still pick speak the romance languages. We use the Roman Roman counting time for using their calendar. We're still remnants of that Roman Empire in the wave. Just don't matter. Which Steve image portrays or right down to the time when the fifth kingdom is going to come into the picture as a whirling powerful little Stone cut out of the mountain without hands go to strike this image and send it to Smithereens. Nothing left if it's going to blow away and the big kingdom of God is going to be here. That's where this picture takes us today. So let's let's go to Daniel 2 and get the story.

Daniel in Babylon could have looked like a dead end here. He's down there as a teenager. Probably not more than 16 years old. He's been carried away from his homeland. He grew up in a probably rather comfortable situation because he certainly had God-fearing somebody in his family to teach him to help him get started. He had a strong faith when he went to babbling at 16 or whatever. He was. Maybe he was 14 maybe was 18. He was teenager. He had to Benny on But here he is displaced from its home displaced from its family a few companions from his country to they're all Noble blood. They all probably looked forward to being princes or being something important than the government being a being able to serve their country or Nation or their Temple, but here they are suddenly carried away because it was time for God to bring judgment on the nation. Like he had said he would and they are displaced persons here. They are miles and miles from home in a strange country with a strange language in a strange culture everything about their life has been turned upside down but their faith in God is strong. They're still loyal to their their Hebrew teaching their God because they are convinced that God had something for them. He would see them through their lives, whatever there. situation might come to be let me come to Daniel to we have a story here of the king who had the dream. I was King has this dream just follow along through chapter 2 Nebuchadnezzar's the king. He's the one that had taken Israel down remember now, he's the one that brought those captives down there with his armies. First one said his Spirit was so troubled. He couldn't sleep. So the king gave command to his magicians astrologers the sorcerer's the Chaldeans to tell the king his dream so they came and stood before the king. He's some of the mall in tell me King said to him. I have had a dream and my spirit is anxious to know the dream. Then the Chaldeans spoke to the king and Aramaic okaying live forever. They're always praising him. Tell your servants the dream and we will give you the interpretation. We're good at that. That's our specialty. The king answered and said to them my decision is firm. If you do not make known the dream to me and its interpretation. You should be cut in pieces in your houses shall be made in a sheet. However, if you tell the dream and its interpretation you shall receive from me gifts rewards great. Honour. He wanted this thing to be attractive. Therefore tell me the dream and its interpretation. Well, that's not a normal order. They answered again instead left the king teleservices the dream and we will give its interpretation the king answered and said I know for certain that you would give game time because you see that my decision is you did not make known the dream and he threatens them again for you have agreed to speak lying and corrupt words before me till the time has changed their for tell me the dream and I shall know that you can give me his interpretation. The Chaldeans answer the king there is not a man on Earth who can tell the king's matter. Therefore. No King Lord or router has ever asked such things of any magician astrologer account. It is a difficult thing that you ask will see more than difficult. It's impossible. Anyway, there is no other who can tell it to the king accept the gods. So you should be asking your God these things cuz you worship all these images they should be able to tell you something. Who's the bar but their dwelling is not with flesh. Well problem there maybe for this reason the King was angry Furious gave command to destroy all the wise men way Woody Lee says, you're worthless. You're going to want only make up lies. Well, so they began killing his companions because they were considered wise men to in Babylon. They've been brought there. They were probably in training, but they were in the in that Court to kill them. So something has to be done here Daniel his companions don't want to die that something have to pass to happen then with counseling wisdom Daniel answered arioch the captain of the kingsguard would gone out to kill the white man. Why is the degree from the king so urgent? Then arioch made known the decision to Daniel So Daniel went in and asked the king to give him time. Can I have some time to this thing? I can we get you an answer? I think I can help but I need time Daniel went to his house then and made the decision. No to hananiah mishael and Azariah. Those were the three that were Israelites with him in captivity. They were apparently living together then that they might seek Mercy from the god of Heaven concerning the secret So Daniel his companions might not perish with the rest. Then here's the the really nice part. Then the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision. Daniel has a vision here now so he knows what it's all about. I gave him the vision he'd given Nebuchadnezzar so that Daniel could understand it and Daniel blessed the god of Heaven have a beautiful prayer here from Daniel. Thanking God blessed be the name of God forever and ever for wisdom in my daughter has he changes the times and Seasons he removes Kings and raises up Kings says God you're in power. We know you're in command, you know, you're on top of this he gives wisdom to the wise and now is to those who have understanding he reveals deep and secret thing as well. And then Daniel puts his own personal praise and for Thanksgiving he's as I thank you and praise you. Oh god of my fathers. You have given me wisdom in might and have now made known to me what we asked of you. So now he is Daniel ready for it all prepared. Only been tonight's the only night in between of the day here and now he's ready Daniel went to arioch whom the king had appointed to destroy them and said do not destroy the wise men take me before The King and I will tell the king the interpretation. So arioch quickly. He's acting he's ready to take action. He brought Daniel before the king then said to him. I have found a man of a captains of June who will make known to the king of interpretation the king answered and said to Daniel whose name was belshazzar. So he gets his audience in front of the king. Are you able to make known to me the dream and its interpretation? So Daniel, he doesn't take any credit for himself but he says the secret which the King has demanded of all the wise men astrologers and soothsayers they can't do it but and here is his powerful statement. There is a God in heaven who reveals secrets and has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar. What will be in the latter days. This is a very significant Revelation that the King has gotten your dream and the visions of your head up on your bed where these so he gives God the credit and then he goes on to tell the king what it's all about. As for you okaying these thoughts came into your mind. And he goes on and says but again, he says to the king as for me the secret has not been revealed to me because I have more wisdom than any living but for our sakes who make known the interpretation to the king that you may know the thoughts of your heart. God is being considered he's using me to tell you these things all comes from God that he tells the king what it's all about you okay, we're watching and behold a great image. The king says, that's it. You got it. You got it. There it is. You got it, right. Now he says this great image who Splendor was excellent stood before you and its form was awesome. Thanks of you. Got it. You got it. Oh, he can see his eyes light up. He's just really on the edge of his chair. He's not relaxed anymore. This is it. He really probably didn't have much hope from those Wiseman. He probably didn't have much hope ever knowing what this dream was about. But here it is.

He says the image that had was a fine gold if it was that's it. It's just an arms would have silver half. That's it. It's belly and thighs rubbed bronze yet make legs of iron. Yes, they look sturdy and the feet part of iron and part of clay. Who sang just not he's he's just awestruck you watched that a stone was cut out without hands Sparkling Image on his feet of iron and clay and get two pieces. That's what happened. That's it and became like chaff be from the morning summer scratching floors the wind carried them away. So that no trace of them was found. That's it. The image was gone. That's it and the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and fill the whole Earth. Well so much for the dream. That's it. You've got it now. He's just tell me what it all means. I need to know more than this. So Nebuchadnezzar says this is the dream now, we will tell the interpretation. So the king is still sitting on the edge of his chair. Here. He goes you okaying you. Okay King are the King of Kings for the god of Heaven has given you a kingdom power strength and Glory. You are the head of gold. Oh now watch his head swell. He's he's being praised to this guy. He's the head of gold. I never knez are you know, he had he had a terrific Eagle. He must have had because they've dug up the stones from his from his kingdom that he build a big wall around the whole city of Babylon and they say that in every one of those that use of blocks and they molded those bricks that they built the wall of and in every one of the bottom of every one of them. His name is inscribed. You made that had to make them also that his name neberkenezer is on every one of those bricks and they found they found a lot of those clothes blocks that actually have his name inscribed on them. He was a proud King still being called the head of gold fitted his Eagle just fine. That was just the Right Touch. So first 39 and Daniel, too, but after you shall arise another kingdom inferior to yours all all he's not going to be there forever. Oh, this is a little blow. Well, you can expect to stay there forever. He's going to get old. He can't expect anything else. Yes. He has to accept this so that's not the worst thing at least he gets his time. And at least the next one's inferior, that sounds good. So then another after that one of the third Kingdom of Brown's will rule over the Earth and 1/4 Kingdom shall be as strong as iron and as much as iron Braixen in pieces and shatters everything and like I am that crushes the kingdom will break in pieces and Crush all the others.

King is just breathless by now. We're as you saw the feet and Toes partly potters clay and partly of iron the kingdom shall be divided going to have two legs for this image provided at the strength of iron. She'll be in it just as you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay and as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of play so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile. As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle and the seed of men with the seed of man, but they will not adhere to one another iron and Clay don't don't hold together very well. And then you have the story of the fourth Kingdom. So what does all of this mean we have the image on the screen here and let's head of gold is Babylon. Then we have the next one after proud. Nebuchadnezzar's day is done. Now. We have the breast and arms of silver which represents medo-persia. We have a parallel story of this Inn in Daniel 7 which gives it in the imagery of four beasts, which tell us more detail to Define these if we only had this one we probably have a hard time knowing about these are but the one the one with the animals we aren't we aren't including not today, but with the animals picture it does very conclusively show what these different kingdoms are. So here we have the Bretton Arms of silver what you see in the image. Then the next one. We have the belly and thighs of brass. Which represents Greece.

then below that we have two legs legs of iron Rome divided east and west Easton West still separated and then beyond that. We have feet and Toes part of iron part of clay broken remnants of Rome and it says they will not adhere to one another that's what we have to do a no world power no country. That's dominant of all any civilization area. It's all broken. They can't even keep the the European part together today and you know about brexit. There's no adhering one to another you have some states that your night but then you have all these little pieces in between that keep breaking things apart for years. We had the cold war between East and West me there was dominant over the other and that fell apart. We still have little pieces here and there all over But then this last thing that stone at the bottom there that's you see heading toward the feet. That's the little Stone it says it's cut out of the mountain and that's the kingdom of Christ. That's representing the West the rest of the story that little stone that strikes the image. Cut out without hands doesn't need any human help everything about that image is human. But the rest of it is all without human help. This is what shows us. That this really is true this little Stone strikes the image violently. The image disappears it's gone. Wind Blows it away. It says there's no trace of it left no trace and then of course the little Stone grows to fill the Earth.

This prophecy tells us so much in a few words, but when you realize it's spanning the time. It's patting the time between Israel being taken down as a nation put on hold. Taking all the eight years in between. That was about 600 BC taking all the time between then and 300. We have the time we have the time meats and Persians coming in. We have the time of Alexander the Great that we have the time of the Roman Empire and that takes us right down to our day when this little stone is going to come in violently and strike the image and all the kingdoms and all the monarchies and all of the Nations today are going to be affected by that little Stone no exceptions because it's going to take the whole image down. No trace of it left and it's going to feel the Earth. This is just tremendous Prophecy from scripture. And it's real it's not something that we made up. This is not something that's if he it's not a question mark, it's absolute this is going to be this is just tremendous evidence of what God's plan is. no, human Government is going to stop it. No human power is going to affect it. It's going to be and it's going to feel the earth when it's done. This is the destiny of our planet. This is information, which is absolutely sure and true. Every part of this has been been verified. It's meaningful. the meaning for us and all of this is tremendous because this is Surety us that the Bible is true. We can't have one part Fault In Another Part through the god behind this knows what he's saying. Thanks for World kingdoms. It was prophecy for Nebuchadnezzar. Cuz he was at the beginning of that prophecy. He was the first one he was the head of gold. For us it's history. We can read it any book. You want to pick up of History. It's going to tell about it. Those kingdoms came and went their there. They're documented your details May differ from one history book to another but it is historically recorded. Absolutely. You can find it any Library you want to go to you're going to find these prophecies won't bind them as prophecy. You'll find it a history. These kingdoms came and they went just like the prophecy said they would This is convincing really convincing evidence. If you think about it, this is really convincing evidence that this Bible is inspired by God that it is. Absolutely true.

People have tried all the way through it and get rid of this. They've tried to explain it away one way or another they tried to make out that it wasn't what it looked like that. It wasn't what it was intended to be. They've made all kinds of attempts to disprove it. But there's nothing that's convincing. They've tried to find other Daniel's they've tried to find other other incidents that we're parallel to it, but there's nothing convincing because it's only a few years after this a few hundred years. This was all documented in the in the Jews records of their Hebrew Bible, but they took the there Hebrew Bible translated into Greek with the Septuagint that still in the second century BC that this was done. It's all there. It's in the ancient manuscript. It's in the Dead Sea Scrolls. It's documented long before Jesus was born. So here you have these four World kingdoms. There's no way to get rid of it because Send such a long time. There's just no way to knock it out. You can deny it if you can turn away from it and say it isn't true. But that doesn't change the facts the facts are there. The facts are written down. It's there. There was a there was enough scholarship than enough preserved of those ancient writings to know that it is real. They're still finding more and more representations from these things. It's there. You just can't get rid of it. It's there. So the Prophecies of this fifth Kingdom now that fart that stone heading the image right now. The image is still in evidence. We still down at the bottom of it. But when that little Stone comes in, Things are going to change right now that little Stone still in the making. Still being formed is being formed in the mountain without human hands. God is directing its for me. But that little stone represents the kingdom of God. And that's where we are. We could be part of that little Stone its surety of the prophecy fulfilled because the part that fulfilled is documented documented in numerous Nations. But only God can foretell the future Only God Can foretell the future with a bent with with certainty and that's where we are today. Just imagine where Nebuchadnezzar was in 600 BC. He was looking ahead at something here. Well his kingdom had a few hundred years to go. Wasn't that long belshazzar was on the throne and it was taken down by the medes Persians came all this changed. so this is like off looking ahead and saying what government is going to be dominant at the end of this Century. Here. We are in the 21st century. What's going to be happening? And when it gets to be 2090 2095 who's going to be dominant? It's going to be Russia's go to Korea is going to be the u.s. What governments are going to be around what governments are going to be gone. We have no way of guessing. We look ahead even further. What's going to happen the year 2300 that's where I've never been others Vision when would have had a few hundred years? What's going to happen in 2400 who was going to venture that one with any certainty today? No way to guess. That's why Daniel could say there is a God in heaven that knows God's power to for know the future is so far beyond our imagination. We can't begin to Fathom it.

But this little Stone takes time to develop but when it comes it's going to come at with with Fury Vengeance Force. And that fifth kingdom is going to come it still unfulfilled all that Force fourth come and gone, but the fifth one is still to come and if we can know that those first four came and went we can read that in history. Why can't we believe the fifth one is coming. It's all part of the same record all part of the same story. And this shows us really but the kingdom is it's not something spiritual not something in your heart. All those four kingdoms were very real. The fifth one is going to be just as real every bit as real. Let's have our middle song number 83 in the green book How Sweet to be there. Show picture of the Kingdom.

A lot of detail behind this that we wouldn't even think about normally perhaps but it's telling us how that kingdoms going to come out.

if you're going to put a new kitchen in your house, if you're going to put in a new bath, if you put in a new part of your house completely the first thing you do is think about Removing the old you've got to renovate there's no simple way to do a little Patchwork and have a new kitchen for a new bath. Can't just take a little paintbrush and dub some spots. You can't do it just a little repair to the door. You can't do something minor you have to do a major renovation. Our earth needs renovating. I think everybody would pretty much agree to that. It needs a real renovating and that means completely removing the old my little patch that little dog or repair must change. Something has to change to make place for the all new part. And the first step is to tear out the old. And when you go to tearing out the old step one tear out the old you have to use some Sharp Tools. You don't use your dish cloth. You don't use a soft towel. You don't use a little light brush. You have to use something that's harsher than all that you probably need a hammer and some something. That's the going to be a little rough going to make some dust. It's going to make a mess. You're going to make a total change in your kitchen. You've got to do some real real work. You got to pull out the old and that's what we got here with the picture of the Kingdom because you have to remove man's bungling mess. Can't leave it have to remove it. If you're going to have to be going to have to be at have it ready to install all new methods ideology ways of thinking philosophies. The way people think is so different from God's way. With reverence for God and honor for his ways and work changing. The situation is drastic because we have children growing up to day that don't know nothing about God no respect for him no honor for him. No no love for God no knowledge of it. They get to be adults. They don't have it either doesn't come about by Nature. It's going to be a total change tearing out the old getting ready for the new and then step two is going to be setting up the new installing that new King in the new way teaching people new ways of living new ways of working new ways of thinking.

Not a patchwork not a surface thing. It's not a blending of the old that we take some of the background of the old and some of the new and put them together. No, there's no using the elements of the old and the new. Got to be a complete removal of the old to make space for the new not a sum of each proposition. There has to be a drastic change to get the one from the one to the other.

Now it's this little new story here the picture that the Nebuchadnezzar saw tell the something else because Beyond Step 2, we have the little Stone striking the image. And where are the stone strikes is Barry key the stone strikes the feet of the image. I don't strike the head didn't come in Babel and stay. Doesn't even strike on the legs iron bronze day time of Jesus. Rome wasn't power. Then I'm appalled, Pentecost. The little Stone didn't come in at Pentecost. The church doesn't fit doesn't fit. The image doesn't fit. The picture didn't come then. Didn't come in Augustine's time in 4th Century church was strong then the Roman Church was very strong. It wasn't the Church of Jesus anymore. But was very very powerful Church being more powerful with the years there. But that wasn't for the stone struck the image didn't strike anywhere on the legs The twolegs Divided East and West soon after that 500-600. They were divided all the way through there the Orthodox Church of the role and the church in Italy they divided but didn't strike during that time didn't strike one knee and not the other. It just didn't strike then he come on down well. It strikes feet.

Go back to Daniel and we'll see where this is for sure. This is Daniel 2:35. Then the eye on the clay the bronze or silver in the gold were crushed together. But wait, there's three fourths are verse 34 you watched while the stone was cut out without hands which struck the image on the its feet of iron and Clay. So the feet have gone to ironing play this little Stone comes in. It doesn't just roll over the toes. It doesn't just roll around Jet Li it comes in with Force. It's cut out without without hands and verse 35 the iron and the clay the bronze to Silver in the gold were crushed together. Doesn't matter what it was clear iron with strong Nation or weak. They're all going to get hit they all became like chaff chaff is straw husking of grain. Turn the summer threshing floor and the wind carried it away so that there was no trace of them left. No trace of those stones left in the rest of the image. It's gone. Gone Gone

Dash is the old system to Smithereens the great bee images history. It's all gone. No more human governments no more human authority no more human ideas and ideologies.

And then the little Stone takes over.

So it's a case of little Stone goes out with the old Nations have to hand over their authority to Christ Bible tells us about this. We have a lot in scripture about this transition from the old to the new the old has to go song that says it sound 50 Our God she'll come and shall not keep silence. It's not being a great God of heaven, but it's God Emmanuel God With Us Jesus Christ. They've given the authority of God to come and