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Find Citrus County the great privilege to be able to. I'll be able to worship with you this morning and be able to bring God's word to you this morning seeing some some wonderful Christmas carols this morning. That was just great. Thank you so much for the the special that just warms my heart and I just a singing about the the birth of our savior should bring all of us some some gave some glad hearts for what all that means. And and so thank you. And if your guess this morning, please be sure that you have a gift from us. We have a gift bag for you as a couple gifts for you in the in the bag as well as an exclamation with the gospel is and also about our church and what we're all about. So, please don't got one of those please be sure to get one of those and thank you. I was praying with a couple of them in this morning and I said to them I said, this is 6 months. Our family's been here and I was going over one with tears. I don't know why I'm not I'm not that kind of guy right now. I just like no but it's so so good to be here and to be where God has called us and you guys have been more of a blessing to us then the nice birthday. So so grateful for all of you and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. My family will be suffering for Jesus in Florida. So but I truly wish they all have a wonderful Christmas with your family in them. And that most of all of that it'll be time for you to reflect on on on our savior as the individual was supposed personally known as a family as well. And so this series in the proper perspective of Christmas, the world wants wants to pull us away and change the definition of what Christmas is all about to do more of, you know, chasing after the gifts in the parties in the festivals and all that stuff. There's cyber. Friday there's Black Friday, there's several weeks or so, you know all the stuff that all that stuff that can really pull us away and as Christians, we just try and with the last few weeks last few Sundays, we've been trying to keep our proper perspective of what decision should be about for us as Christians. And so we had their perspective of you guys. Remember there's a test. The first week was perspective of the prophets the prophets of old the Old Testament were given by God inspired words to Prophecies of the Messiah that would come and so we went the first week and we looked into all those different prophecies that pointed to decide who is once G who would win it would be ultimately be Jesus and that's they were all separated from years of hundreds of years of each other and God used human history to play the course of this Messiah that would come and so that's a good perspective for us to have is to understand that this this this story of Jesus being born. Is it just Comfort Inn, just out of chapter 2 of the New Testament but it's God's ultimate Redemption story history is really his story his history is him playing himself out of the plane The Plan of Salvation out. And so the prophets play the key role in that one man showing all the different prophecies from all those different times are astronomical and so we have that respect for us to dwell on and put it on and be thankful for that. God has given us is inspired word and his His prophets of old is pointed us so we can we can see Jesus as Savior and and and place our eternity in him because what God has promised he's able to deliver and the prophets pointing to Jesus and the Jesus fulfilling that ultimately is openly him delivering on what he's promised to do. And then we have the perspective of the Shepherds. All right, right. We had the Shepherds that were out in the fields. And so we had just to spend some time on the The Motif of the shepherdess found in scripture all of these. If you find in the Christmas story, you'll find different characters playing themselves out in this Christmas story of the Shepherds. And today we can talk about the Magi and we have the religious leaders and all of these. Hopefully I brought to you that we can just do the surface level read the Christmas story week and be content with that and be happy about that. But if we just dig a little deeper into the god scriptures, we see that this panoramic view of much deeper meanings are being that can be enfolded. I just taking these characters that were in The Christmas Store in for the Shepherds were that that that motif of the shepherd how God wants a Shepherd to his chosen Shepherd David Wright to be the king of Israel and we went through that and then we saw the kings that succeeded him were terrible and he cast a curse on the on the shepherd say You're no good because you know, what I'm going to do. I will be the shepherd of my people know somebody I said fulfillment of Jesus Christ. Who is the Good Shepherd, right? John chapter 10. Jesus says, I am the Good Shepherd and so the Good Shepherd is one who lays down his life for his cheap. And so we we just relishing that good news that that man. We don't need to follow man. We just need to follow our savior Jesus Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the man God, he was the perfect Shepherd the Good Shepherd that we can place our faith and trust and we can allow him to lead us and guide us because he is God In the Flesh he is ultimately the ultimate fulfillment of that Shepherd the Good Shepherd. The last week we had the perspective on the religious leaders. We got in the Matthew to half of the birth of Jesus and they all of a sudden these three wise men show up from out of the East. Right and the hair that the Gentile ruler he was very troubled and Disturbed this news that that's why these wise men say they are the king of the Jews. Where is he? And he's like way I'm I'm the king save Disturbed's new focus last week on the scriptures also saying that all of Jerusalem was also troubled these religious leaders who have been no other scriptures who have been to know that this mysterious to come is why I was going to show up out of the east and their heart is indifferent to it. They just point Heritage Dia supposed to be in Bethlehem. They weren't running down the streets gomessiah might be here, right? They had this point of indifference and then we contrasted that with the story of Ruth. And how Ruth and we went and saw The Destroyer The kinsman-redeemer Who ultimately Jesus fulfilled right now, so he could redeem us. He could be a man Siri Dimas to pay the penalty that you and I deserve for our sin and ultimately his heart when he was she went to the feet of Boaz in and said, I need your protection. I need your kinsman redeemer, you're the authority to cover me and protect me and we've tried the parallel that that's ultimately what happens when we come to Christ. We come to the foot of the cross and he said we have nothing to offer you Lord. All of our righteousness is as filthy rags, but you come to redeem and all we need to do is come to him and ask for his covering that it wasn't his cloak that covered us, but it was his shed Blood on the cross that wonderful gift of Salvation given to us by our Lord and savior our kinsman redeemer Jesus Christ. How do you start a message on my starting to get little weepy? That's worth? Where's my Kleenex brother?

And so today we're going to just stand our series of perspective series with the perspective of the Magi we touched on it last week and I thought we finished it off with this the perspective of the wise men Magi does the term that use in the New Testament the Greek word Magi and in the Greek Septuagint as well. There's references made of the wise men in the Old Testament in the Greek Septuagint is translate translated that as mad when I say imagine playing the wise men. Okay. So let's go ahead and read that story Matthew Chapter 2 verses 1 through 12. If you have your Bibles, you can follow along with me. If you don't have a Bible that should be one underneath the seats there for you that's in the same transaction that I'm using and if all else fails as long as electronics and which is it be 50/50 shot. Sometimes you can follow along the screen behind me to read Matthew Chapter 2 verses 1 through 12. Does this after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of King Herod wise men from the East arrived unexpectedly in Jerusalem saying, where is he who has been born King of the Jews for we saw his star in the east and he and have come to worship Him. First three when King Herod heard this he was deeply disturbing all Jerusalem with him. So he assembled all the chief priests all the scribes a little resistant religious leaders of the time of the people and ask them. Where is the Messiah? Where was he born in Bethlehem of Judea? I told him because it was this is what was written by the Prophet. This is Micah chapter 5 verses restarting number is Micah prophesied the sun Inn Bethlehem in the land of Judah. Are you by no means least among the leaders of Duty because of you will come a leader who will Shepherd My People Israel. And so there's like, where's the Messiah supposed to appear? They said Bethlehem Court in the Old Testament scriptures For 7 then her secretly summon the wise men. That's the Magi and asked him the exact time the star appeared. He sent them to Bethlehem and said go and search carefully for the child when you find him report back to me so that I too can go worship Him. After hearing the king they went on their way and there it was the star they had seen in the East it led them until it came and stopped above the place where the child was when they saw the star they were Overjoyed beyond measure. Entering the house. They saw the child with Mary his mother and falling to their knees they worshipped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts gold frankincense. And myrrh. And being warned in a dream not to go back to her that they return to their own country by another route. So here we have recorded in the New Testament that their parents are the wise man. And so there's a few things we have to address first before we get into the story of the wise man and why it's important for us to go to dig a Little Deeper as far as there. And what it was that was all about and that's because the wise men of his has often been completed with the time of Jesus birth. It didn't see a lot of nativity scenes. In fact, there's someone put an 8 in my office. I walked in on my car have a nativity scene on my window and there was Baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph in the camels in and then we had the Shepherds but then I must have been my family cuz my wife knew not to put the Wiseman there because the wise men weren't there. That means you're right, but often times that inflated with the birth of Jesus in the Shepherds, and so you'll see the Wiseman and a lot of nativity scenes, but they weren't there. We see here that it was sometime later after the birth of Jesus. Set the Magi showed up. And so there's that's one thing and then where were they from Wee Wee Sing the song We Three Kings of the Orient, right? And so, where were they from where they from the Orient? What is is the term Orient different for us and it was further for the two types of people in Bethlehem in Judea the Far East right? And so we think them coming out of China or the Far East but really that wasn't part of the what they were and how many were there. Bible does it say right but we always see him into seeing there's three because there's three gifts and so people often can fight the gas with how many people were there. So there's often many things that are involved with the wise men that there aren't I actually found in scripture and so I just want to point those out to you and just so you know, and then so hopefully what was the purpose of a king's probably not going in the scripture does it say that they were Kings? All right, but was ultimately what was their purpose in the Christmas narrative. Why were there why why was it significant that three men show up from a gentile Nation to worship the king. And I'm going to pause it to you this morning that I think and it's it's not for sure but I think that's three wise men came from Babylonia. Right and I and I have I have some scriptural evidence to back that up. And if you disagree with me great, let's have some coffee cuz I love talking scripture and you can set me straight. All right, but I believe that they're from Babylonia and or Babylon and so we'll go ahead and get into why I think that's the case in and ultimately if that's the case why he's The Disappearance of the Wiseman is much more deeper than just the surface reading of the of the of the Christmas narrative. Okay. So let's go ahead and get into that. So the first reason I believe it was from they were avalonia or Babylon. I keep saying Babylonia. I don't know if that's sexual state or not Babylon is because of the booking number so way back in the Book of Numbers. Is this part of the pentateuch write the authorship of of Moses. 600 no, not necessarily see way back in the back way way long time ago right part of the Books of Moses. He writes the he's right in the history of the Jewish people in the book of numbers. They're the Jewish people out wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, right? And then it's in the midst of that and could you imagine having kids at that time? I mean we take our kids on trips right in two minutes into the the 3-hour trip. Are we there yet. Are we there yet. Could you imagine having kids? Been chilling original 40 years. Are we there yet? You ever read the book of numbers is is Chronicles that and it here in The Numbers chapter 24, we come upon this very interesting portion of scripture found in the Old Testament about balak and Balaam. So the children is Earl Martin out around it around the Wilderness, but they come into the plains of Moab. And as I mentioned last week about the the moabites and Israelites never really getting along it's the same here. So the kingdom will have ceased this formidable force of people just camping in their planes of the Plains of Moab and he's like man, I got I have to do something here, you know, I don't want to be over around by these people and so he he he gets bail and he's who's the sorcerer conjurer kind of guy who can call an evil auras are spirits to the cursed people and stuff like that and he goes to bail him and says look these people I want you to curse them and so Numbers 22 through 24 record. So what happened? It's a bathing comes to curse the children of Israel. But we have the almighty all-powerful omnipotent God who would take Balaam in a set of a Kursi Israel. He would use Balaam to process a blessing to Israel and cursing to Moab. Right? And so that's this is the story of that. And so there's four different Prophecies of Balaam is record their numbers 2224 and they're all for the blessing of Israel vice-versa exact opposite. What vehicle king of Moana and cursing for them. And so I'm just going to touch on this last one that he had here in numbers 2415 through 19. And so, this is Balaam then he proclaimed this phone the Oracle Balaam, son of beor the work all the man whose eyes are opened the article the one who hears the saints of God and has Knowledge from the most high who sees a vision from the almighty Who falls into a trance with his eyes uncovered. I see him. This is his prophecy. I see him. And I mentioned earlier and then previous sermons that Genesis 315 God already has an answer to what has happened in the garden in the fall just as 3:15. He said the heat was he with common trust the state did the Serpent's head. And so there's this he that's the come you'll Testaments pointing to the scene. We know of course, that is Jesus. And so we see another reference of the heat here. I see him, but not now I perceive him but not near Listen to this a star will come from Jacob and acceptable arise from Israel. He will smash the forehead of Moab and strike down the shaft Heights. Edom will become a possession Sawyer will become a possession of its enemies with Israel will be triumphant. The one who comes from Jacob will rule he will destroy the city survivors. And so we have this picture this prophecy of this guy. The sorcerer is supposed to be announcing curse on the children of Israel and announces yet a prophecy of the coming Messiah who would come by starset rise out of Jacob. So here we are in this Babylonian area and this Balaam. Declares that the star will rise out of Jacob and so if they do these Wiseman were from Babylon. There's a good chance that they would know the Oracles in the histories of the past and they would know the story of obey them just in itself, but we have further evidence to point to that and that's found in the Book of Daniel. Book of Genesis chapter 2 This is a part of the history of the golden age of Israel there have already crossed into the promised land. This is 600 BCE around there. Right and they again the kings in the Shepherds were or were not good. They were feeding their own belly. They weren't feeding God's people and so God announces that he was going to send him an outside enemy to to bring them in the catheter captivity. And so this happens in The Book of Daniel is a historical account of the children of Israel being carried away into Babylon. right around 600 BC so there in Babylon here and if you know the story of Daniel and this is an entirely Separate sermon in the South so I'm going to be really quick care. If you know the story of Daniel Daniel's carried away into the Babylonian captivity the king at the time team King Nebuchadnezzar. He's having these dreams and he has these Magi these wise when they sorcerer's is Condors is business cast of people that are able to it should be able to interpret dreams and so he has this really drink during that really troubles him. And so he calls upon the Magi these these wise man of the of the Babylonian way and then and he says I have this dream I want you to interpret none of them could interpret a right and there's Daniel and his three of his three friends. And so the Kings going to like me like I've had enough of them frustrate. I'm going to kill all the Magi make you and so he's going to get Carlos McDaniel sovereignty of God steps in and says, you might let me give me a chance. I may go to the Lord and let me see if I can interpret this dream for you. So he goes in the Lord gives them the interpretation and so he gives us interpretation to the king. And so the king not only not spares the life in the life of the Magi but we see your hearing verse 46 then King Nebuchadnezzar fell down paid homage to Daniel and gave orders to present an offering a $0.10 to him and look at this number is 47 the king said the Daniel your God is indeed. Of God's Lord of kings and revealer of Neuse Mysteries, since you were able to reveal this mystery First 48 then the king promoted Daniel. So here we are in captivity write a servant save whatever you want to call it and now because of what God has done in the tub because Dan is faithful to God God is able to use him. I should say in this powerful mysterious way. So now Dennis promoted then the king promoted Daniel and gave him many generous gifts. He made him ruler over the entire province of Babylon. And chief governor over all the wise men of Babylon. So here we have this Jewish followers loves the Lord being faithful to him even in the midst of trial and tribulation all the stuff. He's promoted. He's he's ruler over all that area that he's also put in charge of these Magi. You don't think he's going to have this opportunity to declare maybe the prophecy of Balaam and declare to them that there's this coming Messiah would come that this the prophecy bill says the Stars to rise up out of Judah. And he's able to teach that he's able to to pass this knowledge on to these these wise men to these Magi knit the Greeks, it's Greek Septuagint. Those are the Greek translation of of the Old Testament that was used in the time of Jesus has that word wise men as Magi. All right. And further Daniel is Daniel book Prestige. He's giving more interpretation and more James and we have Daniel 70 weeks was his goes into the return of the Lord the second coming of the Lord in the air. If you want to know more about that Denny's or man, he loves his stuff is kind of running roughshod over this but but in this Thursday, he's gives a timetable for their period of the Messiah in this in this Prophecy of the 70 weeks in verse 26 and chapter 96 and after those 62 weeks the Messiah will be cut off and we'll have nothing to so there's a timetable that's given for the first appearance of the Messiah. And so if these Magi these Wiseman know that this Messiah is to come and then Daniel gives them a time table at the time of Jesus appearing they're probably getting pretty anxious. They're probably the same man. This might be happening soon recording the Daniels timetable. Right? And so we don't know there's lots of speculation as far as what the star was whether that was an astronomical event with some planets aligned just right me or if it was a supernova. I tend to think that it was just a a supernatural occurrence of the Shekinah Glory. We see in the Old Testament a video pointed out in the Old Testament. God presents. He let his people by fire at night, right? It's always some Supernatural bad and no reason why I come to that conclusion because in the description and Matthew it says that they followed the star so it wasn't just this, you know one thing and then that's our came to rest over this house with the baby wasn't so I think it was a of Supernatural appearance of God's Shekinah Glory his glory being resonated or the office Andy of sorts are demonstrating But ultimately fulfilling Baylands prophecy the star they saw the Wiseman right there in their town and I'll said they see the star rise out of the East. Just like the prophecy of Balaam. Where was the set of Set It 1 And how did they know if he'll be there? Why do they know that was the because of possibly even more than likely because of Daniels teachings on this my side who would come would be the king of the Jews. Lasso the king of the world right is his eternal inheritance. So we have strong indication that these wise men these Magi were from the from Babylon from Babylon and appeared because of what happened all those many years ago. And that's how God works right we can see these wise men showed up and it makes for a cute story. But if we dig into God scripture, we see God painting this panoramic picture of his rescue mission for us. And there's more to it. I had a little of this sermon down right God's word is amazing. His message is his recording of his Redemption story through Jesus Christ is found in every verse of the Bible. It's amazing and we have the privilege of having that in our hands and being able to discern in to dig deep and find those things and silver stracted Matthew Chapter 2, and I have you been all over the place if you're following me Matthew chapter 2. Verses 9 through 11 and after hearing the king they went on their way. He's there's the Magi and there it was the star they had seen in the East so this is why I would say this is not just an astronomical event that led them until it came and stopped about the place where the child was. And when the when they saw the star they were Overjoyed beyond measure.

Entering the house. They saw the child with Mary's mother and falling to the news. They worshipped then they open their treasures and presented him with gifts gold frankincense. And myrrh. And so we see hear that. At the most basic level the appearing. Why is this important? Why are the Magi important at the most basic level two. Of the Magi I believe is the Fulfillment of Balaam prophecy God use Balaam to prophesy but the Starwood rise up out of the East at the very least. That's what it is. But ultimately, it's most certainly the star that's a rose it's most certainly emblematic of the light that Jesus brings into this Dark World

And Isaiah, here's another prophecy who speaks of the the coming time or Israel would be the Gathering of all the nations and the main focus of the Isaiah 60 is the light that it brings into the dark world around them. Another Prophecy from another Prophet 700 years prior to Christ's appearing. Does this arise shine your lights for your light has come this is Isaiah speaking about the nation of Israel and the lights that was to come for your light has come in the glory of the Lord shines over you. Darkness covers the earth in total darkness the people's but the Lord will shine over you. And His glory will appear over you. Nations will come to your light and Kings to the brightness of your Radiance that we see these nations Gathering because of this light that appears in Israel. Raise your eyes and look around they all gather and come to you. Your son's will come from far away in your daughters will be carried on the hip then he will see and be radiant and your heart will tremble and rejoice because the riches of the sea will become yours and the wealth of the Nations will come to you. Caravan of camels will cover your land your camels of median in FFA. All of them will come from Sheba and look at this. They will carry gold and frankincense. I proclaim the praise to his of the Lord.

At the very least it fulfills Baylands prophecy, but hopefully I think this gives this Jesus appearing his light into the world gives us this. Of this prophecy of a pound in Isaiah that this like that would come in all nations will gather to it and the Magi these contrasted the fact that their religious leaders of the Jewish people were in different. If not a indignant to this possible Messiah showing up on the scene, then all the sudden these Gentiles who represent the nations of the world show up not only pay homage to it to him but to worship him to Bow Down and Worship Him amazing

That's ultimately what it's about.

The New Covenant found in Jesus and what Jesus has done on the cross is not about a people group not about a nation anymore. Ross's Gentiles is for everyone. It's for all who believe it becomes personal.

That is what the New Testament is all about. Everyone is presented with this story of Jesus returning it coming into his creation as baby Jesus and then we see that his goal was not just to be a good example and all that stuff is so is that he could be savior of the world? Because of what has happened in the garden because we are separated from our God our creator. We were intended to be joined to him and walk with him and be dependent on him and because of the Fall because of sin were born separated from him, but the rescue mission already found in Genesis 315 has been revealed through Jesus Christ. He is the light of the world

and the New Covenant establishes that it's no longer at least at this time in our history and human in the world history. It's not about a nation or people group. It's about an individual level. What are we going to do with the light of the world?

John 5 versus 39 340 says you pour over the scriptures because you think you have eternal life in them yet. They testify about me. And you are not willing to come to me so that you may have life. So we have here Jesus in his Earthly Ministry that describes these religious leaders same religious type religious leaders come to him. They start persecuting him saying what are you doing performing miracles on the Sabbath? You can't do that persecute you pour over the scriptures because you think it brings eternal life to you. He says you have to testify about me.

These passages of scripture that we've covered this morning are the passage of scripture that Jesus is pointing the spike scribes and Pharisees to the Old Testament if they would just look and see the Jesus is the Fulfillment of those prophecies. They could have eternal after they could see that he was the Messiah that was to come they could have eternal life and he says in verse 40 and it's so sad and you may not you are not willing to come to me so that you would have life. They prefer to stay in the religion. And their self-righteousness and not abandon the everything to come to Christ Alone.

The star that rose up out of the least is emblematic of the light that Jesus brings to this dark and dreary world. John 12:46, I've come to Jesus speaking as a light into the world so that everyone who believes in me would not remain in darkness. John 8:12 in Jesus again spoke to walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life.

John 12:46, I've come in as a light into the world so that everyone who believes in me, but not remain in darkness if I reread that one. Revelation 12 or sorcery 2nd Corinthians 4 God, he said light so shine on the darkness is the one who has shown in our hearts. So this guy who says life sign for the darkness is the one who has shown in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God. So this light of knowledge of the glory of God who was our God. Why are we here all the stories that positions that we all walk around with? What is my purpose in life? What am I created for? It's revealed in the light of the knowledge of Jesus Christ. That is your answer. That is why you are here to have relationship with your creator. But in order to have relationship, you must be reconciled and redeemed to him. He must be a duck out of the first atom in that sponsor nature and adopted into the gods family by the supernatural Born Again experience that we come and we have this Encounter With Jesus and what he's done for us on the cross that he went and he paid that Eternal penalty on the cross for our sins on our account the Spotless Lamb of God God In the Flesh who knew no sin became sin for us. So that we might have his righteousness. Call the gift. He died for you. So that you might believe and trust in him alone and she might be received into his family that you might be reconciled back to your creator near Redeemer that you can live a life from that point on a whole fully Complete because you have the righteousness of Christ. On your account because he took that send that he paid that penalty. He took God's Wrath for us on that cross. So this light of the knowledge of the glory of God, who is your god? He's found in the face of Christ according to Paul 2nd Corinthians 4 verses 6.

glory of God is found in our Creator who came into his creation to Die For Us Revelations 22 16 through 17 since the end of the book write the great thing about our scripture is its we have the beginning Genesis creation that has the middle of the Messiah was common for prophesied. We have the arrival of the Messiah in the New Testament. And that's a very in the New Testament. We have the end. We know it's going to happen. It's a complete story. Jesus twins

He says this is you can put in the stocks to John is right in this form. I jesus. I sent my angel a messenger to a test these things to your to you the churches. Revelations 22 16 through 17. This is where I'm going real fast. I apologize. I am the root and The Offspring of David. the bright and Morning Star there's a lot of people that claim to be stars on light out here in this world. But he's the light that shines above all he is the bright and Morning Star verse 17 both the spirit and the bride say come. And this as I said, this is an individual calling it's not about a people group right now. It's to you and to me. Both the Spirit by the spirit and the bride say come anyone who hears should say come and the one who is thirsty should come whoever desires to take. The Living Water as a gift Jesus is the living water is the light of the world. He is paid your penalty on your behalf. And you have to do nothing to earn it. All you have to do is reach out to him and come come to him if that's what the cross. So it's not just about a baby being born.

Much deeper than that. Scott's rescue mission. Stepping into his creation to save us that's the proper perspective. We should all have to go to the Lord in prayer father. We love you and are so thankful for the gospel message thankful for this opportunity Lord this time of year. Where We can just focus on. The beautiful and amazing gospel. That you've use the entirety of scripture to paint one story many authors Lord. 66 books different books yet. They all combined to make one beautiful and complete story. You're so good father. Thank you. God that you have given us. reconciliation in Salvation through Jesus and Jesus alone So thankful Lord. I remember all those years working so hard to become worthy enough to be approved in your presence and failing all the time and some no. But there's nothing I can do but only trust him a Jesus is done alone. Is when you will find me worthy because of a crisis done. What a blessing. Thank you for that. I forgot my prayer for us this morning as a church body got is that we would be able to reflect that glory and that glorious gift that you given to us to our family and to our friends and our neighbors are co-workers around. They need you they need to know what it is to come to the light of Jesus is provided. So help us God be those people that you desires to be. Father if there's anyone in this room that this does not know Jesus as Savior. Father would you draw them to yourself? And would you save them as I cry out to you? They would see. What you've done for them with a cry out to you Lord and that they would be saved. It's our desire for this church is that others would know your wonderful. Love found in the gospel. We ask all these things in Christ precious and most powerful name. Amen.

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