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I'm Dreaming of THAT First Christmas

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I hope you notice. We have somebody back.

driving on a tank

I just couple months ago when I had difficulties. Just trying to do my message.

Yes, I know music for my cat.

This morning to finish up our series on an old fashioned Christmas. We're going to look at it. I'm dreaming of that first.

first Christmas for Filth hamstrings cause of Wonder and amazement to current green inspires you good morning.

If we're going to do the map. Because dreams are curious things sometimes their pants and unattainable.

simply surreal sometimes

sometimes there's something mental like the song of Christmas.


Amazon way Irving Berlin understood

capture that I think we all.

9 * 3

Wonder dissipation

Today we dream about family Christmas.


LeBron fan

is that of the Old Testament Patriarchs?

That time Roman Emperor Augustus decreed that a census be taken throughout the Roman Empire.

All returned to their own ancestral time right now. And because Joseph was a descendant of David. Go to Bethlehem. David and he traveled there for the village of Nazareth in Galilee.

a dream Vapor The Blessing of Abraham Don said the Abraham I will bless those who bless you and curse those who drink?


When is the genealogies in the New Testament? Are dating Old Testament for just this purpose of how you God? Knowing your devotional reading I can go through.

Okay, listen to him you don't have to. They're in there for a reason and for this reason.

What was foretold long ago for Abraham?

It was the promise to David your house and your kingdom will continue before me at all. And your phone machine store?

Dream Will

Yeah, they say that happen is if we have a Reclamation programs in place for told by Isaiah.

fingers getting fallen into disrepair

Those things have been scheming meaning.

Isaiah Wright the people who walk in darkness

For those who live in the land of Darkness? light

call me to go pick you or Bethlehem.

Our movie is small village from a ruler of Israel. District pan-Asian will come from you.

Past dreams before school's killed in the birth of Jesus. The second dream is it is a field greens for God's special people Shepherds Bethlehem. Yes there more than one movie reference here today.

Email me.

while they were there a time limit on a Manger because digital logic

birth of the Cedars

humble surroundings

And unlike unlike with you probably thinks I'm a mentally very Joseph probably weren't the only ones staying.

It was crowded and it was crowded for about two years since I had to wait your turn. Which DMV? Okay. To register. There's a lot of people. Anybody who has any kind of work or we're trying to hand you some lemon head return and some jokes of Hitman fraternities. Are they had to wait in line both of them?

There were Angels in the Outfield bringing good news.

How did the steel surrounding Bethlehem at night there were shepherds stay in the fields nearby Garden?

Someone an angel of the Lord appeared among them in the week. They were terrified but the angel

joy to all people the Savior guess the Messiah the Lord has been born today in Bethlehem city of David and you will recognize you find baby rabbits snuggling and cuddling. Lying in a Manger the armies of heaven and saying glory to God in the highest and peace on Earth.

What are Angels in the Outfield about lying here today? And no, it's not, Iowa. study music

Just as he is done.

Only now it wasn't just 81% into sending but a choir breaks out choir glory to God.

peace on Earth going to see. You who won the space with?

Shepherds of Bethlehem, always had a special place.

It was all just go to Shepherds. paid in full

used They were the role model, but we're supposed to be. all the kings of Israel Israel

They were told Shepherd my flock. Shepherd my clock You're the you're the prince. I'm truly the king. Shepherd my farm What David did?

care for them in their want

Benchmade win last night

Angels in the Outfield rating good

Savior is born and the Shepherds were going to be witnessed.

Find the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes.

That was really unusual.

Neighbor said that's the Sun.


ringing in the ears

Wonder Foundation

What is the vision of the glory of God?

When the angels have returned to Heaven Shepherds.

Okay, hurry to the village in town. Barry just needs to search diligently. Did you see them going from from stable and stable and from came came from the open Square and from every and looking for the baby?

There was the baby lying in a manger and after seeing him the Shepherds told everyone what happened with the angel and said about this child. all over the shepherd's story worth Spanish

Shepherd's went back to their feet there for glorifying and praising God. I'm imagining this morning. Is lights come on and Gary how huge this group of shepherds. Shouting praises to God. What are you yelling about?

we all fall short of God's glory is Great Britain freed us from how

this is real love not that we loved God. Did he want? sent you son as a

Jesus was not on Spotify. Jesus

forgot Noodles menu chose them become like his son. So that his son would be the first born.

I wonder how is the movie Promise?

I told you this but you might have

Deer Hunter the biggest wild card because why I

old fashioned it is my prayer that your mind and your heart and then

expanded beyond the sentimental in the sheer Wonder of what God has done for us because it o No not hold.

Because it had been is about.


Don't lose.

Don't cheapen it with gift-giving company.

Maybe she knew.

Make it real.

About that for me.

Have a blessed Christmas.

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