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23rd December 2018 - Christmas Celebration Service

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Unwrapping the Greatest Gift of all time  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  22:32
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Christmas special sermon - the greatest gift

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Morning, everybody. Happy Christmas excited. I don't think that sounds like excitement to me children. Are you excited? Some people just become children welcome being childlike is not about how old I am. I'll say that again for me being childlike is not about how old I am. I can be childlike Jenny with some time so I could be childish. I'm so different NASA apologize for that. I thought you just think about promoting the greatest Christmas present. You've ever had we watch the film on Thursday The Ultimate Gift we had some challenges we watching the video, but we watch the film. I'm not going to ask I was challenged by that title The Ultimate Gift. Now I think if we try to remember if it was special to us, we might go back to our childhood to something. We've been waiting for with anticipation. Maybe maybe some of you go giving a bike for Christmas something you want. I want to play I want to buy will Santa bring me to buy can you everyday? So I guess it's the bicycle coming and then you wake up on Christmas lights so excited and you went downstairs and there was no nothing that looks like a boss who nothing wrapped up like a bicycle. I don't know whether anybody to wrap to Bicycle before

Is really hard to wrap a bicycle. So I remember when my sister was giving a bike for Christmas. She was so excited. She went downstairs and there was no bicycle in the Detroit. There was nothing in the world like a bicycle. So she could see that her shoulders are jumping as she opened some of the presents with Timothy White pouches. And if anybody remembers Timothy White's boots pouches of talcum powder on Tissot inside and she opened it up and it was a bike lock. What do I need to bike look for? And that's why I said it's something to go with the bike lock a nice outside. What was outside a bicycle now? She just stood there and she bounced and she acts like she run around just excited about my probably predicting some of your Christmases that will be little feet running around. So so so excited on a different friends who brought someone a present for the adulterer.

And this present when she opened it up she was so disposed you wanted a computer for Christmas. She was hoping for a computer for Christmas not following through with this story. She got to the last of our presence in the last presents. She looked like fruit, so she opened it up and it was an apple. Thanks, Mom. Thanks. Enjoy your iPod and she put it down and wanted to play with some things eventually.

So she pulled out the piece of paper said you coming to the kitchen. That's another box another Apple for you.

Why do I want another Apple anyway, so young adults bounce up and down? I'm so excited. What's the most precious gift? You can remember being given?

Have a think about it. What comes to your mind when I was giving the train set when I was 12. I remember that was but excited about that.

at home decades later hasn't been played with for a long time.

I want to buy some Friday gift that we could be given. I'd love to bring up to this illustration to the service. I'd like to show you a Faberge Egg this morning this morning. We're probably we would have to have security guards. Cuz he's Faberge eggs that were created as gifts with. Some of this body will gets that have ever been given in the world's with jewels and gold and silver valuable things. Do you know that's a great ticket but only sings so let me start with reading with reading to you from Corinthians chapter 9 verse 15, very simple verse thanks be to God for his Indescribable precious gift. Indescribable, what does Indescribable mean?

Precious valuable something that is so precious what he's like I'm talkin about tonight. It's the gift of Jesus of his son who came to us, but why three debates about the let's read something about what was sent before he came. for my science chapter 9 beginning advice to the people who walked in darkness have seen a great lights.

RC trucks in the land of the shadow of death upon them light has signs you have multiplied the nation and increased its joint play with Joyce before you according to the joy of harvest as men rejoice when they divide the spoil for you have broken the yolk of his butt and I'm just off of his shoulder and the Run of his oppressor and in the day of Midian for every Warriors Sandal from the noisy battle on the gums Road in blood will be used for a burning in the fall. And then he goes on to say For unto us a child is born. Unto us a son is given and the government will be upon his shoulder and his name will be called wonderful counselor, Mighty God Everlasting father Prince of Peace of the increase of his government and peace. There will be no end up on the throne of David and over his kingdom to order it and establish it with judgment and Justice from this time forward even and forever. The Zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform.

I'm so honest. We remember all Christmas Story. We are reminded. But God said he was going to send you some.

I'm sorry in the gospel of Matthew chapter 1 beginning. And now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows Matthew was always to the point. He ran off to his mother. Mary was betrothed to Joseph before they came together. She was found with child by the holy spirit's then Jersey my husband being a just man and not wanting to make sure the public example was minded to put Sahara wife secretly. But once he feels about these things behold an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream same Jersey son of David do not be afraid to take to you. Marry your wife. Will that what you can see in here is the Holy Spirit and she will be going she will bring forth the Sun and you shall call his name Jesus what he will save his people from their sins. Solis was down that it might be fulfilled that which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet sang Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which is translated God With Us.

dog breeders Go ahead tonight. They don't leave us don't forget about us. He did not just create just leave us to get on with life. He sent his son Jesus the microwave. We might find a way back to God to touch him to to reach out to him to love him to share him to be loved by him.

uneven when Jesus returns to God He did not leave us alone. And I thought he left us the Holy Spirit. Heather westry wisemont book The Story Goes three wise men that were many more than three. The reason we end up with three wise men is because they were three gifts and I want to explore those. So let me read to you from Matthew chapter 2

Now off to Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea and it's ice of Herod the king behold wise men from the East kinds of Jerusalem saying, where is he who has been born King of the Jews? We have seen his star in the east and I've come to worship him when Herod the king heard. They see was troubled. I know what your wrestling with him. And when he gathered all the chief priests and scribes to the people's together. He enquired of them. Where was the Christ to be born so they said to him in Bethlehem of Judea. Well, that's it is written by the prophet but you Bethlehem in the land of Judah you are not the least amongst the rule of you. But I'll see if you will come a roo. It will be the Shepherd Of My People Israel. And Jesus when he had secretly called the wise men determined from them the time to start a page and he sent them to Bethlehem. Is it going to be for the young child? I might even found him bring back the way out to me that I may come and worship him also. When they heard the King baby policy and behold the star which should be seen in the East went before them to the kindness to divert where the young child was when I saw the star they rejoiced with exceeding me great. Joy, and when they had come into the house, I sold the young child would marry his mother. I fell down and worshipped him and then they open their Treasures. I'm presenting gifts to him of gold frankincense. And myrrh. I see three gifts that I want to explore tonight because I want to explore. Why Jesus came? The first gold speaks of kingship keeps of his rule in his writing and I want to ask the question who rules and Reigns our lives today. For some it might be our divers. You can't do anything without all Doris.

Some it might be pleasing others might be keeping our bus happy.

You know, there's nothing better. When's it going to ice fixed off the things of this world on Super King Jesus the son of God who rules and Reigns in our lives if we submit ourselves to him. It came to this Earth with such a promise with such a games with such a why he is the king of kings. He is the Lord and rain in our lines and then secondly frankincense and frankincense was anointing oil. It was took two of of godliness.

Only recognize something either having comes to God sent his one and only son. Doesn't have another one is on do you want these things Jesus and as we were reminded in the Carol that we signed Emmanuel God With Us god with us today. Yesterday I go with us tomorrow God with us Emmanuel.

Is god with you today?

Can you in trouble Times by God is with me and you can reach out that hands and put that hand in the hand distilled Waters put your hand in God's hand and walk with confidence in Fife into the circumstances into the situation with peace in your heart a peace beyond all natural understanding and then the final gift. Which one that was used at time of death? A speaks of the end of the story the completion of the story that Christ Not only was born of a virgin and sent to this earth. Do you want to go across?

Addie rose again. So even in his bus the gift in the sign was there but he come to die and pay the price for our sin.

and also to set us free from the fear of

There was an eternity with God that he's promised through Christ. It's all going to ask us this Christmas. Do we live in fear? What do we live in fight? Spice that Christ died twice the Christ came twice that Christ was sent. Rather than fish so many times in the Christmas story. We hear the words do not be afraid. with the angels and the Shepherds With the angels on the Wiseman with jugs it do not be a fright. I think it's a great reminder every Christmas since I do not fear your fright. These gifts talk to us of who Christ was and what he did for us and what he continues to do for us. In John 14 verses 1 and 2 it says they said I want to speak to those listing on the MLS listing in the room. Let not your hearts be troubled.

Bruce didn't know that I was going to call this particular scription for she picked out. So probably needs to know his face. Let not your heart be troubled. Christmas is a time of stress and pressure but lots of different reasons.

But he's also a great time with great joy Android celebration. Let not your heart be troubled believe in God believe also in me. Jesus said these were my father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place. for you

I'm Thomas said where are you going Lord?

Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except through me. This gives us the complete picture. The Christ came as a child was born to a virgin grew up taught in the synagogue. Taught I'm broke wisdom to this earth. Went to the Cross was crucified with all of us. But then he rose again and that tomb is empty that tomb is empty. And he says these words I am the way Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life.

There's nothing better than finding out fresh truth. This Christmas. Fresh truth. God sent his one and only son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

No. I need to know the truth. What's a half a way a way to walk down that way to walk? He's no better Illustrated them from this handbook. White handbook for life my map for the journey.

my guide book If you feel lost today, I can encourage, you know better than to read this word. If you've not heard the Christmas story like this before then let me encourage you to believe that this Christmas is a new Christmas for you. Christ died for each one of us. He was born that we might know the father through him. I'm so glad he's the way.

Who's the white Wookie in it?

Scripture says his word light turns off a lamp to our feet.

Sometimes in today's well, we have questions questions. We don't know how to answer whether they all just getting more complicated as well. Maybe maybe without glasses it would be easier because I couldn't see things coming, but you know what? I just believe that I actually this word is still true today even with computers. It's why they still true today even what with what the future like in time because he sees climbers. This is not limited by the ability to principal now, we will take the Bible for granted because we can hold it in our hands now there was a time when the Bible was so valuable. They will be warm maybe in a house or one in the church. and now we can hold the Bible in our hands we technology we can take it any any place any time any went But you know this word is so real. That's all I want to say to you this Christmas peace to you. Peace to you peace to your spirit peace to your household. Peace to your family. No, I don't want to encourage you and I'm going to close with some time to pray because I think often Christmas can be a worrying time. We're worried about those who are not with us. Put lots of different ages. So maybe not. Well somebody maybe far away so I might be working. We worried about others that we care about that. Maybe we haven't heard from her for a long time. But I want to say peace to you. P Steele family peace the Ohio to you Joy to you Joy To those listening online Joy today.

Joy in your heart Joy with your family.

and good news I notice good news today, but good news tomorrow. Good news for you. Good news for your family a good news for your harm. Let me cry.

Call me. Thank you. Then we can remember and we can celebrate a birthday.

the birthday of your son I'll save you Jesus Christ. Thank you for sending him into the world. Thank you for letting him walk on this Earth that we might know you through him.

So father we pray Presley for troubled Minds troubled hearts. Father would you bring place?

Both of those who were worried about paying bills for those who are concerned about family members. Lucy was sick and those who are troubled bring peace bring. Hope we pray. Oh God.

Call The Rock price for miraculous provision for those in need. So we pray for the parts about World War at this time of the year at this moment. Your father. Would you bring Pace would you bring peacemakers? Call the weather there is trouble in families. Father would you speak peace? Would you open opportunities for reconciliation and restoration reply?

Father I pray for the miracle of reconnection.

this Christmas

Father I pray for Hope and Light 2. For those who are looking to a Christmas alone father. I pray that Lord you connect them with all this. Know that I will you many more celebrations together rather than apart.

I'm father for those who have sickness Christmas.

Father we lift them up to you and I'll split to your heating touch will be a common or would you restore house? But needs heart surgery.

Thought you would you rebalance buddy chemistry? Look for those who need a blood transfusion father. Would you do it sick for naturally we prom?

North of the Miracles of unfulfilled we pray for miracles gopher uncompleted paperwork for decisions that are still yet to be done or situations that are unresolved. Nobelist these Loose Ends to you and play Lord let your will be done. in Jesus mighty name

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