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God Became Man

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Humanity That I've been recorded from its.

You would record it in.

Over the history of Miss Universe these events have happened or a couple of them will happen again will come to pass.

over history

when God created the angels He created all of the host of Heaven. Do we have? Creation of material things including man after God created the focus of being all that we see. All the material world all the manatees in humans came on the scene. Then we hired the Incarnation of Jesus Christ when God came to this planet pay the price that God had that he required in order that man would be saying we have the death.

death of God shooting of a crescent moon

on the cross of calvary

can we have the resurrection of the second?

You died on the Crossing?

raisin to eternal glory

the next thing that we anticipate that God has promised in the second coming.

If you have any doubts. Anything about the righteous judge showing up on the scene.


the great savior

Finally, we have the creation of the new heaven.

Culminating event in the course of this University history that God will after.

and that will be the creation of the


We are going to be in.

Wanted you to set the stage for us. First one we look at this characters person is King is named.

He has a problem problem.

Is the king of Judah and threatened by the king of Siri?

And what's going on here is that Series are trying to take over. And Syria, and the northern kingdom have they have established an alignment. overcoming or not allowing the Assyrian King

northern kingdom and join with them So that he has doesn't want to give me into the proposition that's being given to him by Syria and the northern kingdom.

gives himself to some maggots in wounds that are going to become

situation that they find themselves

I want YouTube.

so much on YouTube

he communicates this.

Has a response from God.

Got Telltale.

He said to him in person.

Is Samaria and the head of Samaria is a liar?

Is that what I say they had?

Turn away from what he say.

is not the only reason

needs to give himself what God Said every man needs to give himself.

If you have no money if you have no popularity.

And that's what we find.

But I want to come to you again. I'm going to give you some. He said to him.

There are no limitations on what?

Let me know.

Because I have no intention. listening to God It hasn't already made up in this mall.

He was he was going to

No matter what.

I don't care what the consequences are. I don't care about these hoes.

11128 has said that sound real quiet.

Swing by 1/2 is playing.

I'm going to do what you want me to do even without a summer.

You taught me they had it already made them.

second Kings chapter 16

I'm going to read verses 1 through 7 second teen 16.

Did not that which was right in the sight of the Lord his God.

He wasn't giving himself. God said that the key of people ought to be doing that he didn't do.

And made his son.


Infinity's end

according to the bar

is a method of those who didn't know the Lord to the ways and the method of those who despise our door and

spirituality and practice on the hill.

He says I'm no service. I'm going to give you a sign.

He does not ask questions that he doesn't already know the answer.

God is not complete. All right.

All right.

We can tell him I don't feel like it.

Tell serious he man enough with the Enemy. Why you why you why you don't know me why you give yourself to that stuff?

20 * 2

he set up a reminder.

He's a great God. He's a compassionate.

God said that you got to deal with mice.

You cannot answer your phone. You can always do this. The other thing but it ain't.

And there's sun dial Virgin that is going to conceive if it had time. Is a type of Mary? Mary is the Auntie type of God. This one here is actually a version of God says hey have you pregnant?

For the child shall have knowledge.

that what I say is going to come to pass check out what I

Now we know all the money is Mary. and this type of Mary here who went to the ultimate fulfillment in

What did he say?

Mary gave birth

God almighty.

a man

Michael Caine

Because the first one was going to say and she'll call his name.

And we going to close and Matthew chapter 1 he left heaven for the purposes of saving man.

so when I say that I

you said that's not

It is not by works that you are saying.


Alright, alright, alright.

Experience eternalblue. Alright.

Oh mighty God Save The Salvation.

Is not practicing.

All right.

Not much.

That's right.

eternal non-existence

number 23

the definition

Call Sweetie.

See you then.

You are wrong.

Thank you for this food as your name and thank you so much.

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