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2018-12-16 Sunday Morning

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Good morning, and welcome.

Before we be the end of the sermon just want to say thank you to his Eric pointed out in this prayer. Thank you to everybody who worked hard the last few days to be able to have a service here this morning. That's what a great group of ambitious people those of us that I getting up in age or hurt you and do a whole lot of work for a little sore who starred in The Morrigan forever. So it's really nice to be have a bunch of young energetic people, but a blessing and to all those that have prayed and SSM are pointed out of giving of your time giving of the orchid care given financially getting physically work. Thank you. What a blessing go to blessing to be a part of of this church family. That's God's family here for me and for our family, so, thank you.

Peace of grace mercy and peace from God our Father and from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I'm in now you might be wondering why I smiled when I said that.

They're said there was a little bit of fun.

Comments made about that over the week. Just kind of been in in some of the conversations we're having so I'm going to start off almost every message that I ever have with that and I don't think you were here to Sunday. I explained that's why I'm going to do that. So heavy. I'll explain it again for you. This is just for you. That's it. That's known as the Apple started reading it. And if you noticed throughout almost every one of the Bible of the epistle when writers in the New Testament, they start off a letter greeting like that. And so it's not something we Apostolic Lutheran's came up with and put our stamp on it. And so this is this is our saying this is straight from God's word and there's no greater blessing and no greater deleting to give someone then then the message that comes from God, but he wants you to s'morning to be at to start to know that he's at peace with you because of what Jesus has done. greetings of grace mercy and peace from who that's the important part is not familiar right by himself greens of grace mercy a peace from God our Father and from What are Jesus Christ and so if I never said another thing if I got up to assemble after something? That's all I said bring some grace mercy and peace from God our Father and I love and Savior Jesus Christ. That's the gospel message. That's what God and his son. Jesus Christ want you to know? Play God is at peace with you because we're Jesus did on that cross. Is it Jesus or McCain and Obama ready to drive across there would be no peace of God this morning when we would have to roast would have to somehow they're the perfect life and that's not possible in order for God to be pleased with us just because of who you are and because of our efforts we can't do it we needed help.

Text that I'm going to read in that we're going to study this morning.

is the text Ford was third Sunday in Advent and we've talked about this Advent season for a few weeks now, that is what

Where's some where's the little guy that always answers the questions correctly just got here today. What someone else is going to have to step up as he does all the work every Sunday?

Looking forward to everyone is looking forward to the coming with something and the Advent season obviously in church over there looking forward to the coming of Jesus and now there's two ways that we are looking forward to the coming of Jesus, right? So, what are they? What's the number one? What's the one that we actually already Mary Kay, but we celebrate at this time. Which coming? Just beds for M&M in the form of an incident in a Manger. So what's the second one that that we look forward to hopefully we're looking forward to it.

That's when he comes when the trumpet will sound and he'll come and gather all the believe. It's right.

First coming of Jesus came as a as an infant. There is a messenger that God sent out ahead of Jesus. Well six months earlier than Jesus was born his cut his relative was born and who can tell me who that was. John the Baptist very good. And what was his job? What was this whole mission in life? Is the Forerunner that's more than just a little. What's up? So his mission is whole mission in life was to have a six-month Head Start to tell people about a savior that would soon be showing up.

Where'd you go on and on about the history of John the Baptist in his shirt 6-month Ministry and maybe ruin another at another time. Maybe we'll get through go through some about today.

What Jesus says later on right not long before John which would have been his cousin as well it to him before John passed away. He said these words and Luke 7:28. He says I tell you I'm on those born of woman that is greater than John let the one who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he

Jesus says that my cousin John there's not been born a man born to a woman who is greater than he is. What do chain has he sang? The one who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he or anyone who's a believer? Everyone who's been struggling everyone here by faith. Even if it's a week safe in Jesus Christ become saved. My remembered was kingdom is more valuable. And then I'm on my way. Putting like some kind of value upon John versus you guys or someone else but what he's saying is that any believer as great as John was any believer Does Great Value change value?

So what's John you must have been pretty important right? His mission must have been pretty important.

John if we if we talked about what his son right look like What He Wore how he spoke and we're going to read actually a servant of his basically this morning Johns message. As God commanded him to do was to go out and preach and prepare people. Jesus prepare the hearts of the people for Jesus. Where do I read this morning? And we're going to see what John preached and how he preached and what he preached. in Preparing People for Jesus Believe me his message didn't start off of grace mercy and peace. His message was harsh. So let's read what he has to say. How do I retrieve from look through ordinary verses 7 through 18?

Roman Jesus name you said that for it to the crowds that came out to be baptized by him you brood of vipers who warned you to flee from the Wrath to come best way to keep an old acquaintance and do not begin to say to ourselves. Whatever Abraham is Our Father for I tell you about his anal from these stones to raise up children for Abraham even bother axe is laid to the root of the tree every true. That's where that does not bear fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire and the crowds asking What then shall we do? And he answered them whosoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none of who's the weather has spirit is to do likewise Tax Collectors also came to be baptized and said to him teacher what shall we do? You said to them collect no more than you are authorized to do. Soldiers also asked him and me what shall we do? And he said to them do not extort money from anyone by threats or by false accusations and be content with your wages as a people wear an expectation and all your question in a more Hearts concerning John where he might be to Christ John answered them all saying I baptize you with water but he who is mighty guy is coming the strap up resembles. I'm not worthy to untie he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. His winnowing Fork is in his hand to clear his threshing floor and The Gather the reading was born for the Chapel Hill Burn with them crunchable fire for sale with many other expectations. He preached good words to the people in Let us prey. I like Father. What a blessing it is to be here around your word this morning. Battery lasts as weak as we celebrate me this Advent season, we celebrate father the the purpose and meaning of why you sent your son Jesus here is our Lord and savior, but as we celebrate We Gather with friends and we cherish what that means for us, right nothing else for either become greater and more important during this Christmas season the knowing Jesus Christ your son not only as an infant in a Manger us when he went to the cross and gave his life for our sins. The one who went to the grave and Victorious and thought it was who is our Lord and our Savior by the way glass it will bless all who are not able to be here today. No slip her have been struggling with illness and sickness. We thank you father for bringing the cold here today. We at we thank you for the healing that you're bringing to her and her physical body and a spider that you would they continue to heal. Bird completely and fully we praise you for the work that you have been doing for her father or anyone else's who's struggling bother with whatever the struggles are. Some of them we know about and some we don't some of them are keeping their their struggles private whether it be mentally or physically or whatever. It may be father. We ask that you would you would reach out to those today in the days ahead and comfort them to your word Comfort them through other believers who live will take the time to pray for them or maybe say a kind word about every bastard would your brain hurting people are born Sinners to this church, but they were here of your love and your forgiveness and what Jesus your son is done for them remind us always bother what he's done for us continue to draw stew your word to draw stew worship together, but we thought of as your family would grow together in love and concern Care and compassion for each other. And for those who don't know you Friday that you would place them in our paths. We don't want to when will it when we struggle to to go out of my way to share the gospel to invite people to Church Father. We need your hand to guide us and direct us to those people who quit hurting you need this message. Call me this message Father so we don't need to look far last night at the service this morning would be to your honor and your glory in Jesus name. Amen.

John the Baptist starts his ministry off at his message is to prove is intended to prepare people to be ready for the Savior to be ready for Jesus Christ. His message like I said didn't start off of grace mercy and peace. It starts off as weird as we read it here. It's in the seven or so. She said therefore to the crowds they came to be baptized by him. You build a Viper's who warned you to flee from the Wrath to come.

What's the weather for everybody showed up this morning? I got up here. And I said you brought your stinking snakes. What are you doing in church? Why are you here? That's really what he saying? Who's all preacher on the only areas along the Jordan River album that was cut in the wilderness or build lands and people have heard about this man who's kind of a wild child Lee's he's not resting within phone code of his speech is not great and he lives and and and preaches out in the wilderness people hear about this and who knows what all the reasons are for going out there. Tell her that I'm sure we're curiosity Seekers some of them probably most of them actually and maybe for the wrong reasons. When asked me to come to John and John ask them these questions, what are you bunch of snakes doing here? Why are you here?

Not really was Sophos kindest gentlest way to start off a service right when we shocks them to the Greek or they show up and he's got them asking themselves, but I don't know why I'm here. I heard you. Ricardo Wildman maybe. Who knows?

Hope that's a good question for all of us though. You going today? Where?

Why are we here?

Hopefully the answer is that weird of you came here this morning while sure it's going to need to see what's going on. There's been a lot going on in the last few days. We'll ever been building and construction projects all over and whatever that could be part of the reason that we're here where we were here this morning because don't you ever hear you don't really want to be here, but what I'm going for lunch afterwards and I usually pay whatever the reasons Maybe. What is your hair? Because your friends come here and you don't want to disappoint them. I'm going to call you this afternoon and say hey Dave and somebody sick at your house or what? You don't want to say I just didn't feel like not going to church so I didn't go. What are the reasons are sometimes we become the church half-heartedly?

Where is somewhere to be there this morning? More than anything else more than the fact that there's coffee and donuts back. There just got him a bonus is to know about Jesus Christ to learn more about what this book says. I want to apply it. I walk in and I life.

This is what John is challenging them. Why are you here? Little vipers who warned you to flee from the Wrath to come over who told you what Drew you here.

What is frozen bread dough fruit in keeping with repentance and do not begin to server? So we have Abraham as our father? So, what would what would that mean in today's language we have over ham is our father.

You got a farted on my way home. Okay, you're not mad category. So what you saying to us once you send it up?

is cheese calling them out as they come to hear him when he's challenging them, but when it because many of these are Jewish people are descendants of Abraham and sleepy in their lives, and I'm going to walk

What are answer if they almost to challenging them on who if they were a child of God if they would have believed it would have been a long road descendants of Abraham. We are the chosen people.

We can fall into that. Very same thing.

I go to the right Church.

I'm a Lutheran. I'm a Baptist. I'm a Pentecostal. Whatever that answer. Maybe this is what John is telling me. Don't tell me that you're The Offspring of Abraham and that qualifies you.

Makes you the right religious person.

Don't tell me that will my mom and dad went to church and my grandparents went to church and they were Believers. So that must mean that's good enough for me. Cuz it's not.

That's not wasting time. He's only got 6 months. He's only got six month Minister and I don't think he knows it at this time.

but at the end of six months What happens to him? It was Florida prison. Why because he calls someone out right and he tells them that they're living in Salem that they need to repent and so he gets thrown in prison. And then what happens to him? That he gets his head chopped off and put on a platter. And no greater man's been born a woman that John the Baptist and a six-month-long Ministry. His work was done and his cousin who had the ability to save him. L&M spring him loose from that prison lets him die. In fact, if we were to study this further on a couple of his his disciples John's disciples actually went and asked Jesus while John was in prison you should are you the one we're looking for maybe we should look for someone else. Got a question and John's even doubting.

Which one of us is here on this Earth?

with a mission

you all have a calling and a mission for the time that God has allotted for you on this Earth.

John it was short and he got to go to Eternity for some it might be longer. Whatever that calling is that God has for us. It is always to tell people about Jesus that's always part of it. Now some people use words and some use actions and some just to listen to people and some prey or whatever it may be. But when I work is done.

God calls us home.

John's message and John's work was to go and challenge people's beliefs and my understandings people who thought they were right in their religion. They thought they were right and correct by the bloodline that rent the blood to run through their veins because their grandfathers and their great-grandfathers were Jewish people and they were the children of Abraham and we could very easily follow the same thing. Well, I I'm probably good to go as it go to heaven and because my parents go to church

Sorry, no, you're not.

Why is it wrong that you go to church because your parents go to church now, that's a great blessing. Thank God that your parents bring brought you to church or bring me to church even today.

But what Jesus wants you to know? Is that it is between you and him? this relationship I just want you to know that when he went to the cross it was for you.

What are you a year old or whether you're 95? new cat piggyback off of someone else's faith

There's no free ride. John is a challenging these people who are saying while we're Jewish Abraham was one of our our descendants and if you remember John God made a covenant with Abraham that your offspring are going to be the chosen ones.

I sure we can do whatever we want because we have a free ride one of the right bloodline world the right family we go to the right church and John sing, huh? No way and then he says this he says he says for I tell you God is able from these stones to raise up children for Abraham.

Don't drop that obviously. There's probably a bunch of stones laying on the ground in John says she does rocks right there. If God wanted to he could make those rocks into human beings that make most people throw up at church. What would they be believers?

They just fill the empty seats.

I told you God is able from these stones to raise up children for every Burnham and think about that there are proud of their heritage.

I'm going to Abraham's offspring. And John steak, really? That box could be a bet if God wanted it to be than you are.

When he says even now the axe is laid to the root of the tree every tree there for that does not bear good fruit is cut down and cast Into the Fire. Show me the time is short.

You said this a long time ago? He says it new Flash and real today. The time is short. Whether it's until Jesus comes over here that last trumpet or whether it's all rights could be snuffed out. The time is always short. There's always an urgency. Toys R Us two roads to Jesus as in for those who are not Believers, there's an urgency that we would pay for them and plead for them and share with them.

That they would know Jesus and be saved even now the axe is laid to the root of the tree every tree there for that does not bear good for you to screw to cut down and cast Into the Fire and amazingly in verse 10. Boost Mobile obviously listening because they have something they still water we do.

Strom pictures this message. What are we John? What do you want us to do? Any answer. Who store has two tunics is to share with him who has none and whoever has food is to do likewise.

Are you think about that? John what do you want us to do? What should we do?

SS we go through there's a few more questions that they ask him a few more groups of people that ask John the same thing with John. What should we do? Are all of them are to love one another at the basic group. The basic core of his answers is to love and care for one another but doesn't say you know, what you need to be an expert Bible scholar. You need to attend church religiously every time there's a church function you need to move on to this certain denomination. You need to be from this bloodline in this family is answers. I love one another care for one another share with one another

What are you doing? He answered whosoever has two tunics is the share with him was none and whosoever has food is to do likewise if you have extra share it. God has blessed you with. More than you need share it.

Where's 12? It says the tax Quest collectors also came to be baptized and said to him teacher. What shall we do? I only date important that we would understand what the tax collectors did for a living and how they made their money and I'm sure most of you probably know that you're going to get hurt again. If you was a tax collector at this time when this actually took place where job would be to work for the Roman government and they would have a set tax per person and you go out and let's just say it was $1,000 a year. So if I was a tax collector a tax agent for them today, and they said go and collect a thousand from every household. Well, I would collect a thousand and I would turn it back into them, but she I have the ability to tell you that you are 1200. I can't argue with that or 13 or 15 and whatever I get over the the amount set by the Roman government what you said it said set at $1,000 if I got 1500 from you. I got a pocket the extra 500. Show the tax collector did this all the time? Where they got wealthy doing this by taking advantage of the people. So there's even some of these Tax Collectors there but have come down to hear John and see John and the last they've heard this message about repent. Ice Age on what what what should we do?

John says to them collect no more than you're authorized to do. Don't be taken advantage of people. Clek, no more than what you're authorized to go out and collect. Stop ripping people off. Again, Jerry love concern for the people.

Sobres where the next 1 verse 14 soldiers also asked him and we what shall we do? And he answers them don't extort money from anyone by threats or by false accusations and be content with your wages or the soldiers had their job to keep the peace and to keep them in the country safe, but they also did mercenary work on the side.

What year was the position of power to do things that weren't supposed to do and they weren't authorized to do but they can get away with it because there is Soldier. John Sheppard tells them don't be taking advantage of the people again.

Do not extort money from anyone by threats or by false accusations and we can chat with your wages. They come to come to your house and point their Spirit you and say hey get us some money and you couldn't do anything give them money or you were probably going to be in hurting shape. A Johnson knock that off.

Dolby extorting money that we can chat with your wages. There's 15 has the people were an expectation and all were questioning in their heart concerning John whether he might be the Christ John answer them all saying I baptize you with water but he was cool is mightier than I is coming and a strap or from sandals. I'm not worthy to untie he will baptize you with Holy Spirit In The Fire And withhold with the Holy Spirit and Fire.

John's message was obviously very effective people were hearing it. They're examining in their own hearts and annoying lives.

What they needed to do and what Beyond wanted them to do and what God wanted them to do. This message was awfully powerful.

Everyone always seems to happen.

almost any time

Will have someone preaching God's word?

If they do a good job at it and that message is heard a most shall we say repentance? or

Babe, unawakened around movement or people actually hear God's word and it will invade themselves. Maybe for the first time actually asked the question. Like what what should we do or what do we need to do? Play respond to that to what God's word says and others. I'll an Awakening or repentance. It doesn't take long for the preacher that preaches that message to become a hero never fails. What people soon forget they forgot so soon? Is there any time this happens? That's God's work? I want you to remember that. Doesn't matter who's up here behind the pulpit where John the Baptist Walk in there today and stood will preach to us and we were convicted that we needed to repent for in our own lies and turn back to Jesus. Thinking that where the right church or the right group or the right blood running through our veins, but we simply examine ourselves in the right of what his word says and we were convicted and so bored. What do we need to do? What do I need to do? That's God reaching out to you through his Spirit has nothing to do with whoever stands here in preaches at the message.

John's message was powerful. It had to be to have a six-month-long ministry will be called home to heaven. He got his work done, but God did the work through him. Who is simply courageous enough to allow that to happen?

He got to go home early.

Chinese people Starting to ask one another one. Maybe this is that promised Messiah. Maybe this is that promised savior that we've been hearing about from our fathers and our grandfathers in from the Old Testament Scrolls. Maybe this is the one that John said, you know. No, that's not me.

Should I baptize you with water? But he who is mightier than I is coming the strap of his sandal. I'm not worthy to untie he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire. Explaining them to Jesus Christ.

This whole reason for preaching and teaching these wild and crazy messages. It's so that they would know there was a sinner.

Cummins the same here if you don't know your Center.

What do you need to be saved from if you're doing pretty good on your own? That's all he was calling them out for. That was his purpose.

The savior is coming and you need him.

You need him? Restoril the message today

We need a savior.

I didn't know that we send and we fall short of what God asks us to do in this book. What do we need Jesus for? We're doing good movie.

Jon Super Saiyan. No, you're not. For anyone that might think that you're doing pretty good on your own John's going to tell you. No, they're not.

Will stand a chance?

You need to turn. You're the one who's going to help you?

He's coming soon. Very malleable because of what happened in history within just a few months after this that Jesus started his ministry started just a little behind John's. We know that but these people didn't. They're still looking forward. We're looking kind of backwards almost. Because we know the rest of the story, you know that shortly after John preached this message Jesus did in fact come shortly after this message was preached. Jesus did go to the cross. He did die. He did go to the Grave. He was raised again. Frost

so you don't watch the Sunday after stomach and how are you? Play two wrongs you made.

There still is a good reminder for us. We need to be reminded at times often actually.

But it's all Jesus.

where to get ready for Christmas and as we wait for Chris He's design under that tree anyway, but as we get ready for Christmas, pointing at the tree as we think about his birth, and we prepare for his birth and we celebrate birth.

Roper why he came

he came so that we could live. He came so that the wrongs that you've done. today yesterday last week and the ones you're going to do tomorrow. I paid for.

the washed away

your sins are all paid for their for given their erased. because of him

Do you need a savior?

Do you need help do we need help in our lives? Absolutely. Do we need to know is it important for us to know?

That we are sinners so that we don't get too big-headed.

Start to take some credit.

For what God has done and the God who deserves all the credit and it's it's not a bad thing to be reminded.

The people who?

Have suffered in certain areas for those people who have lost a set of child.

They value that next child if they have another one maybe more so and I'm not saying more than any of those of us that haven't lost a child.

I'll bet you Nicole. You can. Say something if you want, but I'll let you in the cold. I don't mean to pick on you Nicole. Hopefully you'll forgive me.

When she gets back on those feet and is able to run and jump and live a normal life is really really going to cherish that more than we get out of bed. We got one little eight. It's going to be a long day.

Right, Nicole you watch s complaining and you're sitting over the apartment. You don't know nothing, right?

That's really the point of us. If we don't know what Jesus has done for us.

value it If we don't know how what a horrible painful death, he went through for us. What that means for us? How can we ever jump up in the air and say thank you Lord.

You are forgiving people who don't deserve to be forgiven. You are people who can go to heaven instead of going to hell. No deserve it. We don't deserve it. But because of God's love for us and because of Christ love for us, but he was willing to come here as that baby and live here for 33 plus years. perfectly Eminem die have you killed? And go to that cross with your bag of trash. Does that mean it is and not say a word?

Take it back to that class as if he had done every one of your wrongs. Whatever it is. He took him silently to the Grave or to the Cross into the grave and then. Record holding down either and that he arose Victorious for you so that you can go to heaven and that you can be happy and free today because I little bunny Sack or big daddy shark a Sims that we carry around and you still know where the best buy them or ashamed of them to says give them to me. I paid for them double give them up and live.

In Jesus name amen.

What's closed in the prayer? I can't remember the benediction this morning. Sorry. Heavenly father. Thank you for sending Jesus your son as our Lord and Savior Jesus. Thank you for willingly coming here to live on life live on this Earth Pittsburgh 33 + years to live among us to take on human flesh to to live that perfect life that your father asked us to do, and we just have never been able to do it. No one has except you I brought her you were asked us that we would place our trust in your son Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and Without your help in our lives. We can't even do that Lord. And so we ask that you would tell each one of us here with your spirit continue to dross to your word continue to draw us into prayer to continue to draw Sin 2 into sharing and loving one another to caring with one another last through this Christmas season father. That you would teach us to love one another more your teach us the value of what it means to be a believer in to be saved your teacher just farted how valuable it is that we are and how grateful we should be for what you've done for us. But as we begin to prepare for the new year father only, you know what the future holds was received from the scripture readings. The Paul said that he has learned to be content. No matter what happens in his life father. And we ask that you would work in each one of us and give us some of that which you gave Paul. Some of the things that we Face seemed so large and traveling at times but father teach us to be content to be joyful and to be just ecstatic when we realize how much we loved we ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

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