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Dec 16 2018 carols by candlelight

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After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea during the time of King Herod Magi from the East came to Jerusalem and asked where is the one who is simple and King of the Jews? We saw a star when it's Rose and have come to worship Him. When can I return to the Sea was disturbed until Jerusalem with him? When he is cold together all the peoples Chief priests and teachers of the law. He asked them whether it was to be born. In Bethlehem in Judea that replied full this is what is written about the prophet has written. But you Bethlehem in the land of Judah. All by no means least among the rulers of Judah for out of you will come a ruler who will Shepherd My People Israel.

Then how have it's cold so much I secretly and find out from them the exact time the star had appeared. He sent them to Bethlehem and said go and such Catholic for the child. As soon as you find him report to me. So that's how I to Mako and worship him after they are touched the king. They went on their way on the stall that have seen when it Rose went to hedge of them until they stopped over the place where the child was. When they saw the star they were overjoyed.

I'm coming to the house. I sold a child with his mother Mary. on day 5 Down and Worship Him Then they open Dad trashes. I'm presented him with gifts of gold frankincense. And myrrh. On top of being warned in a dream not to go back to have it. They returned to that country by another route.

I don't know about you, but he's been really fascinating to hear What Christmas Means to all the people is been really humbling at a time. The station was full of Hall and happiness to hear people smart struggling and find this time of year really hard.

SMH Christmas is always my family. So this is me.

with my little brother This is Daniel house. You can say I have always been the epitome of cool sophistication. I mean look at that color. What was my mother thinking?

Retract it don't answer program chips in the seventies. This was about American my motorcycle cops. Could you not immediately come to mind.

No, but we were young. We love Christmas. Because it meant spending time in our family know he has some photos from the early 70s. I mean look at those cuz I'm at Mom and Dad's a very young looking woman. My dad Rocky Mount. Freedmen after it meant Selena statement my grandma made the best Christmas cake. I will not take your Christmas. I think your family.

They're mysoline of 18 and a lot of those people are no longer with those stiff tight, but I still think Christmas and family go hand-in-hand. My brother in Scotland and occasional surprises at Christmas. So we kind of all of you. How you Brewin.

Nope. I haven't always being a Christian so. When I was growing up, we would go to church cage in my but that was kind of as far as it went.

When I became a Christian and that was an ultimate you because I am a Christian. This is gold. Steven

it still means family Christmas still means family, but it's taking on a completely different understanding. What Christmas Means to some of those people that so far I thought I could reach into their lives

We began this evening by reading from John.

In the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning through him all things were made without him. Nothing was made that is being made in him was life about life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness and the Darkness has not overcome it.

The word became flesh and made his dwelling Among Us. We have seen his glory the glory of the one and only some who came from the father full of grace and truth.

The word became flesh and made his dwelling Among Us Jesus God in human flesh made his dwelling Among Us. Wow.

And he chose to make himself as vulnerable as possible as a baby.

Jesus was born as a baby into a human family to live a fully human life within the loving atmosphere of a family. Applebee's family was not chosen at random.

In the early reading we had from Luke we hear the angel Gabriel telling Mary he will be great and he will be called a son of the most high. The Lord God will give him the Throne of his father David and he will reign over Jacobs descendants forever his kingdom will never end.

Waldo Jesus would be born into an ordinary family or power. He was born into a family with a pretty good pedigree. He was born into family line of Israel's greatest King King, David. I thought had promised David that threw his family line God's kingdom would be established forever.

Since was a serious business in ancient times to continue the family line was hugely important and it's mostly 19 Harrison Street with the first born son.

Gabriel was telling Mariah is really important. You saying Jesus living in the line of David will inherit what was promised to David? He will reign over God's Kingdom. So dwelling Among Us will be the one we will reign over God's kingdom again.

The wildness don't stop by. If we were to look at verses 12 and 13 of John the same chapter we would read.

It's all who did receive him to those who believed in his name. He gave the right to become children of God. Children ball not to naturally science. No review my decision or husband's well football of God.

The word became flesh and those that believe in him will become the children of God become the children of God. Through Jesus his life his death his resurrection. We are assured adoption into God's family.

We have Jesus as our big brother. I was still nursing is that

Jesus if you remember I was born under Roman occupation. What Christians wear to Paul looked in his concept of being adopted into God's family? They did so with one eye on the Roman understanding of adoption.

Under Roman law someone who was adopted into a family had all the rights and privileges of a biological child. according to the law of the old life is

the person being adults aged. What is she in the role as if they knew father? Should all the children be born into the family. Child didn't have any less of the clan. They would still remain call as

yes adoption into God's family goes much better than some illegal transaction. Jesus is our actions means we are cleared to be able to speak to God to relate to God as we will watch as our parents our mother. Our father think of her. Jesus says we should pray Our Father who is in heaven.

In the same way that those who adopt children do so because they choose to God chooses to adult Souls into his family. You're standing beauty of adoptive parents is that they choose to reach out because they love they love that children and everything. They have becomes theirs.

Jesus brings us a slope that we are adopted into God's family. Our old life has no hold over us our debts a wiped away. We sounded as alongside Jesus. I would big brother and we are to inherit all of God's riches. All the Privileges and blessings of Heaven I posted our disposal because of a baby born into a loving family two thousand years ago.

And because we are all God's children, we stopped here as brothers and sisters We Are Family. Our relationship is 5 deeper and wider than we could have ever imagined. We don't have family all around the world. Of course. We don't want to know that we know our mission paw and some of them personally by the Congress many millions. We will never know.

The church is the family of God and we have to work together as a family would in that family business. We have to build the kingdom in which we

We have to work as a family would we encourage we support we protect me guide. We sure love we forgive each other.

Please call to reach out to those angels who we can see that might be struggling today for whom Christmas is just like any of the day he feels so alone. And the gas will never get you hasn't been able to celebrate Christmas for the last 4 years.

We have strength as we stand together as family and in that strength, we offer what we have to those that might have less than we do.

I love my family very much. It is a normal temperature.

Nothing can change that Lope. But I am a Christian we've established. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I'm through this. I am blessed with family much wider than could be dictated by biology. And this family is being there for me in times of trouble. He's been in times of Celebration. It teaches me a guy to me. And it continues to offer me support and strength.

No Christmas for me. My still means family. What it means more tomorrow than it did when I was a child. It means I stand in complete all that I am adopted into the most blessed family. I could ever imagine.

God chose to Humble himself as a baby born into a human family to each other. I that we all become members of his family.

God has always looked up but in Jesus we are adopted into his family with all the Privileges that that brings. The word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory the glory of the one and only some who came from the father full of grace and truth.

God does not live in The Faraway luxury ignorant of our needs. There is no life to be separate from God the source of all life. Jesus didn't come on just a fact-finding mission. He comes with an invitation come home. Jesus says come home discover your long-lost family your older brother, Jesus and your father.

Jesus came to dwell Among Us in Jesus. We find our family. Christmas we sing We Sing of his glory the glory of the one and only son who came to fulfill God's promise to us.

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