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Unity and Gospel Seed

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All right. Amen. Thank you so much and I put my

Am I coming through the speakers? Am I I am a little bit. Okay, I'd only be too loud because I fill out the recording when I do.

first one now that were in the church at Antioch and Prophets and teachers and then it named these prophecies.

Barnabas Simon was called the Niner Lucius.

A siren man in a lifelong friend of Herod the tetrarch and saw while they were worshiping the Lord and fasting the holy spirit said set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work which I have called them then after fasting and prayer. They laid hands on them and sent them off now. Here's an interesting thing about this church particularly leadership now, I don't know if their Elders I don't know that the Bible just says their prophets and teachers. We know that those who Proclaim of those who teach are you have to know what are the qualifications of being an elder is that you have to have these particular Gifts of teaching Orby activity now owners very indifferent piss. And God did that on purpose. We don't need a realtor to be the same. This was church will be a mess. If every Elder was like me would get nothing done at the meeting. You just sit around and cry. Dog doggies with different men for different leadership, but I want what I really love about. This church is a diversity and its leadership. We seen Barbossa couple chapters earlier. He was a Jewish Greek. He was out the hellenists from Creek. Cypress, I'm sorry. Here's Barnabas. He's a Jewish helmets. That is he spoke Greek was raised in Greek culture. But he's a Jew Simon called the tiger which we know is from Africa. He was believed to be black Nygaard literally means black Simon. The black is what the Bible says. Lucian from Cyrene, which would have been in North Africa? And Maiden was brought up in Harwich Port and related to the Royal upper class. So far. We see a Greek Jewish man, a man of a black descent with a man from North Africa and we see a man who grew up in the Royal Palace or months the upper echelon of society. And then at the last in the sign up with seesaw or Paul a Jewish believer. Who was also a great academic? Who is not a helmets? No, I I I I I can't help but to look at this group and think to myself.

British group agree on everything

Goodnight, backgrounds, different upbringings different eating habits different hygiene habits. I mean, you understand there's some major differences of the cultures of these men. raging Havoc heating cap mask with major differences

And here are these men from all these different ethnic backgrounds all these different academic backgrounds all these different you have the extra of society. You have happened 10 minutes. You had just regular old way bursting into you have just a mixture of different type of men. Now, let me ask you this question. What are you looking at Christ and his coming and when you look in the Book of Revelation every Kendra Every Nation every tongue is there? I would venture to say as well that God calls men from every background. He is no respecter of persons. We see Men Of The Rich And Men of the normal we see men of the religious men of the academic. cement of all backgrounds here and yet church was in unity. I will tell you more than anything we have seen from the beginning of pax until now Unity has been at the necessity of getting the gospel work done Center Christ. Center crisis the phone the point of that Unity, but Christ was that the church was in Munich and they were in prayer and nipple roommates. They've been a prayer and fasting when they've been in prison and they've been in prayer and fasting for the work and one by one every time we've read through every single chapter. We see a church that spraying we see a church that's in unity and the unity that brings them together is not their ethnic backgrounds. It's not their education. In fact, we see a very diverse group of leaders and extremely diverse group of men.

I'll tell you this. Antioch as an example unto us unity in diversity is necessity.

John 17 22 23, I'm going to read it to you. I do not ask for these only this is Jesus. But for those who believe in me through their word, I love this is the prayer of Jesus that they may be one just as you father are in me and I in you that they may also be an us so that the world may believe that you send me Jesus's prayer for the Saints. Withhold God. I pray for those you're going to give me and those who will believe on the word that is given and I want them to be in unity with each other community with me just like I'm in here to be with you. What show that the world may know that you sent me. Jesus says the reason I want to be in unity with me and unity with each other. And so that the world will know that God that you sent me. What is statement? Now there's only one thing that brings a kind of unity. Christ I'm not trying to be silly. I'm being totally honest. the hygiene differences from a to Jewish man to the too many miles apart.

Get there is unity.

the cultural differences Dare, I say the musical differences. Would have been different.

Jesus prays for his saints that they would be in one and I want you to notice he wants us to be in one with him. We are in unity not by choice, but by striving to be in Christ, and when every man tries to be in Christ, we meet each other at the cross. That's where Unity prevalence.

And by the way, Unity does not mean the same but two different in unity and I'll give you an example that Romans 12 verse 4 through 8. Piranhas in one body we have many members and the members do not all have the same function. So we though many are one body in Christ notice the focal point of unity in Christ. Individual members of one another having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us. Let us each use them if proxy and proportion word fate if service and are serving if one who teaches and his teaching the word resorts in this excerpt a she's the one who contribute to generosity the one who lead with deal in the wooded us tax in her seat with cheerfulness. Now, I'm going to throw out just in this is purely Pastor opinion those people who are extremely gifted. Let's say hear of Mercy. Are they going to totally comprehend that one who skipped it with exportation? Or one who's connected with being just a generous Giver. God was giving them the ability to give her those people there. They're the ones who helped cover missionaries and places.

You are the man over here who has to get the teaching but never had a page was named as he told me don't understand the man the dancer that is only in Christ. But many members but one body no one is too big to understand. My phone's responsibility. The need to understand each other's gifts and abilities to for theft. It's just a matter of truth. That's my opinion.

Listening. My foot does not know how to do the job in my hand. Have you ever tried to curl your foot by the hand to pick stuff up?

It has been trying to go have the nerve connections. It's not good for that.

My body parts only know they need each other. They don't understand each other.

Unity in difference unity and differences and I want you to notice just like John 17 and jisoo spranger, they will be one with me and Paula prescription Church of many different get she says one body in Christ crisis again the center of the unity and I will give you one more example Ephesians 4 11 through 13 and he gave some Apostles and Prophets and Evangeline Shepherds and teachers is there different gifts differing abilities. Some of them combined them not to equip the Saints to the work of Ministry for the building up of the body of what Christ. Until we all attend the unity of faith of an all of the Son of God to mature man, but to the measure of all the statues of fullness of Christ again Christ is the only center point of unity there.

we have made Center points that are caramel Let me get upset when people don't rally around or something.

We're all guilty.

This diverse group of men. Hepatitis B is different backgrounds different cultures led by the holy spirit of God

all agreed and conferred upon each other that God had told them to set apart Barnabas and Paul. What was the name of the church mixed wiener new Godzilla part around and they all laid hands on these brothers and pray because why.

Christ God's word the center of unity center of it all The Burbs men led by the Holy Spirit can be confirmed by the church Fred so Unity that's equipped for Ministry and our day and age will be dead led by the Holy Spirit and the word of God and nothing else

Because that's how we know Christ is the center of the church and it begins. What is mended I'm excited about talking about.

Verse for so being sent out by the Holy Spirit. They went down to salucci silica. And from there. They sell 2-cycle. This is Barb home town is where he's from and they arrived at salamis which would have been one of the coastal towns and they proclaim the word of God and the synagogue's of the Jews and they had jobs with system now Jones from the Jerusalem Church. I don't know what he was doing there, but he was healthy. You say churches in cooperation with one another why because it wasn't about the individual churches is about Christ the center of it all John country New Jerusalem Church the meat up the two who sent out by the Antioch Church to do the mission. What a beautiful name.

They started in the synagogues how this becomes Paul's have it. He shows up to the town and he preaches first for the pattern of this becomes a pattern to the synagogue takes them off that you tried thrown in jail. Did he preach to the Gentiles? Why is Paul always starting in the synagogues?

We can go out. If I about this, I would say he knew it was written that hold to the Jews first and he preached to those who had a script or Foundation first and then he went outside of that, but I would go a little bit further. What did God tell Paul his calling with you?

the jackpot he's called to the Gentiles but he goes to a town and starts in the synagogue. I don't think this is a better than them. I think this is where he started because that's where he was from. It's a natural starting point to reach those who have the word of God given tomorrow.

Do you want from there to the Gentiles? over and over again see this pattern in verse 6 Where they had gone through the whole island as far as pathos They Came Upon A Certain magician a false prophet named bar-jesus bar-jesus. So they literally with your looking at a map to travel around 90 miles from one end to the islands of the other end of the island and meet up with the guy who called himself and bar Jesus.

How to be an interesting one I'd let my washer at least type of guys.

But what I want to focus on this god-ordained gospel responses god-ordained Golf Course pond. Sing when Jesus was with the apostles. He told them about a parable about seeds that sunseed with balls on good ground some seamless proud of dry up some C would be carried away by The Byrds.

He's worked gospel ordained responses. See that would call on good ground. Look at verse 6 & 7 we're going to look at them together when they have gone through the whole island. As far as Passos, they came to a certain magician a Jewish false prophet name bar, Jesus and verse 7 and he was with proconsul sargis paulus a man of intelligence who summoned Barnabas and Saul and Saul to hear the word of God. Now that proconsul that was him that was another word for governor.

This man was a government official on the island. A negative word about Barnabas and Paul showing up on his Island and he says Hey, I want you to bring them to me now. I love this because I asked you this is so easy to go to the sub of the main and the cord and the blind. It isn't easy to get let's just say let's say that I'm I'm going on vacation here in a couple weeks and I decide to go to watch me speed. I'm going to roll right up to 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue in the white house and just tell them to pay. I'm also Tucker. I'm a preacher from God and I'm here to talk to Trump.

Pornographic used to hear me. I just bust through the gate.

I can see it now. Y'all be like

it's easy to get to the hope the more the Hall of the blind before the main. Is it easy to get the people of Maya Ford?

when God ordains it is

they didn't show up. They just showed up preaching to anybody could hear Paul would use his authority to go in the synagogues and speak. Can you use water authority that still open what the words he could for the gospel's sake but they show up in the town and they're just being faithful and this man says send those men for me. The governor wants to see the And so they're summoned before the governor. I love the truth. This is seed that remains the word. God will see later on the story will get into this man.

You know. You look at that group of leaders and verse 1. There was a man from inside the palace their men from inside the government. I'm saying a leader in the church.

God does his work the seed that falls on good ground was an ordained gospel to say God has ordained meetings for the gospel sick. We've seen this over and over again. We seen it. We seen it when when Philip the Evangelist with the Ethiopian eunuch. We've seen it there and some Marietta we seen it over and over again through the scriptures. God ordained Beanie Boos. We see the lady at later on dying purple in the Bible says in God open her heart to hear and understand. We seek God ordained meaning in Spanish. I am here at the beautiful thing. Let me tell you something. Western take amazing weight off your shoulders. Your promises share the gospel. And you might think yourself so if I fail they're not going to get it now. I'm not I'm not adequate enough. No, you're not.

Just open the Bible open a track study to show yourself approved sleek and share the gospel and then shared the best of your ability. And here's the truth if God ordains it guess what's going to happen?

It's going to happen. It's going to happen if God or danger.

But just as sure at this man who is seeking truth and seeking to know the truth. Is he he he he was Jesus. I mean at 2 minutes desperate.

And this bar Jesus he goes by his actual name, but LMS the magician. element means magician opposed men seeking to turn the the proconsul away from the Fate. Is it bar Jesus mean son of Savior this man who claimed?

Who he's been speaking to the governor? trying to show him the Captain Mark's salvation Son of the savior's so far this Antichrist this imposter of the Gospel. the magician

no verse 8 He's the one who let me ask you this first date. Probably just heard the gospel in Merced. Look at Birth state. Did Jesus hear the gospel verse 8 but LMS the magician opposed them seeking to turn the proconsul away from the famous that implies he was standing there with the Pro Comp when he was around when the proconsul was hearing Barnabas and Saul give the gospel and he gets angry. He gets mad and makes his objection to try to turn the governor away from the face.

Who was the governor of speaking before the Apostle showed up? him darkest before the Apostle showed up

and has the reasons so many people like the gospel. Talk about a little bit son School. game

prestige Self-righteousness. There's so many other reasons, but Or if he's had a lot to lose the governor's ear and people give him a false gospel in the the governor was listening now all sudden the true Apostles of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God the actual Apostles of the true Christ show up and they give the gospel and Barbies going to but you know me, I got your back. You don't even listen to these guys a man waiting for the next.

2 Chainz got in this man's way. This would be in my opinion to see that was so and was taken up by the birds eating up. 4th and even be receipt God had ordained appointment with the governor, but not with the magician. And by the way, he had a god-ordained appointment magician. But I will be back in a minute. Not the same.

two things got ugly gang people aren't going to give me gifts anymore. If they go to this gospel. People are going to pay the human speak anymore. They go to hey guess what people are going to stop by my books and my best life right now.

It's about one thing and it's about money. It's the same thing with his family sorcerer. Does he shows up and he sees the apostles healing and he wants a Prestige that he had cuz the people are fearful of him before he says I'll give you a bag of gold for the ability like you do. Paul rebuking

I want you to understand something. It's about Prophet tell you this but there are people even in the church who who who fight against the scripture fighting towards God because of profit.

It's all about profit. Do they not understand that Jesus recognizes the Widow who gave the money.

Stop mosquito itch he wanted to be the Savior to the people to be bar-jesus. By the way, Christian through this to they want to be the hero of the story. They want people to think that they're awesome that dirt during our savior that there are the reason for everything man. It's amazing how well we can be.

You stand in someone's way and you'll see your heart real quick. religion of self righteous

I want to read to you Luke 11:37 and 54. You have to read it. Tough long passage. I'm going to read it rather quickly like I do sometimes while Jesus speaking wind in a reclined the table in the first was a staunch see that you did not first wash his hands before dinner. If you are full of greed and wickedness you. Did I do did not he who made the outside make the insides also, but give as all those things that are within a few close everything is clean for you, but woe to you Pharisees for you tithe mint and Rue never heard of his neglect Justice and love of God sees you ought to have done without letting the other. What do you Pharisees for you? Love the best teeth in a synagogue in greetings in the marketplace of wushu you for your white unmarked Graves whitewash red panda people walk all over them.

One of the Warriors dancing him teacher and saying these things what's all this? Also? Jesus goes had to continue to insult them.

And he said what do you lawyers? Also 4 U Lo people with Burns hard to Bear. Can you yourself? Do not touch the burns with one of your fingers what I do for you build a tomb of the Prophet robocallers killed so you are witnesses and you can sit the Deeds of your father for they killed them and they built they're two they're four also wisdom of God said I will send them problems in Apostle summer-blooming. They will kill and persecute so that the blood of the prophets Shed from the foundation of the world to Paris between the altar in the sanctuary. Yes. I tell you it will be required of this generation World to You Lord For You have taken away the key of knowledge and you did not enter yourself and you have hindered who would enter

I will be at bar Jesus. I see a man standing in the way of a gospel because it gets in the way of his Prestige and it gets in the way of his game. But let me tell you some the self-righteous work using the same thing by Jesus.


Seed I get something up for the Christian is often to see this being choked back on us.

But I want you to notice on God is sovereign. God is Sovereign God deals with each one of them hits one with favor and one in Wrath will get Bersa 9 the song is called Paul filled with the Holy Spirit to look intently at him. He said you son of the devil you enemy of All rights this full of all the seat and villainy. Will you not stop making crooked the straight path of the Lord for this man is twisting the gospel man's twisting the past the Lord the Lord is upon you and you will be blind and unable to see the Sun for time and it made me miss the garbage fell upon him and he went about seeking people to leave him by the hand of God took care of him. Where's the nearest the scary thing?

What is the gospel trying to make it about this game about his board and was worried about a trying to the gospels given given by Faithful Men were willing to get it to a governor. You're scared of Governors face because they're more scared of God and he starts to try to interject with this deal with the government to hear. There's a spiritual leader.

Woe unto those who quits The Gospel Four Authority Shake singing.

James gets a warning about those leaders who quit work I couldn't even imagine. I don't care. How much I mess up in my you mistake preaching God's word. I just set up here by God's grace alone and open the word totally unworthy.

Yet those you purposely twist God's word. The amazing thing is Is the mood to reject Christ will be cast out into utter Darkness. The Bible says. It's just a vision of what he has in front of him. innocent curse that Paul Gaye I Want You who really gave me first look at verse 9, but Saul who was also called Paul filled with what? Who cursed the man who Panthers against you the Lord God's paid attention and you?

Duh took care of this man. By the way, who takes care of it. Whose vengeance is God's whose gospel was that man sitting in front of the Gods? Think about that. Our job is to Simply preach the gospel. Don't take care of the rest.

God cursed for the sake of souls. Kerr topless children He lay the wicked down Harris. He let his false prophets now and he will lay them down and I will give you a warning that God is even laid down his own Saints for the sake of the church. I got me a nice and Sapphire.

Paul tells us in 2nd Corinthians that he even lay down people who make a mockery of the Lord's supper and these are the children of God.

God is not something to take lightly.

Paul and Barnabas were simply being fake. God did it work. How much you notice God's word will always accomplishing sins. I love that is where does not return void it always accomplishments in God always accomplished out the blue and the proconsul believe book Embers 12, then the proconsul believed when he saw what had occurred before he was a staunch of teaching of the Lord and now Paul is companion set cell pathos and canvas cargo pants Deleo John left and returned to Jerusalem.

God's work will be accomplished has been a common factor. If you don't forget in Jerusalem, when there was an argument over the widows not being taken care of. They called the deacons from among the elements. They were the minority of the Jews. Because they're the ones that had the neglect that needs to be fixed.

Unity in diversity has been constant. The church is only going to become even more diverse from this point forward.

Gotham receiving more people

What time does University the churches in unity led by the work God? You still out the scene sunless evil rabbit a cold like it been discovered. There will be those who will play with you for self-watering and it's not only just on the outside. It's on the inside as well the world how dare you inflict your beliefs on anybody the world won't blow Jesus in ocean.

Why did so scared about praying publicly? If there's nobody here prices.

Yet that same people who will post cheapest are all for allowing Muslim teachings in public schools. Why is that? Is God is real? I'm scared of History.

We said we preach the word. Will be those who make stand in the way. I will tell you this God will deal with them.

Gotham Bruce and I will also encourage you first make sure you're not the one staying in the way.

like a religious leader to the Pharisees

and followed up crazy.

What I really enjoy. Junior worlds swimming I think that off. Gotham Roblox chat for the Shocker went on God. You have seen few you're working with us. How are you made? So many things work anytime we always do. But I know you love us you giving us your word. You've given us your spirit. You got a spray tan tips for Unity in the name of Jesus Christ. Not Unity, that's a man may not me that's looking for a pat on the back that you need that strive to hold on to you for meeting each other at the cross. true Godly mature unicorn God different gifts all meeting in one body in Christ. And God I pray that you would use that nudity in that you would call us up as men and women Lord who made our hands as of Missionary Baptist Church. Send out their best Lord. May we be at church or send out our best For Your Glory?

Remind me in unity raise up men and women were bold. May you raise up many women were both the gospel sake. Trust in your work on the cross the trust in you working who's here for the steeple fall Garden God you were named.

I'm so somewhere. We know only usually get angry. What's what you spray for Po-Boys? Pray for you. Love you crazy. weather

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