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Morning, please be seated.

money mark

cu24 at the classes I did say to Noah you can stay in today or not. Listen to Daddy preached. She said I don't think I'll be all right, so that we go.

from grayscale

and we thought we just thank you for your word. What's on Kiefer? God still got the speaks to us even in 2018? I was just trying out that you'd come by your spirit that you give Odysseus to hear a buttload. What is a Familia passage that you would make your own familiar too was once again the Lord got the it be with me as I speak and that you prevent me from Bloom to any of the sharp edges and what we are to read I thought, you know, if it locked out that you would reveal King Jesus and that's we see him and you even as we see him afresh that we might be transformed. botrytis in the name of the glory of King Jesus

this morning. We're going to be spending some time in returning to the Gospel of John. I know we've been going through that over in swaddle to break. So if you could you Bible she might want an cheap John at 6, and we can be picking up from at this 22. And I'm just going to read the first section of that.

Excuse me for a moment.

John 6 verse 22

the next day the crowd that remained on the other side of the sea saw that they've been only one boat. Sorry on the next day the crap that remained on the other side to see saw that there had been only one boat and the boat with his disciples for these disciples that got away. What about some Tiberius came near the place where they'd eats in the bread after the Lord giving. Thanks. When the crowd saw that Jesus was not know his disciples. They themselves got into the boats and whence companion seeking Jesus.

if you just to remind us why we are can I wait through John's Gospel of John at begins his gospel by saying that the we have seen the glory Jesus the glory the one only sent from the father full of grace and truth. And what is he spends the rest of his gospel impact explaining Jesus Through the revelation of Jesus The Glory Ministry pass by and John same since he was a huge following behind of God who takes away the sins of the world. We see Jesus is at wedding and miraculously transformed.

We see Jesus. Passing through the area and he comes a woman be smart woman responds. Her entire Village becomes a follow-up. We see Jesus heal a pool waiting for help longing for help and get nothing on Jesus just miraculously Hills in how to most recently we seen Jesus with a huge following Disciples of John a flocking to Jesus people from the region in the thousands acquainted East Haven preach and hearing speak having listened to him all day. How do you say it's just a few Loaves and a few fish animal supplies those I feed them to the leftover What was seen in many respects is Jesus a peach of his popularity.

Most probably like the crowds will not get pick up with the safety exception of the Triumph of Jesus in the thousands of Halloween. Maroon, the Thousand to 16 Haven speak. Allergies is just me just Miracle after Miracle after miracle. Mustika Everything Jesus is Jordan and I join a storm just walked across the water and the people who have hurting for each tree spent the day before Jesus sent out a search party and the go to find him.

20 found it on the other side of the city. They sets head Rabbi. When did you come here went off on the road in a bow?

Jesus answered I'm truly truly I say to you you seek me not because you saw signs, but because you say you'll fail Abalos.

and the reason for that is Is a no-show to anyone in this room and I might be wrong.

experience hunger I remember when I was younger and Christmas Day around 12 is removed at a Christmas dinner finished Christmas dinner about 1 and then stopped on Christmas day was the most joyous day be a late night. So I'm not waiting on you for quite a while and then as soon as I start to notice it, I'm starving to Charleston, South Carolina.

Need the pig probably still on the best crafts and he's sensitive defensive. Just think of the notion of a snack when the majority of the world starving. Vancouver weed snack while people starve Am I saying that the reason I'm saying that is what we experience today in England in 2018 is no by the measure of history and geography normal. He spoke to you and I was I guess to go to job of some kind of smoky patient or patience and kindness. I guess I'll just provide for a family to provide for a family probably only wanting to have school on school trips and not be embarrassed to take on holiday we frame. How are you standing at work if you work overtime is because we want to buy a new computer. So we want to go on a holiday where to buy PlayStation would build an extension. Is it a good time to eat if they didn't work they would starve? How did people didn't eat they would starve know Chris says he's absolutely true. You know, we have a welfare state and this country very fortunate for the county you read falling through the cracks, please still would starve the idea that if we don't work, Wichita homes that we would starve Kylie alien this time pictures of Fame coaches in agrarian culture

Did you see a crowd laying down the plows leaving the farm Fields leaving work and spending a day days following Jesus Jesus?

Multiply slows when Jesus multiplies fishes. It's not like I was being some disco magazines in case we consider up the troops to put saw if you don't people that are properly hungry hungry probably way that you and I are I want Jesus till 6:00. * he says you following me.

Nugen that shouldn't be any surprise because we just read the confined it and it'll even chops 50 is the Jesus realize the crowd by descendants 2. That was so excited by screeching you so excited Advance. Can I make him King by.

Jen that shouldn't be surprised we talked only about if you could provide a bunch of hungry man who just beeped then don't pay them sickly lavishly these feed them and say we'll make sure these states that I will make sure that you benefit from The Spoils of War.

These are the days that we talked about how much he's still did the clock stop when he sees that the following him because they want him to replicate the miracle. I would say just as an aside.

It's very easy. I need sometimes possible for us to kid ourselves.

Please note possible School Jesus.

Paul says the Apostle Paul test yourself see what he's still in the face of the church. We must take seriously. pixie so easy to get caught up in the hype He's so he's got called The Crowd. It's so easy. Try not to following Jesus around but never truly following in. Following Jesus around the benefits that he conveys for the benefits of the church conveys. I never really questioned why. How to get to this side did you remind him we can fool each other we can sometimes full a cell's but we can never fool Jesus what it is this motivates in them.

Jesus continues do not work. Placida parishes for the food that you chose to answer no life, which the son of man will give to you for on him God. The father has set his seal.

Then they said swim what would do to be doing the works of God? There is a loaded phrase on in the context of John and lakes Ron to heal the blind man house this coming and he'll say we must work the works of him who sent me while it is day night is coming when no one can work for John. The notion of work is a really loaded fries with no talking about is the law in the first instance activity of God. We seen you do something Supernatural is a fetus. Fetus from baby Lake bull. It's how do we be a part of how do we get on board with that? How can Jesus response? Jesus answered and this is the work of God that you believe in him who he Ascend to tell Jesus splits on the best of talk about miracles.

IG splits on his head mod says he's the work of God is in the world could do it is the work of believe in.

Facility so they said to him. Then what sign do you do that we may see I believe you. What would do you perform? This makes no sense whatsoever least they know that he's healed people they may have heard rumor about the wolves in Suwanee Canin food from Beverly full. Why on Earth would they be asking him for sign and the reason is the whole debate?

following someone around listening to the wise words

what he's saying is transfer your trust and your face and you'll believe from that to me and I will give us a sign of the nexplanon slow for the one they say he was a sign in the wilderness from Heaven chewy.

What's what's he talking about where the security code to Story of Moses to the count of Moses Leading the People of God out to slavery in Egypt leading them through the Wilderness and towards the promised land how you remember in the desert Manna in the morning and it would become this bread is mana mana me. What is it? Because they were very much and that's what it was. Pusadee's this is the F. You wanna believe in you and you receive you in the same way that the people back then receive Moses unfollowed Moses. You going to have to give us a sign a kid to sign the Moses gave.

What are they doing to people with nothing? You fat cows and see people with something. I've been comparing the work Jesus with the work modes in their own mind that concluded it doesn't stock quote.

Hello. Jesus response cheesy Sunset sedan from heaven Put my father gives you the true bread from heaven.

The Breath of God is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world. They said to him always. Jesus said to them I am the bread of life.

DC how Jesus would frames the debates over them, but they seem to be saying is okay. If you were going to have to prove that you'll speak to Moses after day in the desert for hundreds of thousands every morning. Jesus responses Jesus's first of all, you've got it wrong Moses didn't feed anyone. English the defeated

NG tube second puppies response

Moses was involved in the provision of bread from heaven.

And it goes on say I am the bread of life.

DC difference, what speed your bellies Now it's doing something all together amazing. He's given you me that's what she's saying is keeping you me you're preoccupied which food but I am the true source of life. Hello Kitty goes on I am the bread of life who ever comes to me shall not hunger and She Believes In Me shall never thirst

and that you see me, I do not believe

All that the father gives me will come to me and whoever comes to me. I will never cast iron fry come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me. The first of all look at 3:36 to see how Jesus spells out a warning.

You see me and yet you do not believe at least comes back to what we just said. He's there's a danger and there was a risk that we get caught up in church life and Christina.

Please possible to see the healings is possible to see people's eyes be transformed is possible to see and even taste of miraculous things but never believe.

Jesus adult pop kiss me all the gifts me will come to me. I'm so there is a right response. That's expected. Jesus says, he's feeding isn't what is required is that we respond and that we come to Jesus.

differentiate the True Believers from the wide crowd through those BC Through those who apply the game will not truly in the gun. And then there was those could see Jesus and come to him and look.

All that the father gives me will come to me.

Which is it? We might want to say please what Jesus says, this is Jesus s Jubilee the truth following that should have said since Jesus and the Father the giving those to Jesus and those comments Jesus.

Should Sean with those two things explained this whole ride scene? The Apostle Paul says that for my beloved is you've always obeyed not so now the only as in my presence in my absence work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

It's very easy season 2. Passages son's not easy to do bees eat.

Is Dont'a salvation? Rancid is Strive to Jesus? Follow Jesus do things that bring Jesus pleasure in those things that don't do Jesus pleasure lead like Jesus in this world. Believers a cold. I've seen you both to Will and to work for his good pleasure.

Under the liver of lunch. Kimmy wants to say to Paul well, which is it on the 100 save this thing our Sweat and Tears in the position of the Gospel at the level of I will at the level of emotion and cold at the same time, which is it. I think you need to ask him a question. I think she's exactly saved for John. Will come to me and whoever comes to me between believe we've been around for the series will know that Jesus is all about being a student moves will. Is the supernatural activity of spirit Spirit death is to hear the gospel to respond to the gospel by his spirit.

quietly come there's no contradiction dance really matters. as we move on

what's 39?

Sorry, just either I'm going crazy. Oh, she's going crazy service 39 raise up on what side does the father give to me? Why do we get both of those things were the first listen to the second half we believe in him if we don't get this sentence, correct?

The Jesus movies Newfane of all the he's giving me I'm raising. The last day is the idea here. The big picture here is the Jesus travels the kill.

the Jesus

is keeping us the Jesus is God in us and then look raised up in a state that Jesus will complete the work that he has begun a nose. These passages a critical when it comes to our children's. Is all the times of the Bible to believe us to follow Jesus Take La Crosse to work out salvation with fear and trembling. It's imperative that we take those on board and that we Embrace those for our lives. Please no load it snowing the Christ is working in us and through us on photos.

alarm at 6 because life is tough. And if you haven't been there yet already. They will be times when you struggle with your Christian walk to be times when you even doubt your own face. I'm businesses.

It's God's will that I keep those were mine is God's will that I got those who mind it's God's will that I protect those who am I?

Which leads to talk about being a good shepherd and he says my sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me. I give them eternal life and they will never perish and no one will snatch them out of my hand. And my father has given them to me is Grayson old and no one is able to snatch them out of the father's hand. I just received was a great comfort in these two truths. How to bleed a hay this morning that is simple believe in Jesus and Brace Jesus follow Jesus. Obey Jesus Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus grave Jesus have G Jesus hold you in his hand Jesus's promise that he will keep you and the Jesus promised. He will raise you up on the last day. He's a boat to things have to go to Moscow hand in hand. Who Jesus continues? This is the will of my father the everyone who looks on the stone and believes in Him should have eternal life and I will raise him up in the last day.

DC the two

It's not that I should keep those who are his for this is the will of the father believes in Him should have its own what's going on. Why does Jesus seemingly repeat himself twice as the same thing slightly different my sign is all about the feeding. It's all about the miraculous bread from Heaven to Jesus. He was sad the bread of life remembering. I'm returning to the reality that the gospel.

That's what he saying here. It's not just about the abstract. I'm a people believe.

People looking upon the song attention affection the heart's desire. the song the language is really similar to what Jesus would say. I swear I will say. When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw on people to myself talk about cross. Is it to me the full movies very simple similar here?

Exaltation sees very very very light with beneath the surface.

Is it a father in villages? The father is working in Christ and three Christ for world that is orientated around exist because of King Jesus.

The act of believing it's also an act of looking and recognizing I don't understand it and accepted and honoring the son of God.

Trevon hooptown Smyrna Police instruction alive verse 41 the point of iron it can I find it?

Find a add both challenging and amusing come to Jesus and say you should be able to have to sign a Jesus just blows out of when he says I am Great's the Moses. I am the true. I'm back to Moses. I am the one switch Moses points towards like Moses is what these people I've ever seen what you posted these people because of cold the extras in the wandering in the wilderness by two things the endless kindness and provision of God and the green blade and disbelief of the people. funny irony John the people believe that the Naked Ape points and actually accidentally make an entirely different Pointe du Sida decide if I didn't use it anyway, so

and I said I missed it is not this Jesus at the center Joseph know how does he now say I've come down from heaven Jesus on Somethin don't Grumble house and no one can come to me unless the father who sent me draws him and I will raise him up on the last day. What's going on here will Jesus delivering another one in? What is the danger that we will win the crowd when the Jesus crowd were attending church with Italian cherries made in since child would be involved in all of that, but we've never truly believed. Jesus is saying is this is be careful. Be careful. Be careful. You don't find yourself outside of the camp Because of You grumbling and you disbelief. He's always wanted.

He goes on it is written in the prophets and they will all be taught by God everyone. He was heard and learned from the father comes to me as seen the father except he who is from God. I seen the father.

the question is this

Is it Jesus calls us to come to him Jesus is the God the father has given him a people of his own who he will keep he will he will. Keep safe to he will guide to evil protect and who he will on the last day the question is this.

How does it happen we believe Jesus that we see Jesus? What weekend is a promise say Jesus reminds me by Simon says they will be taught by God. Everyone is her to mention the father comes to me not that anyone has seen the father except he who is from God. He has seen the Father the reason why Bible preaching And personal study the scriptures Max's I make sense. What Jesus says this is that he's the father who does the teaching? Meet the Press representing is that God will make me likkle the God will make us small and that he would speak through us.

The Bible study is in the Bible study leader. The people involved in the Bible study that you and I are home around out Bibles. A Prejudice. He's the God will move our brilliant ideas the god move our preconceived notions to one side and that he would teach him that he would speak to us that he would reveal Jesus.

pecan This isn't a new idea.

Because I can find a passage.

I can remember the passage. Is it Jesus or reset? Those of you been around I mean chapter 5 in the fire sea Challenger demon really kept questioning the de search the scriptures.

Penis is very scriptures the bear witness about Jesus and yeah, we refused to come to him. How do you say things to me? This is building on that same idea what she saying is This Is Us.

The Isaiah is for my Jesus quotes in and actually probably why the people quotes in from and when they remind him about the money from the deaths of all of that. Is God's means God's method for teaching you?

Help me to see the help each one to stand will understand and see where Jesus.

That's what Jesus is saying what Jesus is saying is this.

Is it God teaches is people? This explains why it is sometimes it will come in to you on Sunday morning. And we really don't want to be here is what the place is all the things that would rather be doing. Well, then maybe truth the reading of the beginning or maybe through the prayer time, or maybe he's being free to students with paste.

Why would that be his wife sometimes will return to a package popslide this incredibly familiar with X and we seen the pictures that I have to feed the 5,000 with the with the picnic blanket.

God speaks so suddenly we see things in a different way suddenly with quotes of the Kool-Aid guy is the plants go out working. The God speaks to us that God teaches us.

Smell those SE side effects of just add Magic Clip. How strange anyway. 47 truly truly I say to you whoever believes has eternal life. I am the bread of life at your Father's Day the Manna in the wilderness and they died. This is the bread that comes down from heaven that no one may eat and not die. I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone needs to be spread, he will live forever and the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flash.

Sing there is a kind of strange cultural thing that is happening. Not natural for a culture that is never gone hungry to imagine death.

I remember when I was younger United the most insane things is no doubt when you were young heated most insane things to believe you were an awful. You know what the weight range describes a species that you life is a vapor. It's just a misty just goes

agriculture the knows what it is to go hungry. I don't do something for tatian's of one and shortage and famine. I called you where there's no. anesthetic so if you know, you're right you're like it could will kill you. What is no antibiotics? So if you get a scratch out of Lakewood will kill you. Where I think something 50% Stadium an open tips and maybe more women died in childbirth. What infant mortality rate was through the roof under the payments industry. We're actually did you know, that's enough. The way so far removed from now. Pastors like this. eternal life eternal life you just wash over us.

Matriz matriz is life is like, you know, you put your hands up to sing Street Walton. You can hold it tightly to Cambodia it blooms why it went away from you.

Is the all of us lived in the shadow world. David asked whether we feel it or whether we go.

Do people get hit by cars in San with the old people get hit by cars young people develop life-threatening illnesses in the same way that older people develop life-threatening illnesses. Can you manage to avoid illness even if you're very fortunate a days are numbers?

The promise of the Gospel is this I believe in Jesus look to Jesus. He will keep secure. He will raise them on the last day. And we will live forever.

Just finally I'm going to speak it again from this passage in a couple of weeks.

Look if anyone eats of this bread. How do you like says the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flash? What does Jesus say that what I think you got the picture believe in? What we seen is the the the the believe involves looking to Jesus and receiving Jesus. This is also saying hey is that believe in also is a little bit like eats in. it's a little bit like absorbing is a little bit like taking a bow. Jesus to a very cool.

So, how do we believe what is taste and see that the Lord is good? Is searching the scriptures for King Jesus? And he's receiving that not a superficial surface way, but receiving a cool. It's listening to the teaching of God through his word eliminating Jesus help him see the glory of Jesus. How do you spell weiner? Please sky. Jestina. I need to receive not in a way that impact Society with a

What she says? the father draws to him I will keep safe what Jesus says he's goes who believe and trust in me. I will keep safe app for those. I will raise them on the last day. They will live with me forever to try.

Emily father

we just pray now.

the God himself with teachers betray that you biospirit spiritual hearts would make these words come alive.

Tommy might see Jesus smoke Layla tell me my love Jesus multiplayer. Follow, Jesus will close slide.

Emily father we pray that God himself that you would draw us. That we would hear your voice and Ronnie.

And we pray that in all of this load. We would see the Beauty and the glory and the Majesty of King Jesus. That we would taste and see that he indeed is good. Come now by your spirit we pray.

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