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The Role of the Holy Spirit

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We pray together and pray together and we we learn together is my pee-pee hear the rumbling.

I wonder how many come down the hill.

And wait for us message together in.

Testimony has had your faith in God and I know that's going to encourage somebody.

All Stars touched you

What you know.

The Holy Spirit we can sometimes misunderstand this amazing Spirit Jesus Promised as a helper.

In a good example to others and go through our daily lives. If you look at John chapter 14 starting at verse 15 to 17. He says if you love me keep my Commandments and I will pray the father and he will give you another helper that he may abide with you forever to Spirit of Truth to the world cannot receive because it neither sees him like, you know him

Giphy this verse alone. We hear versus well, we hear that. My spirit says are you ready? We say yes, and we will never ever be the same no matter how many times you tried to stop her. I'm telling you from many years of experience this Spirit shopping in the back pocket in closet.

Let's go to the liquor store. variety the desires of your liver the whole story is very saying you really want to do a matter how far you go down all the time what time I asked them.

Do you ever feel like there's something else inside your art that is tugging at you saying don't do it. You're not going to be the same if you do that. I've heard many testimonies of people testimony ready enough to say don't do it over and over and over and over again.

The spirit has many names that you just talked about is also called the comforter.

Counselor strengthener, I love the most messed it up.

Farm contract I'm sure everybody in this room. How many times you fall away from?

Essay accepted Christ perfect for me. I never said this morning message.

He said if we send her right?

So desperately could get something done or you needed something to happen for job or chest. I remember High School.

Always treated us like dirt never going to do anything.

Imagine a 16 17 year old sit in the corner.

I remember as a young man, I will pray and ask God to go to church.

I will get out of the situation. I didn't know him yet. MacGyver's working already behind the scene Miami Venetian every one of our lives.

Who sang Lord because you help me I'm going to go to church every Sunday. So I was born to 5 now. I'll get up early and go to church in the morning.

for couple weeks later

Holy Spirit

Three-player, stop spraying nasty toward us out all the time even as believers.

John chapter 17 verse 26 the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name. You will bring to you remembering that I said.

supervisors in the room Effective are you when you find?

Is attention is elsewhere. How many times do we spell desires of our hearts?

What's the difference in this verse he promises he will teach you all things and bring them to remember it.

the Holy Spirit

You know.

Did the holy spirit is in your heart and you can put your hands up in the air right now? Because you're not what I said.

Spell the word shall not return to me void but it shall accomplish what I shall prosper in all but which I sent it to orchestrate.

Liberty chess players in the room of Korra start with checkers

How amazing is Holy Spirit tomorrow?

I got shade in 1977. I was 19 years old young man.

He's a forgiving God loves you no matter what.


It was years growing up even in church. I never open the Bible until 1977. Sure, I read scriptures. I heard I only I only heard of it.

So I didn't know. What you get in the word of God you are intimate with God because you get to know the inside.

He sent his only son to die on the cross.

So for 36 years. I live my life according to Ralph version of Christianity.

Cancer October 2013 or live never be the same.

Jesus Jesus

but it wasn't until I

Where my wife?

Don't wait.

To learn about loving how much did she give you? There's so much I want to do.

I love to play golf. Salon spiders look like right now. StoryBots don't wait until something happens.

Did you know that's right.

So I heard Spirit. Are you ready to stop messing around?

for 10 years

trying to live a church life.

She was sat beside me and supported me.

I was just going to church because I still had one foot in the world and what would ensure

Because you know what? God says about what you read the word. There's no excuse.

Never notice next time we're coming to you. You may not be able to say exactly where it is. But believe me you got versus speak in your heart and sing lyrics or words in Words. What you what you what you going to do right now, that's wrong. Thank God I think the other hand when you do something good.

Remember remember it's Park reminder to join what the father is asking me to do.

You just gave that person. What they needed additional not asking anything in return.

Let us know.

During that time the first five years and as my wife's going to go from 285 lb 16 to say this right now in case I don't have my wedding ring on today today, but I wanted original on it.

Thank God that I don't feel make it to this symbol.

precious to me

Toy Story scene

we are strong rescue.

How big is little did I know what she got diagnosed with cancer this July. It was my turn still battling cancer, but it was my turn to be trusted.

That was such an answered prayer for the day of our Operation Red.

Discovered that don't belong to me it has no business being in my body.

Thankful for now. You might be sitting here saying okay. Here I am trusting in the Holy Spirit by reading the word.

My spouse isn't here with me. My spouse isn't following God. What about me? What is the answer?

Need to be still and listen to your spouse. Concerns in why doesn't matter you're married be still and see the Holy Spirit working in their life energy near me. I just said. Call him. Now go to church. Holy spirit is going in here. if you're not going to need to do

Right, even if it's a lie on you. What do you want for dinner?

We need to be aware of the strong and weak points and Countryside them spiritually as a spiritual leader have to be the spiritual leader, but the women, you know, you're there and your man's not following God or he's not living up to with God.

I just read it in the beginning the world doesn't recognize him. may not recognize him, but he can recognize your you just made me have the answers for us. We need to be willing to be still and listen.

I need to be still and surrender totally to always Spirit to lead your ears and hearts. 107.9

so when are you going to extra mile?

This is the very partner and not allowed use fondant. Jellal, X we make mistakes. A show of hands. But how many times do you hear? Somebody say? Oh, yeah, you know what? We're going to get married. He's not a Christian.

Where is he today? Where is she today? What either way you do it there's nothing impossible for the decisions that we make in life. Decisions that we make situational anybody that can make a good situation.

his son, Jesus Christ Jesus Christ

Will you step out on faith knowing that you are not alone?

We have a promise Deuteronomy chapter 31 verse 6.

Do not fear or be afraid of them for the Lord your God. He is the one who gives you goes with you. He will not lead you never be evidence of the Holy Spirit promise. You never been never going to be we can say never walk away.

And of course he's called he's calling us.

But some of us have a hard time committing.

everybody knows therefore teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you to do I am with you always even to the end of the age.

how to break machine Time we misunderstand that this amazing. Holy spirit.

Is the same yesterday today forever? We are alive. We are new creation.

We are free from sin.

You know when I was able to go to the prison ministry looking the wrong way and you might not get in. right

You see all the men and women who are incarcerated in crime for judge. Sentence. I've never felt the spirit of God as strong as I have when I'm in those prisons because you got men and women there.

And I don't know where to turn Jesus Christ is real too bad. We are free Jesus Christ is a play toy to us.

is comfort holy spirit is our helper. or supporter a comforter or strengthener love Hungry side somebody when they're in heat.

And it gives us light.

Remind us that even in the suffering. We have a hope in the promise knowing that you remind us that the suffering is temporary.

What Christ did on the cross?

to surrender

suffering and sorrow holy spirit Power not only endure but you have

Yoshino sitting with my wife and daughter and I thought I was 22 years old who started talking about school?

It was a special on. atomic bomb my daughter pre-school

She never heard about the wars until College.

In the midst of all these years I'm thinking my daughter and my kids are hearing by her. the foundation on my God Call my wife last night. I thank God. we

Ray would bring our children up for everything.

Thank God by Judith in a testimony.

Hawking children

Remember when we used to pray in school?

Alright is the word.

I ask myself Lord.

Because sometimes the ones that are closest to me you wanted to get her tomorrow.

Sometimes the ones closest to me. Because I'm not sure what you said.

In the shadows part of this off.

So actually all your bottom line here. Holy spirit is real. Negril

I never understood why.

My dad, you know what? I mean?

He's going to be a precious wife. Love. the church Is human children to love and adore 708 or what more? Could we want? the best part of it

Solid Rock

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