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December 9, 2018 - Humiliation to Exaltation Part 2

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Proceeds will go to the word of God together so you can open your Bible. Skip Philippians chapter 2 or picking up where we left off in this wonderful christological him that pull rates in the midst of this passage where he's actually encouraging exhorting even commanding the church to walk in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ to stand firm in the standing one hard mind and soul did Ted 2 very much pursue Unity within the church through humility. And and then when he gets to chapter 2 verse 5 the begins to say and here's the example that you have before you. About what it looks like to actually have humility that leads to Unity which leads to walk in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ and it is in fact Christ himself so our passage that we've been unless couple weeks and we'll look at again this morning and step to starting vs500 through verse 11. Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus who though? He was in the form of God and that's its very essence of God did not count equality with God anything to be graphs to be held on to become too but made himself nothing or emptied himself taking the form of a servant and very essence. He became a servant being born in the likeness of men and being found in human form manifestly human. He humbled himself by becoming obedient to the will of God to the point of death even death on a cross. Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed or freely given him on him the name that is above every name so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow. In heaven and on Earth and under the Earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father man. So we are to adopt the attitude the mindset that. They attitude and the actions of the Lord Jesus we must if we in fact or to walk as a church in a manner worthy of the Gospel that was first 27 of chapter one where this whole section began Wait where to adopt the attitude and actions of Christ. And that means we are to adopt his humble his humility his willingness to be in a sense humiliated. So that we might come to know him to know God and we might be in a situation where we are thinking like and thinking of others rather than ourselves. That's what he did. He thought about us. did not consider reckon equality with God something to be held onto he did not think of his own position and using it to his own Advantage rather what he did was he dou Bean in various in Skiatook e emptied himself

Not of something but of himself, he emptied himself and he did that. Paul says by taking on the very nature of a servant and coming in the likeness of men another was becoming human becoming flash as John put at the word became flesh and dwelt among us and then second buddy. He humbled himself so he emptied himself and he humbled himself and he did that all the way to the extreme degree of being obedient submissive to willingly to the will of the Father which was To go to death to give himself up to dad. Even the most humiliating disgraceful shameful type of death the death on the cross the death that the Roman Jews not for any Roman citizen, but for criminals for murderers for those that were not citizens of Rome.

He did that. Though he was God.

very essence guide And still he emptied himself. And he humbled himself to the point of death. So that we might live in that amazing. Praise be to our great Lord. He did that for us. He became a man. And he died as a man. As a perfect man, so they might die for imperfect sinful rebellious people. such love what is at this point in this hymn? The decisive shift occurs when I get to verse 9, you know where the first half of the him spoke of Christ Christ Jesus as a subject of all the verbs in participles family. We love that grammar told us a lot about what it meant that he emptied himself and he humbled himself but he was the act of subject of the verbs and participles. Is it now in that glass happened to him? It is God the Father who is the actor and he is acting on or for the benefit of Christ Jesus the son of Christ now becomes the object of the Divine action. We're in the first half. He was the subject of the Divine action. Where the first-half describe the cell to Malaysian of the Sun the second half of the hymn describes the exultation of the son by the father.

And and so what we actually see in verses 9 through 11 is a bit of a process where God the Father exalted the son and God is now presented as decisively if you will intervening and acting on his son's behalf and in response to write in response to you no sell verse 9 began there for Because what Jesus did because he did that because he was God and he emptied himself and humbled himself to death because he did that now God asked on his behalf.

Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name so by way of vindication and approval of the sacrifice of Jesus the father exhaust the Sun to the highest station and and graciously than the word bestowed translate differently in some versions like freely given or something. That's a better translation graciously given his is actually the best translation. He's graciously given him the name that is above every name in his hand in his exalted position and knows where he ends up he is Lord of all. highlights his lordship So the words that are in this are significant to me it starts out there for God has highly exalted him and highly exalted translates a compound Greek word. The first the first part of it the first half of the the word shuppert means above or over and the second part of the this compound word is cubes cubes and it means to to lift or to raise. So what did the father do in response to the the sun coming down not only physically coming down to this Earth but coming down humiliating himself by becoming a servant by be emptied himself by humbling himself. What did the father do he lifted him up and over? He lifted him up and over all. So God lifting him up or raised Jesus overall in response to him lowering himself very much of a picture Jesus stepping down. And God raising him up.

and while his exultation is not actually stated in these verses it in terms of a of a of a process like it did with the first half of the hymn the humiliation of the Sun in existing and very nature is God and and then Emptying himself and and then humbling himself. The fact is God exalted Christ and in stages if he will or in various ways, and it's not written in the text, but it's clearly part of the story and we should be aware of it. I want to remind you of this is part of the exaltation of Christ have identified a few different things while more than three less than 10. So there are several things in this process. And as I was thinking through it, I began to think this oh, oh I hope I can get all of this sermon in today. So just so that you know it just grew and grew in my heart and mind as I contemplated exultation and price but as I was thinking about it or nasty as we read this, we naturally think of after the death of Christ his resurrection, that's where we would go first to his resurrection. But as I got to where I thought the truth is we can see the Father exalting the Sun. brief glimpses during his Earthly Ministry brief glimpses during his ministry and it's all gone away the exultation Christ as the Son of God and as the Messiah began there in his three and a half years of ministry. Actually it began all the way at his birth because he was proclaimed by the angels to be Christ the lord. Today in the city of David a savior is born for you. Who is Christ? The lord is exalted in that statement. But there are a few other brief moments where the glory of God is seen in price either by direct statement made by the father regarding the Sun or in the brief moments were the glory of Christ was allowed to shine out of himself. So here are a few verses of Just written down three passages Matthew 3:16 and 17 is the passage where Matthew is recording the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist when we read there and when Jesus was baptized immediately, he went up from the water and behold the heavens were open to him the picture isn't it? Like if you can see the clouds and then suddenly the clouds disperse kind of like the Red Sea spread apart that the clouds disperse the heavens were open to him and he saw the spirit of God descending like a dove and coming to rest on him and behold a voice from Heaven came and this is what the voice said. This is my beloved Son. What's in a mind with whom I am well pleased. That's an exulting of Jesus, isn't it? Loopy cords the same event in chapter 3 2122 is slightly different words with similar now in all of the people were baptized. This is Luke 3 2122 when all the people were baptized and when Jesus also had been baptized and was praying that have been broken in the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dub and a voice Came From Heaven saying the same thing you are my beloved Son.

With you I am well pleased you get the difference in those statements. This is my beloved Son. So it's like the father saying to everyone else presents. Look at him. This is my son. With whom I am. Well pleased and then the second one is you are my beloved Son. Father talking directly to the sun John record this way and I don't have the passage for you. But it it's in John chapter 1 and he recorded it. This way says when when I baptized Jesus I saw this. This end and rest on him and I knew he was the Messiah. And there's a voice. So it wasn't just Jesus that was getting the Declaration. That was John by way of a visual the dove descended and by way of a voice sounding Out of Heaven the Clarion the sonship. Of Jesus Matthew 17 verses 1 through 5. This is a story where Jesus went up on a mountain top with three of his disciples Peter James and John just so sweet that kind of inner circle of the 12. And he was transfigured before them. So we read their verses 1 through 5 after 6 days. Jesus Took with him Peter James and John his brother and let them up a high mountain by themselves and he was transfigured before them and his face Shone like the sun and his clothes became White as light. And it says it Beholder with there appeared to them either game. John's Well Moses and Elijah that nameplate Son by the way, that's how they knew. How they knew I don't know other than God just made a known they they know it was Moses and Elijah talking with him and maybe just say Moses. How you doing? Good to see it. I don't know but it's kind of cold. They know and Peter said to Jesus Lord is good that we are here if you wish I can make 3/10 hear one for you and one for Moses and one for Elijah and he was he was still baking as speaking when the hold a bright Cloud overshadowed them and a voice from the cloud said, this is my beloved Son. With whom I am. Well pleased listen to him. Now. There's two things that we see their regarding Christ and his sonship and his glory one is his glory is allowed to shine out of himself at one moment. He was transfigured before them in his face. The light and is closed work bright white is like blinding white. This is the inner Glory that have been veiled In the Flesh of Christ allowed to they got a sneak preview is what Peter James and John got a sneak preview of Jesus in all of his glory. The second thing is the glory of God in the cloud comes down makes you think of the Shekinah Glory cloud in the Old Testament that was with Israel and part of leaving the children of Israel throughout the Wilderness and so on the cloud that filled the temple with glory in the this is the same Cloud. So it is internal to himself the glory that is loud to shine out. And then it is external to himself that the father's declaration through the father's Glory shining around him and and Moses and Elijah God is declaring during his Earthly Ministry. I exalt my son. That's cool it now.

But I was really excited about it as I was contemplating here. I'm sure you are in your spirits you rather Asylum lunch at times except for my Amen Corner that's gone. Now. She had to leave because she was not feeling well. Hey man, thank you. Jane preciate that through his resurrection. God exalted the son of the gospels record that that Jesus as he neared the last month of his Messianic Ministry he knew what was going to happen and he repeatedly told his disciples that he would suffer. Need delivered over in a to the Jews that are religious leaders that they would deliver him over to the Romans and he would suffer and die and rise again that their day is predicted this several times you wanted to these guys to get the point. I told let me give you some rare princess. I'm just taking them out of Matthew and they'll let you know it wasn't because you know, Matthew and Mark and Luke record the same thing but doesn't really add up to his many times. Will these are all out of Matthew as the months are progressing towards his last week and towards his death Matthew 16:21. This is in the account where Jesus has asked his disciples who do people say that I am well some say your Moses some say that your lie. Just some say you're one of the other Prophet. Who do you say that? I am a feeder at the answer right right that you are the Christ the son of the Living God bless our you Jesus said to Peter a flesh-and-blood didn't reveal that to you. My father is in heaven revealed that to you and and then it says in verse 21 from that time. After this great Declaration of who Jesus is from that time Jesus began to show his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes and be killed and on the third day be raised. Of course Peter didn't like that very much any rebuke Jesus as your that can't happen to you and Jesus said get behind me Satan you're getting in the way of God's plan. You're not thinking like God here. But even in that verse from that time Jesus began to show that implies he's doing it over and over again. Just that once then we go to chapter 17 verse 9 after they've come down off the mount where he was transfigured before them the glory of the Lord Shone around them and he says to Peter James and John as they were coming down the mountain tell no one division that you just seen until the son of man is raised from the dead. So in this context of the same day, he tells them this no Matthew 17 22 and 23 will later in that same chapter as they were gathering in Galilee. Jesus said to them the son of man is about to be delivered into the hands of men and they will kill him and he will be raised on the third day and and they were greatly distressed course they were course they were and they remained espresso all the way through the night that he was betrayed. Enter the couple of days that he was out of their side and they thought that their dream has ended. Matthew 20 verses 18 and 19. See Jesus said we're going up to Jerusalem and the son of man will be delivered over to the chief priests and scribes and they will condemn him to death and deliver them over to the Gentiles to be mocked and fog and crucified and he will be raised on the third day. and then Matthew 26 32 The night of his betrayal the night of his great suffering. He said in verse 32, but after I am raised up I will go before you to go away and just a reminder. This isn't the end my dying isn't the end. I'm going to rise again and then all I'll meet up with you guys again, and then you think of the gospels as well and it becomes go to the disciples never quite understood what he was talking about when he was saying that he was going to die and be raised from the dead. But once Heroes they they got it. They got it. It becomes clear. I think of Thomas's response a days after the resurrection. So this isn't John 20. Jesus appeared to the disciples in the same upper room that he had met and had the last passover and instituted the Lord's table with them the night of his resurrection. He appeared in the room suddenly that the doors were shot. Then just suddenly appears in the Mist all of them. Were there except for Thomas. And they all became convinced. Jesus has risen from the dead. Earlier in the day. They've been told by some of the women that Jesus was in the Tomb that he in fact had risen from the dead and the text very clearly tells us in the gospels that they did not believe the women they would not believe the women they were hard of hard and unbelieving. But when Jesus met with them in that room, they be became believing Well, Jesus departed that night suddenly went way again and and then Thomas returned and they told Thomas it is risen. We saw him. He was here. I got to believe you.

I don't ever accuse but I will not believe unless I can take my finger and put it in the hole in his hand where the nails were. I can take my hand and put it in the side where the spear pierced him. I will not believe. 8 days after his first appearance to the disciples he shows up again and we worried about it and John 20 verse 26 through 28. So I Days Later his disciples were inside again and Thomas was with them and although the doors were locked. Jesus came and stood among them and said peace be with you get the picture, right? The doors are shut lock. He didn't walk through the door. He didn't climb in the window. He just suddenly appeared in their meds startled them and he says peace be with you just blows my mind out funny that is but he has truly. Peace. How could we not have peace you've resurrected but then he turned and he spoke to Thomas put your finger here and see my hands put your put out your hand and place it in my side. Do not disbelieve but believe

Jeep pickup from that something very important about Jesus Tina with Thomas that even though he wasn't in the room.

He went in the room and Thomas. It said I will not believe. You know exactly what time is it in a sense? He was President room. He certainly heard what Thomas said in his divine nature. He knew it all and so he speaks directly to Thomas's comments to the other disciples and Thomas finally gets it and his response is should be typical of all believers response to the truth of the Resurrection. Thomas said to him my Lord and my God. The Declaration of worship and acknowledgement that Jesus is more than a man. It is the Lord Yahweh in the Old Testament in the New Testament. He is Lord and He is none other than God himself in human form.

The once the holy spirit game you read on in the story went to the Spirit came and gave birth to the church on the day of Pentecost the apostles. It tells us were filled with the Holy Spirit and they began to preach boldly in Jesus name particularly that Jesus had risen from the dead of which they constantly said. We are all Witnesses. eyewitnesses to the resurrected Christ and that was the ultimate proof that Jesus was the Messiah and more than that that he was God the son who gave his life that forgiveness might be proclaimed in his name freely offered to all and freely given to those who believe

You see this in their preaching? I'm reading a lot of scripture but me and him scripture says it better than I ever could anyway, so let me read you a few passages about their preaching the snacks to 22 through 24 how they were transformed from weak and fearful men to men a boldness speaking about Jesus Israel hear these words Peter says Jesus of Nazareth a man attested to you by God with mighty words and wonders and signs that God did through them in your missed as you yourself know everyone knew about Jesus. Authority and teaching and his miraculous words everyone know this Jesus delivered up according to the definite plan B, if he has I'd like better predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God.

You crucified and killed was God's plan. That doesn't make you less guilty. You killed them. You crucified him. And you did so by the hands of Lawless men meaning a reference to the Romans. And then Peter says God raised him up losing the pangs of death and listen to the last part of this because it was not possible for him to be held by. It was not possible for death to hold Christ. Why because he wasn't just a man. Because he is the author of life. He is the light and life of men. He is the one who gives and takes life.

Death could not hold him. ducking hold every other person Every other man woman boy or girl, it could not hold Jesus Christ the lord. Down in verse 29 live the same passage Peterson Brothers. I may say to you with confidence of boldness courage about the patriarch David because he's been talking about David in the in the contest and said about the patriarch David that he bought died and was buried and as soon as with us to this day, you get the point Jesus couldn't be held by deaf because he wasn't just a man David the patriarch was just a man and his tomb is a reminders right out there. He's still in his grave. Being there for a prophet of the David was and knowing that God had sworn an oath to him that he would set one of his Descendants on his throne. He foresaw and spoke about the resurrection of Christ David prophesied the resurrection of Christ in psalm 16. Where it says prophetically that he would not abandon him to Hades nor did his Flash See corruption. Will David Splash did seek ruption? And he didn't go to Hades, but he did go to sheol.

It was prophecy about Christ the lord and then he says versuri to this Jesus God raised up and of that. We are all Witnesses. That's really important. That's exactly what Jesus said told them. They would be that they were to wait for the Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit came upon them. They would be his Witnesses in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria to the uttermost parts of the world. I Witnesses of the resurrection of Christ besides me being there for exalted at the right hand of God and having received from the father of the promise. The holy spirit is poured out this that you yourselves are seeing and hearing for David did not Ascend into the heavens, but he himself says the Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. That was another thing that David I prophesied about Jesus. David couldn't say it about himself because he did not Ascend into heaven, but Jesus did after his death burial and Resurrection.

Verse 36. So let all the house. It is real therefore know and I would say let all the world know let the whole wide world. No. Know for certain that God made him both Lord and Christ. This Jesus whom you crucified. Just the next chapter another sermon by Peter after he healed the lame man. Just like Jesus healed the lame, man. Le pido a very clear he's healed by the power of the name of Jesus not by my power. Play I have not been preached again take every Advantage. You can to preach the truth of the Gospel. Christ good application for us. The god of Abraham verse 13 says the god of Isaac and the god of Jacob the god of our fathers glorified his serving Jesus. Hum you delivered over to over and denied in the presence of pilot when he had decided to release them. God glorified him. How is not talking to her about his miracles in his teaching them and the Declaration at his baptism and so on his talking about his resurrection because he goes on say but you deny the holy and righteous one and asked for a murderer that be Barabbas to be greeted and granted to you and you killed the author of life.

And God raised from the dead to this we Are Witnesses.

acts 4 verse 33 other opportunity to share the truth of the resurrection and with great Powers talking about the church and how it was living in unity and Harmony in the in that section like 30 to 2:37 or so, and it says him with great power the apostles were giving their testimony to you know, it's they were giving their testimony not about themselves. They were giving their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon the mall. Let's not forget that when we share our testimony. The main focus has to be on Jesus and the resurrection not on us and the change in our life. Now that that's important is Jesus changes lives, but the real important point is Jesus died was buried rose again that I might have my life changed. That's what they were doing acts 17 Paul's in Athen and he's preaching on Mars Hill to the philosophers, you know that they believe people of the Greeks and he says in verse 29 through 31 imagination of men. This is the city filled with Idols to every possible God and even to an unknown God. He says we shouldn't think of God like something that we can make Image of with our hands, that would be a small God. And it would not be it.

But then it says all proclaims the times of ignorance God overlooked after this point. It's overlooked the ignorance of people, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. Why because he's fixed the day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has a pointed and Abyss. He's given Assurance to wall by raising him from the dead. Go through the resurrection. Jesus is being exalted as the one who will judge all the living and the dead.

Then one final 1 Romans 1 1 through 4. Just the intro into balls great. Theological Treatise on the doctrine of salvation. He writes Paul a servant of Christ. Jesus called to be an apostle set apart for the gospel of God, which he promised before hand through His prophets in the Holy scriptures referring to the Old Testament. concerning his son The prophecies were about his son who was descended from David according to the Flesh and declared to be the Son of God in power or with power according to the spirit of Holiness by his resurrection from the dead Jesus Christ Our Lord. So if he says listen, he was a physical to send it. He was a man who is physically descended as required by the prophetic statement. There be a descendant of David. It has to be a seed of David will reign on the throne forever and ever and he was that he was more than that. He was declared to be through the Resurrection The Son of God with power. Who is that Jesus? Yes, the man Jesus. Yes more than that. He is Jesus Christ. He's Jesus the Messiah the anointed of God. the promised one more than that our Lord. And that doesn't mean Master as much as it does. Yahweh. God our Lord God. That's who he is. 3rd in this process was through his Ascension. I just have a couple of passages. It just kind of goes fits in there. You got to have it but Luke 24 look rights. Both of these passages Luke 24 vs 50 and 51. Heroes and he led them that is Jesus led them out as far as Bethany and lifting up his hands. He blessed them while he blessed them. He parted from them and was carried up into heaven. You see the picture rolling the YouTube videos playing Is it Jesus is walking out to Bethany from Jerusalem with his disciples there talking doll talking about the kingdom to still talking about what's you know, I'm going to be happening and and Jesus is told Melissa. You don't worry about what's going to happen when it's going to happen. You just be faithful Witnesses until it happens, you know, the kingdom will be established. I will reign as king. Yes. Yes. Yes, but until then I'm going up already told you that I'm going to be going up. He said to let not your heart be troubled Living God believe also in me and my father's house are many mansions are Dwelling Places. I go to prepare a place for you. That's what he was ascending to do to prepare this place for us and he did sell to his death burial and Resurrection right and set it up in heaven. He parted And was carried up in heaven Can't You See images? That's a beautiful picture and Lieutenant gives the human response with the disciples view of it. 2BR view in act 1 1011. It's the same story just written a little differently by the same author and while they were gazing into heaven. So Jesus is part of the news. Up and have it while they were gazing up into heaven as he went. You hold two men stood by them. These are actually angels that look like men and white robes like those that had been at the tomb after the resurrection and he's and and they said to the disciples men of Galilee. Why do you stand looking into heaven? This Jesus was taken up from you into heaven you send up he will come in the same way. Just saw him go this Jesus who ascended up into heaven. He's going to return He's going to return. And the disciples would have understood from that statement and that will be when the kingdom kicks off in his final stages.

So through brief glimpses in the gospels through the resurrection through the Ascension of Christ. God is exalting his son and then threw his coronation coronation and we already read this for me read again, cuz it said it clearly asked to 32 and 33. And by the way coronation is a ceremony right where a king or a queen is. They put a crown on and give him the scepter. You can get the picture. We don't have that with the president. But we do have a ceremony with where they get sworn in it's like that but this is with you know, a king or queen and is a coronation with it. They are recognized and stated to be the king. This is what we read a next to Peter said it clearly this Jesus God raised up. That's the resurrection. And of that, we are all Witnesses being there for exalted at the right hand of God. So he's already ascended. Where is he now at the right hand of God the father and having received from the father of the promised. Holy Spirit. He is poured out this that you yourselves are seeing and hearing and then versuri six. Let all the house of Israel. Therefore know for certain that God has made them both Lord and price. That's Jesus whom you crucified. So he has been given a coronation ceremonies at the right hand of the father. He is raining