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everyone so we are going to have the great pleasure of a youth-led service today. It's going to be amazing. I'm so excited before they get started. I just wanted to let you know that the entirety of the service was created by them everything you're going to hear and learn and everything that they are emphasizing they cut him up with entirely on their own. I asked them what they want to do. They want to talk about Christmas. I asked them to ask Holy Spirit while we were emphasizing about the Christmas story. So what you're about to see is entirely from their their own brains from their own conversation toys. Not influenced by any adults. So enjoy

I can't wait to see the new movie. It just came out. Can we just push play? Sure. great play

Well, I see Joseph. Where's Mary? I don't think girl blue. Mary probably wasn't wearing blue as that was an expensive color. The old artist just painted her that color because blue paint was made of expensive lapis. They wanted to honor God by using only the very best. How long did it take for them to get there? pause

well, it would take several days pregnant play.

So Mary and Joseph walk in about a week.

When they come to Bethlehem, why is that small town? Looking back to King David. God promised him him his son or descend. It would be a king the savior.

What does that have to do with Bethlehem Bethlehem is called the city of David. Joseph was a descendant of David. So I'm Caesar Augustus pasta.

Who play?

last night

Married Boris, and she laid him in the manger.

Pause something is wrong with this. Hey, the first people do after babies born is stuck with it. Not put it Allon Amazon delivery box and do prayer hands and in the Bible is says that Mary loved her baby with all of her heart. Okay, let's fix this rewind

much better

now that the season is over.

Let's discuss tomorrow. That's part of easy question. can answer

number one was Mary and Joseph travel easy going nice and short. Correct. Spell was Bethlehem an important city.


Bethlehem with a small unimportant town but God kept his promise to David this part tells is that God keeps his promises, right?

Did Mary love her child?

That was easy. That was easy. Now. Let's take a break from the popcorn man.

whoa, whoa wait pause Are those Shepherds? Yeah, why'd you ask shepherds are one of the lowest classes there is yes, it's true. I guess the angels.

Meant it when they said that good it was good news for everyone. So was God trying to point that out by inviting them to see his son of angels. Or sure, although we don't know exactly how many there were the Bible says the angel appeared in a multitude which translates to a very great number cool.

The Angels tell the Shepherds were baby Jesus's and they sing praises to God.

rowing I don't think that was right.


can you imagine that site they vanish? Just like that just like that. wow, pause

know that this scene is our grandma last couple more questions. What kind of news did the Angels bring? Yep, the angel said it was the most joyous news. The world has ever heard. You can listen to last time sermon from one that did Jesus come for only the juice. Know Jesus came to save everyone not just the juice where they're just a few angels.

Right again the angel appears in the multitude a lot.

Here come the popcorn man again.

Okay, let's play now.

The wise men were considered part of the kingly class. They came from the far from far in the East they are probably star Charters, but we don't know for certain if they live together or not. Anyway one night in our version. They were charting Stars.

being buddies

I know they probably didn't do a group selfie. When all of a sudden a new and bright star appears out of nowhere.

Wow, where did that start? That's the star that led the wise men to baby Jesus the Wise One decided that they would follow the star to find the baby. Jesus to find the baby.

Then they leave but it wasn't just them.

They had camels heaped with Provisions for the journey.

Right. I doubt they would leave without those. They also had popcorn or does anyone need more?


What class were the Wiseman? The Wise One or the opposite of the shepherd's they were articles with high positions and well God was serious when he said that this deal is forever. Where did the wise men come from?

Yeah are in the east. So well far away did the wise men.

Yep, they probably Raptor Vince and they definitely brought Provisions. I'm sure they planned on eating this last question is the most important of all did the wise men actually do a group selfie now. Just joking you don't have to answer.

wait pause What why did you pass the wise men are there already that make for a faster knee?

You're right the wife and probably weren't there the very night. Jesus was born. They came a while they later. Okay?


much better agreed after the Shepherds leave they tell everyone what they have seen.

Edwards Mankato

They offered Gifts of gold.

frankincense Even though it wasn't and it said wasn't in an essential oil bottle.


after the wise men leave.

Mary and Joseph use their gifts to pay their passage to Egypt This is the end of the movie but it's just the beginning of God's big plan to save us in this story every day, Mary and Joseph are called to be parents of God Son who's born in the stable. Lowly shepherds are called by angels to see the Savior. In kingly wise men are drawn to come to give gifts to the light of the world. This once again shows that God sent his son. Jesus to save everyone. That's it.

tomato sauce

That's what they have planned for us while I love it so much.

One of my favorite things that they brought up was that Mary and Joseph would have been like snuggling their baby treating him like a normal baby not kneeling and praying like all your like crashes at home. You know, like why don't we have more imagery of than like holding does normal baby so beautiful. I don't know. We're going to do. Any any small person have inspiration of something they like to add on that the end here? Yeah.

Give us some good jams.

Feliz Navidad

Funnel Vision

Feliz Navidad

DCF cases

Disney Magic

Washington DC.

the Christmas song


Alright you Chipmunks.

Okay, let's get ready. That was very good. Simon. Very good Theodore. Alvin do a little flat watch it. But now the elephant.

Very good boys.

We have something. Oh so loud. Hello. Brayden has an activation for all of us know if you got this. Okay, so you're going to draw a picture of how God shows you how the manger scene is to him?

Go back table has all our art supplies. Maybe Mitch and Megan. Would you mind passing out on Emmett passing out paper and some Marcos everyone. I'm going to wrap up by asking Holy Spirit to show us a picture of how God saw. The night Jesus was born.

crying noises


Or should we go?

Just remember, some of my put them up for that. They're complete.

Clear my head.

So if anyone wants to share they can come up and share right now.

Alright, so this was a good exercise. Thank you for my first thought was, how many time how many different ways can you draw the nativity? I started thinking about how God saw it, right and he revealed to me. It's this is your our timeline Continuum, right? So there is no end that goes on either direction. The hearts are just for training God's love that he is and on our timeline. He puts the star. And in his in his love that doesn't have a start or finish in our timeline. He place is Jesus so that we get to experience Jesus. So that's how I saw a nativity.

This is how I saw the Nativity. I saw the baby Jesus. I saw Jesus and the question is who do you say that? I am and that's the question every one of us has to answer. Who is Jesus to us?

I just saw God. No, like when we're expecting a baby. We expect a baby for nine months and we're just like super excited and I can't imagine how long he was expecting this baby and how excited he was when the baby came to existence and I just saw him like leaning over the manger and then when I I was letting in as him instead of finding a baby I saw the Earth and I saw the galaxy above the Earth and that is what he was getting back by giving Jesus by putting Jesus on the earth instead of receiving a baby. He received the earth and the Galaxy is above that's what he got back.

And I just was really a fun exercise. Thank you. I can actually never done this before there was no fun at all at once. It's so significant like we don't understand it quite how big it is. I saw it from his perspective as like the seed of the great banquet table like the table is now set before the enemy and from the seed the feast is birthed. And that the roots go out and from the fruit then is is what we get to eat while we get to feast and I thought just heaven is like all of Heaven poured out all of Heaven everything everything poured out into into the seed to to to birth it to sustain it to it to grow it to nourish it and the the the great light, you know that the light emanating from this it's the great light in the darkness and just this the party of it like the party from from God's perspective, you know of of of now his sons and daughters are about to come home like, you know, this is this a great anticipation for this moment when when there's this amazing for Union that gets to take place but also just like the angels and and the rest of Heaven just exploding in Praise of it. This isn't the King. This is the king like, he's not someday the king of all Kings he is the king of all Kings and so they're like crazy. And worshipping the king of all Kings and just this part is great party. Only it was just it was a lot all going on at once, but that's what I thought.

Two of them. I'll just say so I'll show you in a second. I'm a words guy so I don't do pictures. Well, so I and asking the holy spirit for the from the Viewpoint reminded me that this moment this moment of Emmanuel God With Us was designed before.

the creation of the world You chose us in him before? We were ever lost an atom. And so this was this was already planned before anything was made and and I just saw that one net when that moment came. when that moment came that they The God God put a reality of God. Got to the Emmanuel God With Us

It was hashtag. Boom. Hashtag mic drop. And and it wasn't like, you know, the mic drop walk off the stage. It was like Mike drop walking into mankind is like

So I thought that I was supposed to do a smiley face. So I started with that after I add a little bit of this guy first, but it's like it's Heaven coming to Earth. And it you know, it supposed to look the same up. There is it does down here, you know, like this is supposed to come down to here and then I looked at it afterwards and I might go it's like the head of Joseph in the head of Mary their faces shining with the word being the mouth that shining that makes up the complete face of God.

This was a collective effort Larry and I And so we have the light pushing back the darkness. We have a big heart because God is a heart of love and we have hope And so because of love hope was born. finally

Does anyone else have anything to share?

So I also didn't follow the assignment and I wrote something instead of coloring.

Angels giddily awaiting the announcement they've been aching to shout since the fall all of history has been waiting for this moment the beginning of the greatest Redemption plan Trinity beaming with an implantable joy as they send them self the sun to rock the open orphan World Paradigm Israel groaning under yet. Another oppression of foreign rule knowing it's snowing. It's the curse so their own sin and barely hoping to dream of a promised savior and then The hand of God converges the Heavens to create a light so bright it dries Kings from their Throne to search out the one they should worship a faithful couple who invited God's presence and it may it be done unto me as you wish discover. It's time to bury sun far from home, but it down with animals and night sky usually full of the Milky Way and planets Galore suddenly burst forth in a never-before-seen never-before-seen spectacle all of Heaven shouting to the most common men that God is well pleased suddenly inexplicably miraculously Emmanuel God With Us

So when I was doing this, I just really wanted God's heart. That's what I was asking for. What like what was your heart and so kids I love what you did at the end the dance party because I had three things come to me and one was like totally undignified Joy like like that, I wrote down on speakable Gotta Move Gotta Dance, you know where you just like, so it's like you just can't sit there because it's so good and then I had kind of like what Tara was talking about this idea that he's been anticipating this for like so long and finally, so it's this long-awaited desire released passionate explosion, so I had fireworks And then just his gaze as he's looking on. Jesus and Mary and Joseph in and then out from them. So just this heart overflowing with love. So let's make that our response for Christmas all of that rage like

Are there any more?

a lot of different aspects to mine, but the one I'll point out is This is just a bunch of little sketches of God's perspective and I was getting for this and the wind was out of the manger was it was like a Waring move? Like from from God's perspective it was it was taking over the world kind of thing. So I have a sword here with fire cuz he is he's the word of Truth sharper than a double-edged sword, and then it's held by the same color as I drew his heart. So tell by love. Ya. Jesus came to seek and save the lost but also to destroy the powers of Darkness.

Okay, I think we're done if anyone else wants to get their last chance.

I've got God sitting on his throne. I've got the manger scene hear God's holding his head in his hand and he's thinking himself. What have I done? I've sent my son.

To be a baby. I didn't that we didn't have to interrupt like Shane said they go on forever. They didn't have to interrupt. What they were doing for us.

Who mentioned the Roman oppression? How many times did they been in trouble since they left Egypt?

I mean, it's Exile in Babylon and another war and here we go again were in slavery again happened. And God said I've got to do something different. The animal sacrifices aren't working. The rituals aren't working. I'm going to send my son. He's going to be the light in the love of the world. Yeah, and People can be saved. I don't know how this is going to work. I don't know how many people are going to choose him, but I'm going to send him. Anyhow. Even though it means his death on the cross. He did that for us.

Thanks God for the time we get to be together as a church and does families and his friends. But most importantly with you. Thank you that you sent Jesus so that we could be with you every moment of Our Lives.

Thanks for that opportunity.

And we honor you amen.

Have a great week.

There's magic in the air this evening magic in the air the world, you know, when people love and care the excitement is when the night will key after all. There's only one more Sleep Til.

The world is going to smile today either the world is going to go. There's no such thing as strangers When a Stranger says hello and everyone his family were having so much fun after all, just showed me hers and told me I could share it blessed me my bus YouTube. She said, this is John's home bigger than this is our home, but this is why they come together.

To spread the news about the centipede level.

Christmas today, that's good for everyone. Yes. Faith is in our hearts today. We're shining like the sun and everyone can feel it. Running after all there's only one more Sleep Til Christmas after all there's only one more sleep.


magical Christmas a drink of the miracle of his birth. It makes me feel so long.

I'm so excited. I decided to wait. There's more popcorn back there make SpaceX in the home.

We got to give it to you play a music.



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