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Responding to the Holy Spirit's Conviction

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so thankful for the special music Beautiful music today and reminder of celebration of the birth of our Lord. And thankful for why he came and that was to forgive us and to reconcile us to himself. And so thankful for that.


Give them a moment to to go downstairs.

You found your way in Acts chapter 2 we're going to be reading there in just a moment. No, the Bible tells us that the truth sets us free. The truth sets us free. But there are other things that the truth does. Sometimes the truth makes us uncomfortable.

Right sometimes the truth hurts.

Sometimes the truth confronts us about things that we need to be confronted with the truth will certainly I remind us of who Jesus is and why Jesus came and we see that happening in Acts chapter 2 the question. I think that it's important for each of us to answer is what do we do when we are confronted with the truth, especially when the truth contradicts something in our lives or contradicts maybe the way that we're living or contradicts what we're believing or contradicts the way that were acting. How do we respond to the truth? and I'll people respond to the truth in different ways will find out later when

Oh my word. Steven Steven was preaching later in the book of Acts that when he confronted the crowd with the the truth of the Bible says that they became very angry and as a result, they stalled him to death. He was killed for preaching the truth. And so people have different responses to the truth. Paul warned Timothy. Who was the young preacher that Paul was writing to in 2nd Timothy chapter 4. He said to Timothy Timothy. I saw them they charge you before God in Christ Jesus who is going to judge the living and the dead because of his appearing in his kingdom preach the word be ready in season and out of season rebuke correct and encourage with great patience and teaching why? For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound Doctrine and you don't sound Doctrine is sound Doctrine is the truth and pulse is Timothy. There's going to come a time when people will not tolerate the truth. They will not listen to the truth. They will not put up with the truth. But according to their own desires will multiply teachers for themselves because they have a niche to hear what they want to hear. They will turn away from hearing the truth. And turn aside to myths. I believe we're in that day if we've ever been in that day were in that day now. And so pulse is Timothy. You got to keep correcting. You've got to keep warning. You've got to keep encouraging because there's going to come a time when people will not endure the truth. They will not endure sound Doctrine and as a result, they will have itching ears and they will surround themselves with teachers who will scratch their pitch right? I want to hear it. I want to live the way I want to live. I want to do what I want to do. I want to be who I want to be rich. I'm going to find somebody that's going to fit me that's going to scratch the itch. I have pulses Timothy. You've got to be a preacher that preaches the truth You've Got U R approved you've got to rebuke you've got to exhort you got to encourage and he says you got to do it with patients you got to do is long-suffering, but you said you said you need to do a in season and out of season. That means you do it when it's easy and you do it when it charge you do it when they want to hear it and you do it when they don't want to hear it Timothy. That's the kind of preacher that you need to be. I believe that's the kind of preacher that Peter was and Acts chapter 2 and by God's grace. That's the kind of preacher that I want to be by his help. And so how do we respond to the truth will notice Acts chapter 2 notice with me verse number 37 just now when they heard this and this is a reference to Peter's sermon that we looked at beginning and verse around the verse number 14 all the way through versus number 36 when they heard this when they heard this message about the truth and her this message about Jesus. They were the Bible says cut to the heart and Peter said and it said to Peter and the rest of the Apostles Brothers what shall we do? Peter said to them repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the Forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is for you and for your children and for all who are far off everyone praise the Lord everyone whom the Lord Our God calls to himself it with many other words. He bore witness and continue to exhort them saying save yourselves from this crooked generation. So those who received his word were baptized and there and there were added that day about three thousand Souls. There's a lot of places in scripture. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. This is one of those places I would have loved to have been there when 3,000 people who were cut to the Heart by the Holy Spirit responded in faith trust in Christ. Follow Christ in baptism and were added to that hundred and twenty that was up at church now 3000 more people. Can you imagine three thousand brand new Christians born? Enter the kingdom of God in response to the message that Peter preached about the truth. So I want us to look at this idea this morning of what do we do with the conviction of the Holy Spirit responding to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. And the first thing that I see in this passage of scripture in verse 37 is the fact that they were convicted by the truth. They were convicted by the truth. The Bible says that after they heard Peters message after they heard the truth about Jesus in the truth about Joel's prophecy of truth about what David said in the song that they were cut to the heart. They were convicted in the message that Peter preached was a very simple message. I first talked about the prophecy of Joel what was happening on the day of Pentecost and how that tied into what Joe had prophesied the second thing that he reminded them was Answer Jesus was and why Jesus had came and or what Jesus had provided in the fact that Jesus and was resurrected from the grave. And then the third thing is he tied Jesus's resurrection to the prophecy that David had given in the song. It's as a result of seeing what was happening on the day of Pentecost and the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit, accompanied with the word of God, which was which was a scripture centered message that Peter delivered based on the word of God from to Old Testament passages. And the reality of who Jesus was those two things coupled with the convicting power of the Holy Spirit lead those people to be cut to the heart. They were cut to the heart and that phrase can also be translated the fact that they were under deep conviction. They were pierced to the heart one word. Study of that phrase says that it's a sharp painful emotion. Did you know that biblical preaching does not always make you have Goosebumps and make you feel good. Did you know that did you know that sometimes biblical preaching Cuts you to the heart and we need that we we need the encouragement the exhortation Paul included that with what he told Timothy but it's interesting that two-thirds of what Paul told Timothy to do was more on the negative aspect of preaching and 1/3 was on the positive aspect of preaching people. Shall I want people that'll preach more like Jesus. I'm not sure that you do because you supposed to Jesus's messages surrounded hell and money more preaching like Jesus. I hate talk more about hell and money than almost any other subject. But the point is this the conviction that these people were its speed. Shane was a sharp painful in motion and industries putting Arnold said came to be used to express deep anxiety or profound regret. It was the conviction of the holy spirit of God that Jesus told the disciples that one of the roles of the Holy Spirit was the brain conviction. He said in John 16:8 and when he comes speaking of the Holy Spirit, he will convict the world concerning send righteousness and judgment. It's all the Holy Spirit when we are confronted with sin and the Holy Spirit convicts us if he cuts us to the heart about our sin and the ocean is what cost crisis like Irish it is what needs to be forgiven are shin needs to be washed away so that we could be reconciled with God. It's the holy spirit that does it. I cannot connect one person of their sin believe you me I have tried but I can't do it. I cannot confess. I can tell a person what the Bible says about their sin and I can tell a person what what scripture says about Sin in general, but I cannot bring conviction of the Holy Spirit on a person's life. I wish sometimes I could but I can't I am not the Holy Spirit. I'm simply a mouthpiece that Paul said to Timothy Timothy you preach the word you were proof you rebuke you exhort with all long-suffering and Doctrine and the Holy Spirit will do his work. You've just proclaim the truth and Trust the Holy Spirit to do his work is so when he comes what will he do? He will convict the world concerning send. He will convict the world concerning righteousness. And that is that week because we have sinned because we have come short of the glory of God. We are all unrighteousness. And so we need righteousness. And where's that righteousness going to come from for the holy spirit's going to point us to Christ righteousness. It's going to point us to Christ is going to show us that we are unrighteous that without Christ. We are the Righteous run to the condemnation of God when it's going to point us to Christ righteousness that we can have by faith in Christ and the holy spirit's going to evict us of judgment judgment to come. That was Al Christ's righteousness. We will face judgment and we will face God just as we are and that's why we need the righteousness of Christ. I love what I got. said about the convicting role of the Holy Spirit. He says the holy they said the Holy Spirit Acts as a prosecuting attorney who exposes evil reproves evildoers and convinces people that they need a savior to be convicted is to feel the sheer lonesomeness of sin and you see an example of that and Isaiah chapter 6 when Isaiah came face-to-face with Holiness in the righteousness of God and he was convicted and he said, woe is me I am undone. I am a man of unclean lips and well in the Mitch the people of unclean lips and then I going to say we are convicted when we become mindful of how much are sin dishonors God. You see that example in Psalm 51 after David had committed adultery with Bathsheba and he's crying out to God and pleading with forgiveness and he is just overwhelmed with the fact that his sin has Dishonored. That's why Joseph say when he is being tempted by Potiphar's wife to sleep with her. He said, how can I do this? Great sin against God. We understand for the conviction of the Holy Spirit. How much are shin dishonors God? I remember a few years ago. There was a man that used to attend here and just about every Sunday. You would ask me the same question on his way out and it's question would be something like this. Do you have a video camera in my home? And I said no and I kind of chuckled because I knew what he was talking about. He said what it's like every single Sunday. It's like you're preaching directly to me. I said I don't have a video camera in your home with the Holy Spirit knows what's going on in your home and when you're confronted with the truth, he can fix you about that some of you here today and it can relate to that same thing that you have been confronted about the Holy Spirit and by God's truth and sometimes his truth pierces your heart Like a Surgeon scalpel a surgeon has to hurt his patient in order to help his patient before the day of non-invasive open heart surgery. They had to literally open up a person's chest cavity to expose the heart to be able to do open heart surgery and to do the bypass is to do what was needed in order to help that patient be able to have a healthier more productive life in Sumter. The Holy Spirit has to do invasive procedures on us to expose the Infectious infection of sin in our lives. And we need to try out just like they cried out. What shall we do? Listen to sounds like a paradox but it's so true. The conviction of the holy spirit is an uncomfortable blessing. It's an uncomfortable blessing. I am thankful for the conviction of the Holy Spirit. I'm not always enjoyed it but I am thankful for and I'm thankful that there's a God in heaven that loves me enough to try to stop me in my tracks and say wait a minute. You're on the wrong road. You're going the wrong way. You're making the wrong decisions. You're listening to the wrong Council. I'm glad there's a God in heaven that loves me enough too much to leave me like I am So they cry out to Peter. They should what shall we do? And so Peter then provide show them the remedy. The remedy is founded verse number 38 and Peter said to them. a response to their question repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus for the Forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Let's look at each of these separately and then we'll put them together. He says first of all repent the word repent literally means to change one's mind. It is a change of mine in the biblical sense of that leads to a transformed life of the byproduct of repentance is a transformed life. Marshall says it is a turning away from sin and a Godless life. Arnold says repentance involves primarily a radical change in a person's affections convictions and life direction is signifies a recognition. That one's life has been oriented around self and sinful Pursuits and Embraces God's Will and priorities in this context Peter who was calling for these individuals to have a change of mine. About who Christ was and why Christ came would have to change their mind as to why Christ was born and the purpose of his death, which was to reconcile sinful man in a holy guy. They would have to change their mind about the resurrection. They would have to believe in place their faith in the Risen Christ. And as a result their lives 3,000 people would be transformed that day just like 220 people had been transformed in the upper room. I personally believe that repentance and Faith are two sides of the same coin ultimately. It's a change from unbelief to believe. I read a story this week about a remote town in Labrador Canada called wabush and it's just it's a town that was completely isolated from the rest of that part of Canada. There was only one road leading into this town to get to that town. The only way to get to that town was to go down that one road. The only way I have Ashley to get out of that town was to turn around and come back out that road and illustration was this each of us by birth arrives at a town called Shin Legend wabush. There is only one way out. It's a road built by God himself. But in order to take that road we must turn around that is an about-face that that is what the Bible calls repentance. And without it. There is no way out of town There's no way to get out of obsidian. There's no way to get out of the predicament that we are in and that is that we are under the condemnation of God without turning from our shin and our self and turning to the Savior placing our faith in him because John says in John chapter 3 that those that believe not are what are condemned already there already in the town. If you believe that town you have to get on the road of Faith. You have to get on the road of belief. So the question application for us this morning would be have you repented. Over the Thanksgiving holidays note many of you know that I went to North Carolina and while there I always try to visit one of my favorite places Bojangles. It is a naughty five star restaurant, but it is fast food chicken place well enough about that with my family table that we were sitting at it he had some artwork with him and he explained to us that he was selling his artwork to try to raise money to be able to put himself through school. And so we talk for a moment and found out at the school that I attended was actually School in New York. He was all the way in North Carolina selling artwork so you can go to school in New York and he said he was attending a Christian school and I'll sit with are you a Christian and his response was yes, of course in Oshawa. How long have you been a Christian? And he said well, I've been a Christian all my life. I thought to myself what the Bible says you have to be born again. That means that there was a time that you were not a Christian and then there was a time that you understood the gospel and you were convicted by the Holy Spirit and you responded that conviction my face and you were born again. There was a time that all of us that are in this room if we are saved today, it was a time that we weren't safe. If we're in Belize today, there was a time that we were in unbelief. And there was a time that we had to repent there was a time that we had to turn to Christ in and be saved and so a question that I think it's vital that for you to answer this morning for all of us to answer this morning. We repented have we turn to Christ return for whatever it is for the Rich Young Ruler. It was his riches for other people and maybe other things but what is keeping you from God today? What is keeping you from price today turn from that and turn to Jesus. Peter says that not only were they was it important that they repent but he says you need to be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus. The word that Peter uses here for baptism is a word that means to be immersed or submerged he tells them that they must be baptized in the name of Jesus that is unimportant qualifier. A baptism was not a new or unusual concept the for instance. When a gentile person proselytic to the Jewish religion that we get baptized. They would not necessarily get baptized in the name of Jesus. Peter says you got to be baptized in the name of Jesus. That's an important Difference Maker. We know from scripture John the Baptist call people to be baptized Matthew 3:6 and they were baptized by him speaking of John the Baptist in the River Jordan confessing your sins, Matthew 3:11. John said I baptize you with water for repentance. But he who is coming after me is mightier than I whose sandals. I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire. Not only did Jesus a call for baptism or excuse me, John call for baptism of Jesus called for his followers to be baptized. He tells us in Matthew 28:19 that we're to go and make disciples of all Nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. He tells us in Mark 16:16, whoever believes and is baptized will be saved but whoever does not believe will be condemned notice the emphasis here is on the belief. Baptism always takes place after the belief after face of that is why we practice what we call Believers baptism. If an unbeliever gets baptized are doing is getting wet, right the baby gets baptized I've been doing is getting sprinkled on right but when you are a Believer when you place your faith in Christ, you understand what Christ has done for you. Now, you understand I need to publicly identify with Jesus Christ and the way he's called me to do that is through what we call Believers baptism and I go under the water. Identify and his death and I come out of the water did identify with his resurrection and that I'm going to not walk in newness of life. baptism the face life study Bible says baptism displace. That's where the power of the indwelling Christ those being baptized have died of their old selves and now are are now Alive. By the way. I love you have to find any place in scripture in the New Testament instructions about baptism that anybody has ever get baptized before Faith always after faith. Ethiopian eunuch ask what hinders mean to be baptized. What was the answer? Do you believe that's what would hinder you from getting baptized if you're not a Believer, but you're a Believer you need to get baptized will talk about more about that the moment to say baptism signifies the cleansing work of Salvation it signifies it symbolizes that baptism does not cleanse us, but it's symbolizes the cleansing that Christ provides Rush baptismal also signifies or symbolizes the new birth believers. who were previously dead in trespasses and sins are now reborn through the life of God dwelling in them by the agency of the spirit as Christ sonship was declared in his baptism Christian baptism declares that the person being baptized is a child of God 2 I want to say to you this morning at baptism is extremely important. It was important for the Jewish people who were standing here. When they ask Peter what shall we do? They were cut to the heart. What shall we do here makes it clear crystal clear that baptism is an important step in them showing their allegiance to Jesus.

John Phillips says it was essential that they be baptized to prove their repentance and to publicly Proclaim their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. There had to be a conscious repudiation of guilt of the Hebrew Nation by personal acknowledgement of Jesus. So there's another question I'd only have you repented. Have you been baptized? Have you been baptized have you followed Christ and Believers baptism that please don't get the order. I don't get it out of order. We shut down we talk to people about getting baptized one of my questions that's going to be is what is baptism. What is it was about what what do you understand about baptism? If you don't know I'll give you something to read give you an opportunity to read it. Think about it. I'll still ask you the question. What does it mean to get baptized? Why are you getting baptized? So I'm getting baptized and wash my sins away.

As politely hat is going to do it. You don't get baptized to wash and you ain't Jesus has already wash your sins away. You get baptized to acknowledge. Jesus washed my sins away. I'm identifying with the fact that Jesus washed my sins away and I want everybody to know I'm not ashamed of Jesus is washed my sins away. I've been wearing this wedding ring over 26 years. This wedding ring is an outward symbol of an inward commit that I made to Michelle Rouse May 16th 1992. I take this off doesn't mean I'm any less married then it is when I wear it but it's an outward symbol of that commitment of that of that decision of it's just that I am not ashamed that I didn't buy with her and I don't want anybody to mistake that I am ashamed you identify with her proudly wear this ring as an outward symbol of an inward commitment. I made to that woman that I cut my wife baptism. Is it our symbol of an inward commitment that we have made to Jesus? So if you haven't been baptized, I hope that before you leave today. That is if you know Jesus as your savior. Know before you leave today, you'll talk to myself with Pastor Darren and we can get that scheduled for you. We would be honored. The baptized every believer that is here if you haven't already done so and we believe that the Bible teaches baptism by immersion. In other words. It's not just being sprinkled. It's baptism by Martian what the Bible teaches and that is what best and at most accurately exemplifies the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Peter shows as a result of this they will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. He says you will receive the gift of the holy spirit. So when they respond to the holy spirit's conviction with repentance and faith in Christ, they are born again by the Holy Spirit, but they get a gift. I got to get off tonight gift is the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit as we have found out already takes up residence and the Believers body becomes the temple of God the Temple of the Holy Spirit. It's a it's a gift. You can't get on Amazon. You can't get it. It's a gift. You can't get from a gift card at it. It's a gift that you will not find under a tree. It's a gift that you will not find wrapped in wrapping paper. It is a gift given to you by God himself and it's a gift by the way. The greatest gifts. Amen Solomon Do you love that hat? He's going to the greatest gift and the greatest gifts plural. Cannot be purchased at a store. Cannot be found under a tree or a box. Greatest gift I've been time for things. You cannot hold in your head. things that God blesses us with things like love and joy and peace what a blessing of things are not purchased with silver and gold. does a lot of speaking about the Holy Spirit and his letters and one of the places that I want to point your attention to his Romans chapter 8 You should have said the Romans Arie says there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus for the law of the spirit and that's capitalized with reference to the Holy Spirit. The spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death. He says in verse 11, if the spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you what a gift that is an awesome gift. That is that the same spirit of God that entered into that tomb in Jerusalem and raised Christ from the dead is a same spirit of God. I entered this dead body and raised me from the dead. You just shouldn't raise me from the dead. He still lives in me. What a bless you want to give that is. Any goes on Estrella verses 14 through 16. He leaves us all who are led by the spirit of God are the sons or children of God. For you did not receive the spirit of Slavery to fall back into fear. You received the spirit of adoption as Sons Rich children by whom we cry Abba Father that word ABBA is such a precious word. It's we might translated Daddy. You can come into the presence of our father and then for 16 Paul says the spirit Bears witness with our spirit. We are children of God. What a gift. What a blessing. Sugar remedy for an unsaved person who is confronted with the truth about Jesus the truth about their Shin the truth about the wonderful reconciling news of the Gospel. The remedy is to turn from underneath to believe turn from self-sufficiency to Christ. Who is the awesome fishing Saviour turn from idolatry and turn to the one true Lord and then after we do so we publicly identify him with identify with him in baptism pronouncing our old life and our past submerged and then resurrecting out of that water to identify with New Life In Christ. Peter says as a result of this genuine faith. You will be born from above and given the gift of the Holy Spirit who makes you into a new creation. Please me to a third question. Peter answers the question before it's even asked. Who is the remedy for answers that question 2 verse 39? First of all says so the promise is for you. The promise is for you the promise that he just talked about the promise that was given so many years ago in the Book of Joel that said whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord. The promise is for whosoever. He doesn't say the promise is only for a select few or just for the Jewish people or just for rich people are poor people or people who look a certain way or people who spoke a certain language know. He says the promises for you. The promise is for you as well. What you notice something else is really important. The promise is for your children. the promises for your children I tell you something this morning.

Heard from your old need to be reconciled with God.

Another really great reason. Is because of your children if you have children? You have the opportunity to point your children to Christ and let them see in your life and lifestyle the difference the Lord Jesus is made in you. Sometimes new parents will come to me and asked if we will dedicate their children to the Lord and not I say yes will be glad to dedicate your children to the Lord but you need to understand it's more than just dedicating your children to the Lord verse about you dedicating yourself to the Lord to bring those children up in the nurture and admonition of them.

And understand one day. Your child my children your children will stand before holy God. We need to do everything that we can to introduce them to that. Holy God so that they can stand before him clothed in the righteousness of Christ.

The greatest decision my mom and dad ever made. And the greatest gift they ever gave me. It wasn't the Atari 2600 that I wanted. It wasn't the Daisy BB gun that I got. It wasn't in helping me get my first car my 1972. Canary yellow Dodge Dart slant 6 that only had five cylinders working.

It wasn't my graduation present for my wedding present. Or gifts they they giving me since then. The greatest gift that my parents ever gave me. Was the privilege to be born into a Christian home? She was in the late 1960s that they gave their life to Christ. Just a few years before I was ever born. That was the greatest gift that my parents ever gave me.

That is a gift that we can give our children as well. Peter likes to know that what happened on that day when they're confronted with the truth about Christ and the conviction of the holy spirit is going to have a profound effect on future Generations. He says his promises for your children. The greatest gift you can give your kids. Not something you can buy from Amazon either. It's not something you can put under a tree. It's a parent who is passionately in love with Jesus Christ who has been changed by the spirit of God and are doing our dead level best by God's grace to bring those children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and you can start today. You have it already started. Doesn't matter how old they are start today. Your example mean so much to them here watching you.

Repeating you.

and if I follow your footsteps I'm not saying they will but if they follow your footsteps. Where were you lead?

I can't imagine where I would be today if it weren't for the change that God made in my family before I was born.

and when you resist the conviction of the Holy Spirit You're playing Russian roulette with your soul. But you're also print playing Russian roulette with the souls of those who are watching your example.

The set a moment ago, there's a 100% chance that they're going to stand before God one day. What are you doing to prepare them for that meeting? He's just thoroughly the promise is for all who are far off. Most people think the far-off reference refers to the Gentiles may be Jews who live in distant lands, but I think I think it's probably just a reference to both because she told us previously to go preach the gospel Jerusalem Judea Samaria the uttermost part of the earth and guess what we're part of that far-off group and then thank God for the gospels for us. And then finally he says the promise is for everyone who the Lord God calls to himself. Who is God calling to himself? He said to them he's calling you to himself. He's calling your children to himself. He's calling those that are far off to him. So I personally think that it's a reference to whosoever. The God is not willing that any should perish.

Not all will respond is called. Jesus called the Rich Young Ruler to come and follow him and the Rich Young Ruler walked away. Jesus said that he wanted to gather Jerusalem under his wings as a mother. Hen would gather her chicks, but they would not.

Bible talks about resisting the Holy Ghost resisting the Holy Spirit. Like my doctor for line says the gospel is sufficient for all but is only efficient for those who respond and saving faith. So what can we take home with us today? Number one? It's a really important that you expose yourself the truth throughout the day every day for me. I'm already a Believer. This message is for unbelievers understand that delicious as a Believer. It's really important for you to hear the truth everyday to It's the truth of God that helps you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. It's the truth of God that helps you in that practical sanctification to to be more like Jesus.

I love what someone says. Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked nor stands in the way of Sinners nor sits in the seat of the scoffers. But his Delight is in the law of the Lord and on his wall. How often does the blessed man meditate on God's law day and I think sometimes we can look at our devotions will checklist tracker for the day. I'm good. I spent five minutes out of a 24 hour day was God. I'm good.

Because you got a lift somewhere. I read this this week. I thought was so good a reading scripture without meditating on it is like eating without chewing

True meditation is just for lack of a better term right before lunch is regurgitating like that cow does and chewing on it again? It's meditating on what you've read thinking about while you rest and then listen biblical meditation is not about emptying your mind debacle. Meditation is about filling your mind with truth. So we need to do that day and night. What do we typically fill our minds with Daya Knight? Sometimes a bunch of junk right? The blessed man the person who's not walking with this evil influence but is delighting in God's word and meditating in God's word. He first three says or she is like a tree planted by streams of water. But you don't get screwed indices and it's Leaf is not with her and all that. He does he prospers. like what Joni eareckson Tada said Jody said the branches are growing trees. Not only reach higher. But their group The Roots grow deeper. It's impossible for strong tree to have high branches without having Deep Roots. It would become top-heavy and topple over in the wind. The same is true with Christians. It's impossible for us to grow in the Lord without in Twining our routes around his word and deepening our life in his commands and to that I say Amen. number two repent of anything and everything that is keeping you from knowing Jesus or growing in Jesus. Read along with the psalmist who said search me o God and know my heart. Try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any grevious way in me and Lead Me in the way Everlasting.

number three you need to be baptized. If so, make plans today. To get baptized soon. We would love to have the privilege to baptize you if you know Jesus and if you don't know Jesus would love to introduce you to him. And the number for back to the same question similar question that we asked last week. Who do you need? Who do you know who needs to know about the remedy? Will you tell? Shut up and listen to make a new list. Don't get mad at me.

The rich man in Hell begged Father Abraham to send somebody to go tell his brothers. Less they also come to this place of Torment.

It's not my job. You can pick anyone. My job the plant the seed water the seed. God gives the increase. We all know people who need the remedy. And if we had the Cure if we had the cure for their disease and withheld it from them. What kind of criminal would we be?

We've got the remedy. the disease of sin we got to do our part. So here it is. Here's the remedy if they don't take it out on my hands are yours when he got ready to leave? I have preached I have wept my blue. Your blood is not on my hands. You could say that because future within the gospel. Who do you know who needs to know about the remedy? And will you tell them would you go out with me in prayer?

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