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Word Wed - Phil 3

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Alright, let's see if we can find it again.

James 2:23

Let's try that again.

Hallelujah How you doing? What's up Miss game now?

Oh my goodness, what's going on?

I'm doing wonderful. All right, I'm doing good. What's up, buddy? You alright. What's up, man? You alright. What's up with that? Alright?

Ford Fusion

When I call.

Is it you can love me?

Love me.


the whole of me What do you mean?

Is it true?

pictures of you

I'm a friend of God. McQueen games

you don't love me. Why aren't you here?

Is it true that?

Love me.


Yes, Lord.

You how much?

Doing and everything that you've done. We ask your presents tonight speak to us speak through us.

Allows God to hear from you that we might grow and develop in the process of building our faith in Jesus name. We pray a man. Alright.

Against the December 16th from 10:30 to 11. Are there be a big ship? The potluck gift exchange from the Christian Women's Fellowship December 15th as from 12 to 2 right here in the sanctuary. And then of course, there's the big one at Chapel.

They must because my mom called me this morning.

Say when you got the 13th while then we can just make it. Alright, so everybody's looking forward. I'm excited because people are actually looking forward to the fellowship a man then of course, if you've not been a part of your experience with ecog is you need to stop playing.

I've been ccog is a discipleship module is a deeper commitment to growth and development learn to develop the skill of conquering life's challenges. It's an initial form of commitment and Dominic cohort will be on Saturday.

What are the weekends every second weekend? We help our community to grow by helping them to conquer life challenges. We do a gold day this week. We will be serving on the family of Miss. Gwen decided will be serving at the funeral for Miss Grant. She lost her mom and decided this was Saturday and Sarah. Okay. I thought you were staying Saturday Gwen answer Sarah in and the rest of their family and so we're still waiting on information from this game now about when is going to be okay, but I'll let her know but I'm going to be Tuesday. Okay, this is okay. How's the family doing? Look at you? Look at you when you've done everything, you know you're supposed to do you have peace don't you have peace when you do? Yeah, well, you don't want to see him suffering, you know you want if you want to see me at all that pain and then with all the tension we've been getting on eternity and you know, he's all right on that and also, you know God is he is right on time in there on time. And if you do the work, if you do the work when times come when those Hard Times come you will pull around and surprise yourself and you might feel a little guilty for being okay. A high you think somebody can catch me if you going to go through the hard times you going to go through a hard time. You can fool around and wake up.

The resurrection has not happened. But you say Tracy cannot be in the house.

And so Saturday is the gift is a gold day. And we got something else. I'm waiting on instructions on what you're going to do after the funeral. Of course done every second weekend. You bring every second Weekend begins non-perishable food items so that we can help the poor we can assist the other eight will already you already have food bank to already give meals out and done we want to do what he wants you to pick them doing for your birthday during intercourse.

Things that I know that's right. Amen Stone weekend coming up memory scripture for this week is Psalms 3 + 3 * 3 + 3. Let's read that together. But thou oh Lord are a shield for me my glory and the lifter up of Mind head a man. Y'all remember Byron Cage just to have that song for the Lord. Not Glory scripture for this week. Alright.


Tell you what, I should be wearing or what I should cook for dinner at my relationship.

I can't have the time and I'm worried about them the red light if I've been going every day. So now I have to deal with it. Where is that PetSmart here and I'm not sure what to do about it. I mean do I stay home with the kids or do I go get a job?

This morning. I look in the mirror and wonder what happened my weight is up and down and up again and my clothes never fit right? That's perfect girls in the commercial drive me crazy. I don't know my face for my family go to bed to see again.

But I'm tired. I need a break and there isn't one ever. I'm so bored with the same routine. But it's also the only thing that keeps me sane. I just feel weak and I'm so tired of feeling weak and I'm terrified of it going to rain.

sometimes most times I can teach through through all of them. No matter what I try to do about it. It's never enough.

You ever feel like that?

Alright got one more for you.

Navigate to Abberly Apartments.

When I get home.

amazing installers I'm off and angry spending for no reason.


This is the way I carry.

Sometimes you feel like it's never enough. Of the times you like. This is the way. Carrie. And it's something how much we carry. How much we can do? It is amazing. How how?

Durable, we are. So much stronger than we thought we were. Leave it up to us. We should have been done a long time ago. You know and then for sure there were times where you just thought you weren't going to make it past this one. How many times you thought you weren't going to make it past this one? But let me pay listen sit up in your seat straighten your collar and look at somebody and tell him neighbor. I ain't got time for this. I am not carrying that stuff. It ain't mine to carry. And there it is. You got too much. I got too much work to do. You got too many goals. I need to reach I got your money planned. I don't have time to be sitting down licking my rooms and have time singing the song sorrow waiting on somebody to come and Pat my back and put me on the on my forehead. Like I'm a little puppy or something, you know, it's going to be all right, and then and so we're going to go in the Philippians chapter 3 been through chapter 1 chapter 2. We going to start chapter 3 tonight and do it just going verse by verse and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to us as we get this message from Paul to the church at Phillipi while in a Philippian jail dark dingy cold wet on his way to Rome and he still speaking from a place of Joy trying to encourage everyone else while he's going through what he's going through. And so tonight he begins and Philippians 3 wanting us to come to know the price list value of knowing Christ the Priceless value of knowing Christ last week we talked about, you know, we we we listen to him.

I had to position ourselves mentally spiritually. To challenge ourselves to know the joy of being poured out as a drink offering. even if it meant death I'm willing to give all of me and there's a joy that comes along with total abandonment total surrender. There's a joy that you will never ever ever experienced if you don't ever do it.

It said it is it is that that and as I let you know so many writers.

Joy joy is just not an easy fruit to explain to articulate. We do it to the best of our ability, but it's not quite What happiness is so he's not happy because happy is according to happenstance. Something has to happen.

When you got joy, you don't nothing has to happen. Nice. Nothing good. Nothing Grand has to happen for you to experience Joy. Enjoy. Is that exuberating hopeful yet? Not emotional but spiritual reassurance. It's like what David was talking about when he says weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning and equating the pain and Agony with the darkness and the night, but then suggesting that when morning comes and then some That there is a new.

brand new mercies to

says to the experiences to enjoy or endure or examine whatever the experience may bring to you. But this whole idea of being joyful. It's just knowing that this isn't the end for me. You know no matter how dark it gets how how lonely I feel no matter how broke I may be today.

Not let me slip into depression. It doesn't let allow me to slip into hopelessness in the opposite of

it's not anger as in as it is the opposite of happiness or sadness is the happiness of sadness of the actors is the opposite of

Adam there. I can't equate anything or come up with any opposite of joy joy is just Joy. It's the fruit of the spirit is Jesse Joy, either you have it or you don't?

Is it you get it? Or you don't either you allow yourself to experience it or you want.

and it comes at a part of it has to do with knowing the

Knowing Christ knowing him. cholesterol reading

it starts off saying whatever happens.

Just stopped at the first two words. whatever happens

whatever happens


broken heart whatever happens Can I steal your car? Whatever happens somebody betrays you lied to you dishonor foothold information, whatever happens get laid off whatever happens.

my dear brothers and sisters rejoice

just say that in that the nerves.

Whatever happened rejoice.

Whatever happened to Joyce come on read the first sentence with me, whatever happens my dear brothers and sisters rejoice in the Lord.

rejoice in Zillow

rejoice in one of our memory scriptures went when things are not quite right with me and and it looks like resources are low. And when I say resources, I'm talkin Financial Resources emotional resources relational resources. When all that stuff is low. One of one of my favorite memory scriptures of ours is habakkuk chapter 3 17 through 19 when he says though the Fig Tree May Blossom and there be no food on the vibe. low the fruit of the

I love may fail and there be no food in the field. Will the flash be separated from the phone and there be no cattle in the stall? I will joy in the Lord. And I will rejoice in the god of mine. Pick my feet as deer feet and make me to walk on my high heels if it gives me hope when I reflect the prophets saying it's rough in Israel right now. We've been ravaged by War. We were struggling trying to make it.

How hungry I may be.

Joy in the Lord.

My salvation, I don't know what's happening.

With this up and I will join the god of my salvation. Can somebody get though? There you go. I don't know what happened there.

Okay, so he says I never get tired. I'm telling you these things and I do it the safe guard your face. I never get tired of doing these things or saying these things these my monitor went off there. I never get tired of telling you these things and I do it to safeguard your faith. I never get tired of preaching.

Get tired of teaching you I never get tired of.

reminding you the same old thing the reason why because you need to hear it constantly to safeguard your faith. I'll never get tired of doing it sober still. Come on. Let's watch let's be together ready to go watch out for those dogs those people who do evil those mutilators who say You must be circumcised to be safe. Watch out for those Church in people. Because I'm dogs in that something.

They called him.

These are the ones who say you got to jump through all the hoops.

Can't wear this can't say that can't go there, you know watch out for those people who try to make you believe you got to work for your salvation. Got to prove something to God.

Is that the whole circumstance that was Abraham's thing? That's not a thing. That was Isaac and Jacob staying that's not our thing. He says it says now all you need.

Tell you any differently. Don't let anybody ever tell you anything differently watch out for those people who mutilate your belief if you let them.

Cuz they don't know what they're talking about. Because it just it really doesn't take all of that verse 3 Let's Go. but we who worship by the spirit of God are the ones

Who relied on what Christ Jesus done for us? We put no cop.

He says for we worship by the spirit of God, who are the one?

We rely on what how do we do that? We rely on what Jesus Christ done for us?

I wish you would know.


why put no confidence in human what's wrong with putting confidence in our effort?

I mean don't that help the bill I self esteem.

He's supposed to have no confidence in ourselves. team of me

why no confidence

May we change?

We have to put So within this contact with Paul is talking about he's talking about within the context of pleasing God. There's literally nothing you can do to please God other than

Best exemplified in how I love you. The fruit of that is how I forgive. The fruit of that is the long-suffering defeated.

Love it, but without faith in him I wouldn't do it. And if I did do it, I would probably take pride in the fact that I am doing it and then I become. Uno self-righteous in my own right

He fixed it so we couldn't be saved without him.

about him So the whole circumcision the whole all the rituals and all of all of that is forget all of that. How about you just trust Christ? Then he's able to save you.

He said who rely on what Christ has done for us and we put no. confidence in human

John 6:63

profiteth nothing But my words are Spirit. And my spirit gives life the flesh profiteth.

none verse for Less

it was Paul. Is anybody have any acquaintances with Paul why he would say such? Do you know anything about Paul why he would make such a statement cuz I don't have any confidence in the flesh. Is it because if anybody has any reason to have confidence in the flesh, you know? Give me of all people.

He says because I could have fun. if anyone could indeed if others have reason for confidence in this

there is something about not having. Confidence in the flesh so you know it is no Paul. He was of high pedigree. If you went through one-on-one, then you know, if one or two.

Was highly skilled. He was taught by the best he set up on the Gamaliel, you know, peace out on the Sanhedrin Council. He was a Pharisee the new one p***. He was up. He was of Jewish descent.

Lisa's but listen, he said he says just go with me on this. Let's see what he's doing. Let's go. I was 8 days old. I am a pure blooded citizen of Israel and a member of The Tribe of Benjamin a real Hebrew if there ever wants.

I just did all that dinner went to the next lie to me. I was so jealous that I harshly. And ask for righteousness.

wow, so all this self confidence

seems to imply.

It just seems to imply what about us when we start living like that.

Was that imply about us? Pride self-righteousness pride look at the text. egotistical what are some of the actions that it causes? arrogant arrogant

what else?

Say that again. Pop. Makes it all about me. What are some of the actions what what happens?

We both want this is in the text look look up there.

Did persecute and you judge people you persecute people you make me.

This way to say I obey the law.

I made it hard for people.

I made it rough with people. I made nobody feel like they were saved. Nobody could have cheated what I achieve. And every time I talked about something it was about the reference had to do with me. Look what I did. The grab and look what I have cheese. I'm trying to I'm trying to cheer you up, but I'm measuring you to me. You know, come on come on up to my level. Do it like I do it.

As far as righteousness, I obey the law without fault verse 7 what he say I once thought these things were valuable, but now I consider them worthless because of a Christ. it's cool, man, you know, I mean

We were not dumb Christian. If you went to our church, and you raised up as a kid in the church. You were not illiterate Christians if you didn't practice it you knew it. If you're in practice.

Church made sure that we were educated in Sunday school we made sure we were educated in BTU bible study on Wednesday. We make Vacation Bible School. We were in conventions.

You understand?

What's the time we start relying upon what we know? What we've done you stalk you.

We start living in comparison to other Christians. right

Christians then we start keeping record even with God and when God is not doing what we think he should be doing for us. We then start calling the roll.

are all

I think I give my money by soul.

Come on for real God. I like to take what happened yesterday, but

This is so I used to have confidence and all that stuff. But now I can see. worthless worthless and in the Greek text he consider that to be equal to human waste.

Google PCS You know, he's like all that stuff don't it? Don't even matter up to Dawn.

First date let's read. Yes. Everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord everything else stop right there. Yes. some things

most stuff

everything else Is worthless when compared? with knowing Christ Jesus my Lord

everything else everything else let that let that sink.

a real everything everything else Is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. Why does he want us to make that comparison? Why does he want us to?

What what does he want us to get out of that?

Is there some tendency or

It probably is the implication is.

for some reason Jesus Christ have to compete with everything else and I

You say you love him. We say we love.

why does he have to be how does why does he have to. Why is it so easy for me?

To say that aside to do something else.

Is oops more important to me, but you don't know everything else is worthless. Everything else that I depend on that I think make me who I am. My pedigree my my you know. My relationships my banking account my possession all that stuff when compared.

With the infinite value of knowing Jesus Christ these adjectives that he use. Please please adjectives that he uses if if if it blows it up in and it shows you how how important this issue is. He done just call it value. He called the infinite value.

Did anything that ever has or ever could happen to me? Anything that I ever had or ever will have? I cannot compare that to the to the value of knowing Christ Jesus. He says infinite value. It says because for his sake. Let's read. I have discarded everything else. Counting it all as garbage so that I could gain price. Wow. all

all Okay. Alright now see this is okay high. So now you talkin that you know the David koresh stuff. Jim Jones now you want me to drink Kool-Aid, don't you?

Coco you wanted to be coltish over?

They already talked about me cuz I don't hang like I used to hang.

Now he got his acting like a coat over here. They already saying we coaches we crazy y'all do everything that man sex and they think it's the you doing with the man say but

What why do you think there's such Why do you think there's such a spirit of apostasy in the air right now? apostasy means Falling Away

They acknowledge God, but they did not have the power.

perilous days

I didn't know God and all that kind of stuff and he doesn't see you don't listen. You can't believe.

your way

well, if you can't you can't believe your way. Wiccan beliefs

didn't believe God your way and stay in his will. You can't follow him your way and stay in his will.


For this day. I have discarded everything else counting it all as garbage if you are not. It ain't worth you having.

If you're not willing to let it go it isn't worth you haven't.

Cuz eternity is a long time.

Eternity is a long time. This is what we know about this life all of this stuff packed. I know about this life you can you can

Chapin however, you want to shape it what we know about this life. That stuff in them for Argon.

And having conversations with young people about God.

What's the value that what I'm going to do? I hope you make it.

Cuz I ain't got no control over that so that you can you can allow yourself to be me and doctrinated by the new culture and all that kind of stuff as if God just that we just discovered something new in the last 10 years last 15-20 years all all of us been dumb since Christ was hung on the hangover all the rest of us. We stupid and all of a sudden all because cuz y'all got Google and in an in technology you can talk in your phone.

I went stupid.

is Kate I have discarded everything else counting it all as garbage you suggesting that if you don't count it as it's going to compete with your relationship with him.

No in trouble for God if you want to.

You start compromising in everything letting you can let your cousin and your Mamma's and Dad.

Cuz I promise you when you stand. Did the great white jersey?

I promise you ain't going to be standing there with you. Are you going to be staying there with you? Your kids ain't going to be staying there with you your mom and daddy and all the way, you know who played all over the emotional games with you?

So that I could gain Christ. So I'm serious man the invitation him.

Show me tell you something about faith does not find a little room in the house and it gets comfortable. No, you don't you can't put Faith in a little closet somewhere, you know faith comes in move all the furniture out. Face comes in and just change everything around says I must have the biggest room in the house.

That's what he said verse 9.

I no longer count on my own righteousness through obeying the law rather. I become righteous through free. Wow.

Depends on what?

I'm with him. So I got to I've got to regard all that other stuff as useless as garbage. Okay in order to become one with him.

I'm trying to get is one becoming one with him. Cuz if I can become one with him, then I don't have to rely upon my own righteousness to keep me. Because now I'm in him and once I get in him. He keeps me. watch my dust and I now become righteous to

Wait a minute. No, no, no, no, no see cuz you can't. If you can do that.

All you have to do is break.

So who is this?

Say it be let it be about.

What's the reason why it has to be about his love for you? It was not about how much you love God.

Okay will keep my commands. And then you try to keep his command and then you figure out that you came. Forever. Why do he says? Okay. Well then just confess your fault. Indian Trust me that I'm going to forgive you and I ain't going to treat you know differently and I'm going to love you the way I

Thursday I'm getting some a chance to figure out how to walk in righteousness.

For God's way of making us right with him, depending.

And we got to stop right there.

If I remember what verse we stopped at tonight. All right.

Hahaha, alright.

Is wrong with it, we believe I what are core values when practice will assist us daily and creating a loving free and productive worship environment as well. While here on Earth they would also guarantee a good report. Why is church etiquette and early church protocol?

What Appliance is good for the building of a healthy small group and congregation will Believers can get to know Christ each other and learn to live prosperously God's word and true God's word is the absolute truth. It governs all matters of life and the ministries of this church God's word is the final Authority love and forgiveness. Love is what we owe God the movie exhibit at Love by forgiving one another. Faithfulness and commitment Faithfully offering our gifts and talents to this ministry Is our commitment to the performance of our roles and assignment in the kingdom of God trust in obedience as we serve obediently the kingdom with our gifts and talents trust can never be violated because we trust in God not man. Patience and listening. We patiently listen to our father into one another in an effort to properly respond to all the information good or bad. Go to church protocol is the continuation of the pattern of worship word and work established by the Holy Ghost the Apostle and the Believers in the first church Act 2 what 4247? All right.

the plant life conquerors in our community and around the world who will build the kingdom of God while contributing to the marketplace making their world better because they've gone significant investing what helps them be their best value with bills good character because they expect And so we know our church is not going to grow Electric.

That means I drove by the grace of God to become all I was meant to be. I hope you grow by the grace of God to become all you were meant to be will help our church to go by the grace of God to become all it was meant to be and our church will help our community grow by the grace of God to become all it was meant to be why because we live significantly invest Are you with bills good character cuz we expect the Conqueror.

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