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If I asked you to define the Gospel, could you do it?
That’s what we will do this evening.
After building a case against all of humanity, showing that we are all sinful and deserving of death, Paul shifts gears.
Paul gives a very detailed description of the Gospel in this paragraph.
This paragraph in the Bible is probably the most important passage there is.
Paul describes, in specific terms, the meaning of salvation.
Every single phrase in the first paragraph has significant meaning.
If you fail to understand this passage, you really don't understand your salvation.
Anytime you see But… take note.
Here, Paul says But now God… He is shifting gears and giving us a new thought.
He has just beat us to pieces, but now he is offering hope.
Just like a door hangs on small hinges, so great truths can hang on small words.
As a matter of fact, great doctrines hang on one word… Grace, Atonement, Redemption,
I. Important words that describe our salvation (Romans 3:24-25)
Courtroom term that actually means … just as if I’d never sinned.
We are made right… like we never did anything wrong by his grace.
Menas to buy back.
Sometimes referred to as Propitiation.
It describes how God provided us with undeserved righteousness because Jesus took our sins on him and gave us his righteousness.
Jesus paid the price for our sins.
These three words describe what God did for us that we cannot do ourselves.
Paul gives a detailed explanation of our salvation (Romans 3:21-26)
1. Salvation was designed by God and comes from God.
We didn’t think this up, it was all God.
2. Salvation is un-earned.
We can’t earn salvation by keeping the rules.
You cannot get to heaven through works or by being good.
Our salvation is apart from the law.
In the Old Testament there are three kinds of law: moral law, civil law, ceremonial law.
These three kinds of laws are talked about in the first five books of the Bible.
Paul says none of these are going to get you to heaven.
Heb 11 - they are saved through their faith...
3. Salvation through Jesus is not a new idea.
This isn’t something Paul came up with.
It wasn’t hidden or kept a secret because the Prophets talked about it.
But the Jews were looking for a political leader to take care of the Romans and were not listening to the Prophets.
We do the same thing.
Peter backs Paul up…
OT talked about Grace.
IOW, the whole Bible says you are saved by Grace thriough faith.
4. Salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ.
We receive salvation through faith in Jesus.
All others include works, but Christianity is about believing.
Sometimes I talk to Christians who, when they're asked if they're Christians say, "I'm trying."
It's like being pregnant: You either you are or you aren't!
It's not a matter of trying to be a Christian; it's a matter of trusting.
It's by faith.
Two mistakes we make when it comes to faith.
1 - we say we don’t have enough faith.
That’s not what’s important.
It’s the object of our faith that’s vital.
mustard seed move mountain.
You had faith the pew would hold you up.
We all have faith.
What’s important is the object of our faith.
2 - We put faith in faith.
Your faith isn’t what gets you to heaven.
Your faith in Jesus is what will get you into heaven.
Faith in Jesus Christ is what will get you to heaven.
It’s not faith in God, even the devil believes in Him.
Faith - means to trust in; cling to; rely on; adhere to.
ILL - I believe in Hitler, but I am not a Nazi.
However I believe in Jesus and I am a Christian… commitment is the difference.
We have to have faith in JESUS.
5. Salvation is available to everyone who believes.
Salvation is available to everyone who is alive.
Everyone needs salvation.
The one thing we have to do it to BELIEVE.
It’s not believe and work real hard, it’s believe.
ILL - Elevator illustration - ride 3 - walk 3
Many people approach salvation that way.
I’ll trust some and then work some.
Salvation is available to all who believe (trust in, cling to, rely on, adhere to)
6. Salvation through Jesus is necessary.
It’s necessary because we all fall short of God’s ideal for us.
have sinned - past tense
fall short - present or ongoing sin.
we are continually falling short.
Sin - archery term that means to miss the mark.
When we sin, and we all do, we miss the bullseye God put out for us to hit.
We have all missed God’s standard for our lives.
Glory of God - either Jesus, and we always fall short or it’s the way God originally designed us in the Garden.
But we sinned.
Adam and Eve sinned and the glory was lost and we are born with a sin nature.
Because of this, salvation is necessary.
7. Salvation is un-deserved.
Our salvation is not earned or deserved, it is given to us by GRACE.
It is given through the redemption of Jesus.
He freely gives us justification.
Freely means without cause.
God justifies us when there was no reason to do so.
It was done freely.
Kind of like when your kid asks you why and you go - because.
Why did God choose the Jews?
He just decided to choose them and to love them and to bless them...
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