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God Creates the Universe

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Evening Service (2nd Dec 2018)

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Well, we could meet John at the scriptures a game and return to the very beginning of the Bible Genesis chapter 1 read the whole of that chapter. Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. Yeah, that's was out with was without form and void and darkness was over the face of the deep. The Strait of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said let there be light and there was light and got saw the light was good and God separated the light from the darkness called call the light day and the Darkness he called night. And there was evening and there was morning the first day. And God said let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters to separate the waters from the waters. I got my it expands and separate the water is the rounded expand from the waters that were about the expen and it was so God called the expanse heaven. And there was evening and there was morning the second day. And God said let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place. I let the dry land appear and it was some. Go to court the trial and us and the waters that would gather together. He called seeds and God saw that it was good. And God said let the Sprout vegetation lawn children's seed and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is that seed each according to His Kind on the earth, and it was so The Astro 430 Tatian you didn't see you two quarters that are on kinds and trees bear fruit in which that seed and which is that seed each according to its kind and God saw that it was good and it was evening and that was morning the third day. And God said let there be lights in the expanse of the Heavens to separate the day from the night. Let her be for signs of the seasons of a days and she is a little bit let there be lights in the expense of the Heavens to give light upon the Earth and it was sorry and God made two great lights the greater line to Rule the Day and the less cilantro the night and the stars in the Heavens to give lights on the earth to rule over the day at over the night at the separate the light from the darkness and God saw that it was good and it was evening and that was morning the 4th day. And God said let the vultures swarming swarms of living creatures that bus lie about the lacrosse stick Spencer the heavens. So God created great sea creatures and every living creature that moves with which the water swarm according to that kinds and every when you put a cord into its kind I got saw that it was good and God bless them saying be fruitful and multiply for all the waters in the seas and let Buzz most point on the Earth. Are there was evening and there was morning V die. And God said let the Earth bring forth living creatures according to that kinds. election Golden State livestock and creeping things and bit beast of the Earth according to that kinds and it was so I got my eat a piece of the Earth according to their clients the livestock according to their clients and everything that creeps on the ground according to its kind and God saw that it was good. And God said let us make man in our image and likeness. I'm not going to have too many of the fish of the sea and over the buzz of the heavens and other livestock and I were all the referee creeping saying the creeps on the Earth. So God created man in his own image in the image of God. He created him mine and female he created the heaven and God bless them and God said to them be fruitful and multiply fill the Earth and subdue it and have the meaning of the official to see now the birds of the heavens never every living thing that moves on the earth. And God said behold. I was getting rape law on children seized that's on the face of all the Earth and every tree with seed and its fruit. You're so happen for food. I do every beast of the earth and hurry bird of the heavens and do everything the creeps on the earth everything that has the breath of life. I've given every green plant for food. I didn't want some I got sold everything they had my Aid and behold. It was very good and there was evening and there was morning the sick day. We pray to God would be pleased to bless his world to us this week to look at my passage this evening and as we do so you want to be surprised with the head into town. I feel the subject God creates the universe God create the universe which is the account of God's creation. They have the gross creation reviews. That's he is the old powerful omnipotent creation. How about is very important that we do consider and seek to understand that we begin the question can Eeveelution fit into the biblical account of creation. hand Evolution fit into the biblical accounts of creation avoid trying to answer that question. I've got a little bit of a chest for you brought it home from what we were thinking about lost week and we look I will come up nevermind. We look at the Seven Seas of History who were their eyes closed and tell us what those please anyone know.

Hi. Alright Seven Seas of History. What's the first one? Croatian yeah corruption catastrophe you kept you out on thanks. I was confusion Christ cross and consummation. Yes, a very helpful y e to remind us of what the true history is 6 of them have happened one is yet to happen what's going on from that? And what we want to concentrate mainly this evening on is we read that passage Genesis chapter 1 and we saw there a very clear order of creation. And that is not hot posset that is not just go to being thrown out that order is very important and that order needs to be contrasted with what so many people believe and you'll see we have here we going to that order we have in the evolution review in the Santa the biblical View and in the stud the biblical reference. I do have vitamin A should not like you have these at the end. I do have the one with all the ounces on But all you have one also this just got the last time call him anyone want to type the left-hand column since we finished and rats I was thinking about that so you can fit in the biblical view is in relation to guys if you got the book you can cheat but we don't need him about the book to cheat because you got this you can have fully completed but we eat we do need to consider this we do need to be aware of this because as we Vindicated before most of what we see if not all of what we see and I'm a deer and what is taught in schools and all this takes the evolution review and I teach certain things about time and what happened when and Son which are not in accord with the scripture verse of these for the store. But even if it is the sun was formed for the Earth and I was just the Bible that the earth was formed before the sun read the references out now.

look through those at your leisure and it's important that we get this clearly into a Moines leave relation review was that was originally a motion bull by the biblical view is to Evolution review is the stars formed before the Earth Bots and scriptures where you eat at the stars when not formed until date for 14 15. Evolution review dry land was president before oceans and appeared on day 3 check the next part of it sea creatures the evolutionists believe evolved before land plants. Launch Recreation on J-3 and sea creatures who created on day 5 11-12 2229 trees evolved long after simpler plants in the scriptures. We read old broads, but creates heat on day 3 Genesis 1 11 to 13.

Len reptiles evolved before Birds, where's the scripture tells us to create on day 5 and reptiles ice creeping things were created on day 6 Genesis 120 23 24 25, and then we lost two reptiles evolved before mammals Evolution review biblical view both were created as land animals on day 6 Genesis 1 24 25, and then humans evolved HH long after mammals both were created on day 6 Genesis 1 24 25 and 26 to 27. So you see there's a total contrast with what Eeveelution What is Believe by so many and put forward is the only true scientific view is how to contrast with the scriptures actually Cheech and Chong coming back to that. First question. Can we fit Evolution into the account? Will he go to do a lot of feeling around and ignore fat bit and so on just so they close your eyes and Coke opinion and you will be able to do that because she doesn't concerns me so much. She's not what Eeveelution is believe and teach if they dismiss that it's the scriptures totally dismiss any form of Christianity and so on and so forth like Andrew degree understand that What I find is more worrying is not as you profess to be Christians and they still accept evolutionary few along with the now I would hasten that we don't said this before I'm not suggesting and the curriculum looking for suggesting this at all that you have to believe in creation and 6 day creation before you can become a Christian that is not true. What you need to become a Christian is that you sold me trust in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ in dealing with our same and cousins were born again by his spirit and, you that blessed experience with him box. What I was saying is that anyone who's had that real experience when presented properly and lovingly and carefully with lots of scriptures actually teach about creation. I would be very concerned about any of profess to be believe it who don't profess to accept Creation in those circumstances might take some time to expect them to accept what the scriptures actually teach should be this couch under making known to everyone is there is that what you want to see what the scriptures do Telus next door to go into the one thing that says highlights more not speaking in a sense of creation specifically, but about this question of heavens and earth. We right at the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. I'm sure you're all aware that what that means is the secret. Everything not just the heavens and the Earth and everything. That is try that one coming to that but it's the same sort of thoughts as saying you're talking about someone from head to toe. It means the hole in the head and Anna got the scriptures my clear else where did create everything in the universe and old that they are so we can save it all the things the practices yet. We have never seen God created or than one scripture Jeremiah 23:24, man. I didn't soak in secret places, so I cannot see him to go speaking of declares the Lord do I know? Heaven and Earth declares the Lord he feels. Call and then the next one Jeremiah 33 25 to 26 verse says the Lord if I have not establish my Covenant with day and night and the fixed order of Heaven and Earth will reject The Offspring of Jacob and David my seven and we don't choose one of his offspring To Rule The Offspring of Abraham Isaac and Jacob flower store that fill chains and have mercy on the game refers that whole having on this. I interested growlery to that that's not true through creation isn't accepted and understood then that has an effect on who else does he has done it really brings into question what he is done when initially truth is Rejected and then we find it Psalm 69. Versace for guy in speaking if they have enough and have enough praise him at the Seas and everything that moves in the and we lost one of these are many others we could turn to Nyan all that chapter 9 & 6 you are the Lord you allowing your might happen to have enough happens with all that host the Earth and all this on it sees and all this in in The Preserve all of them and the host of Heaven worships you the Bible is full or teaching the God has created all things. It's mentioned with Prince and exception of Esther is mentioned in every book of the Bible. And we can find many many references to fatten. The God is great and they're all those when I mentioned last week that the first four seas war fights for seeds of Genesis chapters 1 to 11 and then progression Christian suicide will really needs to accept what I say. Literally we can we safe and science. It's not quite ready. Although they still see things but we do need to see that because that is where things so go so very wrong. That is not accepted that is not a realized to give the benefit of the doubt know why I promise that. Is the why the God has done things and he is the true creator of all things everything that is under the fact of the Bible mention that I said so many times. Donate we we we we find the things that goes to the beginning of John's gospel Jesus and that there was nothing that was nice that he did not Mike full right to the question says the same true that Jesus Christ and day does the word of God is the crates of of those are things will, I'm too but just so there is this very real. Has done. Just some suggestions is make us think about any points in which they order of different views agrees. If you look through what we looking for that table and have a copy of the ideas I say if you look straight Eeveelution review left for the biblical view East there anywhere that I can be shown to agree downstairs not it just cannot the totally different there on our way. What would we have to do to get the Eeveelution review to fit into biblical explanation? But we have to tear apart auto parts. Actually, that's a drastically change all the Bible teaches in order to do that. But I just woke many people to do is very foolish thing to do. How do we know which food few is true? What is the valence of it and Eeveelution? This wouldn't accept we know it's true because the Bible is true and the Bible is God's word discussing this whole question that we can rely totally on the Bible. You may not find it. We can answer everyone's question. But that's not the point. The point is that we know the Bible to be true and God will always use his what but maybe come back to these courts word in the real world many people claim. The Bible doesn't tell us how tight is this an accurate statement based on the text of Genesis 1 I think about it something I need to give you the answer.

I'll come back. If you need to come back to that right as we approach this topic and conversations with fellow Believers. What should be I should shoot.

Giant remote for that next one should add approach to support in the biblical view of the creation week look different when discussing it with those who are not Christian.

the guy next one

if we suggest that the account of Creation in Genesis is a myth or an allegory. Not agree is just like when Jesus says I am the True Vine and my father is the blind wrestler Jason don't sign in for a moment that she's not sure if it is a picture of the symbol explaining the truth. If we suggest on the account of Creation in Genesis is a myth or not agree. What are the doctrines would become mythical or out of allegorical what doctrines find that bases in the first few chapters of Genesis? Okay. hand lost one is how can understanding that God created the entire universe in 6 days by simply speaking it into existence help you to trust him.

Right, then we come to the memory verse. Too close with this part of it. Trump's amazing though. She's three and four. When I look at your Heavens the work of your fingers the moon and the stars, which you have set in place. What is mine that you are mindful of him? And the son of mine that you care for him? Rights, but loves you any questions, you might have already decided to try and comment on those things that were actually presented to us can go back to those quite easily and have a look if you wish to do so. Totally missed you last week.

Foley I ever be very beneficial

I can't remember the reference with Santa. I'll have to check but it talks about with his arm his sizes with his fingers. He created his creation. Is he just needed you say his fingers?

There's a gracious work in recreation in Salvation than I was in the initial creation. That's really the point spread night then. Yeah. Thank you.



So he created. Is for us people create episodes ready then?

Yeah, I thought you were going to say that I was going to say this that. if you read Genesis chapter 1

with any sort of I'm bossed few. It is clear and is going to come into it like to study more this it's clear that you're talking about 6 24 hour. Isn't it actually repeated two sessions. I want to do that next time price puts it in the wood itself. I mean, yes, we understand I'd morning and evening and it was the first the second son and anyone.

Okay, but that's true. You make provision for 9 before you buy mad cuz he does do that. Okay, and then else. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it is clear. I just called the father who is speaking let there be light and so on but the Lord is the word Jesus is the word in John 1.

Who when I say that Jesus was creates a nice. I didn't accept that. They said that my Sunday school teacher always had to go pass creator. An appointed a difference in his son the word and the spirit was hovering over the waters and the spirit. Was that okay anymore? I thought you going to ask about the waters.

You say pronounce that better than me the kind of P so I can come up with about what year was great.


What makes a planet a planet?

One of these characteristics that stated the whole time.

What would we go by without account? How do you spell anaconda?

what we don't have

What's the weather like?


Are you getting to be a Shewee?

I swear I was on my way home.

I'm actually if you look at it, I should be squeezed.


Yeah, absolutely, and thank you. or any other comments questions

Anyone ride workout that was full. Things will one of them so I got back.

And I want to come out on that.

How many counts back to the basic fundamental thing if it truly is called? And we can trust you. It's quite interested. Yeah, it's so very well to argue that people do that. Genesis is a bit of a mess and so on but what does that actually affect his father other doctrines are concerned?

Thanks for what was there just sizing?

Hello, Shuffle swipe if the Genesis account is a metaphor and allegory. How reliable is the teaching of sun in the death of Christ?

That would be evidence of mine. coach Jesus died on the cross. But don't know sauce. Is he who he was and why he did it?

If there's not one of the reasons why I married you so challenge then. I was just me and I could tell you did because your tennis is a mess, but it teaches about what marriage actually is. Isn't that the whole if Janice is a mess? Why do we need to worship God in the days of Plenty we should do so cuz if he decides to Missy Smith, yeah, it it makes your point listen.

I'm not I'm not it's the problem the faces so many people because the question is why are we here that mangoes the point? What is the point of us being here? And yo people become so disillusioned. So depressed song is so not saying it's always the reason to depression feels like but this is what it least to Italy and then it leads to the fact that you couldn't I'll give you some a ship without any problem at all. Biggest go to the bed. There's nothing to be on this. So if someone is suffering and ready flows from this is not just a question of ripping out the first three or four pages your Bible side, and I don't count because they do chicken.



how I feel

we already have. shot in the foot

Idea, because they think it's just the way that people throw it out and so on and so forth with you to hold tonight, we can do that but some various books and so on and pamphlets available can help to express what the Bible teaches? Okay. Well, thank you very much. We will come to a head now.

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