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Santa Claus

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We might start doing that a little more off to take less time before the service. We are Second Blessing church, but we don't necessarily need to take a pill 3 offerings every service. Okay, and we're going to have our son of superintendents doing something different than they've ever done before and we're going to talk about that since we're not doing that at the end anymore. We can have some recognition for a birthdays and anniversaries little bit later. What trust that God has been meeting with you this week and putting back on the code. I'm sorry. I'm so informal, but you'll hear a little bit more about that when I'm in a t-shirt just a moment.

I thought about moving on and get off my soapbox soap box, but the Lord let us to a message today that I believe is of him. we have in our family and I shared this in the interview on Friday, but we have in our family some traditions. Growing up I are they out of your shot. My parents never taught me to believe. in Santa Claus from alert, but we kind of play pretend with it our gifts that we had were given to our from our parents and family, but on Christmas Eve, we had a tradition that was a little bit different but seems almost self-contradictory. Mom and dad would say go to bed. Cuz if you don't go to bed, the stockings won't be filled because Santa Claus has a bigger so we knew it was them and we do all of our presidents usually that we are getting cuz we asked and they usually checked off the list or we'd sneak in the closet see what we've gotten and I said some about this trip is not up here. There was a little bit more sneaky and and can you need to know this he confessed to me that he sometimes looks around for receipts. He doesn't look for the gift. She has them hidden, but he finds her receipts. You got to hide the receipts cuz he knows what he's getting based on receipts is Hitman clever Trevor right there. But then on Christmas morning, we would see the the gifts that were in the stocking. It was always exciting. What did they do this year and usually just candy and maybe some little things that we needed health and beauty stuff toothbrush and maybe some deodorant and put in our family car. Like he hadn't even better tradition that she started from the very first Christmas with Kenzie and on to this day on Christmas Eve. You heard me share this perhaps we do what she's called. We called the three gifts of the Magi the wise men gift after we sing Happy Birthday Jesus not happy birthday to you. But the Brooklyn Tabernacle song Happy Birthday Jesus. I'm so glad it's you know the song and we either sing it or play it and I read the Luke to narration of Jesus Luke 2 1 through 20, something like that. And then we eat our cake and sing Our Song and and then we have the three wise men gifts and every year on Christmas Eve weather. We're weather. We've been in in Illinois or West Virginia or Oklahoma or back to Illinois or Kentucky or Georgia? I don't think we've been in Georgia for Christmas. But where we are we do the three wise men gifts no matter what family were staying late we got to do. I win gifts and Kenzie Trevor eventually Trevor receive three things one in the category start out with a book when they were little and now it's going to move to Media Booker video. the second gift of second gift of the of the Magi has been Some type of pajamas that's changed as well, but they're little their pajamas, but now it's just sort of sleepwear and now I think for Trevor to shorts and a t-shirt but something that's kind of Christmas Eve pajamas. And then the third one which is really cool is a Christmas ornament and I've gathered these Christmas ornaments and she has 19 or 20. I guess it'll be 20. She has her own Christmas tree that you can put all her Christmas Eve ornaments on and Trevor like was he has about 14 going to be 15, I guess. He'll be 16 next year. So look out you'll be on the roads lot of your thinking that those those those little buddies that we saw 5 years ago singing victory in Jesus. There could be on the road pretty soon. But you know life goes on done it but what a precious way of of celebrating Christmas Eve and that's I don't know where Carly got that but it was been a tremendous tradition in our family. Really? No Santa Claus in that it just all the true. Meaning of Christmas star kids never grew up believing sandwich place a little wink kind of games. Yeah. What is what do you want from Santa but we really never did that. That's all I'm not being a scrooge about it, Okay, I me we'd like to watch you on the Polar Express and and all those kind of things and and we enjoy Miracle on 34th Street sand and all those things. There's nothing wrong with that but yet every Christmas Other points I'm kind of hurting cuz I pulled my back last night, but every Christmas I'll get up on my soapbox. Say we need to observe the true meaning of Christmas get Santa Claus out of Christmas.

Have you heard me say something like that been here about four years. Nobody. You don't want to admit you don't. I've talked about Santa Claus maybe not in sermons but in conversations quite a bit, we don't use Santa Claus wrapping paper, and I don't mean to be a scrooge but I just like the true meaning of Christmas and I want our children. I want to young people and and so when we do devotionals and things for children young people and ignite, we don't talk about Santa Claus too much. We talk more about Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas. That's a good thing.

But the Lord's been dealing with me even on this area. You saw what happened with the kids? I don't think they've been more energized than any. object lesson I've ever given And this morning? I didn't even expect that why cuz I can connect with a face in a belief. In a figure it's then represents Christmas. Santa Claus Santa Claus in 1st Corinthians chapter 12

Verse 27 we read these words. Now. You are the body of Christ and members individually and God has appointed these in the church first Apostle second profits third teachers after that Miracles. Then Gifts of healings helps administration's varieties of output languages tongues is what it says. Are all Apostles are all prophets are all teachers are all workers of Miracles. All these of course, your understanding are rhetorical questions. Do all have gifts of healings. Do all speak with various languages do all interpret.

but earnestly desire the best gifts and yet I show you a more excellent way. and you know what that leads to 1st Corinthians chapter 13, the love chapter not going to quote that you can read that for your homework this afternoon if you have any time left

desire the best gifts

this morning. I want to help you perhaps and help me. Get off your soapbox as it relates to Santa Claus.

Your Santa Claus is a historical figure that perhaps is misunderstood. Really the origins of of what many of said it comes back from the original observance of one called Saint Nicholas some of the kids knew that I think Caitlin was one the first one say Saint Nick she knows her his she has a book that tells the story of Saint Nick. I didn't really know much about it. But just in a simple search on my phone and I put in St. Nicholas just to look up feature. It gives a little bit of a history of who Saint Nick is for Century actually happens being a Catholic Church. That's neither here nor there but Saint Nicholas, what was he known for he was known for giving secret gifts. You always wondered what the surprise thing was about. It didn't come with the wise men and their gifts the whole secret thing of Christmas Saint Nick. He's one of thought of the surprise at st. Nick's fault Saint Nicholas would be sort of a secret santa to those around him. and I shorten at the Saint Nick and the Santa kind of aspect because

of what his emphasis in Minister was all about was loving people without expecting anything in return. You don't have to raise your hand by wonder. How many of you at some point giving a secret Santa gift maybe was a secret cyst or something else. Just someone you left Groceries on the doorstep or you gave something maybe something significant to someone. And you did it from the heart without expecting anything in return.

Wasn't that a great feeling then that prove to you once and for all that what Jesus said it's more blessed to give than to receive. That's what Saint Nick taught us Saint. Nick is the patron saint of sailors Merchants archers repentant these children Brewers Pawnbrokers and students in various cities and countries around Europe his reputation evolve among the faithful as was common for early Christian Saints and his legendary habit of Secret gift giving gave rise to the traditional model of Santa Claus or st. Nick Klaus. well That's interesting. But what is that mean to me?

Well, I kind of maca song that I don't even know who sings it. Give this Christmas away. Who's that by I don't know. You don't give this Christmas away. Still have your Christmas but you give over and beyond your Christmas.

God didn't say when you give your tithe and you're offering that you have to have to give to the point of desperation that you can't eat. But he says my ties will be brought into the storehouse and then you'll give generously by ambiance. Saint Nick teaches us in his life I don't know if you made it to heaven or not. I'm not trying to preach you into heaven. I'm just trying to tell you about his behavior by his actions. He teaches us some life lessons if he was a Roman Catholic priest and he is really a regenerated really converted. He could have made it but there's a lot of false Doctrine in that group and that's neither here nor there, but I believe there's many many born-again Believers in Jesus Christ within the Catholic Church the Baptist Church the Presbyterian Church Pentecostal Church. They even the Wesleyan Church is a few believers.

Hello, can we get off our soap box of denominationalism?

Realize that God draws people by a spirit and they're not saved by their denomination or by their local church. They're saved by the grace and power of God, Amen. There's a lot of people that believe and teach false doctrines and Holiness churches. So, who are we to throw stones at all of those? Oh, I know you say Pastor Tim. There's some horrible things that are taught in the history. I know that I wrote a paper for my senior year of high school about some of those things. It's absolutely wrong, but we're not going to win them to the Lord by throwing stones and let's one of the Lord in relationship to point of Jesus Christ number to call about Kris Kringle. Kris Kringle is another just common name people give he's the one and I don't know all the history of this. He's the one that just sort of substitute for Saint Nick that also did some works and a kind of came from that little animated cartoon. I think it's where Chris came from. I'm not sure am I right? I don't know. We had that Santa Claus movie the cartoon and it has that song Santa Claus is coming you better watch out, you know the song Well brother Sherman. Has its little staying around the district. And he won't even say when pastors are supposed to sign up for something like RSVP for the ministerial Retreat or RSVP for for a conference or get their ass are in their annual service report. You know what he says. He'll say. He'll say something about.

Put someone so on my naughty list, he'll say that to me cuz I'm the opposite men and a lot of people don't know about that. But occasionally people hear about the naughty list and I say why I want you to move me off his naughty list under the under the good list or the nice list and so it's kind of a running joke. Well, he asked me and we were very busy. We are on Thanksgiving break. He asked me if I send a reminder to all the pastors who had not yet responded to RSVP for the Christmas dinner for that's providing for different areas of our of our district for Christmas dinner with the DS and is why I provided for all the pastors and spouses and in that he said that you'll just let him know that we need to know like in the next 24 hours or else you're going to call them and we have to have an accurate number for the cater and so I put it out there and you know, I was I was looking at his list that he provided for me. Guess who is on his naughty list? I was on the naughty list. Like I'm the guy that's supposed to send out the reminder and I'm on brother sermons. Naughty list. I just got chicken us at oh man. What am I going to do? I can't just sign up now and pretend that I wasn't on the naughty list. There's no way around it. And so here's what I did trying to find it. I'm not texting during my sermon. I'm trying to look up what I did see if I can find this so I sent out this email. And it and it had a reminder about if you if you buy on Amazon that you can buy and if you haven't seen that email you want to do that if you buy an Amazon, make sure you buy through the kentucky-tennessee just took Smile Amazon at about a half of 1% will go to the district. But then I wrote this reminder about the pastor and spouse Christmas dinner. And I said DS Aaron Sherman needs to hear from the following individuals by Tuesday, November 20th. I left them all out even had my name on it said oops, I forgot to and then I wrote this song. You better watch out. You better not cry better not pout. I'm telling you. Why do you ask Germans come into town? He's making a list checking it twice gonna find out who's naughty or nice DS term ends come into town when you're lazy. He knows when you are fake ID yet RSVP for goodness sake. Oh you better watch out. You better not cry better not pout. I'm telling you why DS term ends, the best response within about 5 hours almost everyone was checked off the list. He said well, whatever you did it worked. No one wants to be on the naughty list.

Without yet so many people are so concerned about that children and evil others didn't want to be on their spouse is not he was still want to be on the dog house. They don't want to offend someone but how how many of us are concerned about the book of life that I shared with the children? I hope your name is written in the Book of Life.

Probably only two people who know for sure. Jesus and you tell my boy is a good boy. He loves the Lord Maybe. He may be sneaking behind your back and smoking pot.

Tell my girl she's a sweetheart never had one problem out of her. She's been so compliant. Such a sweet. I love my little girl. She might be living a moral life behind the back and you know, nothing about it. You can't control that. You know, what you can do. You can pray that God would intersect his or her life and if they are disobedient and then send that God will rock their world and bring them to a place of repentance and real genuine faith in Jesus Christ being on your good list of your nice list is not going to get him in the Heaven Too Many mom have completely wrecked their children's lives because they convince them that they're going to heaven and when they're completely lost it so honey. You don't need to pray you pray when you were three years old. He accepted Christ when you were just 6th, we dedicate it to you the Lord. You're not a sinner. How do you know?

I love you, but I want you to know moms and dads. Don't try to tell your parent your child your little sweet little Johnny or your little angel. Maybe her name is Angel, but what don't tell your grandkids your great-grand Chris grandkids are your children that they're going to heaven? You don't know but Jesus knows and Jesus by his Spirit convinces them if they're if they have sinned. And you can pick them. You're not Kris Kringle to get off your soapbox of trying to tell someone that they're ready to go. You don't know that but Jesus knows I'm going to get off my soapbox of trying to be a judge.

There's a lot of things I was convicted very very hard this week about a situation. I won't go into detail, but I was very very angry righteous indignation you can ask my wife. I was texting her during the situation. I said, I can't believe this I can't believe this.

I was up on a soapbox of judgement.

I pray and I hope if the situation is not what it appears. But based on my own human eyes. I was very grieved in my heart the way things were handled. Know what God knows. God knows The Bible says it's appointed unto man once to die and after this the Judgment so I can't convince anyone to stand and neither. Can you only God's holy spirit can. And I can't save anyone but I can pray and intercede for them that God will save them by his Mercy in the scripts. Number 3. We sometimes hear about Father Christmas another image you made me looks a little bit more golden and fatherly still kind of a Santa Claus image, but it's a little bit different. I don't know much about Father Christmas. I know that different cultures use that expression said of Santa Claus. For some people that doesn't really work. Cuz I don't have a relationship with their father.

Like they'd hoped. Brokenness a relationship

abandonment abuse

you know what the ones closest to us can hurt us the most deeply

I feel so inadequate.

you can feel

You Can Feel So Unworthy

but we serve a God who even if your Earthly father is disappointed you and abandon you we serve a god. Who is the heavenly father whose perfect? Any loves you this morning? with an everlasting love

if you can mend every Broken Heart.

He can bring together every broken relationship.

And I don't know what you're going through. I don't have to know but you can tell it to Jesus and he's right at the right hand of his father Our Father who is in heaven, and he's praying for you right now.

Father Christmas you say you will have what an opportunity if someone uses that phrase to talk about our heavenly father. I'm going to get off my soapbox about Santa cuz every single attribute every single name. That's given for Santa Claus. Is it opportunity? the witness and testify

about our father in Heaven So what about Rudolph in the reindeer glad you asked like brother George told him you're asking great questions this morning. I misspelled Rudolph. That's not how you spell it. If I could teach Daniel how to fix it. It's Rudolph, but Rudolph and reindeer. What about that?

Did you know there's a spiritual application leaving Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Santa Claus this legendary mythical creature who who goes around the world and delivering toys the two boys and girls and one night all around the world. because that kind of power was it need the reindeer for

why are that foggy night that he said as he came to town? He said Rudolph with your nose so bright won't you guide my sleigh tonight? Why did Santa Claus call Rudolph?

And why did Rudolph when he felt so inadequate?

experience a complete transformation

that the songwriter said then all the reindeer loved him as they shouted out with Glee Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. You'll go down in history.

What? Cuz Santa Claus needed Rudolph. Klaus there's no Santa Claus

Oh, what a picture. What a picture what Jesus does when he transforms us. Wehrmacht were ridiculed by everyone else in this world. You're never going to meet any go you're never going to be a soul winner. You'll never amount to anything in God's kingdom. You've got nothing to give you have nothing to offer. Thank God redeems us.

He saves Us by his blood. He sanctifies Us by his spirit and he calls us into his service. Why? Beasley almighty, God please no legendary mythical mythological character. We're talking about the almighty God the omnipotent one. the omnipresent one I'm talking about God is omniscient. He knows everything. He knows everyone will be saved and everyone to be lost. What does he need you to do?

I need you to go into all the world and preach the gospel baptizing them in the name of the father Son and Holy Spirit. Why does he need you? He's got all power. Why does he need me?

I don't understand it. I don't get it. I must confess to you. I've never understood it.

But I do know this. Jesus pics you and me to do his work.

What an amazing truth?

I thought about this many times and last Sunday night. I preached about God's calling on my life and I'm not going to repeat that message. If you haven't heard, I think it's posted now it had trouble but it talks about the the perfecting completion of God in and calling us and using us some of you want to be used in God's Kingdom. Tell me you've never really thought about it. So I'm saying I'm ready to go. You know, what God's will is for you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you everyone in this room, if you're breathing right now, your life God's will for you is to be a minister of the gospel and he wants to use you.

You know that we did a Ministry survey if you haven't filled yours out see me before you leave. Alright? God wants you to be working occupy until he comes but let me say this before we close.

No matter what you have to offer. Matter what you don't have to offer there's a work for you. matter how young you are Matt how old you are?

God's been doing with my heart and my wife and I have talked a lot this week about calendar and management of those things and trying to set boundaries cuz I'm way too busy and it squeezed out our family time squeeze out our quality time together. And we hammered out the counter I said, I promise I'm not putting anything else on the counter know what God did God remove something from the calendar and did that for so Saturday night, but then we are up here at the church. Carlos deck she's going to not like that so that she was doing service for the Lord. You know, what I had to do this morning. I had to repent before God at 4 in the morning.

Am I stingy selfish stupid attitude?

It didn't show proper appreciation. For a generous giving wife.

She doesn't want me to say.

But you know what God provide the needs even before I asked.


I didn't mean to say that. But you know God. is real and when I have the wrong attitudes enrolling actions I need to confess and repent it just like you do. Did you know that I put my pant legs on one of time just like you do if you wear slacks? I don't wear a dress. I don't know how to relate to that but I'm human.

How much more human than others and I have a I have issues sometimes in my life where I I react. I'm praying that God would help me to to not just temper my temper, but that would hold my tongue.

All my motivation might have been good, but my message was horrible. Tommy was even worse. We need to get it done.

I don't even know why I said all that.

God is dealing with us to to be careful to make the right priorities the right priorities. God first family Then calling and Ministry after that friendships maybe along with that make a lot of good friends in the family of God.

All confessed you many many times in the last 30 years of ministry. I've gotten things completely out of whack and it's been church first.

Then maybe God then maybe family or friends. Lyme disease being friends before family. I've confessed repetitive that this morning.

And I'm not asking you to hold me accountable asking God to hold me accountable and I submit to you that I will by God's grace and help. Keep my priorities in alignment with God's priorities.

So if you call and I don't answer.

Or if you call and I send a text something that says an auto response. Like in a meeting, I'll call back. That means that I'm probably having family time.

We have a previous appointment with my family. Okay.

Cuz everytime my phone rings, I think I have to answer every time there's a text message every time your email. I think it's got to happen now and I'm going to stop I'm going to shut my cell phone off completely.

on those guarded times

have you don't need to know that but none of you is a bother to me. One of you is a nuisance to me. I want you to know that I love every one of you. But you're not as important to me as God, and I'm sorry, but you're not even important to me as my wife. Or is Kenzie or Trevor?

And I might be kind of a fool.

It took me 49 and a half years to realize that.

How much snow this morning God loves you and if you're out of alignment with your priorities just like I have been. And we need to pray.

Maybe this morning.

You need to come before God. And not confess and repent of sin but confess and repent of a wrong priority.

I think God.

My accountability is not a partner of Fred my kind of booties to you first, but I will volunteer resubmit voluntarily submit. To my spouse or or my family first in the fear of God.

Beauty of this picture Jesus pics you and me. To do his work. Even though he has all power. I believe God's calling some of you to help.

accomplish a Great Harvest brother Spirits. What's the name of your program on television?

Can you say the little louder brother? Why did you name at Harvest Time for the fears?

Did you hear what he said? I'll repeat it. So it's on the mic. The Harvest is ripe or Great White & Fields. Jesus said but the laborers are few.

I'm looking at people right now. I don't make good eye contact. I'm kind of bashful. I tend to look at the wall. I'm looking at you.

I wore this t-shirt. I may never preached in a t-shirt again. I might get fired. I don't know.

I bet the soap box for years about preacher to under dress wear cut jeans or or flip-flops in the Pulpit. It's know what does it get over yourself? Shooting at I am not of the anointing of God on your life.

What are you doing?

This t-shirt is a miracle. I'm no model. I'm just kind of damage we have them available. For those that are working in laboring. But I'd ask you if you're going to come and you're going to work for the kingdom of God tonight. It's either wear one of these are one of the prayer station shirts. We show Unity candles taken care of. I think they're $12 a piece. There's only one or two small glass dresser or medium large and extra-large mostly large we have on the back if you can get his information about Glasgow Wesleyan in a Glasgow Chris Academy few other things the other sponsors, They're going to be throwing several. Shirt out of a squad car the front of it is appreciation for First Responders. For using our children that can grab those that come up the parade route. That's great. But for adults, I hope all of our Donuts will just buy one. Don't wait for your free t-shirt. You can you can put up the $12 or I don't know for sure how many the printed but that was a miracle how God provided that about half the cost what they normally get we have 50 shirts. I think only about 40 to left and you can get one in and participate. Why do we doing that? Because God wants us to labor in his kingdom. So you have plans this afternoon. I know that but before we close here's what I want you to do.

I put out on email saying about we're going to have pizza for those that want to stay after church, but I got ahead of myself. I got to have it all Lord. I didn't know cuz I had to leave for the funeral. I didn't know that they had actually enough chili dogs and chili and chips and everything left over from the soup kitchen enough to feed the masses of workers that would come and stay so you don't have plans for dinner. Just stay right here. They got it already. Is it warm and ready right now? Oh I can keep reaching for a while then. It's ready to go. I didn't even know they had ready. So if you don't work right now if you're coming later, somebody already have plans another if you're coming later try to be here by 2 we have a lot to do cuz they will do you know, what's going on. I have no idea who have no organization. It's completely chaos. It's an organized chaos, but but we have some ideas what we need to do come and see Kindle Carl Ronnie me someone and will try to find something that needs to be done. Okay one request is when you come with your cars do not park on this lot or that lot in the back Park either at Stacy Salon over here or Ronnie and Pat said cuz I'm at the nanny's Consignment. Okay, they've given us permission to park cars were there if you can't walk just call Kendall and he'll bring the shuttle van over. She don't have to be into me. So why we doing that? Well, we only have 50 Orkin spots back here and it's going to be full probably by 4 o'clock. We're up in the parking lot at 3:30. They block the streets about what 515 530 she can't even have access if you need to go before the end of the vent don't park here park someplace else where you know and get the car. And then we'll study from there while the while the flow. I don't know how you'll get back though. After the Parade's over. Okay, so just want to be aware of that. What kind of things do we need done? I need to run on the roof. I'm not going but if you're not afraid to rub if it's dry we have so much going to hang sister Spears screen that we used to use for the free Friday film Friday. We called it free family film Friday. We're going to have that for the projector. We need some prayer station workers. I don't want 40. I just want about three or four for each hour. That's where they will also have a ticket. It's receive God is provided three of these And people will know about it. They want to put in for a drawing after the parade for home theater projector or three of these would have been provided that will give it away but not until 15 minutes after but how do they get a ticket will have to come over to the prayer station 10? No charge. We give him a ticket as we hand them the ticket we say this. Well, here's your ticket. Make sure you come back must be present to win while you're here. Do you have any needs that? I can help you? Pray about any prayer requests. However, you want to word it. So that's kind of a bait-and-switch. That's a good one though. It's not done but they don't have to pay it's not a raffle ticket. It's free just like salvation. And then after you pray with their need whatever they share and you just say would you like the church remember continue to remember your dad in prayer if they say yes in staple. Let me just get your number or your email. So the pastor to follow up and find out he won't he won't bother you but find out if God's answered that prayer and your simple, isn't it? So if you want to be a part of that we need you here by about 3:30 at the very latest. If you can't do other physical thing there's many many other things. We have a balloon artist that's coming mystery. He was calling from GCA. He can do all sorts of things with balloons animals and characters all sorts of things. We have horse and pony show her. But Brian is bringing a couple of Trail horses. I think one smaller ones little bit bigger. We have someone helping him. I think my friend Gary his family's going to help with the guiding them. But if you want to be those that take I think those are a dollar a piece for that free pictures you want to help with breakfast with Santa and mrs. Claus and the elves at the be set up over here at the the Breezeway the kind of carport area. We need to help decorating that we have icicle lights to go up all those things a lot going on. We have the free coffee and free hot chocolate can be provided. Maybe don't know about that. How many of you already made some brownies or cookies to help with that not enough. All right, you don't have time to make him go buy some and bring them with two dozen cookies. I don't care the kinds Snickerdoodle chocolate chip, whatever brownies go get them. Bring them with you go down to Dollar General or wherever you need to go and just buy some pre-made it'll it'll be alright, we're going to sell those of a piece but everything else is free. We have I like popcorn different things, but God's providing as many other things, but I want, you know, there is work to be done. All right team. Matthew come to me say I want I just want to help you ever say why I want to help you find something to do and I'll just point you. I'm not going to do it for you. Don't delegate up come to me and I'll delegate so someone else can send it to someone who's leading that pack. Okay?

Something else. I was supposed to say with that, but we'll just let that leave that for those together. Right? Could we just pray together for dismissed? No, we're not going to pray we can do something else. Let me just we have time. my playlist in closing

turn up the audio if it's not up, I think maybe

Is the audio not working?

well, then I'll just give the nurse and this is the scene from Facing the Giants most you've seen that film from several years ago that kept just discouraged. He finds out that they're trying to replace him. He's about to quit. He doesn't know what to do. They have Financial struggles and needs. He doesn't know what to do. And this man has been walking the halls of that school for years laying hands on the Lockers in the desk praying that God would bring Revival he comes to when he says God has told me coach Taylor that you need to be encouraged and he's give me a word for you need to just hold on and stay steady. The gods going to bring a harvest. It's so convicted coach Taylor's hard life. He ran back out to the Holly said did not really tell you to tell me that. He said yes, he did and then he tells him the truth is so important. He said, you know what there's two kinds of farmers something like this. There's those who are waiting for the Harvest to just happen. There's others the farmer who actually cultivates the soil and plants the seed. And he's preparing for Harvest. Or last two years. I believe God has been doing that work in our lives as a church. We have been preparing.

for Harvest God is already begin to bring a harvest of souls 10 people with spiritual needs met in the last 6 weeks 7 baptized one called into Ministry.

That's not even scratching the surface what God wants to do.

It's not because of me. In spite of me. In fact many of those were saved directly in a different service or class that I had nothing to do with. But you know what? God is not finished. There's a group party member of the spears. There's a great harvest of Souls and Supply and service that God wants to bring in a heart lies. Now. It's standing pray as we think about what God was Lord God. We thank you this morning for your word. We thank you God.

That you asked us Jesus you asked us to pray specifically one of the few areas that you told us to pray. You said pray therefore that the Lord of harvest. Would send forth laborers. Into the white and harvest field, so I pray right now God if people have so much on their plate today that they can't possibly make it we understand Lord. I pray that whoever is supposed to be here this afternoon and this evening. That you would draw those people here by Divine appointment to connect with people who will be here that have needs and their life. I pray that you would match those who have spiritual gifts with those encounters and conversations of people have that need in their life. I pray that you're able to bring and meet the need of dozens tonight. mini loader unsure not because

they don't have a desire to know you but their own church because they've never found a place where they can genuinely connect in relationship with God. and with one another I pray to God that you would help us to be the hands and feet of Jesus using the spiritual gifts that you've given us. meet people at their point of need working all our lives and we give you praise in Jesus precious Holy Name and All God's people said. Amen. Amen. God bless you are dismissed.

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