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Appointed to His Service

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Appointed to His Service

Text  I Tim. 1:1-20  SHM 7-12-98 P.M.

Intro. The letter to Timothy was written to the church of Ephesus. However, because the elders were a part of the problem, Paul couldn’t address the letter to them. He instead, addressed it to Timothy.

I. Be Committed - To the Call of God

A. Stay Where You Are and Serve God There

  1. A soldier receives orders to go to certain bases (Hawaii, Germany, Calif., N.C.)

   a. He must remain there until he receives “papers” of transfer

    1. He may dislike the climate, the water, the culture, his environment - still he must stay

  2. Timothy - a very timid man between 30 - 40 yrs. of age

   a. A faithful companion of Paul...possibly saved under his ministry

    1. Paul was very outspoken; Timothy, being a quiet man, stayed in the shadow of Paul in support

   b. He was persuaded by Paul (besought) to stay in Ephesus  (a strategically centered church)

   c. Because of the problems w/in the church, and his nature, he may have wanted to withdraw from such a great responsibility

    1.We can’t afford to stay in the shadows any longer. With all the training we’ve had, we need to be ministers of the gospel...(all of us)

2. Ministers of reconciliation  (II Cor. 5:18-19)

II. Be Cautioned - Opposition Will Come

A. False doctrine and teaching was in the Eph. church

1. Hymana’eus and Alexander leaders

  2. They made a wrong use of the law;

B. Oppose the Doctrine Being Taught

1. Not only was he to abide, he was now charged to command the false teaching to stop

  2. He could do this only because of the spiritual authority given to him by Paul (delegated)

a. Being delegeted by Paul, he carried the "plenary" authority of Paul.

1. The power and the authority of the "sender" (Paul) given to the one being sent (Timothy).

  3. One of the chief ways that he was to overthrow the opposition w/in the church was by remembering the prophecies spoken over him

   a. I Tim. 4:14 the presbytery (elders) laid their hands on him and set him apart for the work of Christ

   b. We must remember the Word when it is spoken over help us through the hard times

    1. David, anointed as king, yet running for his life; could have become frustrated and given up

     a.  However he said, “ He makes me able to stand firmly or make progress on the dangerous heights of testing and trouble; He sets me securely in high places.”  Ps.18:33

    2. Ezek. speaking to the nation of Israel: “As an adamant (a protective hedge of diamonds) harder than flint have I made thy forehead: fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, though they [be] a rebellious house.”

    3. When a word is prophesied over you write it down, so that it may encourage you later

    4. Paul admitted that it was Christ that “enabled” him to do the work of  the ministry. If He did it for Paul, surely He would do it for Timothy.

C. Guard the Flock

1. As preachers or teachers, we need to be able not only to feed the flock , but we are also to guard them by refuting false teachings that might try and enter the church

  2. Teach a child the “right” way as he is growing up and when he’s older he won’t fall for the “wrong” thing

  3. Teach godly anointed “Truth” to the laity and when a “fake” comes along, they will see it for what it is... “A  COUNTERFEIT ”.

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