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All right.

still working

Good morning, everybody.

Why Don't We Begin this fine day with the word of bug spray Oh my God, heavenly father thank and praise you for all the Bountiful blessings be a great trip we take you and we can prepare during the season of Advent. We prepare for the coming of our savior your son Jesus Christ name of that first Christmas morning that he is coming. Again. Thank you for allowing us to come together in a time of study of your holy word and asking who's left our time together. So you may open our hearts are mine nor will you were beautiful and precious name? We pray amen.

All right. For those of you not online because he'll halfway to the study of when you want to give up reading this. So I have a printed version of the list for those things and try to keep up with our reading today. So if you like one of these I have to stop here and maybe some around or something too, but if you are interested, feel free to take a freaking out.

Okay, let me get to that right now. It is Faith and ask you to create an account feel free to do so I could please do so. It's helpful. And then what you going to do if you're going to look for the groups and Prairie vol 1 Word near but you can do two words. You'll you'll know if when you find it because we'll have our logo up there in a few to the churches in the background. Well, that's that's hard and then once you get to our group. You're going to see other side has no prayers. So I've been trying to keep up with that as best. I can I'm not perfect but I'm trying to get our main prayers on the list. There be a reading plan. You can connect to both those and I will connect you to the prayer list into the reading plan calendar updates on that. So we have some other stuff on there as well as the website said a lot of information set.

Yes, they do have a nap couple people last week. They do have an app that don't tell anybody I told you but if you were to go with him during first service and look up on your app and you would actually click on that. You guys should buy our slideshow that's being done right during church and you can actually they call it a digital bulletin. I don't know I guess that's what it is. But but it is literally our slideshow that will be doing on Sunday morning quick flip through it and follow along if you want it on your phone, so you get in trouble for having your phone out of charge is not my fault.

If it's somebody else that is how you play the trivia game on Sunday morning. That's how you play the trivia question pop up when it gets the bats fly during the church service church service. We all have pretty drinks for that special good. But yeah, that's the website. That's where we're at.


they were handling Paul's first missionary journey. I know that constitutes a little bit of a jump. We kind of ended on chapter 9 with the conversion of Paul last week, but truth be told I look at some of those Media Mail versus again. We're really tracking Paul of movement throughout Act and the acting a lot more stuff. Other than that, so we're kind of sleeping over some of that.

What were the covered today and I'm kind of a general sense anyway, and we are actually going to cover some of the material is first missionary journey letter chapter 13 and chapter 14. Now you don't if you're following the reading plan won't actually finished reading chapter 14 until tomorrow. So we're a little ahead of the game Sorry. I tried my best to make it work out perfectly. It just doesn't work that way. So so the way whenever you generate the reading plan to try to keep it as equal as I can I had a little bit too. So it's what you guys are we get to tomorrow not too much though. Most of actually what we're going to cover. It is actually going to be in the early part of Thirteen sew-in Emily chapter 13 what you're reading tomorrow.

Listen Paul's first missionary journey, most dollar split up into three missionary journey some for depending on which power you're looking at and what they consider missionary journey, but usually free. This is our first one that we're going to be dealing with and we get a lot of information from the lesson learning a lot but about the early church as a whole

So we're going at 13 through 14.

after this after these two chapters Chapter 13 Verse 1 primary topic for the rest of the book back.

Like I said resist some time to talk about Peter some time to talk about something else that's going on actually in the very very beginning of act so I can start about the disciple after chapter 13 interview. All Paul. They are talking about the early church. Is it spread and so they are going to be talking specifically about football and Paul famous wrestler. f*** remember that I can't emphasize enough not about most of the book of Acts. I think that's true. But only because he is the big evangelist missionary of the early church and because of that is following all a lot, but this book is actually a book about McCurley charge of Chris and them as it first starts right after Jesus ascended into heaven.

really Paul in prison. His biography

So the first thing we got to deal with the back to the front new purses in the early church. So starting the first one. Another word in the church at Antioch prophets and teachers Barnabas Simeon called Niger Lucius of Cyrene Manny and a member of the court of Herod the tetrarch call weather report for people who work in fasting the only spirits that part for me, why aren't meant to all for the work of which I've called them then after crashing a prayer praise they lay their hands on them and set them up and we need to talk about this because it's important that we can walk over real quick notice that there's kind of a pattern is beginning to emerge. I'm not going to point it out later and I think we're going to talk about it. Probably around that time. To emerge also noticed the importance of the poet. We don't really talk about this much, you know anymore, but it's really important.

Call the story the other people to stop saying that he's not proclaiming God's word trying really hard. But to go out all these very playful he is called to do so, he has commissioned by the church and he puts a lot of stocking that and the church doesn't well in the back of church is always tired of doing this when they're laying on his hands and they're missing somebody for something and if they okay we're setting you apart of this. Little Company of Mary important thing about when we start talking about the office of the Holy Ministry this actually becomes important. So who is a pastor And that's a big question to the password whenever I was in seminary when you can discuss about this.

Will they want to know the answer is no. After even if they feel really compelled to meet up at?

What if they have the correct education the correct Prudential? Are they little password here if they really want to be me and him still. Three people. This is in order to be a pastor you have to have basically those two things are at least the first one. But you also have to have a call from the church. A group of people at our creation has to come forward and say we want you to be our cash. You need to have both call. You have to feel cold when it's okay. We coming in we're calling but that's not good enough. You have to have that outward call as well. I had a buddy with seminar great guy and a great guy. He was smart and smart could be but he also stutter severely to the point where he really couldn't even finish the sentence could even finish a couple work. He felt like he should be a pastor. He had all the Prudential Western Seminary was well-educated.

Play sympathy and he couldn't even get through the words that take a ride was fine. And I think you know what I kind of am actually said you might want to be thinking about going in a different direction ever called great guy. When was called me fat? Puppy out for hamster biting at Food Mart on the way. But not a patch, you know, thank you. How you can keep your gold. Walter everybody. This was a big argument whenever it came to the early Lutheran Church and here was the reason that this was a big argument that the barn Steven the person who was the quarter for Bishop whenever the Missouri synod. They were known as the most recent whenever the original losers were coming over even argued that you needed in the form of apostolic succession there more somebody who had Apostolic succession needs to lay their hands on you information. He was half her in order for you to be happy even had that happen within the church until he argued that the reason that the that you could go over to another country or another continent and start a new church was because you had this type of solids. Well, they Mark stuff it come out and had done some things. He wasn't supposed to do with some lady. And so they they literally this is great. This is great. Girly Lutheranism right across the river sorry, Illinois. Sorry.

Are you okay? He denied the charges his whole life and ended up establishing a decent-size Lutheran Church actually over here, which eventually did become part of the lcms. I believe it to rent red bud. I think Brad by the correct so sad to hear about a couple hours along the river.

Toy without more question. Commissioned anybody else to be a pastor who can be a pastor. And Walter is the one who didn't read through loser. He actually actually gets really really a whole year reading Lutheran other of the of the ancient church and he come to the conclusion in argues that a Congregation of people have the right to call us on pastor. And as long as that person feel the calling them self. They have a right to be to pack. So those are the two things interact with mandatory. Now you're going to see this again. This is kind of you know, this is the package this morning, but it's still showing you what the early church did in respect to this idea of Holland. May have felt the call to be a missionary. We allowed and waited for him to do such a thing before he acted on that call is the church says the same thing.

You got tournament. The Lutheran church-missouri Synod and ask them to add an element to the car. Now. You don't have to you can call whoever you want to do your password. That's fine. They recognize that and the church recognize it if you call somebody a pastor and they want to be a past and they feel like calling they can certainly be your pastor and they are your passport. However. If you want to walk with the Senate you will call somebody who has been trained to you. A bad idea is that you're just walking with the census. It is just making sure that everybody is up to speed from the educational center hypothetically call somebody whoever they want. You can go to voters meeting. You know, how it might not be a part of it. If you decide to call somebody outside and it's not but can you call anybody you can so

That's one of those things. under sink mat questions over that because

but said so much in just a small amount of space.

Yeah, actually, there's one well-known K. It's a uniquely interesting one. I'll bring Avenue. Is it happened in the late late 60s early 70s you guys remember that tumultuous time in The Sound of Music can't you remember that? All right, there was a guy at the Seminary. He said that's what was going on. And he he called he said this is not right. You guys are teaching the wrong time and the school for what it was worth never ordained. Inner core solid faculty changed over and so on and so forth, but the problem was if you wouldn't stop he kept going even after you know now and at this point, you know, he started calling all kinds of stuff. They started just started a newspaper. We just become kind of a the LCM of tablet. Do you need this kind of this over here is bad and look over here is that it's kind of all over the place when he was never ordained Church in Hermann, Missouri my neck of the woods getting close to where I grew up.

But the church with wasn't Missouri Synod Church call Herman Osby their back. The Senate kind of look the other way. Delta same day pay Simply ignored me until he finally retired.

is state of Missouri Senator Quinn why it's so weird and not because I mean

This is one of those that came up for like ever pray every time we got ready for convention. Somebody be like now. I'm going to kick that is kind of one of those things. So anyway, I don't know if he officially runs the paper anymore, but it still goes like I said, we still get it when you get a copy for every month like clockwork.

He actually wasn't CJ off of all things. I think that's why they did turn a blind eye necessarily bad. His newspaper was kind of like because his newspaper made wild accusations out of nothing, you know, he can't win that this trip to say this and they would write up with big article and give you something really was like kind of a tablet edition stuck it so it's like yeah you can you read the paper and you don't quite know what to think like, this is church over here really do this again most of the time it's kind of like okay or not. Bakery

midnight 470 my ordination like a plan was invested in the few great guy. I mean when the friendliest guys there great great guy, I mean weird because of papers made such a different picture, but can you meet the man I used to really nice guy super nice gave me a book for my ordination all Myers post. Anyway, so we we did for a little while. I have somebody who is ordained in the Missouri. Synod church was not complete ordains car.

Interesting little but yeah.

11 / 2

and for myself myself


Play some disagreement out of me. You know what? I mean? I mean Facebook to college to become a pastor. Some people say that really I don't really know if that's true you can get

But anyway not to get lost on that because that is what is somewhat of a hot-button issue.

Are any other questions on this?


yes, basically. All right. Anyway, here is a general map of the mission that Paul is going to go on. All right, you going to leave from over here Antioch over here? He's going to head over to hear the Cypress is going to be here for a while going to hit a few synagogue and then he's going to go really this is his goal. Is not going to stay here for very long, but this is where a lot of the action happened and then he's going to go over here. They're going to try to kill him and then he's going to eventually go back. So that's kind of the route that follows Nelson's taking here. By the way. Did you guys pick up with also known as Paul? It's where you get the name switch. Both he has both had one more left the Greek name the other one for Less in Hebrew name. So he is just simply Luke is addressing this by saying look, he's no Bible class and I think the rest of the book They're going to call him fall if I'm correct. As he heads out for his missionary journey to the Greeks. Just going to go to the synagogue first. General methodology, I guess I should say is to go to the Jews first and then if they reject.

That is his understanding and quite frankly the Roman relation to the June 1st and also to the Greek that's the way he kind of words and and he is setting that up, right this is what is going on. God is calling his people in the synagogue. But whenever those people reject or try to kill Amigos the Greek. Are you off of C2 wildly different ways of talking whenever he does this because one he is supposed to do these as soon as they know certain things. But whenever you go to the Greeks become a lot more persuasive rhetorical. So kind of interesting thoughts right there.

I would imagine that there's really no nothing in the Bible or anything like that to tell you the reason why the first missionary journey was to deflate if you know, I mean it be if we went through that.

Or if they're white, why would God told them to send him a part 2 to go on this journey. I really wanted to go to Antioch up here there in Antioch here, but they want to go to a different Antioch. But anyway, this is it. This is a very very much. I mean, we don't consider nowadays, but this is very very much a very Central some of the cultural things are going. Alright, So so there is good reason to go to Antioch.

Now it's not the most Central Hub, but it is a central have all of these places that were eventually going to see that he goes to very significant reasons Corinth is a good one season episodes. So he's got good reasons to go to all of these places.

yes question examples


Fall Apart Why do call Verizon slow when they get one but the whole year but him?

routes of the Roman Empire Disney Travel create a visiting team population

4 Hour Fitness

What are the points that you brought up that I didn't get too high? I feel bad cuz I asked him to stop at Overlook with a group of seven days. They were asking the travel in open C is still considered very dangerous. Very risky not saying they didn't do it some people fall do it. But if you could avoid it they did and so they usually Hubbard right here along the coastline because they felt it was safer to do that and it back at one point in time. Paul is going to try to venture out and that's when he's going to get different it will get to that a little bit later, but this is why is so significant. If you are going around the coastline and you gotta kind of wiggle your way through all of these islands. And also when you get here, you can go up here and go across the land and the boom. You're right on the other side heading towards Italy around all the way around to get to the point. It was much easier paper and on top of that it shortens your route if you can just go to Chris.

Okay, we're going to get that correct with weird.

Are both sides of the shore and what they would do if they would pick your phone up and put on wheels and they would be live across the land and then they f*** you in the water on the other side. If so, you had two big Harbor Town on each side kind of doing this in. So that's what they were doing. Just to save some travel time and some danger and give you a play-by-play of course with all your money there and I really really enjoyed it.

All right.

Right now when I get to some of the things that Paul is doing here. Call Epic again. We talk a little bit about you can see some of the speeches from really where the more interesting encounters happens towards the beginning.

Whenever you have to deal with some of these issues now Paul is going to handle some of these issues but he's not going to handle this any issue. One of money in one is ego. All of these kind of fit into the false prophet false religion narrative right magic in this time. When usually done try to prevent it. Our Ice Cream Day. Supposed to live in altogether the idea of money A lot of times. This was the motive. They were after the financial gain that they get from from doing this. The other thing that they were all too often after was ego Rite. Aid paid wanted the world to freeze them. And I want to make themselves really really important it so they did this as a way to do this and Paul right off. The bat is going to run into an example pretty much all three of these in one guy.

Limas is the particular guy who is brought up in the court. And here's a magician and a false prophet.

Okay, this guy this guy is pretty much what you don't want. He is the counterpart represents a large threat and he is the counterpart to Paul and Barnabas Mission. It's almost like it's them against him and that's the way of kind of perceived and that's the way it's kind of scene.

These were the big breath of the day. You'll notice that all kinds of things happen drop his books, but we don't really do much with it. Even in the earlier part of the book back when Peter runs into a magician in the same kind of reaction is represented this idea of trying to get money are trying to gain a lot of kind of a following or a or a false. It's not again don't think of me every now and again who has really good fight of hand movement influence on her car. That's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about somebody who would try to say something and then clean that by trying to do a magic trick and trying to say that they have special powers for a filly that would be the magician. And we can do that written accounts of the week and I brought this up in Bible times before but it's worthwhile to try to bring up again. Some of the written accounts that we have are really different. A lot of times people will especially on the internet all these guys dated but usually what I was saying the original account, but you will find something wildly different than what you have with you. Monkey dies in prank Pizza secret private we were trying to do things very very hidden and planning the CVS. One of them plays that he can raise dead people from the dead the problem. We had to take him a real long time and he has to do it in Hidden spaces where nobody can see him and make absolutely sure that nobody can see what he's going to do. You can wear those two people who walked up to the Tomb in touch with the dead body looks dead body spring Klein.

Are you taking the fact that most these guys when they do raise something from the dead that person walks around? Victor the wild different ear kicked it in terms of comparing story like and you have to understand that they're pulling sleight-of-hand trick, right? If you say you was already somebody from the dead you can get somebody who looks like the one that they disappear you're okay. You pulled it off and think they're trying to pull magic tricks in there trying to say stuff usually has to do with money. I'm going to address. As well he should.

struck with blindness innocent significant for a couple reasons physical ailment right here. He is supposed to be the one that has the power over all these things and he's the one that gets track of life. That's pretty significant. Especially the eyes those people around and blue skates recount. But also shows his spiritual condition right before I don't even know how wrong he is. I'm here. The other part was kind of fun the same thing that Paul was trucker.

Finish filling the pool at one time within the same place is this guy he was misguided. He was he was not doing the right thing. I called him on track and field lines and shows the spiritual condition that he is with a physical ailment.

All right.

car Dad

If I was a smarter man, I would have looked it up because the bar mean. Well, I did look it up, but I didn't come with the 7th and 8th graders over a Good Shepherd. What's your jeroboam and rehoboam the kids say boys are named Brian and I said, well, that's because the Hebrew mean something and of course at the same time, I also says no, I'm not smart enough to look up and I can't remember me by the Beau. I'm there mean so they would have patched things to their name because of the being so like Call Princeton Benjamin son of Jimmy. Nathan needs to give they were they would attach things like Ben is what means means daughter so been son of semele.

So that's actually what it what it means you took it. So whatever you see some of these names especially like bar. There's a meeting there not yet. Because I'm not right and I ran out of time. I did not look up once until I can't tell you right off hand in my Hebrew is

call Joshua Jesus's.

Weep weep weep bringing the name is Joshua. So

That would make sense Elementary.

but you know also realize this, you know, this is why we don't completely lose our grip on reality every time somebody says they sound like there was a lot of people the name is really Joshua in the Hebrew and so we don't necessarily lose our cool every time you say They did a study and found that at the time of Christ a quarter of the women 25% of the women when they married.

Find the tomb of Mary. We don't necessarily go. Oh, this must be the Virgin Mary because there's a lot of very popular name to really really popular. I mean think about that even today. What's the most popular name you can think of? Didn't even go past 5% Believer by imagine what is 5% of a populist? Having the same name.

Crazy and Joseph was really popular name to maybe 10 or 15% By the way. This makes archaeology. Very very hard to try to find the tomb of Marion right? Because how many Mary's were there how many Joseph's were there how many of them got married? So it's really hard to say. Okay, this is so why should why whenever you get this Sensational ISM that you get on TV? He always needs to be taken at least a little bit with a grain of salt grain of skepticism because my guess is what I've experienced in my truck in the lifetime. Then they have a tendency to take things that are really not that significant and make them it's like the biggest stories of the year and tons of basic stuff. And by the way, you will get them almost every Christmas time and every tree

Now. Every single one every now and again to get a urine is tipping for the manuscript. And so and so are they going to find some to look at some site? Right and then all the sudden what is the stuff that talks about in World War? I finally found some other stuff and they found out that maybe wasn't but they don't want to do that. Yo correction pieces in the newspaper never fight get as much attention.

So, you know, yes new years ago. They supposedly found the Tomb of Jesus. If they found a bunch of other stuff in a few minutes probably had some of his disciples so on and so forth. Set a course, they found one of them with gastroenteritis into it. I saw that too and I can tell you this if I had accidentally strapped to box. You can probably pull any name out of it, but they did you know, there's about a hundred scratches in that box.

Is it look more to me? Like somebody to put a name in there made a mistake and then tried to get the name off? so

play with that was kind of like my thoughts on the matter. What you talking about?

List of all the time how many of you know princess on the other side so we can we see the the Tomb in the manuscript. How many do they cost? pilot

a story that broke this week. Now wasn't it was expensive Pilots actual rate. That means that you wouldn't want to hit you probably one of the service. The back of one of his service was there in the herodian, which is King Herod Herod the Great like but would have been consumed at the time of the Great. Ghetto Palace on their head all kinds of great stuff on there had a lot of company and people showing up and so its significance of a servant of Pontius Pilate was there he was a Signet ring. So it said of a pilot on it, which is where they stamped of the wax. Play February actually claim number.

Apollo Robbins

What was the other big fine with it, He was Old Testament.

I want to say they found something for my pea. They made the undead a tomb of the king one of the one of the kings that would have been Israel in Exile and they found some of Isaiah. with his actual signature on the on the on the bottle

Terminator news

but finding some random lost topic Texas nobody's ever heard of

don't know I'm thinking. Yeah, I think that was the last slide. I had kind of a busy weekend, but last night I got the short missionary Journeys at Paul's big one mission go back. Just a little bit wrong way.

Hogan's alley place. Like I said, he's going to be going to be traveling this whole time and he time he's going to be going to synagogue first and then to the Greek Antioch is really what it wants to go, but he does eventually go to Iconium and leave shrimp stolen. They are they want to do away with with him each time. They accept him they like the words because they are eventually going to come out and turquoise ruffle the feathers. We're going to start that it's going to get the people works up against the mentally the people get angry enough to where they wanted to kill him. And one time he escapes he hears about it beforehand and leave the other time exactly song. And then he just doesn't die Facebook. Just have to walk away and leave him for dead.

What is really interesting about the full thing? I actually forgot to bring us out of pot for the first time. So, I'm sorry as we begin the missionary journey, and this is the first one so I guess we could do this. Whatever soul is called in chapter 9 then it goes back to parse. If you go to brew some learn cuz it's hard to be kind of ends up in the church it in Antioch over here. There's always this kind of question is coming back from the 3 or 4 Tablet. and the question is this called them but noticed the words that are supposed to be specially the antibiotics. He will suffer for my name. And there's always the question of how it's going to suffer for the name of Jesus. You don't you're not a first-time reader when you read this text over and over and over again. You're just kind of ever. Did you get to that question, you know, nothing about Paul. You're kind of left with that question. How is he going to suffer for the name of Jesus and then all the sudden we get to the First Missionary trip, and he goes here and people are against them. People try to kill them Stone him. And he gets back up and he doesn't die. He doesn't die. He gets back up and it has to go on. All the sudden it seems like the answer is starting to permeate better. Now. We're starting to see how tall is about to suffer for the name of Jesus over yet. He still got 2 more Journey blog. So he is. Who's about to go through? the name of Jesus

All right. Well being that I am out of slide and again I do recommend going in there and looking at the speed tonight. We have to go through the Outline for pizzariffic feel free to go through and look very good stuff again. Try to try to differentiate your mind when he's talking to dudes and what he says vs. What he's talking to the Gentiles in the Greek and what he said

Both of them and ask them to the same perspective of mine. Jesus is the Messiah. He is Lord of all are there any questions all over this first missionary journey? Would like for myself more coffee.

That's a good question a good question. Not that far. Not that far. It's hard to pinpoint exactly when we have a rough idea of when Paul wrote. Well not pull rope. But whenever some of the stuff is happening we're looking at If I remember correctly broccoli like that. You are so shady with a 40 or 45.

I need to look that up to to verify that a hundred percent that I picked up. Yeah, that's what we're looking at roughly again.

What I'm saying is when a missionary the book of Acts was written 60-58. I think I think I want to say though. The person. You're right around that 4245. I'll get back to you on that. I'll look that up. You know, I can't wait to have a little bit better JT Automotive.

It all comes back to Pentecost. Never remember everybody if you are Jewish. And it was that time of the year like a pass over time and pain. If you were really really Jewish you had to come back down to the roof. Because you did not sacrifice animals outside of group of you. Wanted to sacrifice him you had to be improved remember that was with the dividing of the king of this was where the the northern kingdom really went off because they kept pretty station protect my family that we're not and they were part of it. Says go to Jerusalem and they refused to go to group. So whatever the Exile in the car now if they need to sacrifice animal they travel proof. So they are going to go there now that doesn't mean everybody in time all over the place. Okay. Yeah, maybe not everybody from Antioch went down to Jerusalem sex with animals.

Make it back to Antioch. No back talking about what they saw what they heard what they said. They're going to come to possible that they knew about some leaving. But how much? Now, I don't know, you know and maybe these people that came back. But yeah, he was just wrong. Accusation, you know, they've had too much to drink.

What's a what's a start traveling John? Mark is in. John Mark, by the way is the person who wrote the Gospel of Mark. So yeah. His name is John Mark, but not to confuse them with the the Apostle John but his hands part that Stephen call Mark. He's going to join them for a little bit and it kind of goes back. But but yeah, so he's going to join them for a little bit and then he's going to send for me.

Star Market off of the person who a lot of Scholars firmly believe was trying to run away from the guards that grab bar material in Eagan. You are handsome.

There's this like little little like two verses that talk about how we never used to be crucified. There's a young man there in trying to see what's going on in the car grab is Carmen, but he gets away because he's basically leaves His Garment runs, but it runs down the street naked. And the scholar remote interpreter go. Who would put that in their text? Who is in the book The Gospel Jesus Christ? It so basically what they say is the only person I would ever write that if the person who Friday was left because they were there right by the fun-filled day information. talk about biblical people screaming

not provided by the volume.

What are the commissaries I roast point out that the speeches all have a unique pattern for them not unique in that they're really, you know, he's afraid that they follow the same pattern that is to say go back and read Peter speak to getting back and you'll find similarities go back and read and write of I can't off the top of my head. Remember exactly which gospel song. Jesus is in the synagogue. He reads a portion of Isaiah and then he rolls up to school and he says Hey in your Christmas is being fulfilled and he begins have a c notice a pattern here.

roll up frozen steak

So anyway, so yeah.

The other question about 5 minutes left in class.

Bye. Bye. Bye.

How much fiber do I need?

Waking with train

is there afterlife?

Oh, yeah.

Absolutely. If any further words, it's also interesting because I forget what the person is. But I mean we're talking about the man who wrote like a third of the new test. I mean it right the gospels, we wrote most of the letters that we have opiate. What are the books of the Bible that you don't know who wrote it look at Hebrews for a long time ago to know who's they claim the toll road and if we don't know who wrote it.

I think that's part of the reason we like on to it as well. By the way Hebrews the book of Hebrews great book very much written to Jews. Paul is very much for the magenta. And really I think most of us if we were able to actually follow our family line back far enough. We would find out that we probably came from the gym. And there's no guarantee if you can follow your family line. That's awesome more power to you. I didn't you originally one of the tooth that's even more awesome. But as for me and my family certification the Gentile version of things really does to us cuz we are the ones that came out of Gentile of the time and that's where our church I can fly. But yeah.

Does the language that speaks bus and Waylon speaks Russian?

prayer request

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Tucker Hebrew with such was such a a member of that place in the classroom education. Yeah, he's going to be the one that goes to the dead time. You know, I spent most of his wife talking to the Hebrews to but now it's like, you know, he has that green element is going to be prepared for that as well. Like I said, one of the things that we can get into this the whole other discussion is a whole bit of rhetoric is Berry Creek reviews of speech is very creepy whenever he's talking to the gym, So it is very interesting that when he talked to dude you very much like you're the Old Testament years a promise of giving to you. Here's what they are but yet when you talkin to the Greek Know it all like whatever he went was it was it lystra whenever they thought he was goose. He's able to hold that conversation, but he understands. because he was talking and then

yeah, cuz Hermes was wrong with the PD carry all the messages.

You know part of that that report on the bike, especially with the Greeks. the Greek

he was saying something. And I need to do some type of Miracle go after the tech after what do you think that's part of the reason they get this really confused about her MMA. You must have got to say no. No, no. No, we are purpose of the Miracles in the early church noticed or not for like some kind of self-gratification or not for some, you know other thing or just from some whatever game they're actually for the purpose of holding the word of God and pointing people to be So that's an important distinction to make because I think a lot of us nowadays. It's a lot of us but a lot of people that get into the safe Faith healers and so on they kind of miss that by faith healer in your faith healers kind of miss the mark because sometimes well. Sometimes most of the time in fact, they put people's attention on what God can do for me. And it's not about Jesus. Where is if you look at the healing even the healing back then it was not about what can God do for me. It was dad's already done this for you. We're going to say this and pointing to Jesus using a miracle Consignment always points back and cheese. So, alright. Well, I heard a buzzer which means I got to go back through here, but I think that means I'm out of class time. So. Peace to all of you, and we will see you next week or we talked about.

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