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How do you spell?

receiving the top of the

Your top of the Barrel gift we want to do that at the end of the day. is an extra sacrifice make


Obviously I was at the Living Sacrifice holy and acceptable.

Read last last week. jockey

long Church attending believers by 2020 it's not.

what we say our purpose is and that is love God with all thy heart mind soul and strength love our neighbor as we love ourselves and then go ye therefore into all the world outside.


We can make it happen to a man numbers due time. Your people say numbers don't count yesterday. Do if numbers did not count. There would not be a number system in the world. If numbers did not count then you would not count. Okay, so numbers do camel in the Bible has a book specifically for the purpose of taking the consensus keeping a track keeping track of God's people.

A survey you may see it on the screen before service and some of us took it on. We take it on Wednesday, but we put those service up there. So people can actually take give your answers in the survey says that the majority of the church prefers a two-hour service. They feel like the 1/2 hour service just kind of squeezes everything. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to just always try to keep us in between one and a half and two hours but not over to him and always if we get done before 2 hours and we will and if not

But I said, okay, and so I want to get into this passage. I want to give you.

And so far. I also want to mention that dick.

Where is here at the church? They lost their mother mother.

snakes part 2 Romans 8:19

children really are

Man, you make me feel good.

Holy Spirit within us as a

True Glory

What is the telephone number for?


is that

give me the courage to attack this particular subject so that I'll people can get a better understanding for the dick in front of graph the relationship with you. They have something to hold onto when you said in your words that we had to fight the good fight of faith and lay hold of eternal life before we have also been called for we have made a great profession in the presence of many. Thank you God for all that. You've already fed and everything that you're about to say today in Jesus name. Amen. So Eric's song lyrics are Said that even after the fall the destiny of the Redemption of the earth remain in the solubility.

United or untied I can't see that are united with the existing.

Normal United with the distance and development of the human.

The Redemption of the earth is in spite of all.

Man is the instrument for the Redemption of the Earthly creation. And because this remain God's way and gold there can be a new Heaven and a new Earth only after the great white Throne judgement. After the completion and conclusion of the history of human Redemption. It noted Theologian. Eric saw. So then what I'd like to propose for consideration today, is that the destiny of all creation rides on our coattails? the destiny of all creation the heavens and the Earth

Tell the whole Redemption process of humanity, we being born in or made in created in the summer. intended that I have dominion over the Earth what ultimately

location on the movie

If we're supposed to be a part of God in the Bible says in John chapter 15, he's the vine and we are the branches. Then what's in ketchup?

So we could to manifest what it is, but it promises were able to achieve with this thing called faith. run for for instance

Probably miss whereby where buy watch this. Whereby he gives us all things that pertain to life and godliness according to knowledge of him who called us to go and virtue whereby we will be able to share in his divine nature.

share in his divine nature

his glory That we've been born.

20 says

Nevertheless, I live yet not I but Christ who lives Within Me.

Everything that you enjoying right now the seats that you're sitting on the carpet.

And suits and all of that.

He created the heavens and the Earth and then he put Adam in it and he said now here's what you do dressed it.

top 50

What are the kids born with?

Look like what my grandmother them dead. well, tell people I have 13 grandchildren they be like

We have 13 grandchildren and do me.

I don't look like what I was.

That we are living better.

We are to fight the good fight of Faith so you can lay hold of eternal life if you can ever laid, hold on.

What so let's let's dig into this a little bit. So what episode and we would not be surprised to see the entire creation come up under come under the curse because it would all be under our stewardship. So if God intended

ultimate defense for the entire

Arabic curse because they would all be under our stewardship. So I want to I want to share with you when I go to the prayer every day when I go to bed with God. This is how I enter into God's presence. You know, I know the Bible says going to your closet and shut the door behind you and you pray in secret the Lord will open you with will reward you openly about you.

This is this is how I enter into God's presence every day. I go into Express.

That he is Christ of the invisible image of the invisible God. He is the visible image.

Is supreme over all creation? For through him God created everything in the Heavenly Realm.

Pepsi in the things we cannot see such as Thrones kingdoms Ruger.

for him

and he holds all creation together.

Which is his body building?

Call who rise from the dead so he is first in everything for God and all his fullness was pleased. So when I'm talking about I'm like so you and all of your food. Please to live in Christ. And through him you reconciled everything to you. He made peace with everything.

cries Blood on the cross


From that perspective. I understand who I'm talking to. And I understand from where I speak. Because I am the church. Yeah, I don't come to church on Sunday some of y'all.

The church on Sunday. I am the church. That's the reason why so many

You know me and God got our own thing. Oh, well, not at work.

The church and we are his body if we are if I am.

Maybe it might take them further thought and teaching so that we can argue.

Who don't believe?

It isn't good news just for us. Is the news for the animals to plant Stars?

rules for the sky above

So here's the question, how will the effect?

our universe Resurrected from the dead how will that affect the entire universe? That's what we want to attack the day. In exactly the same way that all creation suffered from I fall into sin.

What is the distinct connection on Direct connection and another physical in Morrow link between Mankind and the physical Universe? We are connected to this.

They are connected to the Earth because we came from it from the dead.

So here with Romans 8 is trying to express it.

and it takes a Way Beyond what we had originally expected because we should have

Talk about a disintegrated kind of thing. You don't talk about something. That's dying. He doesn't give us an analogy of an old man. Losing his breath or old woman who can't walk anymore. She doesn't give us an analogy of

He speaks in terms.


Really? Ah Is there is now?

Deal with what you're dealing with. All creation was subject to God first, but here's the key but with hope

you to be subject to the curse that's on the earth without hope that you can overcome it.

What is distal conclusive?

And it is not performing. He's not performing experience experiments and then

It was just a little off that ain't God when he created everything. He said it was good and it was very good list what he said the creation look forward to the day when it will join God's children and glorious freedom from death and date, but we know that all creation has been groaning as in the Pains of what childbirth right up to this present moment. I'm going to bless somebody with this morning we believe is also even though we have the Holy Spirit within us as a foretaste of Future Boy for remember glory is your best life.

Believe something so friendly to wait with you.

Who writes as his adopted children including?

Song I want to talk about to you. What's the news in earth mean?

the new in Newark

give me a few minutes. I'm going to send you home with some good Revelation 21:1 to this. Together. We can talk about the New Jerusalem. Let's go for the old Heaven and the old that disappeared and the sea was also gone and I saw the holy city the New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven like a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. Slap it new creation is the dominating notion according to Greg bill of biblical theology because new creation is the gold.

Oracle plan. New creation is The Logical main point of scripture? It's why we come here.

That's why we come and confess our sins and confess that we are sinners to receive the grace of God to get his word to give us instructions on his Mercy what he doesn't throw us away. He didn't give us to breathe. Who does not abandon?

post to be based on a new creation

Okay, here we go. So, what are you saying?

a record label with a new song do we imagine in our minds that this song is worthless? What are megalodons that your phone is silent that the song did not have any ribbon?

How do you spell cricket?

Because it wouldn't.

If it did have sound if it didn't have rhythm. I write a song. What about a car? I promise you a new car.

03 it is not going to have no heat with your wife.

What I promised you a new car.

Specs of a new Earth can we explore? better version of the one that we now have

new USA news it's an adjectives.

Earth so what does an adjectives do in an objective one?

now adjectives

the map

Is the Earth? Who tells you what kind of food is going to be? so

Will a new car disposal?

I knew better and nobody is supposed to say what?

But one said in the beginning God created the what? In the beginning he created.

has to be Earth and a little bit more. So the Greek word for new is Tina and Tina means new. Did the biblical designation of the entire universe? So when is it? And the Earth new Heaven and Earth is speaking.

What some of it?

What is the heck?

And should be replaced. You need some new shoes. I'll let you get the blessing that Israel had coming through the Wilderness. They were the same shoes for 40.

You're welcome out here looking at.

Okay, so

nobody uses when you hear us posted.

A little bit last week. No, but I'm born again. I'm a new picture, but I'm still Cedric.

person, but now that you have mercy Jesus Christ and forgiveness you are becoming a new person. motion isn't something

Hey, did you do believe in Jesus Christ? Yeah, you bleed. Be raised from dead. Yeah, you believe you're saying. Yeah, and then we think it's stop right there.

So we don't we don't then if we don't then involved in the process of bleeding thing.

What makes that movie that I am a sinner? Who has more for all eternity in terms of my face that he has what I need.

Because I'm missing something. However, he didn't give me his word at least there is cuz I am so so you also be and he says follow me. I am the way the truth.

Hold me start.

What does the Star Wars?

Messed up.

What you doing?

Tell me the dude. I don't want to do it cuz you're all I want.

That's right. Now I don't even want to walk you but you no more. I got some new people walk with you don't even sit here anymore.

Show me the old will the earth be destroyed or renewed. The answer is both. Destruction will be Temple and pakka whereas the renewal will be Eternal and complete. So here's what we do and I'm almost done.

To the Earth for no reason we have been we have been we have.

Because we enjoy some things in the Earth.

The hell because you like to take you out. Your boyfriend and you guys like to go see a movie and you like to sit down and have a martini or something on the rocks or whatever it is.

Of the enjoy some of the stuff that come from the Earth.

Problem with the church because I got something going on on the inside of me that if God was do you say he is he would not give me the desire and I've been robbed me of the ability to perform it.

Do what I'm going to do. Have a good time and take my check.

I'm too afraid to take my chances. Cuz I know something on the inside of me is saying there is some sense of accountability and some.

All things are good. All things are not expedient.

Okay. Send me the hell.

Show me how come on somebody so smart.

I like you been there. I don't see you there.

Who are these loans? Does your job is to minimize so what's happening? We can love what am I saying to you? We can love and enjoy the creation. I'm not the world without guilt the world that God has made while saying no to the world corrupted by man. What's the different skills? What scripture says don't love the world's ways don't love the world's Goods love the world. Love of the love of the world squeezing out. Love for the father. purpose and everything that goes

Everything for yourself wanting to appear in court.

Best scripture. That's the messed up the message version. So the world and all.

Oh, man. I'm helping somebody this morning. But what did Adam and Eve will be what coming home?

As human beings we loan for home even as we speak.

I kind of feel good makes you feel at home to make you feel at home. But yet you but yes, you crave the innovation of new thing. So why we ride about yesterday? No, none of us really want to go.

Or did you have today? You have to give it up? So watch this so think of all the things that went back we enjoyed that I knew moving into a new house the smell of a new car deal of a new book watching a new movie hearing a new song Treasure of a new friend enjoyment of a new pet receiving new present on her birthday staying in the new hotel room arriving at a new school or new workplace welcoming a new child or grandchild eating new foods that suit, I will taste think about it. We'll enjoy new stuff.


garage man, this is Danny. I need some new sneakers.

Still video you need to go but it don't smell me.

What women?

10 year

This is my second. I read this till the morning just blessed my soul. This was the this is my second. You keep re with me. This is my second letter to you dear friends and in both of them. I have tried to stimulate your whole some thinking and refresh your memory. I want you to remember what the holy prophet said long ago and what our Lord and savior commanded through your Apostle most importantly. I want to remind you that in the last days scoffers will come knocking the truth and following their own desires. They will say what happened to the promise that Jesus coming again from before the times of our ancestors. Everything has remained the same since the world was at was first created. They deliver they forget that God made the heavens Long Ago by the word of his command and he brought the Earth out from the water also rounded it with water. Then he use the water to destroy the ancient world with a mighty flood. And by the same word the present heavens and earth have been stored up for fire. They are being kept for the day of judgment when I'm godly people will be destroyed but you was not forget this one thing dear friend a day is like a thousand years to the Lord and a thousand years like a day.

The Lord is isn't really be slow about his promise as some people think know he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed but was everyone to tell you her people out. So, why would I forgot that want to destroy people?

What happened to me?


what the day of the Lord will come as unexpectedly ever.

A l does themselves will disappear in Fire and the Earth and everything in it.

Does everything around us is going to be destroyed like this?

how to budget your money So that you ate all the way is having a ball from somebody come out.


beautiful home with your wife

to go home to your husband. It doesn't hurt you to make home. Nice.

Please thank you. I forgive you you hurt my feelings, but I forgive you please. Patient with me. Will you please forgive me? I'm sorry you to stop drinking so you don't get a DUI?

Google AdWords

teach your children.

Where the funeral the other day you had one here when I got a feeling?

Who become so unruly chicken that we are in decent?

behave themselves

that what I found out that I'm sorry. I was wrong. Who was raised like that?

What is like that almost to get high? Yes, I did. I just to smoke the cannabis.

What the cause of women Walker smoke?

Disney World Church But I can talk about it.

Connecticut Lottery

I'm looking forward to the new Heaven and that's what I used to do that to you. I'm a little creature old things are passed away behold all things.

The heavens and earth has he has promised a world filled with God's righteousness for his work GK Chesterton sent when I heard that I was in the wrong place. My soul Sing For Joy like a burden spring. I knew now why I could

the weirdest weirdest place people longing for home

in this world can satisfy.

I was made for another world. Nothing is more misdiagnosed that our homesickness for heaven. Watch this you going to love this. It would think that we want sex.

I think we're after but what we really want is the person we were meant to be.

Are you going to be with the person we were meant to be for?

for heaven cuz nothing that can satisfy. So watch this watch what he says we can say we are returning home, but we shouldn't say heaven not earth will be our return home because the heaven in which will live permanently will be on

Warfield profound and guilty and unspiritual for this desire. It's my last one.

the Christ internation block

is to be rescued from the world not to cease Being Human not to stop caring for the world not to stop shaping human culture. What we need the power to do these things according to the will of God. We as well as the rest of creation me.

Red bean so that you don't become a slave to your passion. So that you're not bow and down to your car.

The car belongs to you you don't belong to the car.

Appreciate that good you be careful more careful the next time and then go clean.

I do it I do it I really I do it. I don't make people do when they come to my house. Even if I get new carpet would have you shoes were made to wear.

Would you rather have people with all their fungus and stuff and walking?

Bissell sweep and mop that come from the shoes, but you

I'm sorry. I know I ain't did nothing. Nobody come don't come to my house with them shoes gone. I just came from outside.

Barbie doll that they got rid, of course. I understand that but come on now. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. What are rules that people couldn't even sit in? Who will buy furniture that people play Catan?

I got new glasses.

What are you buy the glasses that you can't break out of it? I don't take care of it. I'll take care of it. I said don't worship it cuz if you use it.

Or should I stop going out of style?

I didn't say.

Don't get to this place of abundant cuz you were made to be above and not beneath. You are a married to be the head and not the tail.

Okay, speak nothing into existence.

ultimate Oculus Rift to fall

I'm back at my job. Thank you for this thank you for this word. Thank you for what you doing? Keep speaking to us speaking through Us in the name of Jesus. We pray amen. Alright, if we get ready to come down from this place if you brought your if those of you who prepares your topic,

Prayer to bring your top LaBelle offerings. If you've given it digitally we get it if not write the check $42.

These months as we move to the next Livonia and we really need to get off in the day. Come on everybody. All right, those of you who are bringing your extra sacrifice Bringing Sexy Back by The View already given it then we understand it a man and man.

Raise your hand.

Bless your name capybara.

Bypass here is going to be something else. Amen, and we just going to come in here and shout all through it.

Back the old preachers. I'm going to be walking all on the 10th.

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