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Morning Service (2nd Dec 2018)

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I should have already mentioned. It was so for prayer and apologize for this that's where to go to see toy. But this morning he's been a white rabbit's you back at work as well. It was good to see The Travelers back for the Broncos and Patriots. Why don't you and don't you know, if is welding a good place to have you with us today now and to the prophecy. Isaiah chapter 6 and I read from verse 8

Zara chapter 6 in + 8

I heard the voice of the Lord saying shall I send a little work out for us? And I said here am I send me and he said God and Satan is people keep on hearing but do not understand keep on saying but no not this do not receive make a hard for this people doubt and that is heavy. I'm blowing that weighs less. I see with our eyes and hear what that is and understand Without Hats and turn and be healed. And I said how long I would Lord and he said until 6 is my waist without inhabited and houses without people is a Joshua twice-removed people far away, and it will take him places many in the midst of the line. Another 10 remain in it, like a turban or who stump remains when it is spelled wholly seed is its stump? I saw Harris. We seen at that overwhelming experience of God. and I fishing at the temple initially and then brought in and out, but the main thing was that he was falling before he's gone. Is he saw that absolute infinite's or powerful holding it? What was she who do you cry it out in his scene? unforgiveness was a short but then things continue and we find the Lord begins to speak to him. We Note 4 things cold consistent concern and compassion. This accounts we have here all of eyes eyes experiences.

In understanding what it is to actually be involved in the work of the ministry. There are important principles being presented to us here that sadly many seem not that willing to accept and I die. The first of the East concerns be in pool. Ishawna is just rule. I saw that is given y e to those concerns those that conviction that sense of sin and I'm waiting at the theater experience even more overwhelmed don't have that very clear indication of God's mercy and God's grace and gold come on and not sure if it to tell you that call Laura indicated concerning the forgiveness of sin. How do you find Stitch? being so overwhelmed that he listens now. To all God himself is actually.

Transmission flush. It was a seller fee to smoke an angel the smoke now the Lord. speaks to Isaiah Now watch the game. We need to be clear and I Minds that's weed and expect the Lord to speak in the same way as he spoke to I saw that I saw that I had very little of God's word available to him. We have the complete manifestations of his word his Revelation given to us and God speaks through that what you're not to seek to expect or even try to come drop in some way to show division Rising high that doesn't happen. But it is clear that God does speak. What he says is a guy in very significant. I Heard a Voice of the Lord saying whom shall I send and who will go for some form of Christian Ministry in any form of officially evangelize and we drawer station. I went to Georgia sting shyn at this point between the everyday responsibilities that everybody Levi has to share that fight with those that they meet day-by-day in the places that God has put the rest in can't hear other more formal proclamation of God's word formal preaching of his word the formal work of Mich. But there are things that offer to relate the two of them when she goes through that God. Will always take the initiative in any call to Christian Ministry. It is none of that with someone could dream for themselves. Is that a lot that they can sit back in the way that we might look at some sort of other employment. We the people with no qualifications. I will know that they were not around a bit and I see something that I get that job or no. With Christian Ministry, it is not like that. What happened? She is overwhelming.

The means you can do nothing else apart from that and I will suggest that the tragedy of the 21st century Church in this country, but there are those who are in Christian Ministry who have not actually receive that call at all over so glad you had this cold for him most he saw that good and push that then but you never take his shoes a place where you stand is Holy Ground of the Lord's commission to delete his people out of Egypt to go to Faroe and say Let My People Go Joshua who succeeded Moses he at the same in the Lord says to him. I have I not commanded you be strong and courageous do not be frightened and do not be as a slave for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Well, I have commissioned Mo Guys on the side effect of Lee that you often lead the people into the land of Canaan the Lord tells him that he was chosen to be that spokesman for God that want to administer go sweat even before his butt. Took that initiative and prepare him for that. What does he should I did indeed must do and let me go on the disciples disciples when they saw Jesus they didn't decide the diver going to follow him. They were told that you was cool. The Lord sets them leave your fish leave your family in a white come and follow me. He took the initiative.

When he went to destroy and pussy cute, the Believers in Damascus was stopped by the Lord and the Lord when he commanded us to go and baptize pool and he came and Tequila lucretius. The Lord says he is my chosen instrument to take the gospel to the Gentiles. I took the initiative. I need but even that was the case pulled and actually in another Prince, but I don't know that much about to die but not a principle of floating actually do that until the Lord also spoken to the church at Antioch and said set apart Barnabas and soul for the work. I've told him to and that's another going to think no one should ever going to Christian Ministry unless their local church has clearly set them apart for that work. I just wish I could find somebody who will do I sent who was a Forest of Illusion of go to the washroom. Who is Mission work in Christian Ministry. I think I just need that's right that's needed in this country and get this organized. Why?

The Lord causes his ministers to God. And he excites he Direct. Is what happened money? I was not particularly well qualified or you know, the reason for that but mostly because I hated school and we both have to work. I have not had any real academic experience. But I knew the Lord was calling me to Christian Ministry and that was made it abundantly clear it all started when I was just preaching on Daniel and he was saying then on that occasion, is there anyone here they're prepared to do the same as John Deere and take that Stein for the Lord in Suffolk a little can fix a repeater time. It came fear. The lord was calling me to the ministry for the church were involved in that. So yeah, that's why I should be the second Church where I should be the Lord made it abundantly clear that you liked being I should be in 1986.

Through security at Route that led to that now, but you want to know I'm more than happy to tell you what the Lord made that you will go.

How much is salvation? That we see we know that cool and if anyone is thinking of that will consider these things and I saw it. He considers that he says to the Lord and listen to what he says. I heard the voice little shine. Who should I send and who will go for us then I said I'm on I send me here. I'm on my send me so I didn't say although Yes, I didn't jump up Shadow. What I want to do. This should be great. What have been going to be involved in the Christian Ministry that all these people around here have a totally foolish view of all Christian Ministries like on Mission. Well, it's almost over so wonderful if you snore. Describe the hardest the most difficult most challenging the most debilitating on vacations work that any human being can actually do. It is not easy. Charging used to say if you could stay out of the Christian Ministry with a clear conscience. You stay out.

And that cold comes? No, so send me. I didn't decide to come to Hamilton the Lord sent me she sent me elsewhere. The game he has so many people but that he made his decision to go to such and such a place and set up a church and do this that and the other that is never ever the way the Lord sends to where we should and 1/2 to God and I all needs to be committed to him. How many people are happy right stuff from this shirt? If you think you need to work at Mission, what is now the Grace Baptist Mission was the Street Baptist Mission celebrated 250 anniversary. Just a few years ago. The very first mission rate for the strict Baptist Mission was a spoof a member of this church. Remember stay it's not as soon as about whichever how many great cities Grande died who was a member of this church. It was almost by the church to consider becoming Austin Laura just called me to work amongst the Chinese and others in the dogs a lot was his work and we pray the Lord will raise up those two are equipped and the Lord spoke about my lack of qualifications, but I do believe the Lord equip me to be able to do it.

Never attended school have to learn how to study and it took awhile to do that for the Lord is help me in these things Lord send me we wait for him still the initiative is always in God's hands, but just what the Lord goes on to say. I guess we see the second line Point consist. the new used to be consistency in Ministry

I said about people thinking he said glamorous. It's not often that suddenly wasn't for Isaiah. I saw it already. Known as something of this as long as we soar in chapter 5 I'm old. I was off at 6 while he be preaching against those thing. And it was hot. The Lord says to him. If you look going into this ministry, you'll kind is a something that's going to be even harder. Because we find that he says this go and save this people keep on hearing but you don't understand people seem but new do not perceive May the hardest people dog. And there is heavy and blowing that lies less. I see with the eyes and hear what that is and understand with that hearts and turn and the hue

Why is about scientist? No, she's not saying. At this point I saw you when you see my Holiness you see I am still going to go after the streets of Jerusalem gospel and everyone has to come flocking to you. Ever since I yeah, we've been so wrong. We realize that it's

this ministry Exit me, nothing like that. This ministry is a Ministry. It will reach out to be rejected. totally abused angrily dismissed buy those to whom I saw that preaches.

Because the gospel is like that. And there were times in the Lord himself case holder these words of eyes are in this prophecy or the words of the Lord and he speaks about the fast. All right by here, they see they have seen the Miracles. Those who I saw I preach to touch his clear message that they must turn in Repentance to God that he is here it but that's as far as it goes. And I rejected nice. I show you enough happiness.

your people so sadly think that's once you stop preaching the gospel. There is going to be an immediate positive response. luscious notes the cushions that so many people begin to change things. What is said or the Y?

We see you today. There are many I constantly get bits and pieces. So I don't Facebook or letters or whatever emails suggesting.

What people are saying, easier why some more productive ways from their point of view of preaching the gospel?

We're not accepting the ideas of 21st Century Media. metal working at our own plans or those who shut down certain things if you do this, and then you do that and then you do

you can't do that and go to work. Because no matter how clever we are no matter what we are about sweating sickness that ever causes anyone to believe. There's only wanted to do that and that is a holy spirit of buck because I forgot he's dead in that since there is no way that they can earn. In and of themselves, I'm about to help invention. No matter how glamorous no matter how important it is abundantly clear.

Carol was an amazing man amazing intimate things are good the Lord and much more real and so much more significant without a good words.

Like I'm preaching the gospel of Christ simply. I was reading just this morning about John Bunyan John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress was used in some mighty white of God what led to him being converted. Well as he was walking past someone's Ralph houses around food. I told you I never three gifts. But I was just talkin about the Lord Jesus Christ. Any picks up some of the things that I was signed and he picked up what he said and that's what led to his conversion. Underwater statue in many many ways to make the message acceptable. In fact eyes are as we see is told to continue preaching in a while. It is totally unacceptable. If he is of those who will be listening to him. He is afraid three Proclaim what God has given him Superfly and that's what every Christian minister but every missionary must do because the moment we via to one side and bring our own ideas around philosophies, and it's doomed to fight in That's what the Lord is saying to him. You saying that is how you're going to have to put up with and that's not going to be easy. You be coming into your bed at night totally? A situation where you just don't know what you can do or what you can say. Russian realizes that's because he responds to what God is actually saying. I need as concerned. He's not concerned for himself.

He's concerned for those to whom he is preaching he says. How long?

Have you seen these the danger that he loves his people and he wants to see that message and he is facing as we said a number of times brush in the same situation as well face. Today is Candice highlighted this morning the violence the evil thus in the wickedness that we see around about. Oh, you really going to let them go or not Lord? Yes.

Because God is Not mocked. I'm going up because I so rejected him initially. I keep on saying is the greatest problem facing our society today is as I continue totally openly I was only rejection what God has said. judgment will come

And expressed concern for young people and concern for young people should be the. Judgment be put away cuz that is a fun interesting more powerful thing. Than any of these other problems.

The art of the root answer Christian to those problems is turning to God.

I saw her expresses concern. The Lord said she's going to go on. It's going to go on until Detachment come on until these people which open to Exile but never going to answer what, he would destroy this Temple. If you would just show it as an IP checking into Babylon. I Know It Be by the Rivers of Babylon them. When the Ross is singing the songs, I will be in charge fine terrible situation. simply but tragically because I have dismissed all that God has set. It was still going to the temple. I was still taking Paul and no services. But I had showed he rejected God's word on History tells us that's exactly how do you use a tragedy? The shed is not easy as hard difficult. She can understand these things, but lost Lee. That is compassion.

Things will happen.

Invest that see me read another tantrum. I knew it she will be burned the guy in like a terrible sore and I threw some remains where it is spelled wholly seed is its stump?

evening night

judgment was so painful. It wasn't so much that they would conquered by another Nation.

It was so that's shity. the god of the starfish disease

was actually destroyed. Another Joshua Nicholson at City game many years later and I 80 70 and the Romans sacked the city of Jerusalem and destroyed the temple. I'm not judgment. proves to be deeply effective

for God has not forgotten. God left he speaks about 10th of Remnant refined in the scriptures this term Old Testament is referred to many many time. the evening that time when there was some many against God and his word. That was all those that he kept for himself. That's the 10th. It's not necessarily you could be much more time with you. And as long as you was so distraught after the intention with the prophets of Baal on the phone and the rain trying but Jezebel was wanted to kill him any Iraq.

He says the Lord. I'm the only one left. closest now you're not iLauncher I have 7 Hunter profits the Lord's capped

But you need to be brought to that point. I brought size. I also need to be brought to that point you and I need to be brought to that point.

Women have broad shoulders.

Cuz all that we see around us and all that we know about cell.

Then the Lord opens our eyes. We see that he always has his people. Use a distraction to two trees are events in the olive trees that I'm sure we will know if you suddenly you can felon oak tree and leave the stump in the ground and begins again to grow. This is the point I was making in the the stump of kush is the Lord Jesus Christ himself in the lights. When eyes are in chat. Let me read this 11 of us one that she'll be able to come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse and a branch from its roots shall there.

That fruit that seed that is going to germinate and grow as we're eating at Genesee Sports, you know, and I'm saying this too shall not depart from Judah rulers star from Earth that before it between he Street. Sorry until tribute comes to him and to him shall be the obedient of the people's Lord Jesus Christ. That is the promise of his first coming but looking forward to now remembering that and all that me. He the guy I know I saw it speaks up with a village and conceiving and unto us a child is born.

God has not forgotten his people. This is a messy but you need to take just what we needed to cross this what we need to cling on to every situation is the Lord law. Don't forget it. You have not forgotten us Lord. Do your work make this place to be too small to the time so that you can bring insurance. Hello can do this. Without question that is the case.

Lyric why she's people? to be faithful preach the message. Even if I don't like it. Don't change that message to suit then I make life easier for you. Or is anyone gospel message? The Lord will bless that Ministry. clothes with these words or poor when he's going to Corey Corey answer the evil in Morrow place. Such gross paganism such a rejection of the truth of God. Pull he was worried. Biggest pool didn't really want to go there in the first place. It was sent it to us as being the great Mission restretch. It is that's just not true cuz he want to go places and go somewhere else. me and shopping cart little encourages. It says do not be afraid. But come on speaking and do it'll be sunny. Why I'm with you. No one will attack you to harm you for I have many in this city. Who are my people? When was announced we got the 2012 Olympics? Cuz I noticed in the shop window like side the shopping center that London is the new acids. That was the city if I think sankaran the pool was told about that's the same message for the city of London. We need to Proclaim that message with every opportunity. We have and pray particularly for those involved in the formal Christian Ministry. The guy will be upheld use of the Lord in Mighty ways.

Are we staying here now?

The Son of God writes out to war the ancient low CO2 slave is blood red banner streams above who follows him.

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