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Stay Focused (Don't Be Distracted)

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December 2018  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  29:43
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All is not lost. Jesus is coming to establish His kingdom. Evil will not win in the end.

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Let us pray father God in the name of Jesus. All Souls say yes to you. We say yes to your will. Yes to your way. Yes, Lord. To all that you would have us to do. Father come now and speak to us. Help us Lord to hear your voice clearly. And we are ready to receive in Jesus name a man.

in the Book of Revelation 21

We want to take a look at verse 4.

Revelation chapter 21

focusing on verse 4

Thank you, Lord.

the word of God says and God shall wipe away. all tears from their eyes neither sorrow I'm sorry, and there shall be no more death. neither sorrow nor cry neither shall there be any more pain. For the former things are passed away. I'll topic for your consideration is stay focused stay focused at for subtopic. Don't be distracted. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. It's a joy and a privilege to be in the House of Prayer one more time to see your faces and we're just grateful to the Lord that he has spared Our Lives to come together one more time, even since the last time that we met there, but been those that have gone to sleep in death, but God for some reason that's paralyzed and and that's worth shouting about aren't you? Glad aren't you glad that you're still alive that God did not allow the death angel to visit and take you away. But he gave you his mercy and his grace and touched you with a finger of his love and allowed you to still see our brand new day. I don't know about you and I can't give the praise that you are supposed to give but I can give God my praise and I just Thank you. Jesus Hallelujah. I'm much obliged to you Lord, cuz I know it could have been the other way as we were driving down the interstate even today. I saw two or three cars that were in the Ravine and then different places where people had had accident but God allowed us to make it through safely. He didn't have to do that at so often we take for granted the things that God does for us Austin. We don't even consider that if it had not been for the Lord on outside. We would not have been able to make it. What up, little bro, Cuz Beezus is on my side. I'm an overcomer. I am victorious.

I don't care what the world says. I don't care what the devil tries to bring my way. I am still in older, I am victorious.

Through the blood of the Lamb. Jesus Christ my savior every time I say that name it just sounds sweeter and sweeter. Somebody said is like Honey in the Rock Amen. I don't know if you've ever seen Honey in the Rock but that the bees sometimes they'll make their hives up in the in the clips of the rocks and they are swarm and they'll bring all of that pollen and everything that they make the honey out of the oven and then they will just get there and make their little honeycomb up in the rocks in it. And it seems to be something very special about that honey. Because that hun, it seems that you taste even better than the regular honey that you can get it and that's the way guys where it is. And that's why he even said it taste and see. Hallelujah anybody want to taste of the Lord right now. Everybody will all y'all don't act like a good day. I know y'all. Y'all not acting like you want to give God some praise today, but but but I came to tell you that his monthly it's like Honey in the Rock. His grace is like Honey in the Rock. His salvation is like Honey in the Rock. This here is like Honey in the Rock sister never ask. It's like oh, come on somebody and help me today.

And the enemy wants us to forget. He wants us to get caught up with all of the things that we see happening around them. We see our communities in our neighborhoods. Did the Justice come rolling in and get more decrepit day by day. We see so much hatred and so much murder in so many evil things taken place all around us. It seems that even if you want to get a political office, you got to show that you can hate more than the next person are y'all didn't get that. Did you you got to show that you can hate more than the next person and then you will be elected. It seems like this whole world is just got me confused. We used to sing Love we used to sing truth, but now we see lies and deception and hatred

But my message to you is stay focused.

Stay focused. We see all of these bad things happening. We see evil people seeming to be elevated and they seem to gain the Victory and they seem to come out on top. But I want you to know that the Bible says they have their reward. That means that they didn't all day going to get Hallelujah, but if you got your hand in Jesus hand if you're trusting in the Lord if you're walking with God, I want you to know that the things of this Earth are going to fade away, but we got a better place called heaven.

And it's a place of no more. No more crying.

No more death. No more sickness. No more than somebody should have shouted right there. No more sickness.

A Place With No More

But we got to stay focused. and Isaiah 35 verse 10 I'll give you a moment to turn their Old Testament, Isaiah 35. versus pin the word of God says this

the ransomed of the Lord Could that by any chance be a good that by any chance be us? the ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion with songs. And everlasting Joy.

Upon their head States, they shall obtain joy and gladness and sorrow and sighing shelf Leo away. Could that be us pray that that is us? You see we have been wrestling by the Lord. Yet. You see that the devil kidnapped us and took us captive and and he put a price on this and I thank you for that price. Even though we couldn't pay that price. That was one that could that was one that would his name is Jesus Christ. He paid the price that we might be Ransom back from the hands of the devil. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. When Christ came to this earth the first time he came and loneliness and I'm security and its life. It was one of suffering and poverty. He didn't ride in the high places and he didn't said horses with the Kings and princes of of this world, but he wrote a little donkey and most time people walked where he where then and he was lonely and in consideration to the high and mighty of this of his day. Amen. He was just a lonely individual. The Bible says that he knew suffering and he knew what poverty was all about a man and at his second coming all will be changed a man will be changed when he comes again. Not as a prisoner surrounded by an army. Is he going to come back? But we will see him as the king of kings and Lord of lords. That's awesome. That's awesome price is coming back. I said he's coming back with all his glory the glory of the Father the glory of the angels and he shall be surrounded by 10000 x 10000 Angels. They're coming back and still coming back and it's going to be a beautiful up coming when when we see the clouds open up and we see the heavenly host ushering and I Lord and Savior Jesus Christ what an Entourage that will be yet. You think me you see all of that pumpkin circumstances when when when you see the president and dignitaries, and they have all the line of perception coming before then but how awesome it will be when they look up in the sky not on the house be move back, but the sky and self will open up. Jesus it's going to come in. He's coming back. He's not coming back as a baby this time. He's coming back as king of kings and Lord of lords. Amen. I want to be ready when he comes. What about you? Hey, man. Amen. Thank you Jesus a mad at in the place of the crown of thorns, you know, when they hung him on the cross, they put a crown of thorns on his head and they pressed it down into his skull that it made him bleed and it heard that he was an English, but I want you to know that he is traded that Crown now, he has a different crowd now, he he has a crown of of jewels and Crown of righteousness that he's wearing and and and and he's traded in that old crowd that he's even taking off that old purple role that they draped around him in and he now has a robe of righteousness as our high priest. Jesus went through a wardrobe change. He went through a wardrobe makeover Hallelujah somebody I know some of yall be trying to win these makeovers. Do you want them to do your hair and makeup your face and do your nails and your toes and all of that but I want you to know that this makeover that Jesus Christ has gone through is a makeover of Holiness and righteousness and that is the same makeover that we as the people of God need to strive to get we need to strive to get a hold of a makeover. Don't just change my outside but dress me up on that inside and if it's something that's not like you take it away make me brand new. I want to be like Jesus.

I want to be like Jesus Lord Make Me Over. Make me more like you.

The two is faithful follower of Christ has been a daily companion every day. He walks with us every day. He talks with us every day. He gives us instructions in righteousness. He said I'm going away, but I'm leaving my comforter and he's going to instruct you in the things and remind you of the things that I talked while I was walking this Earth and I thank God for the presence of the Holy Ghost. Oh, yeah, the holy goes to make you shout in the Holy Ghost remove you sometime let the Holy Ghost will will make you stand up on your feet and said he mad and fat and the Holy Ghost will even make you cry. Sometimes you don't even know why you're crying. I know y'all don't do that. But sometimes I wake up in the Midnight Hour and tears be rolling down my cheek and and and I don't even understand why but I know that Jesus even wet when he thought about the the play the play the The rules of my meant we as the men and women of God, we need to be within we need to be weeping over the world that we live in we need to be weeping over the United States of America. We need to be weeping. No one misses something we need to be weeping over sand and all that shape and form.

The Holy Ghost will move you into weeping. But I thank God that the Bible also tells us that weeping won't endure. Delete the Weeping will endure for a night, but joy. Hello, somebody y'all come on and talk with me now y'all help me out just a little bit. Just help me out just a little bit. If you don't mind, please the Bible says joy will come when in the morning in the morning. Amen at the break of day Hallelujah Joy is going to come but we got to stay focused. We got to stay focus. You see we don't have much time now. We don't have much time. And I know I don't have much time either cuz we got a lot to do today at the nursing home. But I wanted to encourage you to stay focused while we went through a disappointment last Tuesday at the election. We had an opportunity, but it seems like the enemy prevailed and we can't get distracted but even disappointments like that. We've got to steal Stay Focus. You see I hope it's not in man. I hope it's not in man. Not man will do all he can to help him to do the work of God, but nobody can work like Jesus. Nobody can work. Like Jesus. Nobody can save like Jesus. Nobody can deliver like Jesus. Nobody can make a way like Jesus. Amen. And amen or we got to stay focused and don't be distracted the enemy he tries to get you down and he wants you to think that all K. I got you. Now, you might as well throw your hands up and give up he wants you to give up. That's what he wants you to do, but I want to know I want you to know what I might be talking to somebody on the internet right now your marriage don't give up.

Yo job, don't give up. Don't throw your hands up your school. Don't don't give up. Don't throw your hands up the devil Ain't Got You he ain't got no power over you almost done. Power that you give him. I want you to know everything that the devil has tried to take from me. I am going to take it back by the power of the Holy Ghost.

No, no, no you we got to stay focused. focus on Glory 7 Peter 3:14 says this well for the love seeing that you look for such things be diligent. Be diligent pest. Net that's the question the other night. What does it mean to be diligent in one of the answers that came back was that we have to be deliberate. We have to liberate Lee work to make something happen.

Got to work deliberately and Faithfully consistently. To bring about the change. Beatle here saying be diligent that he may be found of him in peace without spot and blameless 2nd Peter 3:14, and then bring it back to Revelation 21 and I'm upset down. Can you believe that Revelation 21 verse 4 says and God shall wipe. Away all tears from their eyes. Those midnight to you. Those tears that you shared some times when you just can't figure it out. And I want you to know nobody. Nobody is exempt from having those times in your life when you just can't see your way. We all are faced with that. We all go through those times when we just can't figure it out. But God says he's going to wipe away all your tears. And that shall be no more death. Neither sorrow nor crying. Neither. Shall there be any more pain now in pain we think of most times you think about physical pain, but so many people are having emotional pain. Mental pain and anguish all of those forms of pain. The Lord says I am going to wipe it away. I'm going to do away with it. Can you imagine living in a world where there's no more pain? No more death. No more crying. No more. Sorrow no more poverty. Amen. Amen. Somebody no more giving up the right for the wrong somebody all to say hallelujah because we have balls at some point in time had to step back and watch wrong. Go on that even though you knew you were right Hallelujah, but God is going to set all of that in order. He's going to fix it. He's got a big fan.

He's going to fix it. For the former things are passed away. And then verse 5 says and he that set up on the throne said behold I make all things new.

I make all things new. That lets me know that even these old broke-down bodies that we got knees hurting back hurting head hurting heart hurting all kinds of diseases. All of that. God is going to do away with it. He's going to give us a new and glorified bodies. Hey, man, I thank God I got to come on y'all.

Come on, I told you about through. Amen, amen if y'all stop praising God, I'll go ahead and say that down a men. Oh, somebody say hallelujah. The throne said behold. I make all things new and it said unto me right for these words are true and faithful. Amen. He said look you can depend on this you can count on that. You can take it to the bank amen. But you know something we have got to make sure that we are getting ready for that great day. You can't live in a town away and expect to be ready all that great day. You can't do wrong 6 days of the week and then try to snap. Holy on the seventh day of the week God looking at their mother 6 days when you're when you should have been living right when you should have been holding up his stand up when you should have been said yes Lord. Yes. Yes, Lord. Did you see you don't just say? Yes Lord when you walk through the Play yes Lord, when you walk through those doors, but you say yes, Lord all the while you out there in the community when you're on your job when you're in your house when you're in your neighborhood when you're at the football game when you're at the Christmas parade at all of them. You should still be saying yes, Lord.

Yes to your will yes to your way.

Yes, Lord. Stay focused. The enemy will send things that look good. Sound good. And please don't be a money Chaser. Oh Jesus.

Call peeled angle money in front of you. To get you off track. And you're following and chasing dollars. instead of following after Jesus And you will make compromise or tell you something. Once you begin to compromise, the principles of God. The first time is the hardest time that you will make a compromise, but after that it becomes easier and easier and easier. I'm not telling you something. I heard I'm telling you something. I know. Whatever the enemy gets you to make that first compromise. He has got a foothold in your life. And the next time he comes it's going to be harder for you to resist what he dangles in front of you money ain't everything but I tell you what is the blood of Jesus Christ. It's everything. What would it profit a man to gain this whole world and all the riches and have all of the fancy cars and fancy houses in nice clothes and be able to get your children all of the things that they want in this life and then you wind up in hell

What will it profit a man to gain all of these things and still lose your soul?

Jesus was crying your help to you now. Come back to him. Come back to him. And the wonderful thing about it, even with our shortfalls our downfalls. He still won't can you imagine that he still wants us he still loves us so much that his blood still covers a multitude of your sins.

Cuz he has every reason in the world to say I'm through with you. You couldn't stand up for me. I ain't going to stand up for you.

But he won't.

The Oscar he wants us. Thank you Jesus. He wants us even though we'll filthy like filthy rags, even though we have fallen short of his glory even though we disappoint him. P wolf stuff Even in our broke down situation. He won't stop He could do better for himself. I'm going to tell you right now he could do better for himself. Are you all you've heard you but your mom said that about folks that you seem to get linked up with folks and get married and all that and you love one will at least see if he could have done better than that. Well, you know something don't work on it and then the devil is pointing at us and said these are you can do better than that. You got wires you got home unless you got Adult Parole. You got people that stab each other in the back. You got people that won't keep your Commandments. You can do better than that.

What day does steel Walker?

Call Phantom in Stillwater.

brothers and sisters stay focused when the last days Earthquake up there in Anchorage. Somebody said they have multiple earthquakes every year. Earthquakes in divers places tsunamis all over the place hurricanes tornadoes. All of these things are pointing to the fact that Jesus is coming soon. Will you stay focused? Don't get distracted. Stay focused and be ready with a thumb a man.

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