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Perfect Completion

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If you have your Bibles and you care to turn we're looking in the book of Philippians Philippians chapter 1.

Philippians chapter 1

will be getting reading with the third verse.

I've heard a lot of expressions in churches over the years about Perfection I've heard people go to one extreme and say that.

our church Is an imperfect church for imperfect people? And that's probably true. There's no one perfect. But God and yet there's something that bothers me about a statement like that because it sounds like sort of a

what should I say an escape hatch for any personal Integrity or responsibilities? Well, I'm just in perfect. I can't help it. I send the word thought deed everyday kind of a thing. And so I know what they mean, but it kind of rubbed me the wrong way tell you the truth. Can I hear others that are so radical and so extreme on the other legalistic side? That's a well. If you fail the Lord and you're not an absolute and total Perfection and you lost out your back said you might as well throw it all out and start all over get a new dip and that's wrong too cuz we know the Bible 1st John 1:7 through to 2 is very clear about I sometimes preach that in backwards order Prix start with to one and two and then work backwards and 9 and 10 of chapter 1 7/8 because sometimes people kind of have it out of focus if we walk in the light. That's the key just keep walking in the light. We showed up with our discipleship class this morning. But yet I think about all of these things that that come to light in the scripture dresses this as we look at Philippians chapter 1, let's read starting with first three. Should I thank God my God upon every remembrance of you always and every prayer of mine making requests for you all with joy. For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now being confident of this very thing. That he who has begun a good work in you. Will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Her paws are there was a song that I remember as a teenager when I first found Christ it spoke to my heart. That was an encouragement to me. And it went something like this. I think Steve Greenwood saying it just the course he who began a good work in you. He who began a good work in you? Will be faithful to complete it will be faithful to complete the work will be faithful to complete it in you.

The Beautiful song. I can't sing it like Steve Green dead. But as powerful truth. Other songwriters of said while he's still working on me. That's a little more of a country twang style the same message. He's still working in our hearts and lives everyday to perfect his good work in you were Wesley ends. And so we sometimes know about the term Christian perfection. We know that John Wesley preached and taught. Some simple truth and sermons about Christian Perfection. We study that a little bit and and we got we kind of wrestle with this word. And when Jesus says to us be perfect as your father in Heaven is perfect. It just gets us into sort of a tug-of-war in our minds and we wrestle with it. How can that be possible? We're not perfect. But yet I think of another song that says bless the Lord he can make a perfect heart. a perfect heart

verse 7 says just as it is right for me to think this of you because I have you in my heart and as much as both in my chains and in the defense and confirmation of the Gospel you all are protectors with me of Grace for God is my witness how greatly I long for you all with the affection of Jesus Christ. And this I pray that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all dezern moment. That you may approve the things that are excellent that you may be sincere and without a fence. Till the day of Christ. Remember the scripture says as much as last that lies within you to live peaceably with all men. That's what Christian Perfection is to have no offense to as we said this morning brought on the scripture to not lay down stumbling blocks for others, but too late. I'm stepping stone being filled with the fruits of righteousness me just Paws Littlefield logical that grass in here notice in chapter 1 of Philippians 1 verse 11 the word there is fruits of righteousness. In a fusions chapter 5 were talking about the fruit of the spirit. It's not fruits. It's fruit one fruit. This is different. What are the fruits of righteousness with your by Jesus Christ the glory and praise of God, what would that be? It's the Harvest that God wants to bring in your life. It's multiplying fruits. It's not just a one-time deal. It's not just a one-time baptism a one-time trip to the altar to be saved our second time to be entirely Sanctified. It's a process of Holiness. That's perfecting us everyday. The old-timers used to talk about the fact that when you're saved your initially Sanctified that's initial sanctification or initial holiness. Then they talk about when your Sanctified holy your Sanctified entirely. That is something that in that crisis in point in time. God not only calls you holy and other words in the computer the Holiness of God, but he makes you hold it imparted Holiness of God the right isn't that's the fruit of righteousness in the fruit, the righteous include salvation entire sanctification and goes beyond that to a life time of service and it starts must be an outline for some other message. That's not even what I'm saying.

But God can't use someone in his kingdom for service if they never been saved or Sanctified. He sometimes use people that have been saved but until they really settled the issue and not my will but thy will be done in Consecration and sanctification. It's very difficult for God to use them in his service guys are working in the Flash. God wants to bring fruit the righteous with your by Jesus Christ the glory and praise of God in another version believe ESV. It says it this way in Philippians 1:6 and I am sure of this that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.

at the day of Jesus Christ over and James one for parallel pass it says but let patience have its perfect work. That you may be perfect and complete. lacking nothing Did you know the scripture interprets scripture? That's a rule number 1 and hermeneutics ever had a class and hermeneutics last year at the classical Chris, I said have a talk to you this yet. He said yeah, they were teaching more than what I could even remember from 30 years ago and Bible College I said, alright you throwing some theological terms and and hermeneutical principles on the proper way to interpret scripture, but there's one that's so fundamental that if you don't understand scripture That seems kind of ambiguous or confusing find parallel passages in your study and research and help that the holy spirit of God help to reveal to you in light of the clear scriptures. What does ambiguous or somewhat confusing scriptures me and this scripture right here helps us understand this whole issue of Christian Perfection. He says the work perfect twice and he says for complete

that's not an accident.

He's not just doing that to be redundant or make a point. He defines what Perfection means as far as Christian Perfection the last two words. Let patience have its perfect work to the patience has a Perfection that you may be perfect. You have a Perfection of Christian Perfection and complete and what does that mean? That means lacking nothing that's 1st John 1:7 walking in the light as he is in the Light Fellowship with one another Blood of Jesus Christ. His son cleanses us from all sin. That's perfection.

Tonight I want to just share from my heart what I believe the holy spirit of God desires for each and every saint those that have been saved. He says I'm sure of this that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

We preach and teach entire sanctification but entire sanctification is not the same as glorification.

That some of your eyes are glazed over cuz I'm getting old what theological but listen to me. There's some of a different theological branch. That confuse what we teach about entire sanctification as if we're teaching glorification. You still have your body that is human broken in sin doesn't mean that you have to willfully sin and where thought need every day just because you have a human body and have your infirmities. Amen. But we're still broke and we have our temperaments in our weaknesses and those troubles and trials and and we have these things that need to be mended by the spirit of God, and it will never be completed glorification. So I don't know about this Progressive sanctification thing. Hold on just a minute initial sanctification and salvation entire sanctification is total cleansing Christian perfection. but the completing work It's when you get a new body. Amen. That's when you go into the presence of God. He says enter down to the joy of the Lord. I'm about you. I'm looking forward to that day. These bodies were not made to be permanent. These bodies that that contain our soul that's what they are there just containers. They were never made. They have a lifetime warranty whatever life is but that's it. You're not going to get another one unless you're saved.

That your sins are under the blood. And that's when and only when God by his spirit. Will bring about that completion and a perfecting work in Jesus Christ. When you think about the work of the precious Holy Spirit in your life. There's many areas that he deals with us and conviction power. There's so many images that we have of the Holy Spirit. You might remember last year. I think 2017 and January I preach the series about the holy spirit of God. I can't remember what I preach but I kind of remember what some of those types were the symbols. The spirit of God is represented many times in scripture is oil as water as wind as fire remember those and then we even said that breath and the dove all those are images and there's many many others.

But we also see the spirit of God as Jesus portrays him. as the comforter

the one who prays those prayers for us that we can't even under. In the spirit, what does the scripture say that in our infirmities? He just sort of their groanings the Bible says Have you ever been in prayer and the weight of your prayer request your needs as your interceding for the needs of others, you couldn't even express it to God. They're just a grown that came out.

I remember my parents praying for me. When I was lost. I would come home from a basketball game or a night working at Wendy's or whatever. It was that I was doing that with the friends.

And they be praying. I didn't like it.

Sometimes I hear my mom praying in the my bedroom was just down the hall and down a little half flight of a steps from their bedroom and split level house.

5 Steps down the hall was everyone I would hear up in the night.

This groaning that what's wrong with Mom? Then I hear my name.

groanings That the Holy Spirit was translate. It wasn't any prayer language. It wasn't any unknown tongue. But I'm here to tell you that God the Holy Spirit translated that. And gave her an answer to prayer when I was age 16 on February.

how to take 1986 February 5th 1986

when God woke me up in the middle of the night. Literally bumped my head on the bed rail of a twin bed and you've heard my testimony. That's what got my attention as I just had all my and I was going to say it as a cuss word. And after I said, I was convicted.

Bible says it will Testament of The Commandments said do not take the name of the Lord. Thy God in vain. I just committed that that's in. And God smoke me right there with Holy Ghost conviction.

And I repeated that phrase. I don't know how many times.

four five times Danny was my Bible back there a little mini Bible. I don't know where I left it.

I remember. I had a little mini Bible just like my my sister had in the next morning after got it saved me.

I was reading from The Book of John. I've been raised in the church. I knew the way to live, but I wasn't living right?

I was in Rebellion. And if I was going to serve God I need to be in God's always heard preacher. Say the best place for new Christians start in the Book of John. So read through the whole book of John I started first John. I always heard my pastor say John and 1st John. This is place to start as a new Christian, so I went right there. My mom went by my dad had to take her to work at Alaskan fur where she was a bookkeeper and remember hadn't even told him.

I told a friend or two at school that I've been saved.

And they were Rejoice cuz they've been praying around the clock.

I told my dad when he went to pick up Mom from work at 4:30 that evening. I said I want to ride with you. Had told him anything mom got in the car. I said guys I want to tell you something.

Before I can get up the words.

He said I already know you got saved it.

I didn't know but she's picked in my room when I was reading my Bible that morning. She said that piece of the word of God God just answered prayer.

I wish I could say that if the perfect sinless life from age 16 age 49 and a half, but that's not the case.

Many times I had to repent many times even after being called. I had to confess and repent of bad attitudes and bad actions in my life. But I can test about a night that I'm in Victor before God tonight that the blood of Jesus Christ goes deeper than the stain of sin has ever gone. And I just want to be available.

iPhone available for God to use me

I remember when my dad.

Was talk to me about the future and I was graduating from high school. He said we're going to move back to California.

You better for my health. The doctor say be better for me to be in, California again. So do you think you'll be all right if you have to live in the dorm at Casey CBS? Well, it's not what I want to do.

The gods called me. I'm going to Bible College. We moved to Kansas City when I was in third grade at age 8.

I've been in grades 3 through 12. that 10 years But then all the way from Overland Christian grade school all the way up to Overland Christian High School and graduated. And I thought well, I tried going to journalism or something else go to secular college, but the Lord told me to go to Bible College my first year and you've heard what I shared you weeks back. Called me very definitely the pastor Ministry because of certain classes. I take my senior and God was providentially leading me.

and all those X For a failed the Lord he was faithful.

To draw me back to him. Those times when I try to put Tim up front and map out my life and my agenda instead of doing what God called me to do.

I remembered will guide you called me to Pastor.

But there's not too many churches are going to let a single man Pastor their church. I would preach here and there to spill in as an interim pastor at one church for a few months or just be called to fill in for preachers as they were going to conference or something like that, but then got open the door for me to teach the Bible class at Overland Christian High School. After I graduated from college, I've been a youth pastor for a couple years and God use us there.

and then three years after I talked Bible in journalism in in the high school, the principal is retiring and moving away and Remember the president of the college call me up his off and said Mr. Lenik, you seem to have a good rapport with the young people, you know kind of the routine around this place. You've been here a long time. Would you be willing to consider being the prince was only 24 years of age? I didn't have any administrative degree. I don't have any business Ministry. I didn't have any education degree. I wasn't certified as a teacher. I said, well, I'm not certified. So that doesn't matter we believe you're the man for the job as well. Let me pray about. I told my dad.

That was a 1994. When they first offer that my dad passed away just before Easter Sunday that year. But he gave me advice that I should pursue God's best. Not next year in the fall. I became the principal Overland Christian schools, and I don't say this to glorify myself at all, but God used us and Revival in that school that was down to about the bare minimum down to about 67 students. Brought in a good assistant principal to come into the elementary the elementary begin to grow and Thrive they begin to reach out to some homeschool families homeschool satellite program that doctor would she was then the the present quesadilla best encourage us to start. We reached out to the Johnson County Parent educator. You never been to Overland Park Kansas. You can't really relate but Johnson County Kansas is the fourth most prosperous or affluent Community or county in the whole us. And God begin to move. A lot of these homeschool family started coming one with the kid family. 9 kids first of two older students came into the school just two classes at a time. They be part of homeschool sound like they could play on the athletic teams and next thing you know, they roll them full-time the next one by one as they start getting older. Mrs. Clinic head David kid in her class in second grade salt give her teacher named there.

And they were precious family another the Sanders family eight kids. All these families huge families got to start pour them into the school. And by the time we got married God brought Carla came to my life through providential things when Mike Klaus that down it by a cafeteria table. He been home visit his girlfriend on a spring break and he sat down at my table and he said never forget it mister Lenox. I just met your future wife. I said might get out of my face.

matchmakers Galore, she had people trying to match her up here and there and we don't have any interest but you don't want to hear all the juicy details, but over that time. We wrote A Few letters cards or something and then we met on Memorial Day weekend. 1996 That right. and

I'll never forget. The day that I in St. Louis, Missouri overlooking the arch. I asked her to be my bride. And she said yes.

Greatest gift that God has ever given me besides salvation.

Get me on the straight and narrow many times when I faltered and failed or lost faith. He was found The Good Wife has found a good thing.

I didn't plan to say any of that.

God called us from Kansas City. We laid down the church. I mean that the school Ministry God called us. She was expecting Kenzie.

Like 6 months pregnant when we moved in. U-Haul or Ryder truck and forgets which one it was and we went through St. Louis again. And there was tornado warnings. We saw the funnel cloud coming toward us. We hunker down under bridge watch the past by but we made it through she is 6 months pregnant driving her little red Mercury Cougar and and I was in the truck, but we made it through. And then Kinzie Kensington Grace Clinic discovered America on September 28th. 1998

Carla continue teach actually in her in her old school where she taught many years to actually started the school from the ground up at Kingswood Elementary their Crusaders church now Faith Church in Urbana, Illinois Eye Surgeons Associates Pastor work at Busey Bank has got open that door work as a teller and then the other jobs there. And God moved upon us and I couldn't yet even though I service kind of Youth in the music associate pastor. God still had to call in my life.

We almost bought a house that we were going to make an offer. It was only about a tenth of a mile from where two of her other sisters lived in Urbana, Illinois out by South 40 beautiful yellow house with white shutters or something like that white picket fence any way out in the country. We called to make an offer. He said I'm sorry, it's sold. That same day. I got an email from Reverend Jack Smith the executive director of Home missions. He said pastor Tim. Are you still interested in pastoring? Full-time said, I don't want to take you away from there, but we have some churches that desperately need pastors.

I left the list. I showed to Carla Kay and there's one that jumped out of this and Huntington West Virginia because we just been one year before on a vacation to marlinton West Virginia had actually gone to a little log cabin for a little Retreat as a family just Carla. Tim and little baby Kenzie now about 2 years of age And on our way back through on that Sunday morning. I said there's a church in Huntington. I'd love to go to brother Mark server accused to Pastor there. I don't know who's there now, but I'd love to go we went there. We didn't know anybody, but there was one gentleman that I saw out front. I said, he looks familiar, and when I heard him testifies that I know who it is, that's brother Trotter. I had in my little bible some notes for I heard Reverend re Trotter preaching a camp meeting in California back in 1976 before we ever move to Kansas City, and he preached a message from 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 that I've been preached as one of my first sermons call Giant midgets the Rejoice Evermore pray without ceasing in everything give thanks I preach one of my first message is in the nursing home from that Passage. That was one of only two or three sermons back then I probably 3 or 5 times before God gave me another message. I thought hit me. I thought that has to be him. He has the Irish broke its brother troddence. I went up and interest my he didn't know who I was I said, you don't know me, but I have your name in my Bible you preach the message and cutting City. I was in a camp meeting. Make a long story short. We went we were called to Pastor that church and we serve there for 8 years. Those were precious years has God moved Upon Us in in in the great ways. You've heard a lot of our store in Tulsa, but I just thank God then all of those things. I was not in total Perfection or glorification. But all those things God draws us back to a place of humility and service to him his word says and I'm sure of this that he who began a good work in you. Will bring it to completion or Perfection at the day of Jesus Christ. I wonder this evening.

There may be someone here.

But like me. Has wrestled with this whole idea. What is it's Perfection all about. May you been discouraged because you just can't live it.

And I'm here to tell you you can't. Do all things in your strength, but Paul test that I can do all things through Christ. Through Christ who gives me the strength.

the Apostle Paul

little known although it will be around weed eater Bible students would know that he prayed many times at a thorn in the flesh should be removed. And what did God say to him? He said no, I will not remove that thorn. But he said you understand and begin to to deserve that. My grace is sufficient for thee. And my strength will be made perfect in your weakness.

That's what God has been doing in my life.

Stephen Ministry, I have a lot of hats that I've worn a lot done a lot of things. But I'm the one man band I can't do it without a team of people. I'm trying to learn to train and delegate Ministries others in our worship team. We're training others to learn how to do that and take the lead in that. I can't I wear myself down to a frazzle if I keep doing everything that I'm doing. I don't want to be a one-man band brother. Ronnie is coming to back to Glasgow is providential the timing of this I could have asked for a better time at the point where I was just about burnout. God sent Ronnie back the very day. They got laid in his heart to lay down to church and Concord. I'd call Brother Sherman and it was on for the Sherman's heart and mine. That he would love to see Ronnie back at Glasgow to help encourage Us in the ministry God's already. He's not even on duty yet. But he's God's already using Brother Ronnie and Pat. in their business in the community one of my greatest weaknesses. I'm just being transparent and eyes. I'm not really a people person. You may not know that about me. I'm actually pretty backward and bashful. Ronnie's not Ronnie's never got to start. I've been with him Bowling Green. He knows everybody in Bowling Green to not just Glasgow will be walking up the cord or the hospital medical center. He just worked all over the place. He knows people. That's a good asset to have when you're trying to reach people. What is Pastor in all about it's about loving people? Brother, Ronnie. I love you and appreciate you and you're such an encouragement to me already just in this last month that you and I'm just excited to know that. This work that's begun is not done. It's just beginning. This is a season of harvest. But there's a season of harvest that will stand before God everyone of us. And this is the core group here tonight. That's why I'm sharing from my heart. You're special to me because you're faithful you're here when the church doors are open your here one Sunday morning Sunday night. When is it? Not everyone does that?

But this is the core group and I want you to know right here this group. What are we have? 15 20 or 22, whatever it is. I need you. I need every one of you. God need you we need you as a church. We need to plug it in with all that you've got. This Saturday. We're going to need you. We're going to need you for the next year to come and in every aspect so I'm busy. Maybe you had a little bit of season Retreat. I'm not trying to preach any under conviction. You just let the spirit of God, but I've got right here more Ministry surveys if you haven't filled one out. You need to fill out we need help. Brother Ron, and I sometimes think of some Churches. It's not happened here. But some Churches follow this principle. It's almost Universal. Where 20% of the people do 80% of the work?

That's wrong. We should have everyone of us involved in Ministry doing something everyone of us. And if you don't have a job shame on me, I will find you a job. If you have 7 jobs shame on me. I need to find someone else to come along beside you. And I helped you you shouldn't have to be doing 7 jobs. Hey, man, I thought I'd get an amen on that one. We need to work together. That's what team stands for right together. Everyone accomplishes more that sounds like a team Builder Workshop or something. But it's true. I'm sure of this that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. I mean, let's pray. Almighty, God our heavenly father. We thank you. your faithful faithful to complete the work that you've begun.

but I think of some who starred in the race. And I think it's a Sprint. And I booked it as fast as I can and then they become short of breath because they forgot or didn't realize or no one revealed to them. This is not a Sprint. It's a marathon. So help us to have an enduring Faith the run the race with patience letting patience have her perfect work in US.

Knowing that he who began that good work in us will complete it or perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ that that day when you return may we just lift our heads up high with anticipation and joy and celebration that we've done all that. We could all that we could for you. Lord if we're not doing all that we can convictus right now. If we're being lazy spiritually. If it were if we're being mediocre. If we're being a pathetic and really don't maybe an ignorance and apathy we sometimes get confused or convict our hearts Shake us up. Lord shake me up. If you have to wreck my world do something to shake us up for the needs of souls in this community that are going to the devil's hell and Eternity without you everyday another one shot just recently last week.


you place this right here on Columbia Avenue. 2021 years ago brother Durham felt clear they needed to get out of the neighborhood off the beaten path and out on the Avenue where they can be seen not to Glasgow Wesley would have a name but that Jesus Christ on the cross will be lifted up because you were declares if I be lifted up. That's your crucifixion Lord, but also the church being lifted up by your spirit. You said I will draw all men. unto me Lord may we do nothing but preach Jesus and him crucified? In our efforts this week in the youth in our efforts with the ladies in the men's Ministries in our efforts with even just come alongside a community event May we in the prayer station other part to show the love of Christ love them into the kingdom Lord May someone be saved through this week. Because of the witness and the influence of these your people part of this church. Lorde we'll just celebrate on Sunday. What you doing and give you the glory. We ask this and pray this in Jesus precious name. Amen. Amen. God bless you are dismissed for about 5 minutes then.

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