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The Tree

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Why do we do Christmas Trees?

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The Christmas Tree
Good morning all, it is great to be here and great to be a part of this season, the season where we celebrate our Lord’s Birth. Now some say this isn’t when it happened and that we just stole pagan holidays and made them Christian. In the end it doesn’t matter, what matters is that we make Christmas all about Christ. And yes, we have transformed some old pagan holidays so that we may teach others who Christ is, just like Paul does with the Greeks. And so, we find ourselves now, in this time with trees and lights and all the beauty of the season, but what does it all mean. I want us to explore that very thing and I want to teach you some basics about the foundations of our traditions, especially the Christmas tree. The tree is a beautiful decoration and Christ has been capered to trees many times, for instance it says in Read
My family and I have been putting up Christmas trees since before I was born. I have continued that tradition all of my life and with my children. But there came a point, when I had to ask, why a tree? What is so special about a tree. And so, I did some research to find out why we have this tradition. And, I just so happened to have a tree here with us today. It is my Christmas tree and my example for the next few weeks to explain the different pieces and why we do what we do on Christmas. This morning I want to talk about the tree, why do we use a tree? What does it mean? How can we use this to teach our families and friends? All great questions and I want to start by talking about where the tree come from.

I. Where does it come from

A. Original Story
1. Came from Germany
a. Pagans sacrificing child
b. Cut down oak
c. Fir grew in its place
2. God is the only God –
a. Taught them about this God (Yahweh)
b. Became a Holy Tree
c. At first weren’t cut down
3. First time take inside
a. Also in Germany
i. In tubs
ii. reminder
b. Also known as paradise tree (England)
i. used in plays
ii. Dec 24 Adam and eve day

II. What does it mean –

A. Why the Evergreen
1. Triune God Eternal
b. Reminder who God is
c. He never ceases and never ends
2. He is the Alpha and Omega
a. He represents all that is creation
b. God is the culmination of all of creation
B. Everlasting life
1. There is Salvation –
a. An eternity with God
b. Eternity at rest
c. Important for us to remember
2. Our bodies will become eternal
a. not only us but all of creation
b. A new earth
c. Filled with eternal life for all who trust in Him
C. The Branches – Zech 3:12
1. Jesus is the branch that has come
a. He has born fruit
b. His birth has made all of us possible
2. uplifted
a. Points the way to heaven
b. The Creator – Even the rocks cry out
c. God is the creator of all things
a. Looking for proof
i. Look to creation
ii. All things point to Him
3. Like we raise our hands –
a. Kind of like our worship
b. Some of where that comes from

III. How can that help today

A. Reminds me -
1. God is all about reminders
a. Tell the people to remember
b. use things to point to Him
c. Not idol worship
d. Can use other’s ideas
2. Not about the tree
a. About Jesus
b. About His story
i. Birth –
ii. What that means for us
iii. God with us
c. About why He came
i. About His restoring power
ii. About How He came
d. Why it’s such an important time
B. Teach –
1. Kids/grandkids
a. before Google
b. Stories passed down
c. Chance to connect
i. about relationship
ii. What traditions are for
2. Outsiders –
a. When people ask
b. Why Christmas
c. About Christ
So, when you see your tree or go to put your tree up, remember these things and teach them to your children. We do not have tradition for the sake of tradition but to remember our great and mighty King, who one day came to the earth, put on flesh and died for us. He came that we might be saved, He came that we may have eternal life with Him. And so we have this beautiful tree, this evergreen tree that represents so much of our Lord. It has a great history of teaching others about Christ, and now, for you and me, it is an opportunity to show the world who Jesus is, by allowing our tree to be the story. Remember that He is everlasting, just like the evergreen. He is Holy and worthy of praise, so I will lift my hands just as the tree does. And I will remember that I am saved and have an eternity just like my savior. And let us remember this always, let us use this as a standing tradition to honor and glorify God that we may never forget His greatness and mercy.
Let’s pray
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