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Hetrick Funeral Message

Ephesians 2:1-10  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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By Grace Through Faith

The first four verses of this passage identifies with the truth about who each of us are. Our lives caught up in what the flesh desires; what we want above all else. You see we all achieve things in life. Dave wanted always to be a farmer and so he spent a substantial time trying to be what he wanted to be.
We all have dreams!
When they were young boys they dreamed about farming as they played on the living room floor. But life happens. When life happens dreams become faded and dim. What we want gives way to what we need. Many here will ask themselves today, “what did he need?” But if you are truthful with yourself you are asking yourself “what did I need” because that is our human nature.
When we look at verse four we see that it starts out by saying “But God,” This is where I want to look today. You see these are the traits that we should all aspire to have and I believe that deep inside this man, these traits were evident. Rich in Mercy, love for us, even when we were dead in our trespasses.
That last one is hard to figure out isn’t it. “Dead in our trespasses” You see we automatically turn to fault and blame when we have been done wrong. God knows that in life we will have troubles, and things will be tough to overcome. But through the blames and challenges of life He still loves us. Perhaps today he is asking us all to love one another as he loves us. “Grace”
Today is the day. Let Jesus show you the immeasurable riches of his grace. We spend our whole lives seeking for the truth; seeking for the key to life. As I spoke with some of the children last night, I heard children with dreams and plans. God wants to help all of us achieve our dreams and plans, but ask yourself what is my part in this plan? First of all believe in grace, seek forgiveness and peace in your hearts. What we seek we often hold closest to our hearts. If we do not find these things we are deeply troubled. I believe this is the mystery of life. It will steal away your joy, if you let it.
If we are not careful life will pass us by and we will never find joy, peace or love. Our left hand will not even know the dreams that we hold in our right. It is all about grace, but sometimes, the only thing we can focus on is our own damage. David knew about damage, a veteran of the Vietnam War, David has walked through great challenges in his life, but perhaps the most difficult thing he has ever done, is to repair his life with his kids and siblings. This takes grace on both sides.
Remember today, even if you are not in a place of believing in God, we are his workmanship. We were created for his good works. God knew that we would fail and that is why he prepared beforehand the magnificent properties of grace.
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