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When it is Hardest To Trust

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Good Evening, well as some of you know I began chapter 3 of Joshua Sunday night and were going to continue that study until completion on Sunday nights because I feel like it is a time where trusting in the Lord is something that should be on the forefront of our minds. But tonight were going to be dealing with the same topic of trusting the Lord.
Open your Bibles with me to the gospel of John. were going to look at a couple of verses from of course now Jesus has done some miracles at this point and people are starting to awaken to the reality that He is not just some preacher this is not just some prophet he is more than that. So notice
John 2:23 HCSB
While He was in Jerusalem at the Passover Festival, many trusted in His name when they saw the signs He was doing.
John 2:23-
hmm They believed in His name when they saw the signs He was doing....
Well come back to that
John 2:24 HCSB
Jesus, however, would not entrust Himself to them, since He knew them all
Now there is a play on words happening there, this sentance literally reads, they believed in Him but He did not believe in them...
They entrusted themselves to Him, He did not entrust Himself to them, they committed themselves to Him He did not commit Himself to them. Why?
He was perfect they were flawed, He was selfless, He was unchanging they were fickle.
John 2:25 HCSB
and because He did not need anyone to testify about man; for He Himself knew what was in man.
I’d like to call this message the difficulty with trust.
One of the biggest challenges that faces us as Christians is lack of intimact with one another. ONe of the only ways to grow is to be able to share your struggles and areas that you fail in. The problem is nobody wants to do this.
But the only way to have an intimate relationship is to disclose yourself to people. This is why when I preach I try to disclose some areas I struggle with not to show you my sin, but in order that you and everyone else in the room at least understands who I am I wanna have a relationship with each of you and I want people to feel comfortable around me because they feel like they know me.
However when trust is broken people wont open up as easily as they would have in the past right? Relationships become distant.
Trust is the bedrock of relationships When trust is broken, the foundations of a marriage rock. When trust is broken the foundations of a friendship begin to fall. So this is important.
Why its hard to trust?
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