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Claiming Your Canaan

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Claiming Your Canaan *

Text: Joshua 1:1-9

Oct. 21, 2007 - PPHC

Intro: Many have a great misconception concerning the Christian walk. The truth of the matter is that it’s not going to be a walk in the park! This thing that we got into when we were saved is a battle! We are engaged in warfare with a spiritual enemy who is far more powerful than we are, Eph. 6:12. In our own strength, we are no match for the devil! The good new is, he is nowhere near as powerful as our God, 1 John 4:4! Therefore, in the midst of the battles, there is always hope for victory, Rom. 8:31, 37. In fact, the Bible tells us that we are the recipients of victory through the Lord Jesus Christ, 1 Cor. 15:57. While we are engaged in the battle with evil, there is the expectation that we can and will walk in victory in our lives. In this book, Moses has died and Joshua has been appointed to lead the nation of Israel into Canaan. No, Canaan isn't Heaven, but it is a picture of the life of victory that is available to every child of God this morning!

" My goal in preaching this message is to help us to stop wandering around in the wilderness and to enter into the Canaan land, the land of spiritual victory. These verses will help us to understand what it takes to go from wandering around in a wilderness of defeat to living in a land of victory. There are 3 truths concerning Israel in this chapter that must be applied spiritually to our lives if we are to walk in victory." (Claiming Your Canaan)


 A. A Call To Claim The Land* – v. 1-4

  1. Joshua was reminded that the Lord has already given them the land.

   a. He is now commanded to lead the people to claim what had been promised to them.

    1. Given to them in Gen. 12:7 – and reaffirmed to every succeeding generation of Israel.

  2. Many Christians are living in defeat today & are wandering around in a spiritual wilderness.

   a. Doesn’t have to be this way…God has a place of victorious living which He has promised you and I can live.

·         “Now thanks be unto God, which always causes us to triumph in Christ..” – 2 Cor. 2:14

·         “…in all these things, we are more than conquerors…” – Rom. 8:37

·         God did not save you to see you defeated…we are defeated because we REFUSE to walk in victory.

 B. A Call to have Confidence in the Lord – v. 5-6, 9 (a reminder of what God had promised him)

·         The promise of victory over every enemy. (5)

·         The promise of the presence and power of God. (5)

·         The promise of the faithfulness of God. (5)

·         The promise of absolute victory (6)

  1. What did Joshua have to do to make these thing happen? Trust God!

   a. Joshua was merely the instrument for Israel’s attainment of victory…just trust God!

  2. The promises that He gave Joshua are in force for you and me.

·         He still gives victory over all our enemies - 1 John 5:4-5. (whatsoever is born of God overcomes…)

·         He is still ever-present, Heb. 13:5 (never leave thee), and all powerful - Matt. 28:18.

·         He is still faithful - Matt. 28:20. (I am with you always…)

·         He still gives absolute victory - 1 Cor. 15:57

·         He still keeps His promises - Rom. 4:21. (what He promises, He is able to perform)

 C. A Call to Carry Out the Law – v. 7-8

  1. If Joshua is to lead the people to Canaan he must take heed to Law of God…essential !!

   a. Notice what He said and how it applies to us:

·       He was to keep the law - v. 7: to heed it, not turning from it at all.

·       He was to meditate on the law – v. 8: day/night – occupied…filling his heart/mind…let his life be centered in the Law, therefore, in the will of God.

·       He was to prosper by honoring the law – v. 7-8: if he lived his life around the law, God would prosper him in everything he did.

   b. If you want to live in Christian victory today, you too must develop a love for the Word of God!

    1. Just as Joshua, we are commanded to honor the Book of God!

·         We are to feed on the Bible - 1 Pet. 2:2 (desire the milk of the Word that you may grow)

·         We are to live by the Bible - Psa. 119:11 (your word have I hidden in my heart)

·         We will be blessed when these things are true in our lives Psa. 1:1-3

 D. A Call to Courage in Leadership

  1. God Himself encourages Joshua 3 times. (Stand firm / strong)

  2. The need to stand today…Christians are falling by the wayside… (standing or fallen?)


·         He challenges the nation as a whole and then he addresses a specific group within the nation of Israel.

 A. A Challenge to Readiness – v.10-11

  1. “Get ready to go claim the land.” ...had been waiting for these words for 40 yrs.

   a. Yet, before they could go in, they had to get READY

·         Prepare their food…manna was about to stop…it was the “wilderness” diet, but would stop once they entered the Promised Land.

·         They were about to move up to something a whole lot better…milk and honey…What had worked in the wilderness would not suffice in the land of blessing!

  2. Before we can enter Canaan (victory), we have to prepare for the land…the way we live must change…things we feed on must change…the entire scope of our lives must be altered to adjust to life in Canaan.

·         The reason why so many never experience victory in the Christian walk…they simply refuse to make the necessary changes to adjust to living in spiritual victory. If you want to walk in victory, you will have to walk by an entirely new set of rules.

1) Must start walking in the “newness of life” -  Rom. 6:4

 B. A Challenge to Responsibility – v. 12-15

  1. Joshua addresses Reuben, Gad, ½ of Manasseh – stayed on the East side of Jordan.

   a. Recall the reason for staying outside of the Promise – “raising their cattle”

   b. Joshua reminded them of their promise to fight alongside of their brothers.

   c. It must be noted that when the Assyrians attacked from the East, they were the first to fall.

  2. Many Christians are just as these 2½ tribes -

·         They are more concerned about making a living than they are about making a life!

   a. Their primary motivation is getting ahead in life…they are materially minded.

·         “Borderline Christians” - trusted Jesus for salvation, but don’t want to go any farther.

·         “They will come when they want to, tithe when they feel like they can afford to, fight a battle now and again, but most often, they are seen just playing around the edges, refusing to put God first in their lives. By the way, it is this type of Christian who is usually the first to fall in times of attack and temptation!”

·         My friends, you cannot play around the edge of this long before you fall out


 A. They Commit Themselves to a Life of Surrender – v. 16

  1. They promise absolute obedience and surrender to God’s will.

  2. The only way spiritual victory will come to any life.

   a. Anything less hinders the work of God in your life…what are you holding back from?

   b. Hands on the plow handles but looking behind you…? Complete surrender needed.

 B. They Commit Themselves To A Life Of Submission  - v. 17

  1. These also promised to follow the leadership of Joshua as they had with Moses.

  2. And though there is a certain amount of authority invested in the pastoral office, there is a higher authority everyone here must acknowledge…that is, the leadership of God.

   a. Too often, we rebel against anything that seems like authority in our lives.

   b. But, may I remind you that every single child of God in this room is a slave!

·         “None of us like to be told what to do! Yet, when you got saved, you became the property of the Lord Jesus Christ, 1 Cor. 6:19-20. Therefore, you have no right! You have no privileges! You have no claim to anything that allows you to make decisions for yourself. Your entire duty could be summed up in one word: Submit!”

  3. If you are ever going to get to Canaan, you will have to submit everything to God.

 C. They Commit Themselves to a Life of Separation – v. 18

  1. They commit themselves to separating from those in their midst who refused to comply with the commandments of the Lord.

   a. They knew that allowing rebellion in their midst was a sure way to guarantee defeat.


Conclusion: Canaanland is our land! It has been given to us by the Heavenly Father and all we have to do this morning is to march in and claim it for ourselves. However, while it is ours, it isn't cheap! If you really want to walk in spiritual victory and live in Canaanland, then you will have to pay the price.

Christian, what is it going to take to get you into Canaan today? Are you willing to pay the price, whatever it is? Or, are you more willing to stay on the other side of Jordan and be the first to fall in times of trials? It is entirely up to you today!

I don't know you heart, but it seems today that there are more Christians East of Jordan than there are in the Promised Land. Why not get in today?

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