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01-Spiritual Compass

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The Spiritual Compass

An Introduction to the

“Four Spiritual Secrets”

Introduction - Welcome

A.   Teacher

B.   Subject - The ‘Four Spiritual Secrets’

1.    I’m not but He is. And I am in Him, and He is in me

2.    I can’t, but He can. And I am in Him, and He is in me.

3.    I don’t want to, but He wants to. And I am in Him, and He is in me.

4.    I didn’t, but He did because I was in Him and He was in me

C.   Method

1.    Developed by Dick Woodward

2.    Principles taught by example

D.   Today’s lesson – The Spiritual Compass

I.     Purpose of the Spiritual Compass

A.   A spiritual assessment

1.    Where are you now

2.    Where do you want to be

3.    How do you get there

a.     What to keep

b.    What to discard

B.   Bible Reading – Genesis 3:8 – 13

1.    What has happened?

a.     God Created

b.    God Created man

c.     Man has sinned

2.    What’s happening now?

a.     God is looking for fellowship

b.    Man is hiding from God

II.   The Spiritual Compass – Questions God asks

A.   Where are you – Genesis 3:9

1.    God knows where you are?

2.    You need to acknowledge where you are

B.   Who told you – Genesis  3:11

1.    Who made you know that you are not where you’re supposed to be?

2.    Is it God making you know?

C.   Have you been eating from the wrong trees – Genesis  3:11

1.    Source of fulfillment in life - 6

a.     Eye =Mind

b.    Food=Our Needs

c.     Wisdom=Used for the right purpose

2.    Where did Eve go wrong

a.     Confused the order

b.    Seeing things God’s way

1)    Use our minds to discern God’s will

2)    Interpret our needs in light of scripture not visa versa

3.    Wisdom – Can’t do it our way, we need a revelation from God

4.    Are we interpreting our needs in the light of God’s Word, or are we interpreting God’s Word in the light of our needs?

D.   What have you done – Genesis  3:13

1.    Put our needs and wants first

2.    Confession – Agreeing with God

E.   Where have you come from and where are you going – Genesis  16:8

1.    We are not ruled by the past

2.    We cannot change – We can be changed

F.    Who are you – Genesis 18, 19, 27, 32 – John 1:19-23

1.    Are you happy with who you are

2.    Are you who you’re supposed to be (who God created you to be)

G.   What are you – John 1:42, I Corinthians 15:10

1.    Occupation

2.    Spiritual Gifts

3.    God knows the real and ultimate you

4.    Your potential

H.   What do you want – John 1:38

1.    We are creatures of choice

2.    God will encourage, but not force movement

III.         What does this mean to me?

A.   Self Assessment

B.   Stay in the Word


A.   Summary – Points of Compass

B.   Commission – Know thyself

C.   Homework – John 15

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