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On October 19, 1987, a very famous and catastrophic event occurred.
It was known as Black Monday.
On that day, the stock markets nearly crashed, dropping more than ever in its history.
Many people were concerned about their jobs.
Some went as far as to ask how they would need to relearn or develop new skills.
Some were even wondering if there were going to be any jobs.
I see posts on Facebook with job listings for a variety of companies.
I hear of people looking about seeking employment.
There is a hope of jobs being available to fit each person’s unique skill set.
In churches, there is sometimes individuals who will come to me and ask how they can serve or help out in the local body.
What a joy that is to hear how God’s people want to contribute for the overall well-being of the church.
What is sad, is when Christians don’t feel like there is anything that they can do for God.
Yet, in God’s kingdom, there is never a shortage of work which needs to be done.
Interestingly, God always will have a help wanted sign.
The Workers’ Work -
The crop is there, but is waiting to be harvested.
A former works extremely hard preparing the soil and making sure conditions are right to plant the seed.
Once the seed is planted, he is totally dependent upon the Lord, or some would suggest nature, as to whether or not the seed will grow and develop.
Then there comes a time when the farmer must be ready to harvest or gather in the crop.
He has worked diligently during the whole growth process to make certain that weeds don’t come in and take over and destroy the crop.
The farmer has worked hard to make sure the bugs don’t take over and destroy the crop.
It would make no sense for the farmer to have put in all that work and then sit back during harvest time and do nothing.
People would wonder what kind of farmer that person would be if they just left the crop out in the fields so that other forces could destroy it.
In the world of people we understand that the unsaved or everywhere; God simply means workers.
There is an incredible need for workers who have an understanding of how God works and what He desires.
There needs to be people that will have a desire in their hearts to go about and plant the seeds, which is the gospel.
There is a need for workers who will continually till the soil, so to speak, so as to promote optimum and safe growth.
They need to be able to keep the weeds out so that the seeds are not overtaken.
There is also an incredible need for workers who are willing to harvest the available crops.
The unsaved are everywhere, but we cannot afford to just leave them out in the field.
That would be exposing them to the possibility of destruction.
There is a need for workers who are willing to gather them in.
This is an incredibly difficult work, yet God provides what is necessary.
Do you see yourself anywhere in this picture?
There are some here today or watching on the internet to whom God is specifically calling.
Maybe He is prompting you to consider teaching or talking to others about Jesus Christ.
It might just be in needing to develop relationships that will open the door.
Wait a minute; that sounds like preparing the soil.
Maybe you are someone who is great in keeping bugs and weeds out of others’ lives so they can grow and mature in their faith.
That can be done with teaching and lifestyle example.
It is entirely possible that you are someone who God calls to be a part of the harvest.
I know you may not have planted the seed; you may not have been involved with that person in teaching and warning; you may have just met that person and have the privilege of walking with them to an understanding of what it means to turn their life over to Jesus Christ.
But you answer the call for “workers wanted.”
By the way, every aspect of this process is of the utmost importance.
None of them carries a greater calling than the other.
The Workers Service -
A farmer, in the hopes of receiving a great and bountiful harvest, will make many sacrifices.
The farmer realizes that the crop is of paramount importance and will deny themselves and be willing to sacrifice many temporary pleasures.
The reason is so that the farmer will be able to do their part and bring in the harvest.
Only when that crop is harvested, can the farmer fully relax.
Of course, soon, they will start the process over again.
I recall during planting and harvest times that sleep was a precious gift.
My dear wife would get to see me only in the midnight hours or pre-dawn hours.
If we were to have any more time together, it would be if she came out to the field with me and rode with me on the equipment.
We understood that we had to do the work when the time and opportunity presented itself.
I still remember the feeling of joy watching the grain coming into the combine, then into the truck.
All of that work and energy spent, along with God’s blessing culminated in being a part of the harvest.
We need to realize that our ultimate goal on earth is to bring lost souls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
The question should arise as to how do we sacrifice and deny ourselves?
We must die to ourselves and to our selfish desires before we will be able to hope to have a part in producing lives for Christ.
So when do we get to relax?
Only when our Lord calls us home to be with him forever can we truly relax.
The Workers’ Boss -
The workers’ boss -
As workers we are representatives of our Lord Jesus Christ.
You might say that he is our boss.
We have a privilege not even angels know.
We have the privilege of being part of bringing a soul to Christ; of being a worker in the whole process leading up to the harvest.
An ambassador, represents the one who sent them.
We are those ambassadors.
We don’t represent ourselves or any other individual besides God.
In this scenario, we are to be speaking as though God were speaking.
We need to implore people to be made right with God.
Explain to them to necessity of allowing Christ to wipe out their sins so they no longer carry the guilt of sin.
Let them know that through Jesus Christ, they can be declared righteous.
As ambassadors, we are often the only Bible which others will see.
The question that we ought to ask ourselves, when others are with us, are they able to sense that they are in Christ’s presence?
In other words, can other people tell who you work for?
Conclusion -
You and I are called upon to be workers in the kingdom of God.
Are we willing to be a sower?
Are we willing to work the ground and cultivat it?
Are we willing to harvest the crop when it is ready?
Are we willing to admonish and teach those who are growing up in Christ?
It has been stated that if there was nothing more God wanted of us on this earth, we would no longer be here.
Since we are alive, then we must know for sure that God wants us to be a worker in his kingdom.
Can we proclaim as our aim in life?
Or are we willing to just look up on the harvest fields in hopes of someone else who will answer the plea “ help wanted.“
God does not call us to be spectators.
He calls us to be His workers.
His calling may be for right where you are.
His calling may be for a field somewhere else on this planet.
His calling might be in the job or role you currently have.
His calling might mean some retooling for another role.
The key is to know that He is looking for workers that will serve Him with all their hearts.
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