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Making the Mundane Meaningful

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Life can sometimes seem mundane. God often works during in those mundane times. We must fully submit to Jesus, believing in the gospel and in his good sovereignty.


How to Live:

I hated school. did not want to do it.
We all go through mundane times.
I hated school. did not want to do it.
Sometimes God has us in seasons that seem mundane for a purpose.

How Can You Maximize The Season of Life You are In?

There are things you can do to cooperate with God to optimize those seasons.
You can choose to cooperate with God, or you can choose to go your own way. In the long run, only one will work out.

1. Trust and obey God while living in fellowship with Him. ().

1. Trust and obey God while living in fellowship with Him. ()

Why don’t people obey God?
Almost every Christian I’ve every met would say they love God.

Trust Jesus as the Savior.

God is completely worthy of our trust and dependable. ()
One big question I get from friends who are investigating faith is “Why would God let bad things happen to good people?”
The only true “good person” who ever lived, took our punishment. (, )
God is Just: your sin needed to be paid for. (Hudson Taylor illustration).
If we got what we deserved...
Some Say: “I could never believe in a God who would...”
That’s called “Denial.”
Free thinker???
You deserve hell. But there is another option. God could take the punishment for you.
God is Love: So He came and died for you. The only good person who ever lived came and died for you and me.

God is completely dependable and worthy of our trust. ()

This isn’t saying seek the kingdom of God and he will give you everything you “want,” but rather everything you need.
This is the ultimate way of life.
Story of trusting God with focusing on Challenge.
The only true “good person” who ever lived, took the punishment. (, )

One big question I get from friends who are investigating faith is “Why would God let bad things happen to good people?”

2. Turn away from sin: This is called Repentance. ()

Turn away from sin: This is called Repentance. ()

A Change of Heart and Mind that leads to a change of behavior.

A Change of Heart and Mind that leads to...
It is done through the enabling of the holy Spirit and guided by God’s Word ().

A change of behavior.

A change of behavior.
The Kingdom of God becomes your treasure! And God himself is the greatest gift you could ever receive.
We must cooperate with Him.
It will impact every area of life: (dating, pleasure, thoughts on sexuality, purpose, where you go for joy).
Loose Your life for Christ. ()

3. Lose Your life for Christ. ()

You loosen your grip on your life and future and go “here God, do with it as you please.”

When you give your life to God, that is when you really find it.

This is when you really experience life, even the simple things become profound because you are doing it in line with God’s will.

4. Enjoy today. ()

Make plans ()...

Don’t be lazy.
Search God’s Word for insights as to what is important to God.
Go to God in prayer asking him for guidance. Take into c
Pray and ask God for insights and to put his desires on your heart.
Get wise counsel.
Be open to correction
Come up with a wise plan to live for God and then hold it with an open hand.
You do this and you will likely be on a good path.

But don’t worry. (, )

If you are walking with God, then he is in control and you don’t need to worry. Now if you are trying to do things your own way, then you do have something to worry about. Get things right with God.
Worry is like rocking in a rocking chair, you can wear yourself out by doing it, but it won’t get you anywhere.
Talk with God about your requests and thank him.
You receive peace.

Rejoice in the Lord. ()

God must be your treasure, your greatest satisfaction. While he is the only thing that will satisfy us, we are so easily led astray by lesser gods.
Was there a time in life when God became your Lord, Savior and Treasure? If not, I urge you to plead with God, “Lord, I want you to be my treasure, become my treasure.”
What is currently your treasure? What is your greatest desire right now? Is it finishing school, getting a job, getting married, traveling, being liked, having a better physical body? These are all good things, but they are terrible gods. They will leave you feeling empty time and time again if you are looking to them for your satisfaction.
“Oh God, be my everything, be my delight. Be Jesus my Savior my Soul Satisfied. Jesus you satisfy” -Ascend the Hill

Enjoy what God has given you to do. ()

When you are doing life with God, even the mundane tasks take on a new meaning. You can make a choice to dislike something or you can choose to enjoy it.
Often times we loose passion about something just because we have to do it. Choose to enjoy it. Stress often takes the joy out of things we love.
Do you know how to combat that? “Gratitude.” Being thankful. Your brain cannot be stressed and grateful at the same time. You have a choice to make.

Endure hardships with an attitude of faith (, )

Seasons of the mundane, trails and suffering are a part of every human life. You cannot escape this, and you need to have realistic expectations or else you are going to be very frustrated with life.
What is important is HOW you endure during those times.
Do you take the easy out, of the situation. Often times people do this in marriage. Things get hard, the feelings aren’t there anymore, conflict arises, and instead of enduring and responding in correspondance with the instructions God has given, they give up.
This is not easy.
There will be many chances to compromise your faith that would make life easier. Sin is often an easy out in the short run.
There have been some difficult times for Dana and I. Particularly financially.
God has provided always for everything we needed, and he will continue to do so as long as he wants us to raise support.
He has strengthened our faith and confidence in him. He has also given us the joy of doing one of the things in life that is going to have an eternal impact.
Don’t Quit. God is doing something good in you in the midst of these hardships.

5. Use this season to build a foundation of wisdom and resources. ()

Some of you guys are becoming wise beyond your years.
Teachability is the only shortcut in life.
In these college years you have such an incredibly amazing opportunity to build a foundation of walking with God. I
You have more discretionary time than you will until your kids move out.
You have an community that has the potential to be like your family.
You guys can meet and learn with each other almost every day of the week.
Village (Monday)
Meet with a mentor.
Challenge large group
Church and possibly core team.

How Not to Live:

1. Live for what the world offers instead of for God. ()

The world is gonna offer some enticing stuff, but it won’t satisfy you.
“I wish everyone could be as rich as me...”
You won’t be satisfied until you find your satisfaction in God.
“Our souls are restless until we find...”

2. Live the life you want instead of the life God desires for you. (Matt 16:25-26)

3. Be “Lukewarm.” (Rev 3:15-16)

Trying to be good enough to get into heaven, but bad enough to have a little fun.
This mentality shows a misunderstanding of the “Good News” and likely that this person is not actually saved. ()

This mentality shows a misunderstanding of the “Good News” and likely that this person is not actually saved. (Gal 5:13)

Different people:
The “if” prayer: “Jesus, if you are who the Bible says you are, would you open my heart to you?”
Read through the booklet.
Seeking/Almost Ready:
The “if” prayer.
Read through the booklet.
Discovery Bible Study.
Will you put your faith in Jesus as your Lord, Savior and Treasure?
Almost ready: Will you give your life to Jesus. Will you decide to agree with God and all of His ways?
Would you lay out your future befor
Thought You were There/”Luke-warm”:
You’ve seen the goodness of God, but right now, you are chasing after idols. Lukewarm.
Turn from your idols and turn back to Jesus as your highest desire.
Will you make him your treasure. Maybe for the first time, maybe for the 1,000th time. Turn your worship to Him.
“All-in” Christ followers:
Will you share with others about Christ?
Will you take this message of hope to the World?
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