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The Secret of Contentment

Philippians: Rejoice in the Lord  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  29:52
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With peace, joy and gratitude (which we talked about last week) comes contentment in life. That’s where Paul naturally goes in the next passage in Philippians 4 – the secret of contentment. Like true peace, it’s not something we find within us, but something we find in God. That’s the secret. Contentment is not about having certain things or being happy with the things we do have. In fact, what we have is irrelevant. Because contentment is about knowing Christ. It’s about relationship. It’s about gratitude for the gospel, trust in a loving Father, and generosity as an expression of surrender. Whether you’re in plenty or want, Christ is enough. Whether it’s about money or other needs, Christ is enough. Whether you’re living or dying, Christ is enough.

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