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Fresh Air refreshes our souls...
Paul had a friend who refreshed him.
Paul gave a shout out to Onesiphorus who encouraged and refreshed him.
Greek - Revived - Recover my breath, to put breath back in...
People today are not living a breath of fresh air.
They are living lives that seem to be stuck.
4 Principles … 4 fresh air principles that will refresh you as we go into the holiday season.
That’s the hope … that you will be refreshed.
So for the next 4 weeks, we will learn 4 new Fresh Air Principles… and get a little fresh air into our lives.
Most people don’t live the abundant life that God promises.
They get stuck in the Doldrums.
Stuck in the Doldrums
People are stuck in the Doldrums.
The Inter-tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) a narrow strip around the equator… winds in one direction in northern zone and opposite in the southern
Doldrums - place where there is no wind.
If you were in a sail boat you died in the doldrums.
This series will help us to take the areas where we are stagnant, in a slump and put the wind back in our sails.
You could die there.
When people get into the doldrums, they...
You start faking it.
You are in troubles, but you fake it.
You start going through the motions.
You fake it.
You look good on the outside, but you are hard as nails on the inside.
Steel Magnolias… Some of ya’lls kids are bleeding right now in River Church Kids…
You act like you have it all together.
We cover up… we put a bandaid on the cut instead of fixing the cut.
We don’t want people to know we are hurting
We do that.
We show a little of what’s wrong and someone will pray for us but not for what’s really going on.
If you keep doing this, you end up in stage 2…
You put if off.
You think.... tomorrow.
It will be better tomorrow.
You think it will just work out.
You buy into the lie that time heals all wounds.
Time makes it worse.
When we put things off, we make a mess.
When you leave it there, it will call a bitter root....
When we don’t deal with issues in our lives, we develop a deep root of bitterness in our lives.
Next you get to this stage...
You give up.
You get to a place where you give up.
You’re done.
Ever felt like that?
You get to a point of resignation… you are going to be miserable the rest of your life.
You feel hopeless.
Maybe you feel trapped, and you think… I’m done.
You get to point of giving up.
marriage… career… God…
Sometimes you will call me and say, I have my neighbor or relative coming this week.
What they mean is I have them coming so don’t blow it this week.
If you are ever going to do it right, do it right this week.
This is a terrible place to be…
Job went through a miserable time....
When you are in the situation, you can feel like there is no hope...
Have you noticed that when someone comes to you for help you see it clearly?
But when it hits you, you are helpless… don’t see it.
Some get angry and blame others.
It may even be true but it won’t help.
Some become depressed.
You begin to think… who cares?
You die.
Epidemic of suicide...
You check out.
It solves nothing.
Some die mentally
Some died Morally You will drink it, smoke it or sleep with it.
Spiritually - Some of you have felt like you were at the end of your rope.
Some of the greats of the Bible felt this way… Paul -
You need a blast of fresh air from God.
If you will stay with me, God can bring you out of the Doldrums and into abundant life… with a breath of fresh air.
The Choice
You can do things externally or there can be a transformation of the inner man.
When you try to do it in your own power, you die.
When we allow God to transform us, we live.
Christianity is not doing a bunch of good things trying to get God to like us.
We need to get close to God so we can do a bunch of good things.
ILL - Parenting - most parenting classes focus on the behavior.
Change doesn’t happen until you change or train the heart.
ie: college freshmen.
Marriage - better not commit adultery or you will go to hell.
I can try to keep the rules, or I can do this… I can just be in love with her.
We need a breath of God.
We need the intangible force of God in our lives that revives our soul.
It gets us going again and puts wind back into our sails.
Here is where we get off base.
People try to manufacture artificial energy.
When we do that we become more and more exhausted… more depleted.
You might change the external… for a while, but you did not change the internal.
There is always a choice.
We seem to have a gravitational pull towards the wrong things.
ever since the Garden, we have had two choices… and since the Garden, Satan has been trying to get you and I to make the wrong choice.
There is a constant tension in our culture and in each of us to experience internal transformation versus trying to use external forces to control sinful behavior.
External constraints are always good to have on us… they help motivate us to behave ourselves.
They are important but they are not the Gospel.
The Gospel is that we can experience transformation of the inner person.
It’s about change at the core of who we are.
When we are transformed, then we can include some external constraints.
Adam and Eve had a choice...
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