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The 10 Words

The Exodus: How God Loved His Bride  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  46:41
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Theme: The Ten Commandments. The Law is the pact of a holy God given to an unholy people to help us know our God. These are actually ten words of grace; they are gracious words because it is a holy God saying, this is what pleases me, this is how I designed you to live. There is power behind the law to live the married life with God. When we don’t fulfill the law we must go to the cross. It’s the cross that exchanged life, it’s the cross that exchanged the broken law for a perfect one, Jesus was the perfect one that went on the cross, He is the fulfiller of the law. We have the power now, in the Lord Jesus Christ to be married to God, to enjoy God.

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