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Health Quiz -
How many here have ever broken a bone?
How many here have ever had stitches?
30 or more stitches?
How many have cut yourself?
Anyone wounded in combat?
Talk about a different type of wound… our hidden emotional wounds.
What are our hidden wounds?
memories, resentments, regrets, worries, fears, compulsions,
memories of abandonment, abuse, criticism, ridicule, Pain, rejection, prejudice...
Where do you get these hidden wounds?
school, work, growing up in your home...
Biggest Lie ever - Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me
Names and words hurt way more than physical pain.
You don’t remember the physical pain, but you remember the words spoken to you.
You get them from friends, neighbors, relatives
You get them at work,
You get them from the culture.
prejudice - woman, color of your skin,
The deepest wounds com from our own families.
parents, siblings…
Everyone has hidden wounds.
And these hidden wounds are much harder to heal than physical wounds.
These wounds happen to everyone despite race, job, amount of money...
ILL - think about how many celeberties have died recently to over dose or suicide.
They were wounded people just like you and I.
The good news is that God wants to heal your woulds.
How does God heal our wounds?
How does he heal our hidden hurts?
Jehovah Jireh - provider
Jehovah Shalom - Your peace
Jehovah Rapha - your healer
How does God heal our hidden hurts?
That’s what we are looking at tonight.
6 Elements of how God can set you free from your past and heal you from your resentments, your regreats, your shame and your insecurities.
Steps in God’s Healing Process
1. Admit my Hurt.
You will never get well until you face your feelings straight on.
Holding onto grief and hurt is like taking a hot coal inside your heart.
People say, time heals everything.
Wrong!!! Time doesn’t heal anything.
Time doesn’t heal cancer, heart disease…
David is focused on his hidden wounds.
He is thinking about the hurt and the people who hurt him.
The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.
Anyone here been there?
We all handle it differently.
Some clam up.
This is just like a coke bottle you shake up… eventually it will explode.
Some of you are tired all the time.
Worn out.
You drag through each day.... barely making it through.
You are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Why do you feel like this?
You are using all of your emotional energy on the past.
You only have so much emotional energy and if your keep it focused on the past, you will not be able to move forward.
It will drain you.
Some of you are feeling this way, or you have or you will.
You feel weak all the time because you are holding onto emotional hurts.
They may have happened yesterday or years ago, but they are pulling you down.
You may try to forget it… repress it and push it down.
You may try to avoid it or ignore it.
some try to minimize it… no big deal.
Some try to escape the pain.
Our culture is built on avoiding pain.
People do it all sorts of ways:
Moving from relationship to relationship thinking this relationship will fill the empty spot.
Some use medication.
illegal and legal...
Some fill their minds with TV or music.
Some use hobbies.
Some use sports.
Some use shopping.
Some will stay so busy they wear themselves out.
The reason some are workaholics is because they don’t want to slow down and think.
They wear themselves out so that when they walk down the hall to the bedroom, the collapse and don’t have to fight to go to sleep.
You must reveal your pain … admit your hurts if you want healing.
You have to be honest with three people.
God, yourself and at least one other person.
You have to be honest with all three.
You have to be honest with God.
share with him how you feel.
Don’t sugar coat stuff with God.
Be honest.
God can handle your anger.
When you were crying, he was crying.
When you went though the abuse, the shame… he was with you crying.
Be honest with God… it’s a cleansing experience.
You have to be honest with yourself.
You have to be honest with one other person.
This is essential.
You will not get well on your own.
Whenever someone comes up and says, Pastor Robert, I have never told anyone this....
I get excited because I know they are about to get freedom.
They are fixing to release it and experience freedom… maybe for the first time.
Share those things you held onto…
That secret (you are as sick as your secrets)
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