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Seven Messages to Seven Churches
Why these seven churches???
These were most likely churches John knew well, or churches that knew John
Christ had a message for these churches!!!! Some things in these assemblies needed attention.
The areas and issues we see dealt with in these bodies of believers are things we see needing dealt with throughout the church worldwide, in every age!
What we do not see is a prophecy of progression and condition of the church throughout the ages as we get closer to the coming of Christ!
Every church age can see church bodies that struggle with these things at different times.
As we look at these messages there is a similar outline for each message...
1) GREETING- Christ identifies Himself in a particular way
2) COMMENDATION- one church really has no good things to be said of them
3) CORRECTION- two churches have no corrections
4) INSTRUCTION- what Christ wants them to do or work on
5) PROMISE / ENCOURAGEMENT- if they heed the instruction (Read/Hear/Heed) Blessing
Revelation 2:1-7
leave scripture on last slide for the next few points
As we look at this passage please note one more time… the first part of Verse 7
Each message was not only for every church listed in this letter… BUT for every church!
Christ is the One stating these messages, YET… the Spirit is saying this too!
Every believer has the Spirit of God in them… Every believer needs to heed the message given to each of these churches…Church!
Hear this...
The Church in Ephesus
The church with everything, but the greatest thing!
Location / Opportunity with travelers and spiritual things
Solid doctrine
Foundation with Paul and Timothy (Ephesians written only 30-40 years earlier)
A book FULL of solid church doctrine and practical living
Chapter 1
His love for us in our adoption as children of God!
verse 6 God is referred to as our “BELOVED”
verse 15 states Paul had heard of their love for the saints
Chapter 2
We see the doctrine of Grace
we see the love of God for ALL people Jew and Gentile alike
Chapter 3
Ephesians 3:14-20 Paul’s prayer for them...
Chapter 4
Discusses Love and Unity in the body
Verse 14 Doctrinal Purity
Verse 15 follows with “in LOVE”
Verse 32… Be kind!
Chapter 5
Verses 1-2 Imitate God… It is His identity!!!
Instruction on how to do it
Make sure it is part of the greatest relationship… Marriage
Because it is a picture of Christ and His bride the church!
Chapter 6
Teaching on the Family
Challenges them to take a stand
Verse 23 closes almost with a prophetic challenge...
Everything going for them … BUT not the greatest thing… woe to the church today who the same thing could be said of them.
WARNING: This can happen to any church too!
The Greatest Thing is… LOVE!
God Himself is defined by this and has required it throughout scripture...
Deuteronomy 6:5 when God gives His law to His people...
Matthew 22:36-40 Jesus Himself teaches this again to us… AND goes on to show how this impacts our interaction with others...
John 13:35 we are to have LOVE as a part of our being...
Galatians 5:22-23 states why this has to be part of us as followers of Christ… The Spirit is in us...
AND… the greatest is LOVE!
This is not knew church!!!
There is an Intimate Greeting...
The message to this church is intimate… Look at how Christ reminds them and describes Himself
The One who holds them
Walks among them… sees from all angles
“I KNOW” there is an intimate knowledge of this church body
Their Commendation
Their deeds
Their toil
Their perseverance
Ephesus is not an easy place to be a Christian
Church remember this… LOVE DOES WIN!
But NEVER at the expense of solid doctrine/teaching!!!
We cannot separate the two!
We can hold on so tight to teaching… we forget to love the ones we teach, the ones we teach with, the ONE we teach of!
Living in a place were Love had been polluted and distorted into LUST they had fought for truth and accuracy!
God gives a sad and stern correction...
Their Correction
You have abandoned Me says Christ
It’s only mechanical now, you put up a wall to pure teaching and pushed Me out!
Their Instruction
Go back to the beginning where you loved Christ, you loved one another
Deeds… there are things we DO that show God love, that show one another love...
It goes beyond words
Show Christ you love Him, spend time with Him, Talk to Him, listen to Him, love Him
With ALL your heart, ALL your soul and ALL your mind
STOP!!! having an affair with and lusting after the world!
There is a consequence with this instruction...
Lampstand = Church body/assembly
Removed… He would no longer use and work through that group of believers… they are still believers
What a sad thing to see a church body God can no longer use and sets aside… a marriage in name but no love.
A Promise / Encouragement
First a thumbs up on their hate of the DEEDS not people Nicolaitans.
Over-comers will receive the tree of life...
A place with Christ, forever fellowship and relationship
Eternal perspective
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